Tuesday, February 6, 2007

This Independent Jewish Voices kerfuffle.

Culture: Why is everyone up in arms about this? It's just the same leftists of the Jewish faith who want to garner favor with other leftist at the local cocktail parties by slamming Israel under the guise of speaking truth to power.

Faced with this state of affairs, a group of Jews in Britain has come together to launch Independent Jewish Voices (IJV). We come from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life. Some of us are religious, some not. A number feel a strong attachment to Israel as Jews, others feel none. We do not all share the same vision for the Middle East. We are a network of individuals, not a movement or political party.

But we are united by certain fundamental commitments. These are set out in our launch statement, published today on the Guardian's Comment is Free website and in advertisements placed in the Jewish Chronicle and the Times. They include: putting human rights first; giving equal priority to Palestinians and Israelis in their quest for a peaceful and secure future; and repudiating all forms of racism aimed at Jews, Arabs, Muslims or whomever.

We believe that these commitments - not ethnic or group loyalties - define the limits of legitimate debate. We invite like-minded Jews in Britain to add their names to the list of IJV signatories.

This will work in a fantasy world because taking this seriously defines simple logic and reasoning. Hamas will work jointly with Jews for a peaceful solution? Hezbollah or Fatah, the numerous off shoot groups who fund suicide bombings? Iran will go for peace? This is the same as a little kid rattling off wishes to Santa on what he wants for Christmas. The first warning it was going to be goofy was it was announced on Guardian and it just went south from there.

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