Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sarkozy set for huge parliamentary win.

France: Sarkozy for 2008!

PARIS (Reuters) - New French President Nicolas Sarkozy is set to secure a big majority in parliament next month, according to a poll for the Paris Match magazine released on Wednesday.

An Ifop poll gave Sarkozy's ruling Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) 41 percent of the vote in a June 10 first round ballot, a rise of 4 points on the previous poll.

The poll was released the day after Sarkozy urged voters to give him the strong majority he needs in the National Assembly lower house of parliament to implement the reform mandate he won in a May 6 presidential run-off ballot.

According to Ifop, the opposition Socialists would come second in the parliamentary polls with 27.5 percent, down 0.5 percent, followed by the Democratic Movement (MoDem) of centrist Francois Bayrou on 12 percent, the far-right National Front (6 percent), the Greens (4 percent) and Communists (3.5 percent).

I keep hearing the GOP would do well to learn and follow the makings of Sarkozy's win, especially from Ginrinch. Considering one of this big vote getters was a tough immigration stance that would get him called a nativist from the White House, I don't see the GOP leaders learning anything anytime soon.

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