Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Whisper campaign against Sarkozy's Justice Minister.

Politics: France has to lead the west at least in the amount of political backstabbing stories.

The French justice minister, Rachida Dati - the first Muslim woman of north African origin to hold a key government post - is being undermined by "a jealous, bigoted white elite", anti-racist campaigners claimed yesterday.
Ms Dati, dubbed France's "iron lady", today makes her debut in parliament to defend President Nicolas Sarkozy's controversial new law to tighten sentences for re-offenders and young criminals.

But a series of setbacks has focused attention on the minister herself. First, her top aide and three magistrates resigned from her cabinet last week. Officially, they left for personal reasons or due to a reshuffle, but anonymous sources complained of Ms Dati's "authoritarian" personality.

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