Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sarkozy party 'set for landslide'

Politics: As the socialists take a beating and smaller parties could be shut out.

Projections after the first round of France's parliamentary elections suggest President Nicolas Sarkozy's party is heading for a landslide.
Although most seats will not be decided until next week's second round, polling firms said Mr Sarkozy's UMP party would win at least 383 of the 577 seats.

Analysts say a big majority would allow the new president to press ahead with his sweeping economic reforms.

What sort of reforms?

Mr Sarkozy has said he will hold a special session of parliament in July to initiate his first set of political reforms, which include tougher immigration rules and more freedom for universities.

A new finance bill will mean that overtime earnings are no longer taxed, inheritance tax is abolished for most people and overall individual taxation is capped at 50%.

A sad moment for the GOP when France gets a leader while we are stuck with well...idiots.

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