Friday, November 9, 2007

Tories launch online video debate

Politics: Okay, just this once I will say good idea on this by the Tories, anything to engage people to the party is a good thing.

David Cameron is inviting internet surfers to join him in a video debate about Conservative policies on a website which bills itself as an "online Speaker's Corner".

The Conservatives are the first major party to have a "branded channel" on to show videos about the party's activities and ideas. They plan to post two films a week featuring senior party figures, including Mr Cameron.

Viewers can "fire back" their own opinions by recording a video on their webcam, camcorder or mobile phone, or join in the debate by text message.

Two videos covering Mr Cameron's recent trip to California and his plans to make British poverty history are already available on the site.

They have so far received a mixed response, with one site user branding Mr Cameron "a tool of the capitalist class" and another declaring "Blair was a Bloody genius compared to this Bloke!", while others describe the Tory leader as "the only viable alternative" and say "this country needs a change, maybe Conservatives are the way to go".

A Conservative spokesman said: "In public life it is important that we never lose touch with those who elected us to represent and serve them. can help politicians and policy-makers fully engage with people from around the country and beyond on a regular basis."

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