Sunday, February 4, 2007

You go William Arkin, keep on talking.

Politics: A lot has been said about Arkin's posts on the Wash Post blog basically saying troops should keep their mouth shuts, they are mercenaries and they think they are above people like Arkin who demand they bow to the citizens(liberal) demands. Via USATODAY Blogs who picked out the best comments.

Power Line: "Arkin considers it an 'ugly' thing when a soldier says that critics of the war 'should come over and see what it's like firsthand before criticizing.' I think the real ugliness lies much closer to home."

Wizbang: "Arkin's essay is nothing more than a string of insult after insult."

Captain's Quarters: "Arkin finishes by suggesting that America rethink what it owes the troops, so I'll oblige. We owe them our support because they risk their lives to ensure that we retain our freedoms. They don't get paid all that well to do it, either, but they do it because they love our country. I'm fine with them expressing their opinions when reporters stick cameras in their faces and ask for them, even if they don't agree with me. I still respect them for what they do, which apparently is the difference between Arkin and myself."

Armed Liberal at Winds of Change: "Look, Arkin's a pretty good writer, and a veteran. But if you look at his opus in Google, you find him on the anti-military side of almost every issue that's come along since the 1980's. And to appoint him lead blogger on military affairs for arguable the leading newspaper in the country certainly looks a lot like appointing 'Focus On The Family's' James Dobson as the lead rap music critic."

LGF points out that Daily Kos writer/commentators have come out to defend Arkin.

This is why I applaud Arkin for his honest opinion on the military. He is the first leftist who has shown his disdain for it. All this "support the troops, not the mission" or we don't blame the troops just their leader's nonsense the left has been pushing has been the biggest con job in politics since the war started.

Think about it, which troops have the left celebrated? The ones who run away from the military or "conscientious objectors." Any tidbit from someone that supports their way of thinking that the military are nothing more than baby killers and savages. You don't see cheers for heroes on the battlefield or dedicated service men who do their duty separate from what they think of the war itself.

That is why I hope Arkin doesn't pull any punches and continues because it may let others stop the acting allowing their true feelings about the military to come out. Show your true colors.

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