Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Did Spitzer take stupid pills last couple of months?

Politics: Not only did an embarrassing retreat from giving illegals driver licences, he know backtracks on taxing internet purchases which he wanted to spring on customers before the end of the year. The man has no sense of timing.

A Spitzer Reversal on Taxes, Too
By Danny Hakim
After shelving its controversial drivers license policy this morning, Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s administration just said it would also drop a plan to start charging sales tax on Internet purchases.

The tax plan was reported this morning in the New York Sun, which simultaneously beat the administration over the head in an editorial–calling it, facetiously, “Spitzer’s Christmas Present.” The administration is now shelving that policy too.

In a statement this afternoon, Paul Francis, the state budget director, said “Governor Spitzer believes that now is not the right time to be increasing sales taxes on New Yorkers. He has directed the Department of Tax and Finance to pull back its interpretation that would require some Internet retailers that do not collect sales tax to do so.”

Spitzer’s tough-guy reputation is certainly taking some licks today. The Daily News has dubbed it “Pullback Day!” while the Buffalo News calls it “A Day of Caving.” Ouch.

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