Friday, January 12, 2007

Norway's high rape acquittal rate in part due to women?

EU: It looks like some women on juries still have the you asked for it outlook surprising considering its Norway.

"....Aftenposten examined the decisions from rape cases in the legal database Lovdata, and found indications that it is during the appeals process that the number of acquittals begins to rise to unusual levels.

The appeals process takes place with a jury rather than the panel of lay judges in a court of first instance. How a lay jury perceives cases compared to lay judges is one of the issues the Soknes commission is to assess.

Aftenposten believes that prejudice among jurors is one of the factors proposed to explain the high acquittal rate in rape cases. A survey indicates that jurors have decided on acquittal because they dislike or disapprove of the plaintiff's behavior before the assault.

Women jurors in particular are to have reacted negatively to victims that went off with unfamiliar men while drunk."

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