Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tavis Smiley/Tom Joyner attack on Clarence Thomas

Politics: It is not up yet on the blackamericaweb.com archives but Tavis Smiley and Joyner along with sidekick Cybil showed their ass making fun of Justice Thomas interview on 60 minutes. Amid the whining that the interview was too soft, saying Thomas was bitter because he couldn't get a dance with a girl or light skinned blacks which caused him to judge the way he judges came the predictable reasons these type of liberal blacks(Tavis,Joyner and Cybil) hate Thomas.

They think black = making judgements based on the color of his skin and past history instead of rule of law and the constitution. As far as their myopic values are concerned, any black in a position of judicial power should make law and rulings based on black color liberalism. Damn near drove off the road hearing the bitterness they projected onto Justice Thomas because of their notion he sold out. He never sold out, it is just that the circle the three stooges run around in refuse to grow up.

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