Saturday, February 3, 2007

4 teens get slap on the wrist for hate crime.

Crime: As a bleeding heart judge refuses to understand the difference between a minor crime and something that deserves harsh punishment regardless of age.

A judge Friday sentenced four black teenagers to probation and 60 days of house arrest for their roles in the mob beatings of three white women on Halloween night, evoking tears of joy among the defendants and their relatives and gasps of indignation among the victims' families.

"Juvenile Court is a joke," said Barbara Schneider outside the Long Beach courthouse as her daughter Laura, who suffered a concussion during the attack, sobbed next to her.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Andrea Bouas had asked for nine months in probation camp for three of the teenagers. Her jaw dropped when Judge Gibson Lee gave the first defendant probation, and as the hearings went on, she choked up, wiping her eyes with tissue.

Despite testimony that their involvement in the beatings varied, Lee handed identical sentences of probation, house arrest and 250 hours of community service to Anthony and Antoinette Ross, twins who turned 18 during the trial; to their 16-year-old sister; and to another 16-year-old described during the trial as Anthony's girlfriend.

Another five teenagers convicted in the case are scheduled to be sentenced beginning Monday morning in the Superior Court. They have spent 95 days in custody.

A 10th defendant, the Rosses' 12-year-old sister, was acquitted of all charges.

The rulings Friday surprised both sides in the case, as Lee had repeatedly denied motions to have the 10 youths released to their families before and during two months of trial, and then Jan. 26 convicted all but one of the assault.

Eight were also found to have committed a hate crime during the attack.

The reasoning behind this travesty of justice.

But juvenile law experts say probation is common for youths with no criminal records.

"The whole idea is not to simply throw people into the criminal justice system," said Daniel Macallair, executive director of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice in San Francisco. "The purpose of the juvenile justice system is not retribution; it's not even punishment. It's still rehabilitation."

Judges are expected to give the least restrictive sentence that would rehabilitate the minor, while protecting public safety, ratcheting up penalties only if initial discipline doesn't work.

"A tenet of the juvenile system is to give a graduated response to the child acting out," said Cyn Yamashiro, a professor at Loyola Law School and director of its Center for Juvenile Law and Policy.

So beating up people causing massive injuries is now acting out? There are times a stern warning should be skipped and punishment has to be given out.

Judge Lee noted that "it was an awful crime, terrible physical and emotional injuries." But he said he had to "pick the least restrictive disposition."

He then sentenced Anthony to probation, including 60 days of house arrest, during which he can leave only to go to school or church. The probation lasts until the teenagers are 21, although probation officials can end it earlier if the defendants stay out of trouble. Lee also ordered Anthony to perform 250 hours of community service and to attend an eight-week racial tolerance program offered by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

The Schneiders stormed out of the courtroom and railed against the decision to news cameras outside.

"We're just disgusted," Barbara Schneider said in an interview later. "That judge is a joke. He's going to be recalled. People are going to be screaming about this."

"You got your asses beat and have scars that will last a lifetime, but we must nice to the guilty because they may turn out to be something other than a pain to society."


Monday, January 29, 2007

Obama's fast acting mainstream media defense force.

Politics: If nothing else comes from the Obama Islamic school fight is the media has shown who is their presidential nominee and they will fight to make sure nothing gets to him.

Sticks, Stones and Mr. Obama Washington Post, DC - Jan 27, 2007IT'S BECOME a fad among some conservatives to refer to the junior senator from Illinois by his full name: Barack Hussein Obama. ...

• The Obama Madrassa Hoax Newsweek - Jan 27, 2007 By Jonathan Alter. Jan. 27, 2007 - What will the first full week of Campaign '08 be remembered for? That Barack Obama was under attack for his behavior as a ...

Anatomy of a false story Chicago Tribune, IL - Jan 27, 2007 It took a few hundred years for journalism to reach the stage at which the best truth one could find was the force behind what was published, broadcast..

Obama Gets Taste of Campaign CoverageCBS News, NY - 11 hours agoBy DAVID BAUDER AP Television Writer. (AP) US Sen. Barack Obama hardly could have anticipated that the first minor media crisis of his presidential bid ...

Obama + Insight on Google News:

Hillary and John Kerry must be pondering where was all this protection from the press for them. The media looks like a bunch of cape buffalos surrounding its young from all harm. No other candidate from either party is going to get this sort of protection. Now if Obama was a Republican, you think it would be the same reaction?

Silly question as the NYTIMES points out that MSNBC has also used Insight's anon scoops to push stories regarding the White House and anyone remember any uproar about it?

"....And the Fox News rival MSNBC has picked up several of Insight’s other recent anonymous “scoops.” Among them: that Mr. Bush was afraid to fire his adviser Karl Rove because “he knows too much”; that there is a rift between President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice over the president’s support for Israel; and that Mr. Bush spent the months before the midterm elections in a bunker-mentality focused on the Iraq war and the elections to the exclusion of all else. Mr. Kuhner has appeared as a guest on both networks."

Can we please get to Obama's Illinois political record which shows that all this centrist generic pap he is getting praised for is just for show?

Lee News: Barack Obama has built a solid liberal record

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama appeals to a cross-section of America as an eloquent speaker with the potential to bridge a political battlefield bloodied by years of fighting.

But underlying the Chicago Democrat's sudden rise to fame over the past two years is a solid liberal record built over 10 years in Springfield, Ill., and Washington, D.C.

It's the kind of record that, no doubt, will help him in such places as Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses should he run for the presidency. But it could leave some people questioning his ability to narrow the partisan divide.

Obama, who objects to ideological labels, wins high marks from progressives on environment, abortion and labor issues, as well as on civil liberties and education, all of which are vital to winning the Democratic Party's presidential nominating process."

AP: Obama's Past Offers Ammo for Critics.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama may have a lot of explaining to do.

He voted against requiring medical care for aborted fetuses who survive. He supported allowing retired police officers to carry concealed weapons, but opposed allowing people to use banned handguns to defend against intruders in their homes. And the list of sensitive topics goes on.

With only a slim, two-year record in the U.S. Senate, Obama doesn't have many controversial congressional votes which political opponents can frame into attack ads. But his eight years as an Illinois state senator are sprinkled with potentially explosive land mines, such as his abortion and gun control votes.

It is all there ready for the digging. He didn't get the label "left of Mao Tse-tung" for nothing.

People living downtown complain about downtown noise.

Florida: Once again, the intelligence of South Floridians amaze me.

FORT LAUDERDALE -- Not long after the first of many new condos opened downtown, it came ringing in: a complaint about noise.

Suddenly, the clangs, hoots, bass-thumps and guitar licks were invading the ears of people trying to sleep.

Trains and bridges and nightlife have rattled downtown with their sounds for years. But downtown is a residential neighborhood now.

The city is somewhat sympathetic to the residents, many of whom paid $500,000 or more to live in an urban setting. A noise consultant has been hired and soon city officials say they'll hold public hearings and vote on possible changes to existing noise laws.

But walking into a party and asking everyone to keep it quiet doesn't always go over well. And indeed, when downtown developers found out, they were rankled.

"When I lived in Avenue Lofts, I didn't call the hospital and say, `Do you mind not running those ambulances past my places three or four times a night?'" developer Alan Hooper said. "You move to the beach, expect some salt on your windows."

Hooper built Avenue Lofts and is building condos on Southwest Second Street, where residents will have front row access to the noisy nightlife of the Himmarshee entertainment district. The party there can last until 4 a.m. every day.

Hooper said even the sultry sounds of a saxophone on the Riverwalk drew an angry call from a condo resident.

Police Maj. Frank Adderley said the department gets regular complaints, mostly from a small number of residents. One condo owner on an upper floor of the River House, the tall glass tower on Las Olas Boulevard, told him that "when the noise is at its peak, that he has high-impact windows and the windows are trembling."

In the past five years, more than a dozen condos went up downtown and many more are under construction or planned. Vice Mayor Cindi Hutchinson, who represents downtown, said she doesn't want to kill the fun, but she thinks some changes are needed.

"You're only going to have more people moving into these buildings. ... I think what I'm looking for is a balance. How can the entertainment district thrive and how can we make it better for the people who live there?"

Mayor Jim Naugle, though, said new downtown residents should be realistic.

"Let me get this straight, people moved into a place called Symphony House and are complaining about music?" he said. "You shouldn't expect to open your windows and hear birds chirping. This is a city."

Its like people who buy a house at the airport and then bitch about the noise of planes, what the hell did you expect? If you live in any sort of vibrant downtown area anywhere in the world, expect noise from people having a good time.

Hysterical misfiring gun-control plea by Sun-Sentinel.

Florida: The Minneapolis Star Tribune of South Florida media, the Sun-Sentinel started a multi-part series on criminals that have guns under Florida's concealed weapon permit program. Its written by Megan O'Matz and John Maines. You can tell by a sub-headline "Pistol Packin' Paradise" how even-handed it is going to be. But big issue has nothing to do with guns, but some bad judges and others who are following the law.

"....Convicted felons cannot get gun licenses under state and federal law.

But a loophole in Florida law allows people charged with felonies to obtain licenses to carry guns three years after they complete their sentences so long as a judge "withholds adjudication."

In a sort of legal no man's land, the defendants plead guilty or no contest. They serve probation, complete community service, obtain counseling, pay fines or fulfill other requirements. When they successfully complete the terms, they have no criminal record.

The break often is given to first- or second-time offenders in instances in which the state's case is weak, and a plea deal appears to be the best option for defendants without the money to mount a strong defense, legal experts said. But it also has aided people accused of violent felonies, sometimes repeatedly.

The Sun-Sentinel found more than 1,400 people, such as Rodriguez, with gun licenses who had felony convictions "withheld" from their records.

"That's incredible," said state Sen. Gwen Margolis, D-Aventura. "I just can't believe it. It's outrageous."

"We should not have loopholes for these things," said state Sen. Nan Rich, D-Weston. "It's too dangerous. I think the Legislature should look at that."

"If we need to plug up those holes, let's have that debate and let's plug up those holes," said state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale.

But Hammer, the NRA lobbyist, says the courts, not the gun law, should change.

"What you're talking about is taking away the rights of people who have not been convicted and punished for crimes because the court decided to give them a pass," she said. "How can a state agency take rights away from people when a court refuses to?"

Broward Chief Judge Dale Ross said the NRA's stance is inconsistent.

"The NRA is mad at judges because more people are able to own guns?" he said. "I thought they were advocates of gun usage. They want less people to have guns?"

The judge said he was unaware that Florida's gun law permitted people who have had formal convictions withheld to later obtain licenses to carry guns.

The Sun-Sentinel found six registered sex offenders with valid concealed weapon licenses at the time of its review. Five of the six had convictions "withheld" by the courts, making them qualified for gun licenses."

Maybe this report should have been on lousy judges and a court system being too easy on people who should be thrown in jail rather than trying to get people nuts over gun laws. If the people by law successfully carried out their terms and have no criminal records, what fault is that of the gun laws? This is the same paper that will push for getting convicted felons back their voting rights but what to keep people who by law are clean to take away their guns. I would be all for changes in the state's criminal law, but trying to get a connection between the state laws and the CWP laws is ridiculous. Typical liberal claptrap from Sentinel reporting.

Holocaust Memorial Day banned in Bolton.

UK: This is either the first of many PC moves by various councils to appease certain groups like the MCB and its followers or just a boneheaded move by a council to stupid to think about why some are applauding this move.

WIDESPREAD criticism has been levelled at Bolton Council for scrapping the town's annual Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony.

Town Hall chiefs have instead decided to hold an event as part of a genocide memorial day in June.

The council says that would be more inclusive.

But the decision to scrap the Holocaust Memorial event - made following consultation with Bolton Interfaith Council - has triggered criticism from religious leaders and councillors, some of whom said they were unaware of the move.

Liberal Democrat councillor Richard Silvester said: "I am thoroughly ashamed at the decision of Bolton Council and the Bolton Interfaith Council. I believe this is disgraceful and I am embarrassed to call myself a representative of this town."

Louis Rapaport, president of the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester, said: "There may not be many Jews in Bolton, but the day is supposed to have an educational message to the whole community.

"I can't help feeling the decision was influenced by Bolton's large Muslim community."

Bolton Interfaith Council, which is made up of Christian, Muslim and Hindu representatives, suggested the idea of Genocide Memorial Day to Bolton Council.

Tony McNeile, secretary of the Interfaith Council, said a general memorial day would be more inclusive of all faiths.

He added: "It does not mean bypassing the Holocaust or ignoring it because it will be included in the memorial day in June. It is one of the great tragedies of the world, but it is not the only one."

The Vicar of Bolton, Canon Michael Williams, who is treasurer of the Interfaith Council, said: "The service is a bit artificial because we have never had a Jewish community to support it.

Whenever you hear about decisions being made by any sort of interfaith council anywhere in the world, just remember its not about trying to reach common ground, but how fast one can bend over to make themselves liked by other groups. It looks to be a sad fact they don't realize what watering down the Holocaust to appease(there is that word again) other groups is the wrong thing to do.

Multi-culturalism radicalizing young Muslims.

Culture: Via the Daily Mail which serves up something not so surprising if you think it about it.

The doctrine of multi-culturalism has alienated an entire generation of young Muslims and made them increasingly radical, a report has found.

In stark contrast with their parents, growing numbers sympathise with extreme teachings of Islam, with almost four in ten wanting to live under Sharia law in Britain.

The study identifies significant support for wearing the veil in public, Islamic schools and even punishment by death for Muslims who convert to another religion.

Most alarmingly, 13 per cent of young Muslims said they "admired" organisations such as Al Qaeda which are prepared to "fight the West".

The poll exposes a fracture between the attitudes of Muslims aged 16 to 24, most of whom were born in Britain, and those of their parents’ generation, who are more likely to have been immigrants.

A report published alongside the poll, commissioned by the Right-wing think tank Policy Exchange and carried out by Populus, said the doctrine of multi-culturalism was at least partly responsible.

Multi-cult gets the blame because it points out that keeping apart in your own culture is better than assimilating based on a set of shared values from the host country.

The report by Miss Mirza, British-born daughter of Pakistani immigrants, concludes that some Muslim groups have exaggerated the problems of "Islamophobic" sentiment among non-Muslim Britons, which has fuelled a sense of victimhood.

The vast majority of Muslims – 84 per cent – believed they had been treated fairly in British society.

And just over a quarter – 28 per cent – believed that authorities in Britain had gone "over the top" in trying not to offend Muslims.

The Government has been accused of failing to tackle the so-called "preachers of hate".

Muslim only bathroom in Aussie university.

World: Since I haven't been posting much, the news bits tend to pile up.

Herald Sun: A ROW has erupted over Muslim-only washrooms at La Trobe University that can be accessed only with a secret push-button code.

Muslim students have exclusive access to male and female washrooms on campus, sparking claims of bias and discrimination.

The university and Islamic leaders have defended the washrooms as vital to Muslim students' prayer rituals.

A university student, who did not want to be identified, raised the issue with the Sunday Herald Sun this week.

Australian Family Council spokesman Bill Muehlenberg said concerns over the exclusive facilities were valid.

"Do we have a Christian washroom or an atheist washroom?" he said. "The whole thing is madness."

Mr Muehlenberg said the separate facilities were divisive.

"If Muslims are saying 'we are good Australians and want to integrate', why are they insisting on separate washrooms?" he said.

Victorian Muslim community leader Yasser Soliman said the washrooms were necessary.

He said the separate facilities were also due to concerns from non-Muslim students.

"Muslims need to wash their feet before prayer and in the past there have been complaints about them washing their feet in sinks, so this is a happy medium," he said.

Mr Soliman said most universities provided Muslim-only prayer and washrooms for students."

Its called a foot-basin, its been around for awhile, look into it. Only the most idiotic politically correct twit would agree to this nonsense. There should be an bigger outcry over this separate but equal doctrine.