Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Moonves: viewers reject hearing news from woman

Media: No, people are just rejecting hearing news from Katie Couric. I said it before, the evening news anchor has to have a certain gravitas to them to be successful. Katie never had that in part of the whole perky Katie image from the Today show. The hype and ground breaking earth shattering promotion they put on for her did not help but push up expectations way too high.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves said on Tuesday that his network's evening newscast has struggled with Katie Couric as anchor in part because many Americans "don't want their news from a woman."

The comments from Moonves, who hired Couric away from NBC's top-rated morning show "Today" last year for a salary reportedly worth $15 million a year, came as he lashed out at her predecessor, Dan Rather, for disparaging his old newscast.

Rather, who resigned as anchor after 24 years in March 2005 and left the network last year in a departure clouded by a scandal over his reporting of President George W. Bush's military record, said that CBS News and its network rivals were moving toward more celebrity coverage and away from hard news.

"The mistake was trying to bring the 'Today' show ethos to the evening news and to dumb it down, tart it up, in hopes of attracting a younger audience," he said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program on Monday.

Tom Shales of the Wash Post has a writeup on this feud between Rather and CBS news. But who the heck is Chuck Scarborough?

Rather said that he never planned an attack on the "Evening News" or on Couric, but that he was asked about it by Chuck Scarborough, who has replaced the deposed Don Imus on morning radio and MSNBC-TV. "He asked me directly what I thought," Rather said. "It is my wont to answer a question directly. It was not planned."

My suggestion still stands, lets bring in Mélissa Theuriau for a tryout when Katie is on vacation. Lets see if people really won't take news from a woman.

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