Monday, November 19, 2007

Obama foreign policy experience is a crock

Politics: I have had it with this BS line of expertness Obama claims he has because he lived overseas as a kid.

Democratic 2008 hopeful Barack Obama argued Monday his childhood years in Indonesia and ties to Kenya would make him a better president than rivals who had seen the world on congressional junkets.

Obama said candidates who did not understand foreign cultures, would have a tough time making good foreign policy decisions.

"If you don't understand these cultures then it's very hard for you to make good foreign policy decisions. Foreign policy is all about judgment," said Obama.

"The benefit of my life of having both lived overseas and traveled overseas ... is, I have a better sense of how they're thinking and what their society is really like," Obama said.

"A lot of my knowledge about foreign affairs isn't just what I studied in school -- I studied international relations when I was in college -- it's not just the work I do on the Senate foreign relations committee.

"It's actually having the knowledge of how ordinary people in these other countries live."

Just because you grew up overseas and took a couple of classes in college doesn't mean jack when it comes to government policy. The implication is that foreign policy of America would be weighed more on the other country and less in America's favor. Sorry but foreign policy for any country is that it benefits them the most in the best possible way first and everything else second.

Speaking of what the hell was that all about practically screaming at that old lady in Iowa who asked a legit question?

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