Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Australian candidate calls couple 'warmongers'

Australia: We can see the mindset if the Labor party gets into power. Stuck on stupid.

A GROVELLING apology by a Labor candidate who attacked as "warmongers" the parents of a serving soldier has failed to ease the row in a key seat.

Garry Parr, Labor's candidate for the central Queensland seat of Hinkler, slammed as "warmongers" Rosemary and Tom Arthurs.

Their son, Julian, 41, is serving with the British military in hostile Afghanistan.

Labor forced Mr Parr to apologise for his efforts a fortnight ago amid speculation he could be forced to stand down.

In a statement released yesterday, the candidate said: "I apologise unreservedly for any hurt caused by my insensitive comments to Tom and Rosemary Arthurs.

"I will be contacting Mr and Mrs Arthurs to offer my personal apology for any offence that I may have caused them during our discussion a fortnight ago.

"In addition, I publicly express my support for all the men and women of the coalition forces serving in Afghanistan and Iraq and their families."

BS, Parr probably thinks the military/West is just evil to make such a comment. Typical leftist mantra.

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