Saturday, October 6, 2007

Maureen Dowd compares Justice Thomas to O.J Simpson

Culture: One of the few black people liberal white people can pull this stunt and get congrats in the morning. A conservative writer tries this on say Tavis Smiley and all hell would breaks loose. Don't expect Al Sharpton or Rev. Jesse to object to this sick treatment. I am surprised that Down didn't put in a Happy Negro reference given her style of using pop culture references of the week to seem hip.

Toyota's World of Warcraft commercial.

Gaming: Yes it is awesome, the downside is listening to this latest meme " I AM THE LAAAAAAAWGIVAAA" all over the voice chat channels.

Cringing to Muslims is so pointless

UK: Article by Peter McKay in the Daily Mail mainly on the chain store Sainsbury who seem to be catering to extremist Muslims who are taking advantage of the political correct climate.

Sainsbury's (whose former chief executive, David Sainsbury, has donated £16 million to Labour) asks job applicants if they have 'issues' about handling certain products.
"Where we can we will try and accommodate any requirements people have..." it says. This is their explanation for why its Muslim staff can refuse to handle alcohol.

Is such crawling likely to promote racial harmony? People with 'issues' about handling alcohol shouldn't apply to work in a place selling it.

That's what sensible Muslims think. A spokesman for the Muslim Institute says: "Sainsbury's is being very good. They are trying to accommodate the wishes of their employees and we commend that. The fault lies with the employee who is exploiting and misusing their goodwill."

Ibrahim Mogra of the Muslim Council of Britain says much the same: "Muslim employees should look at the allowances within Muslim law to enable them to be better operating employees and not be seen as rather difficult to cater for."

V.S. Naipaul(TRINI ALERT!) had this to say.

There's no doubt some Muslims living here want us to change so we are more in tune with their beliefs. Some of the wilder ones want to destroy our 'infidel' way of life altogether. The Nobel Prizewinning author Sir Vidia Naipaul complained about the latter group to Radio 4's James Naughtie last week.

This is what he said: "What I dislike about it is this element of parasitism. These people who want to come to other countries from their own benighted places. They twist the laws, they hire lawyers, they do bad things to get residence. And then, having got that, they wish to destroy (the society) which has welcomed them. I think that is simply awful.

"At the most basic level it's a kind of ingratitude."

Trinidad born, Sir Vidia can speak candidly without fear. No white politician from a major party would dare voice these sentiments. Everyone's too terrified of sounding 'racist'.

New York clerks rebel against illegal driver licenses.

Immigration: Spitzer once again tried to railroad something thru and meets a mountain on the tracks. Michael Balboni, New York State Homeland Security chief shows pre 9/10 thinking that makes me question his intelligence.

New York's county clerks are rebelling against Eliot Spitzer's plan to issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, but the governor is sticking to his guns.

Red light. Stop sign. Road block. Call it what you will. Some county clerks say they won't give illegal immigrants a driver's license.

"We're afraid about what happened with 9-11," Oneida County Clerk Sandra Deperno said.

There are Department of Motor Vehicles offices in only 12 counties. Everywhere else it's the county clerks who issue driving permits, so their threat not to cooperate is serious.

"We'd rather this population be in the database than out," Michael Balboni, New York State Homeland Security chief.

Balboni said it's a way to keep track of who's here. He also says it helped that 13 of the 9-11 hijackers did have drivers' licenses.

"After the attacks we used those drivers' licenses to find out who these people were," Balboni said. "Put their pictures up and then subsequently do investigations about who else helped them."

Spitzer's government is wholly reactionary to events instead of stopping them before they begin. But nice plan by Balboni.

Southern Christian Leadership blackmailing newspaper?

Politics: SCLC lost me when they lumped in a college group with the KKK as the same sort of hate group earlier this year. I get really suspicious when these professional race groups start whining and use the word "appears" without any hard proof. It does "appear" the SCLC wants the newspaper to give favorable coverage to their own candidates.

About two dozen people gathered Thursday in front of St. Joseph Baptist Church to denounce what they called racist assaults from Birmingham's daily newspaper, demanding a formal apology and the firing of its editorial cartoonist.

Bishop Calvin Woods, Birmingham chapter president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, led the press conference, at which he presented three posters showing a Birmingham News Sunday front page and two versions of an editorial cartoon.

Woods said the Sept. 16 edition - which featured what Woods called negative stories on U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, Jefferson County Commissioner and Birmingham mayoral candidate Larry Langford, and Joe Reed, Alabama Education Association assistant executive director and longtime leader of Alabama Democratic Conference - is an example of The News' effort to discredit black leaders.

"Birmingham News coverage of black leaders appears to be racist and unfair," Woods said. "The entire front page is attacking black leaders. The Birmingham News' front page has an agenda in mind."

Woods said while the negative story on Davis included similar facts about Gov. Bob Riley, who is white, those facts were "whitewashed" and buried in the text.

Woods was most disturbed by the editorial cartoons by Scott Stantis that were a commentary on the use of race in the campaigns. In the version of the cartoon published Tuesday, Langford and Mayor Bernard Kincaid pat candidate Patrick Cooper on the back while pasting two labels on his back, "white" and "Republican." Another version that appeared online for a time Sunday had the label "honky" on Cooper's back.

"We need to get rid of the honky business," Woods said, comparing the action to the Don Imus controversy where the shock jock was fired for making racially insensitive comments. "We need to get rid of him for making such a drawing, but the buck stops with who's in charge. Somebody had to approve this race baiting."

The cartoon is here. The group met with the editorial board later and seems happy with the results which is an immediate red flag someone got bent over.

Israel did strike suspected nuclear site in Syria

World: It looks like U.S. intelligence is still not on the ball because how could you miss something like this at this time.

The September Israeli airstrike on a suspected nuclear site in Syria had been in the works for months, ABC News has learned, and was delayed only at the strong urging of the United States.

In early July the Israelis presented the United States with satellite imagery that they said showed a nuclear facility in Syria. They had additional evidence that they said showed that some of the technology was supplied by North Korea.

One U.S. official told ABC's Martha Raddatz the material was "jaw dropping" because it raised questions as to why U.S. intelligence had not previously picked up on the facility.

Officials said that the facility had likely been there for months if not years.

"Israel tends to be very thorough about its intelligence coverage, particularly when it takes a major military step, so they would not have acted without data from several sources," said ABC military consultant Tony Cordesman.

LULAC Wants Inquiry Into Mexican Flag Incident.

Nation: More fallout from Peter Lynch ripping down the flag and the professional groups are ready to get their victim on.

The New Mexico League of United Latin American Citizens has asked state and federal officials to investigate a University of New Mexico student who is accused of tearing down a Mexican flag.

Peter Lynch, 30, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to a charge of criminal damage to property after tearing up a Mexican flag on campus last month.

He has admitted tearing down the flag but has said he was acting out of patriotism because the Mexican flag wasn't accompanied by an American flag.

The president of the Albuquerque LULAC Council, John Moya, said it's a hate crime that can't be hidden under the color of patriotism.

Background articles here.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Warner Bros says no more female leads in their movies.

Entertainment: If you think women can't open a film maybe its because there is not a whole lot of women right now that can open a movie big. The last was Julia Roberts, since then a whole lot of pretenders. Maybe it is time to start cultivate future stars female/male instead of trying to push people as the next hot thing.

This comes to me from three different producers, so I know it's real: Warner Bros president of production Jeff Robinov has made a new decree that "We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead". This Neanderthal thinking comes after both Jodie Foster's The Brave One (even though she's had big recent hits with Flightplan and Panic Room) and Nicole Kidman's The Invasion (as if three different directors didn't have something to do with the awfulness of the gross receipts) under-performed at the box office recently. "Can you imagine when Gloria Allred gets hold of this? It's going to be like World War III," one producer just told me. (I put in a call to Glo, who comments below.)

Of course, Warner Bros has always been male-centric in its movies. But now the official policy as expressly articulated by Robinov is that a male has to be the lead of every pic made. I'm told he doesn't even want to see a script with a woman in the primary position (which now is apparently missionary at WB). Oh yeah, the fact that so many Warner Bros movies have been sucking at the box office for the last two years is all the fault of females. (Then again, Robinoff's poorly performing Superman Returns starred a girlie-man.)

As regular readers of my own box office reports know, I've noted how chick flicks haven't been doing well at the box office lately. But Robinov's statements aren't about women's movies as a genre, they're anti Hollywood actresses. Besides, neither The Brave One nor The Invasion were classic chick flicks, either. "It's a phenomenal thing to say. What are we in the 1700s where women are back to being barefoot and pregnant?" a producer railed. "What's next -- fire all the Warner Bros women executives?"

Spain snubs Cuban dissidents on National Day

Spain: Led by the Zapatero, we see Spain bowing down to the wishes of the Cuban government.

Spain will not invite Cuban dissidents to its national day festivities in Havana this month in order to prevent any possible damage to its ongoing dialogue with the Cuban regime, officials said.

Spain began inviting Cuban dissidents to its embassy's October 12 national day party in Havana after Cuba jailed 75 dissidents and executed three others who tried to hijack a boat to escape the island in 2003.

The move was part of a series of political and diplomatic sanctions which the European Union imposed on Cuba in reaction to the arrests and executions.

But since the sanctions were suspended at Spain's urging in 2005, Madrid has entered into a new phase of dialogue with Cuba and the practice of inviting the dissidents has been dropped, Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratino said.

"We have had success with the dialogue over human rights and concrete results. Political prisoners are free to walk the streets, we have the capacity to intervene and we are promoting the interests of our country," he told parliament.

Well hell, they can walk the streets so everything is good now. Zappo has turned Spain to digress into a needy child looking for approval. No conviction or courage allows him to meet with the dissidents. The reasoning is weak.

UK: Teachers 'fear evolution lessons'

UK: A whole herd of cattle here in this story.

The teaching of evolution is becoming increasingly difficult in UK schools because of the rise of creationism, a leading scientist is warning.

Head of science at London's Institute of Education Professor Michael Reiss says some teachers, fearful of entering the debate, avoid the subject totally.

This could leave pupils with gaps in their scientific knowledge, he says.

Prof Reiss says the rise of creationism is partly down to the large increase in Muslim pupils in UK schools.

He said: "The number of Muslim students has grown considerably in the last 10 to 20 years and a higher proportion of Muslim families do not accept evolutionary theory compared with Christian families.

"That's one reason why it's more of an issue in schools."

More fallout from Australia/ African refugees.

Australia: It has pretty much broken down into he said he said, you're a racists no I am not shouting. But one thing bugs the hell out of me is this stupid statement.

But the United Nations' refugee agency said yesterday that refugees should be accepted on humanitarian grounds, rather than "their ability to integrate".

"Any shift away from Africa in Australia's resettlement quota is not being promoted by UNHCR," said a spokeswoman for the Canberra office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Ariane Rummery. "Quotas should be responsive to the protection needs of refugees that UNHCR identifies each year." Integration shold be part of the criteria in saying who you are letting into your country. It would be asinine to just open the door and then realize this could be a problem. This is also another reason never to sign up for a UN led program.

Pew: Global Opinion Favors Immigration Limits.

Immigration: Nearly everyone wants more immigration limitations.

Strong majorities in the U.S. and many Western and developing nations favor tightened restrictions on immigration, a poll of countries around the globe showed Thursday.

At the same time, most people in every country surveyed said they think increased trade is good for their nation. Majorities in most countries also expressed favor for free market economies and for the impact that foreign companies are having at home.

The findings came from a poll conducted this spring in 46 countries, plus the Palestinian territories, that was overseen by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center, a Washington-based research organization. It included countries from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Only in South Korea and the Palestinian territories did most people express opposition to tighter immigration policies, while in Japan they were evenly split. Support for stronger restrictions was dominant everywhere else. It generally was greatest in Africa and South Asia, including about nine in 10 in Indonesia, Malaysia, Ivory Coast and South Africa.

"In many parts of the world, people see immigration as destabilizing" and a threat to their cultures, said Andrew Kohut, Pew president and director of the study. "And they worry about jobs."

Here is the full Pew report and poll results. Landslide type numbers.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mexico gets directly involved in American immigration policy.

Immigration: How direct? If American pulled this in Mexico or any other country all hell would break loose.

The Mexican government is giving its consulates in the U.S. wide latitude to ramp up a campaign to toughen their defense of immigrants and plans to give them more resources as well, officials familiar with the strategy said.

The move comes as deportations reach an all-time high in the toughest crackdown in decades by the U.S. government and police authorities.

Among the actions under discussion are the creation of an anti-defamation league similar to that focused on protecting Jews; budget increases for some of the 47 consulates, especially in regions such as North Texas, where Mexican migration has been swift and plentiful; and a media campaign aimed at counteracting groups opposed to illegal immigration and sometimes legal immigration.

The effort underscores the tension in U.S. communities grappling with problems created by illegal immigration. And it is sure to further incense groups demanding a crackdown on immigration, both legal and illegal.

"Our fight is no longer inside the Beltway," said one senior Mexican official, who agreed to speak only on condition of anonymity. "We have been forced to change our strategy."

But Jean Towell, president of Dallas-based Citizens for Immigration Reform, called the move "arrogant," saying that the Mexican government does not "have the right to meddle in our affairs."

"They have come out before saying it is wrong for us to meddle in Mexico's affairs," she said. "They are losing human capital. It would be better if they provided the right kind of incentives to keep their people there. It is a no-brainer."

Watkins Defends Calling Juan Williams "Happy Negro"

Culture: Watkins comes off in his interview in the Daily Orange as a clueless wannabe elitist who thinks because he has his papers it gives him the all clear to call blacks who don't follow his victimology thinking all sorts of names.

Boyce Watkins: Bill O'Reilly created some controversy with his remarks. I'd been called on by CNN on multiple occasions to discuss the comments. I gave my opinion and within the context of that opinion they asked me, they said, 'Well, Juan Williams agrees with him. What do you think about that?'

And I said Juan Williams sitting there as Bill O'Reilly's happy little negro congratulating him on his racism is like Hugh Hefner hiring a stripper to tell him that he's not a sexist.

And this comes from, not just what Williams did that day, but the reading of his book, which many African Americans are very angry about. A few days later I got a call from someone telling me that the O'Reilly factor was basically having an entire episode where all they were talking about was me. . .

The black intelligensia is still pissed off about Juan Williams book where he called out the black leaders who revel in black victimhood. Watkins though misreads the response he is getting from the public.

DO: Tell us about the kind of responses that you've received in the past couple weeks.

Most of the response that I get from Fox viewers and Fox listeners have a very angry, nasty tone. Some of them are 'how dare you do this to Juan Williams, he's such as sweet guy,' and then there are those that are like 'You're an idiot, how can a prestigious university like Syracuse have someone like you on the faculty, I can't believe you're a professor.'

When people say that, that tone is interesting because that's almost an acknowledgement that I have credentials. When people say something like that, 'I can't believe you're a professor at Syracuse, I can't believe you have a Ph.D., I can't believe you're a doctor,' that's interesting to me because that's saying, 'I'm really angry about what you said, but I have to acknowledge what you're saying because your credentials are so strong.' I think if I were a bus driver and I said this, people would just ignore it. Really, I think when an educated African American makes strong statements like that, it causes people to kind of have a moment of pause and they respond.

No, people took notice because you said it on CNN twice. No one had heard of you before you happy negro slam. It isn't a matter of your status or profession, it is the incredulous response that liberal blacks like yourself think you can get away saying terms that if used on you would have you crying racism. People also think that professors wouldn't be such an intolerant simple minded jerk.

As you read the article you realize Watkins is a legend in his own mind. I would be happy to just dismiss him as a typical leftist black professor reveling in his own perceived awesomeness. But then you realize he actually teaches the malleable minds of students and it is a bit scary.

The low-level hi-tech lynching of Justice Thomas continues.

Politics: A lot more subtle this time around as the "black intelligentsia" gathered around on PBS to whine and moan that Justice Thomas got softball interviews on 60 minutes and ABC.

Tonight on PBS' Tavis Smiley, Tavis convenes a panel to discuss "My Grandfather's Son," the new book by Justice Clarence Thomas and the "60 Minutes" profile that coincided with the release of the book.Guests are Marc Morial, President and CEO of The National Urban League, Princeton professor Cornel West, and Columbia University President, Farah Jasmine Griffin.

Here are some excerpts of what the panelists had to say about Justice Thomas and his interview on "60 Minutes:"

Marc Morial, President & CEO, National Urban League “He (Thomas) seems to have forgotten that he doesn’t stand by himself, he stands amongst many who’ve experienced discrimination, who’ve experienced the pain of racial injustice, yet not at a single point in his career has he used the power of his office… help those who he professed to be concerned about.”

Cornel West, Princeton Professor

“They presented this story as if those us who are critics (of Clarence Thomas) have no good reasons to be critical of him siding with the strong against the weak, and the powerful against the relatively powerless. I thought ‘60 Minutes’ was all about journalism, what has happened to journalism these days where all you get is puff pieces that constitute an advertisement for a book. Especially with someone like Clarence Thomas who’s been a lightning-rod of this debate among all Americans concerned about truth and justice on the court and in our society.” Farah Jasmine Griffin, Columbia Professor

Oh spare me the victimology. What the liberal blacks in this country want is a black man on the court to be a rubber stamp to give and create laws that favor blacks based on feelings instead of the rule of law for the whole country. Now the new meme is Thomas is so scarred that he is taking it out on the weak and poor. The most idiotic drivel was by Marc Morial.

Morial: Tavis, I'm going to say this. "60 Minutes" owes the public a second piece, to give equal airtime to those of us who want to offer a completely different analysis and a different point of view. I think that the piece was as though Justice Thomas' public relations firm edited the piece, controlled the piece. They devoted, what, an hour?

Tavis: Forty-five minutes.

Morial: Forty-five minutes - unprecedented time. And Steve Kroft, great journalist, did not challenge him. Public people - and a Supreme Court justice is public people - have to be judged on their public record.

West: That's right.

60 minutes owns nothing to you or anyone else. This sort of nonsense being spewed here I expect the moonbats who scream equal time whenever they feel their side is not being represented. Looking at the transcript it was a worthless gathering of people who refuse to understand the rule of law, the true purpose of the Supreme Court and Justice Thomas. All that is not there to make laws or rules to cater to one group.

Cincinnati Enquirer blackmailing candidates to blog.

Media: This is outright blackmail to get favorable endorsements from the editorial board.

Some political candidates are privately complaining that The Cincinnati Enquirer is using a subtle form of extortion to gain their participation on the newspaper's Web site and increase its Internet traffic.

Candidates were told about the blog experiment when they attended endorsement interviews recently with The Enquirer's editorial board. The newspaper uses the private interviews to decide which of the 26 candidates running for city council will receive its official endorsement. Such endorsements are considered so important that many people who receive them promptly tout them in TV and radio commercials.

But some candidates say members of The Enquirer's editorial board implied in conversations that one factor that will help them decide on endorsements is whether the person has participated in the newspaper's online Q&A forum.

"Most of these issues are already covered more in-depth on our individual Web sites," says one candidate. Referring to how The Enquirer broached the request, the person added, "It's pretty much arm-twisting, isn't it?

I have a full-time job and I'm campaigning. This could take up to two hours a day, if you let it."

Newspaper even admits it is doing this because of a lack of resources.

Candidate blogging is the latest example of The Enquirer's mad push to rely ever more frequently on "crowd sourcing" to provide content for its print and online editions, even as the newspaper cuts staffing levels. The latest buzzword in corporate newsrooms, crowd sourcing involves using the Internet to gather information from a large group of people, most of whom aren't trained journalists.

Ray Cooklis, The Enquirer's assistant editorial editor, has called the concept "an effective tool when an organization doesn't have the resources to do the exhaustive research/data-crunching itself."

Journalism watchdog groups and media critics call it lazy, cheap journalism that gives the false impression of community involvement and results in vapid material that provides little or no insight into issues. Some local candidates agree.

The first candidate to tell them to go take a flying leap and berate them for cheap journalism will get major public backing. This is a ridiculous concept moved by the paper leveraging its power over people running for public office.

Patrick Fitzgerald against federal shield law.

Media: He is so off the MSM christmas card list for this. Any sort of shield law for reporters is a bad idea. If it passes I guarantee within 5 years something will come up that will show giving protection because you are a reporter creates and results in bad situations.

So it is turning into Whoopi's View show?

Culture: So unless you are for killing babies, you should back off speaking about abortion?

Is Whoopi Goldberg becoming the Rosie O’Donnell type bully? It appeared that way on the October 3 edition of “The View.” A discussion about Hillary Clinton’s $5,000 a baby entitlement plan quickly descended into a heated exchange between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Whoopi Goldberg about abortion.

When Hasselbeck noted that $5,000 a baby could lead to fewer abortions in the world, Whoopi told Hasselbeck to “back off” because Hasselbeck has never “been in a position” where she “had to make that decision.”

One I think Hasselbeck's position on the $5000 bond is off because it is not an incentive to have a baby and then you get cash in hand. But Whoopi needs to get off the high horse she rode in on.

GOLDBERG: Elisabeth, Elisabeth, can I ask you one question–can I ask you a question? I just have to ask you this question since you opened this door.


GOLDBERG: Have you ever been in a position to have to make that decision?

HASSELBECK: Never, never.

GOLDBERG: Okay, then back off a little bit. Back off a little bit. Very few people want to have abortions.

HASSELBECK: I'm sure they don't.

GOLDBERG: See, I was listening.

HASSELBECK: I was just affirming what you said.

GOLDBERG: Most people do not want to have abortions. Most women do not have them with some sort of party going on. It is the hardest decision that a woman ever- wait- ever has to make. So, when you talk about it, a little bit of reverence to the women out there who have had to make this horrible decision. And one of the reasons that, that we have had to make this decision is because so many women were found bleeding, dead, with hangers in their bodies because they were doing it themselves. The idea of this was to make it safe and clean. That was the reason the law came into effect. That was why it was done.

Please, the "reverence" that Goldberg talks about was sold with the t-shirt.

There is nothing to be reverenced about Abortion. You are either sad about it or in the case of infamous Amy Richards making decisions based on if you want to shop at Costco and live in Long Island.

This idiotic attitude that Hasselbeck can't talk about abortion because she has never put herself into that position is the type of tactic to shut down any sort of debate.

Boing Boing poster approves of hanging conservatives.

Culture: Including the two black people in the poster but you know how the liberal mind works in that case. The two black people are considered Uncle Toms or traitors. So it is still okay.

UNM Student pleads not guilty in Mexican flag incident

Nation: A followup on the case of Peter Lynch who took down a Mexican flag on campus.

A University of New Mexico student charged with criminal damage to property after tearing up a Mexican flag last month pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning.

Peter Lynch, 30, has said that he tore the Mexican flag, which was flying in celebration of Mexican Independence day, because it wasn’t accompanied by an American flag.

UNM ROTC students admit that they neglected to lower the Mexican banner when they lowered the U.S. flag at sunset because they thought a Mexican student organization would do that.

Now, a UNM organization for Latino Students, El Centro de la Raza, says that it has found evidence that Lynch had previously referred to illegal immigrants as “wet-backs” on a public MySpace page.

“It is the position of El Centro de la Raza that the acts of Peter Lynch were acts of hate and should be treated as such,” the organization said in a statement.

“If there’s any message about this case,” said Lynch’s attorney Tony D’Amato following Wednesday’s arraignment, “it’s that it is only about the American flag.”
D’Amato denies that his client made any racist comments. Lynch’s trial is scheduled for next month.

Reno police, ACLU join flap over Mexican flag

Nation: I really don't think you want to push this issue beyond what it is now.

RENO, Nev. (AP) - Responding to a controversy over a Mexican flag flying at a local bar, Reno police and the American Civil Liberties Union issued statements today emphasizing it is not illegal to fly another flag above the American flag.

A Reno television station broadcast a story on Monday of a U.S. veteran, Jim Broussard, cutting down the U.S. flag flying above the bar and taking it away in protest of what the station reported was an illegal display of the flag.

The Reno Police Department said in a statement that while the U.S. Code establishes protocol for the display of the American flag in relation to other flags, the protocol "is advisory and is not a criminal statute."

The statement says there is no sanction for violation of the protocol and is not enforceable by local law enforcement.

Gary Peck, director of the ACLU of Nevada in Las Vegas, said several federal courts have held that the flag rules are not mandatory and cannot be enforced.

In fact, Peck says if the flag rules were mandatory, they would clearly violate the First Amendment, which protects every American's right to speak and express themselves, including their choice of flag to display.

Firemen demoted for spotting public gay sex romp.

UK: There is something remarkably political correct about this that borders on pathetic groveling.

Firemen who shone their torches at four men they found having sex in bushes have been disciplined by their bosses.

The crew spotted the men engaged in illegal 'dogging' - outdoor sexual activity with strangers - on parkland known as the Downs in Bristol late one night.

After embarrassing the men by pointing their torches at them, the crew continued on their way to their fire station.

But one of the doggers complained to Avon Fire and Rescue, ultimately accusing the four-man crew of being homophobic.

The firemen, who have 26 years of service between them, were then suspended on full pay for three months during an internal investigation.

Yesterday it emerged that two have been fined £1,000 each, another demoted to a rank which will see him forfeit a similar amount of money, while a fourth has received a stern written warning.

The crew have been transferred to other stations and ordered to attend an equality course.

But no action has been taken against any of the men believed to have been involved in the dogging.

The one who complained is said to be 'happy' at the outcome of the disciplinary proceedings in which the firemen were charged with bringing the service into disrepute and misuse of fire equipment.

The firemen, formerly members of Avon Fire Service's Blue Watch at Avonmouth station in Bristol, have been banned from discussing the incident, which took place at about 10.30pm on June 27.

But one of their colleagues said yesterday: 'This is a complete farce. All four officers have been let down by their senior officers when they needed their support the most.

'They have been treated as the criminals and it has been forgotten that they witnessed criminal activity occurring in a public place.'

Another fireman said: 'There are a lot of firefighters in Avon who feel the four involved have been treated very unfairly so the service can be seen as being politically correct.

Also have to go equality class and give money to GLBT groups which still doesn't explain why the four guys who got caught weren't punished for at least public indecency. Probably a lot of this story being left out but given what is being reported seems like a total surrender to PC feelings. Straight, gay or whatever, everyone should at least have some manners and decency in public.

Oak Lawn school allows Ramadan to be in schools.

Culture: They seriously could not screw this up much worse than they did here.

Late Tuesday night, at the end of a nearly five-hour meeting in a packed room, the Ridgeland School District 122 board voted to keep its Christmas and Halloween parties and to add a Ramadan celebration as well.

The tumult began when a parent strung lights with stars and moons inside one of the elementary schools. A PTA member objected to the decoration, saying that the reference was to Ramadan and that the school didn't allow religious symbols.

Elizabeth Zahdan, who hung the lights, asked the school board why it would permit Christmas trees and Santa Claus and not allow an acknowledgment of her faith. The school board immediately began considering a ban on all religious references—including the annual Christmas party—so as not to offend any group.

If there was an intelligent member on the board or PTA they could have shut her down by saying Santa Claus is not in the Bible plus he and Christmas trees are secular in nature. Ramadan is not and if the ACLU doesn't sue over this then we know now they are a bunch of hypocrites.

That outraged parents whose children revel in the Christmas-themed celebrations, and many attended the meeting to speak in favor of the Christian observances.

Rima Najjar Kapitan, an attorney with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said she believes it will take work to heal the rift exposed by the debate.

"I think in the long term, Muslim families and Christian families will be able to get along," she said.

As for the board's decision to include Ramadan in its holiday festivities, she said, "It's exactly what we wanted. It's a very reasonable position. It's the obvious solution. You continue to celebrate Christmas and the religion of other constituents."

Intellectual dishonesty at its finest. This is religion in public schools something that would have been not considered if it were a Christian or Catholic complaining.

One parent gets what is happening.

Parent Pat Flanigan said, "If these few wish to celebrate Ramadan, it should be allowed on a much smaller scale because this is religion. If they insist on this, then we should be able to openly display nativity scenes and other items."

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Australia to close doors on African refugees.

Australia: PM Howard's government accused of racism in denying more African refugees on the basis they have trouble integrating into Australian society.

Australia will not take any more refugees from Africa until at least the middle of next year, Prime Minister John Howard said Wednesday, triggering charges of a vote stunt ahead of national elections.

Howard rejected any suggestion of racism, saying Australia's 13,000-a-year refugee intake was being "rebalanced" from Africa to the Middle East and Asia where the need was more acute.

"It's not in any way racially based but the programme is just going to be rebalanced, and one of the consequences of that is the reality that there will be no more people coming from Africa until at least July of next year," the prime minister told public radio.

....Refugee groups accused the government of picking on African refugees in the lead-up to elections expected to be held before the end of November.

Howard's conservative government is widely expected to lose the election.

Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul said Howard was trying to replicate the boost he received with a tough stance on asylum seekers at the 2001 election.

Recent violence involving Sudanese youths has raised concerns in Melbourne about how African refugees are integrating into Australian society.

An 18-year-old Sudanese man died earlier this week after being beaten in an apparent gang attack, creating heated public debate amid allegations Sudanese youths were running amok in suburbs of Australia's second largest city.

Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews says the local police and politicians are covering up a Sudanese gang problem

The Immigration Minister cited "cabinet in confidence" for not releasing a report that he said detailed a serious problem among African refugees.

Announcing a freeze on refugees from troubled nations such as Sudan, Mr Andrews said the inability of Africans to adjust to the Australian lifestyle was a factor in the decision, which had been first flagged in The Australian in February.

"The advice on which we made the decision was largely material which was provided in submissions to cabinet and, as you know, cabinet submissions are confidential. But can I say there was widespread examination of this, including by an interdepartmental committee particularly in relation to the settlement issues."

Mr Andrews said Victorian police had to admit there was a problem with violence among young African migrants.

"I have anecdotal reports from police which indicate that there is a gang culture in Victoria, in some parts, and they are concerned about it," Mr Andrews told The Australian.

"It concerns me that, at an official level, this seems to have been played down. But ignoring the problem won't make it go away."

....Mr Andrews' comments came after Ms Nixon said young African men accounted for less than 1per cent of the state's crime statistics and did not present a major difficulty for law enforcement. "Even the Sudanese group, there's only really a particular group, about 100 of them actually, who are repeat offenders," Ms Nixon said.

Her official line was at odds with comments from police on the beat in Melbourne's southeast last week.

"They walk around in packs," said an officer who wanted to remain anonymous. "It's a real problem at the moment for us."

All this comes in the wake of a Sudanese teen, Liep Gony, who was murdered last week. Neil Mitchell of the Herald Sun says there is a gang problem especially from Sudanese teens who look at the politically correct police force as a joke. More articles on the murder of Liep Gony here.

The truth is a mix of both side, there looks to be a problem with gangs that the police are being overwhelmed with and some politicking in the run up to the election.

Charlie Sheen berates ex-wife.

Entertainment: Something wrong with Sheen if this report is true.

Dixie flag removed from display cause of one whiny student.

Edumacation: The way I see it, history is history and the Dixie flag is an integral part of history. History is not always nice and sensitive souls never understand that part.

A history class display on the Civil War that included a Confederate flag drew the attention Tuesday of district officials following a complaint by a student.

The flag was removed, said Superintendent Frank Borelli.

"One person felt uncomfortable," Borelli said. "He raised the question. It was taken down."

"I was shocked to see it," said Aaron Reyes, 19. "There are other ways to display stuff."

The flag was part of an overall display that also included the American flag of the period, information about the Union and Confederate armies and replica bullets of the period.

"If it was just a (Confederate) flag hanging there, I would be terribly upset," Borelli said.

The superintendent said the district will review the matter as it relates to future displays of symbols that some find upsetting.

"I'm sure we will act accordingly," Borelli said.

Nicole Reyes, Andre's mother, said she "appreciated Mr. Borelli's prompt action" to remove the flag.

It is a historical display and because one person had the vapors it got taken down? No wonder the educational system in this country stinks and American history is down the tubes. I would like to know the other ways to display "stuff."

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend is an egoistical bitch?

Entertainment: I am not Isiah Thomas so I hate to throw the word bitch out there toward a woman without good reason but I think she gives several reasons.

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Bar Refaeli has launched another attack on her native Israel, bragging about dodging her country's mandatory military service.

The 22-year-old model, who started dating DiCaprio last year, has stunned her home country with perceived arrogant and derogatory comments.

"I don't regret not having been drafted ... because I made out big," Refaeli told an Israeli newspaper.

"Why is it good to die for one's country?

"Isn't it better to live in New York?"

I can see why a lefty like Leonardo would be attracted to such a person.

Mexican/Haitian migrants overwhelm Windsor.

Immigration: It is going to get worse unless Canada cracks down and word gets back going north is no good.

Hundreds of Mexicans and Haitians have filed for refugee status in Windsor, Ont., overwhelming local services and prompting calls for federal help from Premier Dalton McGuinty.

So far, more than 300 refugees -- many with children born in the United States -- have crossed into the province by bus from Detroit.

Yanick Samedy, from Haiti, spent 15 years living in Florida. Desperate to avoid a deportation crackdown, and after hearing rumours Canada would accept her, she fled north with her family.

"We heard that, so everyone takes their chance," she told CTV News.

After five hours with border officials her refugee papers were in order. But because Windsor lacks enough facilities for immigrants like Samedy, she's been placed in a low-budget hotel.

Still, she said the living conditions were far better than her homeland.

"There's violence, insecurity, kidnapping, I already have four kids," she said. "It's not good to go back to my country."

McGuinty stressed that the sudden influx of refugees is not just a problem for Windsor -- it's a problem for the entire country.

"These refugees aren't so much coming to Windsor as they're coming to Canada, and this is properly a federal responsibility," he said Monday following a campaign event.

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis has said that city services are being pushed to the limit because of the situation.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Women condemn Turkey constitution.

Turkey: Islamists won and now the slow changes have begun.

Women's groups in Turkey have condemned a new draft constitution, saying it sets the country back years in terms of gender equality.

A new constitution is being prepared to replace the current one, introduced after the military coup of 1980.

The document describes women as a vulnerable group needing protection.

The proposed constitution has already sparked fierce debate with a clause to allow women to attend university wearing the Islamic headscarf.

Speaking on Tuesday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan assured critics the new draft constitution will reflect the values and needs of all groups of society.

More than 80 women's groups have come together to voice strong opposition to the draft constitution, calling it a major step backwards for equal rights.

The current constitution in Turkey obliges the government to ensure equality for all - a clause that women's groups fought hard to include.

The new draft removes that, describing women instead as a vulnerable group in need of special protection.

Women's rights activist Selen Lermioglu calls that worrying proof that Turkey is still a highly patriarchal society.

"If the government accepts this it will show their ideology and mindset about women and men - that women are a group that needs to be protected," she said.

"No we're not, we don't need protection. We need equality and ask for that, not protection.

Man attacks girlfriend's 'lover' hidden in closet.

Culture: No R Kelly jokes here.

A man in northern Sweden faces criminal charges after attacking a man he found hiding in his girlfriend's bedroom wardrobe.

The 25-year-old man had been spending an enjoyable Friday evening in the company of a female friend at her apartment in Sundsvall when they were suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door. The woman stalled for a while before eventually opening.

"It was her boyfriend," police spokesman Robert Öhman told The Local.

Although it is not known whether her relationship with the 25-year-old was an amorous one, the fact that he stowed himself away in a wardrobe was bound to arouse suspicion if detected.

In another setting her boyfriend might have gone home none the wiser. But in Sweden it is considered polite to take off one's shoes when entering a home.

"The boyfriend saw a pair of men's shoes inside the front door," said Öhman.

Overcome with jealousy, he immediately began searching for the owner of the mystery footwear.

When he finally found the other man in the wardrobe, his fury knew no bounds and he began aiming furious kicks and punches at his new adversary.

This was a justifiable butt kicking, no rational court can convict the guy beyond some community service. Now a good thing he didn't hit the woman because always remember hitting a woman is wrong. Now shaking her a couple of times in this instance...still wrong...maybe... Just kidding!..somewhat.

HBO grabs 'Duke Rape Case' book rights.

Crime: Congrats to Stuart Taylor Jr. and K.C. Johnson, now comes the wait seeing how HBO screws this up for their own bias reasons.

HBO has acquired rights to Stuart Taylor Jr. and K.C. Johnson's book "Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case."
Book, about the prosecution of three Duke U. lacrosse players for the alleged gang rape of a stripper at a team party on campus, was just published by the St. Martin's Press imprint Thomas Dunne Books.

Paybox will develop a movie exploring the dynamics of racism and class issues that made the case a national story.

Durham, N.C., district attorney Michael Nifong demonized the defendants in the media and fanned racial hatred to win black votes in his re-election campaign, according to the book. Worse, he withheld or ignored crucial evidence that disproved his flimsy case. He was subsequently disbarred and disgraced, and all charges were dismissed by the attorney general of North Carolina, who declared the players innocent.

Josh Maurer, whose HBO credits include "The Pentagon Papers" and "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge," will exec produce with Alixandre Witlin.

Taylor is a legal commentator who writes for Newsweek, and Johnson is a professor of history at CUNY.

Tavis Smiley/Tom Joyner attack on Clarence Thomas

Politics: It is not up yet on the archives but Tavis Smiley and Joyner along with sidekick Cybil showed their ass making fun of Justice Thomas interview on 60 minutes. Amid the whining that the interview was too soft, saying Thomas was bitter because he couldn't get a dance with a girl or light skinned blacks which caused him to judge the way he judges came the predictable reasons these type of liberal blacks(Tavis,Joyner and Cybil) hate Thomas.

They think black = making judgements based on the color of his skin and past history instead of rule of law and the constitution. As far as their myopic values are concerned, any black in a position of judicial power should make law and rulings based on black color liberalism. Damn near drove off the road hearing the bitterness they projected onto Justice Thomas because of their notion he sold out. He never sold out, it is just that the circle the three stooges run around in refuse to grow up.

Bronx schools allowing Muslim prayer in schools.

Culture: I seriously don't think the wink wink nod nod method passes legal muster unless the ACLU does another 180 on religion in public schools.

With an estimated 12% of the city's public school students practicing Islam and celebrating Ramadan this month, Bronx high schools are doing their best to accommodate the growing population's religious obligations.

Some students from the Bronx High School of Science's large Muslim population, pray - often using their jackets as prayer mats - in a space in the back of the cafeteria.

"We don't advocate or publicize the space, because we can't. But it is off the beaten track, where they can pray at any time," said Assistant Principal Phoebe Cooper. "We try to make whatever accommodations we can."

Ramadan is the holiest month of the year for Muslims, falling this year between Sept. 13 and Oct. 13. This ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar is believed to be when the Koran was revealed to the prophet Muhammed.

Most teens and adults fast from sunrise to sundown, visit the mosque nightly and pray five times daily.

While those rituals might bump up against separation of church and state, several Bronx schools said they are being as accommodating as possible.

At Validus Preparatory Academy on Bathgate Ave., students on a mandatory Outward Bound field trip help carry their fasting classmates' hiking bags and find spaces in the woods for them to pray five times a day, said fitness teacher Erica Crane.

Department of Education policy states that accommodations must be made for students' religion, as long as it does not get in the way of instruction.

Mirthala Salinas quits Telemundo after demotion.

Media: Telemundo pulled the we can't outright fire you but we will make you quit bit. Well played.

Los Angeles television newscaster Mirthala Salinas, whose affair with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa prompted her transfer to Riverside, failed to show up for her first day of work Monday after a two-month suspension. A few hours later, Salinas' employer, the Spanish-language Telemundo network, announced that she would not be returning.

Telemundo's KVEA-TV Channel 52 and Salinas "have mutually agreed to end our employment relationship," the network said in a statement.

We are not in a position to make any further comment on our discussions with Ms. Salinas surrounding her departure," added Telemundo, which is part of media giant NBC Universal.

Telemundo officials had suspended Salinas for covering Villaraigosa while the two were romantically involved and media experts across the nation accused Salinas of having a conflict of interest.

Station executives had expected Salinas to report for duty at KVEA's Inland Empire bureau Monday morning. KVEA dispatched its communications directorto the Riverside office to handle an expected onslaught of news crews covering her return.

Giuliani Visits "Controversial" Geno's Steak Shop

Politics: I doubt he ordered swiss cheese with his cheese steak. Ridiculous usage of the word controversial.

Monday night Rudy Giuliani visits a famous Philadelphia cheese steak restaurant that serves as much controversy as it does calories.

Geno’s Steaks, where the former mayor plans to shake hands and meet patrons, has been a famous Philly hot-spot for years. It was thrown into the headlines last year when the owner posted a sign at the counter that reads, "This is America. When Ordering Please Speak English."

The national spotlight on the restaurant and its owner, Joey Vento, came at a time when both the media and Congress were fixated on illegal immigration - a subject that Republican candidates have been returning to in the past few months.

Giuliani, who has had to defend his record on illegal immigration as mayor of New York City, seems determined to prove he is a strong opponent of illegal immigration. Vento believes him.

“He’s the right man - he’s tough,” Vento tells CBS News. “I’m hoping from what I’ve read so far about him - I believe we’re on the same page as far as illegal immigration.”

In the past few months, Giuliani has offered a slew of proposals signaling that he wants to end illegal immigration: increased electronic surveillance at borders, more patrol stations, “tamper-proof ID cards,” and enforcing immigrants’ fluency in English.

“We should make certain that they can read English, write English and speak English," Giuliani has repeated over the past several weeks at campaign stops and in radio ads - a sentiment that echoes Vento’s views.

Monday, October 1, 2007

UK: Religious hatred law in force

UK: This will be interesting to see how groups now under this law want it enforced.

A once controversial new law making it an offence to incite religious hatred is coming into force.

The law closes a gap in race legislation that meant only Jews and Sikhs, who were deemed by the courts to be racial groups, were protected.

Other groups like Muslims and Christians were considered to be religious rather than racial so were thought not to have the same protection under the law.

Anyone convicted of the offence, which follows the introduction of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act, faces up to seven years in jail.

There were two attempts by the Government to introduce it, first in 2001 and then later with the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act. They faltered because of the concerns.

But ministers pressed for the law a third time because it was seen as an important counter-balance to anti-terror laws which can be seen to disproportionately target Britain's Muslim population.

In the Act that was actually passed, ministers believe there is a high enough "threshold" built into the law to protect free speech.

The new offence is limited to threatening words or behaviour, and the prosecution must prove "intention" to stir up religious hatred.

Biker's penis hit by lightning

Weird: You thought getting hit or kicked there was bad enough, now men have to worry about this sort of thing.

A Croatian motorbiker will be praying that the old adage 'lightning never strikes twice' rings true.

Unlucky Ante Djindjic, 29, from Zagreb was knocked unconscious when lightning struck his penis during a quick roadside toilet break.

Djindjic said: "I don't remember what happened. One minute I was taking a leak and the next thing I knew I was in hospital.

"Doctors said the lightning went through my body and because I was wearing rubber boots it earthed itself through my penis."

Djindjic escaped relatively unscathed from the incident, suffering only light burns to his chest and arms.

He said: "Thankfully, the doctors said that there would be no lasting effects, and my penis will function normally eventually."

Hirsi Ali Returns from US as Netherlands Ends Security

EU: All I know is the Dutch better keep her safe or there is going to be blood on their hands.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali returned to the Netherlands yesterday. She had to leave the US because her safety was no longer guaranteed there, evening newspaper NRC Handelsblad reported based on "reliable sources."

According to the newspaper, the Netherlands no longer wants to pay Hirsi Ali's protection costs in the US. The Americans reportedly cannot according to their national laws take over the protection.

An apostate of Islam, Hirsi Ali has been under threat for years due to her criticism of Islam. She resigned her Lower House membership for the conservatives (VVD) last year and left for the US, where she went to work at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) there. Time Magazine said she was among the 100 most influential people in the world.

According to NRC Handelsblad, Hirsi Ali will continue her AEI activities from the Netherlands because as a Dutch citizen, she is assured of personal protection in the Netherlands.

The leftwing Greens (GroenLinks) want clarification of the problems that have arisen over the protection of Hirsi Ali in an interlocutory debate. The party, an ideological opponent of the former VVD MP - questions whether the Dutch government has done everything to solve the protection question adequately.

Chris Matthews dislikes David Gregory.

Media: I dislike them both so its all good.

Overheard on a Wednesday plane to New Hampshire for Thursday's Democratic debate on MSNBC: A frustrated Chris Matthews on the phone, loudly complaining about David Gregory being on his show. "I'm in charge of my show and I don't want him on my show," our source paraphrased him saying.

CAIR tells McCain to Appoint Muslim Advisors.

Politics: It is stuff like this makes CAIR a bad representative for Muslims like a collective Al Sharpton.

Why is every tv show now ending with a song?

Entertainment: Just me or this fall season, every show now ends with some sort of sappy pop song with main characters looking wissfully at one another or looking up at the sky( Looking at you smallville)

I don't remember which show started this trend, but I hate that show for starting this trend.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Broward County's animal shelter slammed.

Florida: I have been there a couple of time over the years looking for a dog and it is an extremely depressing place. This report does not surprise me, it just never felt right and the animals either seemed resigned to their faith or scared out of their minds.

Animal carcasses rotting in maggot-infested bags, food shortages and workers taking valuable dogs for their own profit are among the problems cited in a county investigation of Broward County's animal shelter in Fort Lauderdale.

Based on interviews with 18 workers in the Broward Animal Care and Regulation Division, which oversees the shelter, county investigators found:

•Food and supplies were improperly maintained.

•Pharmaceuticals were not locked up, in violation of state standards.

•Staff abused the adoption process by laying claim to newly arrived dogs with high resale value.

•There were allegations of animal abuse, including two cases pending against shelter employees.

"It is tragic, nobody cares about the animals," said Julia Brown, 56, an animal care specialist at the shelter who filed a complaint with the county on June 27. "There is no accountability."

Beth Chavez, acting director of Broward's animal care division, vowed swift action to fix problems.

"The division does need some work," Chavez said in a telephone interview Saturday. "As far as the employees not caring, that is a complete falsehood."

Chavez said she is tightening division policies in response to the seven-page Sept. 19 report. Among the proposed changes: requiring workers to wait two days before adopting any animals that arrive at the shelter and boosting food supplies.

County Commissioner John Rodstrom said he will ask for an independent audit to monitor the shelter's progress. "It is horrendous, this kind of stuff cannot be tolerated," Rodstrom said.

Animal care division Director Rick Richter took medical leave Sept. 14 after announcing his intention to retire in December.

County Administrator Pam Brangaccio said she had encouraged Richter to resign before the report's release. "It gives us the opportunity to get in there and get the facility cleaned up, both operationally and physically," Brangaccio said.

The animal division takes in about 20,000 animals annually at its shelters in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach. Last year, the shelter euthanized 10,232 animals, and found homes for 1,585 others.

Clarence Thomas: Progressives worse than Southern Racists...

Politics: He gets no argument from me.

"....Thomas's most deeply felt opinions are about race, and he pulls no punches. For Thomas, the menacing racists who donned white sheets in the segregated South of his childhood are as bad or worse as the northern liberal zealots in suits and ties.

"These people who claim to be progressive … have been far more vicious to me than any southerner," Thomas says, "and it is purely ideological."

Thomas talks about the virulent racism he encountered growing up in the segregated South, when blacks were considered second-class citizens and kept separate from whites by law, and he equates those attitudes with the stereotypes he believes people hold today.

"People get bent out of shape about the fact that when I was a kid, you could not drink out of certain water fountains. Well, the water was the same. My grandfather always said that, 'The water's exactly the same.' But those same people are extremely comfortable saying I can't drink from this fountain of knowledge," Thomas says. "They certainly don't see themselves as being like the bigots in the South. Well, I've lived both experiences. And I really don't see that they're any different from them."

He says his critics — the people who question whether he is smart or qualified to be on the Court or who suggest he merely does what a white Supreme Court colleague dictates — are as also as bigoted as the whites of his childhood in the deep South.

"People feel free to say about me what they think about lots of blacks," Thomas said in an interview in his chambers at the Supreme Court. "Because of the heterodox views I've taken, they have license to say it about me with impunity."

Black,white it makes no difference some of the garbage that has been spewed out by these liberals because Thomas does not act or think the way to them that his color dictates is worse than a simple-minded KKKer. The KKK sees color and is bent out of shape. A "progressive" sees color and makes assumption of how that person thinks or acts without hesitation. If that minority doesn't fall into the neat little box, gloves are off and the racist disdain is on.

Financial Times drops its paid wall...somewhat

Media: In response to Murdoch, FT who is in his crosshairs makes a free/paid model., the Internet version of the Financial Times, is instituting a new model for free and paid content on its website. Starting tomorrow, users will be able to access content on for free up to a total of 30 views per month. After 30 days, they will need to purchase a subscription in order to access more content.

This gives users plenty of opportunities to get the content they want, for free. Only the serious users will need to purchase a subscription beyond this, and that aligns nicely with the monetary goals of FT, as well as the concept that more content should be free online. This new model is also being promoted as useful for bloggers, as any reference links will be available to readers for free as well.

After The New York Times made more of its premium content available for free, and Murdoch announced plans to do the same for the Wall Street Journal, it’s clear that the pressure is on for more publications to give up content for free. What’s not detailed regarding’s new model is where advertising fits in, and if there are any plans to completely free up content and supplement costs with advertising revenue.

UK: Muslim checkout staff can refuse to sell drink.

UK: In a rare reverse, a UK chain is now doing what Target did earlier this year when Somali Muslims were refusing to checkout pork. Usually this stuff happens over there then it shows up here.

Muslim supermarket checkout staff have been given the right to refuse to sell alcohol to customers.

At least one chain has allowed workers to call in a colleague to take their place when customers are buying beer, wine or spirits.

Those with religious objections to selling drink have been asked to raise their hands so that a colleague can step in.

Muslim groups praised the store for its understanding of religious needs.

Inayat Bunglawala, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "By selling alcohol you are not committing a sin. You are just doing the job you are paid for.

"Muslim employees have a duty to their employer and in supermarkets most people would accept that in selling alcohol you are merely passing it through a checkout. That is hardly going to count against you on the day of judgement."

Burma revolt over and thousands killed?

Burma: Via the Daily Mail.

Thousands of protesters are dead and the bodies of hundreds of executed monks have been dumped in the jungle, a former intelligence officer for Burma's ruling junta has revealed.
The most senior official to defect so far, Hla Win, said: 'Many more people have been killed in recent days than you've heard about. The bodies can be counted in several thousand.'

Mr Win, who spoke out as a Swedish diplomat predicted that the revolt has failed, said he fled when he was ordered to take part in a massacre of holy men. He has now reached the border with Thailand.

Word reaching dissidents hiding out on the border suggested that as well as executions, some 2,000 monks are being held in the notorious Insein Prison or in university rooms which have been turned into cells.

There were reports that many were savagely beaten at a sports ground on the outskirts of Rangoon, where they were heard crying for help.

Others who had failed to escape disguised as civilians were locked in their bloodstained temples.

There, troops abandoned religious beliefs, propped their rifles against statues of Buddha and began cooking meals on stoves set up in shrines.

In stark contrast, the streets of Rangoon and Mandalay - centres of the attempted saffron revolution last week - were virtually deserted yesterday.

A Swedish diplomat who visited Burma during the protests said last night that in her opinion the revolution has failed.

Liselotte Agerlid, who is now in Thailand, said that the Burmese people now face possibly decades of repression. 'The Burma revolt is over,' she added.

'The military regime won and a new generation has been violently repressed and violently denied democracy. The people in the street were young people, monks and civilians who were not participating during the 1988 revolt.

'Now the military has cracked down the revolt, and the result may very well be that the regime will enjoy another 20 years of silence, ruling by fear.'

Two charged with murder in Australia over Sudanese refugee.

Australia: This might blow up over the next week or so. Gang problems in Australia most likely the cause as incidents in the area soar.

Two men from Noble Park have been arrested in Adelaide and charged with the murder of Liep Gony, the Sudanese teenager bashed near that suburb's train station last week and left for dead.

A 17-year-old female is expected to face a children's court, but police had last night not decided what charges she might face.

A second female was free to go after providing police with a witness statement.

The two men, aged 19 and 22, were remanded in custody to face an Adelaide court tomorrow - because of a public holiday in South Australia today.

Gony, 18, died in The Alfred hospital on Thursday, 24 hours after he had been left for dead with severe head injuries on a Noble Park nature strip.

The background to leading up to the arrest.

POLICE have vowed to crack down on the 'tribe mentality' of Melbourne's gangs after the death of a Sudanese migrant who was bashed and left for dead.

Murder squad detectives are trying to piece together the last movements of Liep Gony, who died overnight in The Alfred Hospital 24 hours after he was found with severe head injuries near Noble Park train station on Wednesday night.

The attack sparked fears of gang warfare in the local community but police said today it was too early to comment on the circumstances behind the attack or whether any weapon was used.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Evans said officers were dealing with a "tribe mentality" of refugees who came from a culture of violence and boy soldiers, but pledged that police resources would be beefed up to stem the violence.

"We will take a very hard response to the packs of youths in the area with increasing numbers of police," he told AAP.

"We've got a brawler van with large numbers of police attached to it, which we will concentrate in the Noble Park area and the railway station.

"We've also got a number of canine units which will also support us."

Police seem to be having problems with all sorts of gangs.

Despite police reluctance to attribute the death to gang-related activity or racial tensions in the area, at least two police officers have been injured in confrontations with African groups in the last 10 days.

Last week, a policewoman was bitten by an injured African man she was trying to assist while a policeman suffered a broken nose in a rock-throwing incident.

Police Association secretary Paul Mullett said assaults on police were examples of a lack of respect shown towards officers right across the state.

"It's not only the Sudanese community that have a lack of respect, for one reason or another for police, it's right across the board, including Australians," he told Southern Cross Broadcasting.

"We've got to get away from the warm and fuzzy style of policing. We've got to get back to a stronger, pro-active type of policing to prevent this behaviour and street offences, particularly street-related crime, from occurring in the first place."

Right on cue, it is all society's fault.

Outspoken youth worker and Victorian of the Year Les Twentyman said systemic failures were largely responsible for ethnic-based violence.

He said there needed to be more youth workers who understood the relevant cultures, and more services, facilities and activities for the youths.

Mr Gony's family fled war-torn Sudan and arrived in Tasmania in 1999 before relocating to Noble Park.

Illegals cost California $9 Billion dollars a year

Immigration: The number is hotly disputed.

California's nearly 3 million illegal immigrants cost taxpayers nearly $9 billion each year, according to a new report released last week by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington, D.C.-based group that promotes stricter immigration policies.

Educating the children of illegal immigrants is the largest cost, estimated at $7.7 billion each year, according to the report. Medical care for illegal immigrants and incarceration of those who have committed crimes are the next two largest expenses measured in the study, the author said.

Pro-immigrant groups and Latino researchers dispute the federation's findings, calling them biased and incomplete.

Jack Martin, who wrote the report, said Thursday that the $9 billion figure does not include other expenses that are difficult to measure, such as special English instruction, school lunch programs, and welfare benefits for American workers displaced by illegal immigrant workers.

Tavis Smiley forgot to bring the flag to the debate?

Politics: I buy the notion that the reason there wasn't a flag at Smiley's debate is because some people in the audience would be offended.

Republican front-runners weren't the only things missing from the presidential debate stage. The American flag was AWOL, too.

The backdrop to the "All-American Presidential Forum," brought to you by Tavis Smiley and PBS, was a map of the United States, superimposed with a checkerboard of multicultural faces.

Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, one of the presidential hopefuls, asked debate organizers to get Old Glory up there, too, according to Chris Cavey, first vice chairman of the state GOP.

Cavey was acting as an escort for another candidate, Tom Tancredo of Colorado, and heard Hunter's request over his earpiece about half an hour before the show began.

"Escorts were wired. I heard [in the earpiece], 'Congressman Hunter is requesting a flag on stage,'" Cavey said.

Request denied.

I tried to ask Hunter about it, but he and his spokesman were flying somewhere and could not be reached for comment. (Who does this guy think he is, a real candidate?)

Forum organizers also did not return calls seeking comment.

The buzz among some Republicans was that organizers thought the flag might "offend" some members of the audience. Cavey, while critical of the decision, chalks it up to aesthetics, not politics. Red-white-and-blue simply would have clashed with the map's yellow-to-burnt-orange hues.

But in a country that is now the most multicultural, multiethnic and diverse ever!!! They couldn't find one flag? Looking at the Dems at this forum, there was no flags to be seen at all.

Via Malkin.

Windsor: Prepare for more Mexican refugees

Immigration: As the man Jacques Sinjuste who is being blamed for sending the refugees up there denys it.

Another busload of Mexican refugees is headed for Windsor next week, the man many believe responsible for sending hundreds of refugees to the city told Mayor Eddie Francis at a meeting Friday morning.

Jacques Sinjuste, from the Jerusalem Haitian Community Centre in Naples, Fla., met with Francis for about half an hour.

Francis said Sinjuste told him another group was coming by bus -- as many as 60 people -- in the first week of October and that accommodations had been reserved for them in Detroit, although Sinjuste said his group had nothing to do with the trip.

Sinjuste said the bus would be arriving on Oct. 3 or 5.

Another three families and one individual presented themselves at Windsor border crossings claiming refugee status Thursday evening, Francis said, bringing the total registered with social services in Windsor to 244. Altogether, more than 300 refugees have appeared in the last few weeks, according to the Canada Border Services Agency.

Canadians judging by the message board are really unhappy about it.

Boycott called for Northern Nevada and a radio host.

Immigration: ICE did a raid in Reno, Nevada and now a boycott is being called to show....something since I have yet to see any of these boycott actually work.

About 60 Hispanics meeting Saturday in Reno called for a boycott of all Northern Nevada businesses Monday through Wednesday in reaction to a federal raid Thursday where 54 suspected illegal workers were arrested.

The group also called for a strike by all Hispanic workers on Wednesday in support of those arrested and for a rally and a march for Reno's federal courthouse.

"Huelga! Huelga! Huelga!" the group chanted as it stood and applauded near the end of the meeting at El Cordero de Dios Assemblies of God Church off Wells Avenue in Reno. Huelga is a Spanish work for strike.

The group also called for a boycott of Reno radio station KKOH and its afternoon talk show host, Bill Manders.

"We feel we Latinos have been bushwhacked, charred and ICEd by our government, who has not the cojones to come to a solution concerning immigration," said Gilbert Cortez, president of Casa Latina Centro de Informacion, one of the groups that organized the meeting.

"This land belongs to God and not to the United States," Cortez said.

....The boycott is also targeting KKOH radio station and Manders, who hosts a show there from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Cortez charged Manders denigrates the Latino community and is insensitive and not compassionate towards undocumented Latinos. A KKOH representative could not be reached for comment on Saturday and neither could Manders.

Calls, e-mails back police illegal crackdown in Irving

Immigration: Irving is so good at cracking down, the Mexican consul issued a warning.

When pro-immigrant activists held a rally Wednesday against a police program that has led to more than 1,500 deportations this year, they told the crowd to call City Hall and demand an end to the program.

City officials said they were swamped with nearly 500 calls the next day. But the calls were overwhelmingly in favor of the police crackdown, called the Criminal Alien Program.

"We received a ton of phone calls at City Hall, ... and they have mostly been in support of our program," Mayor Herbert Gears said. He said he also got 265 e-mails Thursday, only two of them opposing the program.

City Hall receptionist Edna Brown said she had about triple the number of calls she usually gets.

"It was so many calls, I even had 45 calls on hold," she said. "The majority of them were for it, and not that many were against it."

One of the organizers of Wednesday's rally, Carlos Quintanilla, said he was undaunted by the city's assertion and accused Gears and his staff of lying.

"They're trying to rally their base," Quintanilla said. "Their base is not as passionate as us."

Quintanilla said he will focus on getting Hispanics elected to office in Irving. The City Council has no Hispanic members.

"We're going to shock Irving when we take power," Quintanilla said.

Race-neutral program questioned in Milwaukee.

Bidness: I got a problem with this and of course the NAACP has to be in the middle of it.

The city's current race-neutral program is meeting its goal to help small and economically disadvantaged businesses get city work. But African-American contractors are underused by the city program compared with their numbers in the market, Mason Tillman Associates Ltd., an Oakland, Calif.-based consulting firm, says in a report.

That suggests a disparity that, if confirmed by further study, would allow the city to use race-conscious remedies to boost the use of African-American firms, the report says.

The report also suggests better city monitoring of contracts to ensure that disadvantaged firms promised work by prime contractors are not cut out or paid late.

The city's Emerging Business Enterprise program works to meet the city's requirement that 18% of city contracts go to firms that struggle with capital, credit and bonding problems, and whose owners are at a disadvantage by such measures as education, employment, place of residence or lack of business training.

Many firms certified as disadvantaged are minority- or woman-run. But the NAACP and minority-contracting officials say the race-neutral program has become too watered-down to help enough African-American firms. White male business owners who are deemed disadvantaged can participate in the program.

The report did not attempt to fully document a racial disparity. But it offered statistical and anecdotal evidence that it says suggested a real disparity might exist.

It finds that on city construction contracts in 2005, only one prime contract out of 169 went to a disadvantaged African-American owned firm. In the city's market area, the report finds, African-Americans own 18% of the construction firms.

On construction subcontracts, Hispanic-American-owned firms earned the most on city contracts among disadvantaged firms, followed by firms owned by white males and white females. African-American firms were next, the report shows.

If they try to change it, lawsuits will be flying because an economically disadvantaged white or Hispanic owned business are going to outright discriminated against to boost black numbers. The bigger problem I have is why the city is giving out taxpayer funded contracts to businesses going by the description above have no business getting these contracts. Money would be better spent giving training to small businesses in the city that need it so it can be a better business that deserves the contracts based on merit.

The mistelling and outright lying of the Jena 6 debacle.

Crime: Jason Whitlock with a writeup on how Alan Bell created the Jena 6 storm and how much distortion and in my opinions lies went into this Rev. Jesse and Al media circus.

"....Bean said he first spoon-fed his narratives to Tom Mangold of the BBC because Mangold had worked with Bean on the Tulia drug cases. The BBC filmed a documentary on the Jena Six titled “Race Hate in Louisiana.” Bean said he then gave the Jena Six story to newspaper reporter Howard Witt of the Chicago Tribune, which published a similar story on May 20.

“I put it in the hands of people I knew would do a good job with the story,” Bean said.

Bean also gave his story to a blogger, Jordan Flaherty, and a law professor, Bill Quigley. From all of these sources the story mushroomed and became fact.

The Jena Six beat up Justin Barker because they were still angry about the lack of sufficient punishment given to white kids who hung nooses on a whites-only shade tree, and the six were railroaded by an overzealous district attorney who failed to properly prosecute white men who viciously assaulted Robert Bailey and later pulled a shotgun on Bailey and two others at a convenience store.

Walters, police investigators, school officials and some Jena residents say Bean’s story is hogwash. There is at least some legitimacy to those claims. Bean’s story and subsequent posts on his Web site contain factual errors.

The three kids responsible for hanging the nooses were given more punishment than just a “few days of in-school suspension.” They went to an alternative school for nine days and received two weeks of in-school suspension, LaSalle Parish school superintendent Roy Breithaupt said.

But more than the factual errors, Bean’s story is framed — by his own admission — as an indictment of the criminal justice system and the people in power in Jena and, therefore, the story is unfairly biased. Bean never examined the other forces at work that contributed to the Jena Six assault and Walters’ heavy-handed approach to justice as it relates to the alleged perpetrators."

Read it.

Gay group gets speech cancelled by "parental rights" activist.

Politics: I find this disturbing because now hate speech is being used not to actually describe hate speech but used on topics just because someone doesn't like someone else's position on an issue.

A speech by a "parental rights" activist in Gloucester has been canceled after a gay marriage advocacy group threatened to protest what it deemed "hate speech."

Cape Ann Marriage and Family, which characterizes itself as "pro-family" and has been active in advocating for a popular vote on gay marriage, had planned a meeting at a Main Street pizza parlor featuring a lecture by David Parker of Lexington.

Parker is suing the state for the right to be notified when issues of sexuality, including gay marriage, are discussed in his young son's school. The case was initially dismissed but is on appeal.

Parker first raised the issue in 2005, when his 5-year-old son came home with a children's book promoting diversity that included illustrations of families headed by same-sex couples. He was later arrested for trespassing after refusing to leave his son's school after a meeting with school officials.

Parker's scheduled appearance Saturday at Valentino's caught the attention of the Manchester-based group Know Thy Neighbor, which has published the names and addresses of people who signed a petition opposing gay marriage. The group accused Cape Ann Marriage and Family of promoting "hate speech."

"How I interpret (Parker's position) is that the mere existence of gay people, they find harmful to children," said Tom Lang, cofounder of Know Thy Neighbor and a Manchester resident.

On Monday, Lang said that he was in contact with Armando Marnoto, co-owner of Valentino's, and had told him that if the meeting went ahead, Know Thy Neighbor might stage a protest.

Parker and Jonathan Ring, chairman of Cape Ann Marriage and Families and organizer of the event, said that they were disappointed by the cancellation, which they blamed on pressure put on Marnoto by Know Thy Neighbor.

"This is a very common ploy of the pro-homosexual movement to stifle free speech," said Parker. "When they find out that there is going to be some kind of public event where they do not approve of the speech, they label it as hate speech before they've heard it and they threaten a protest."

Michigan tax increase in the works.

Politics: This is exactly what that state needs, higher taxes.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm and the Legislature are down to the last day to avoid a partial state government shutdown.

Sources tell FOX 2 Politcal Analyst Tim Skubick that a framework of a temporary budget deal appeared to be falling into place early Sunday, but the final details haven't been worked out or voted on by lawmakers. The key pieces are a higher income tax -- possibly to 4.35 percent -- and an expanded sales tax on some services. Government restructuring proposals that could include health benefits for public school teachers also could be part of an agreement.

There is a projected $1.75 billion budget deficit for the fiscal year that starts Monday.

Granholm, a Democrat, has told about 35,000 of the state's more than 53,000 workers not to report to work on Monday if a shutdown occurs. The remaining workers, mostly related to public health and safety, would stay on the job.

...One of the holdups in negotiations at the Capitol is related to the political ramifications on upcoming elections. Democratic leaders have tried in recent weeks to protect vulnerable lawmakers who could be hurt in the 2008 or 2010 elections by voting for a tax increase, while Republican leaders have worried that GOP legislators who support a tax increase could face recall threats.