Saturday, December 1, 2007

The View hosts blame teddy bear teacher.

Culture: Via Newsbusters. Not a surprise as Whoopi ends with a slam against the west for not "observing" customs instead of them blasting a stupid injust ridiculous culture that a teacher may get 40 lashes for a teddy bear.

All the co-hosts of "The View," a show intended to advance women’s voices, do not get offended by women’s persecution in the Islamic world. On the November 30 edition, in discussing the British woman charged for naming a class teddy bear Muhammad, the co-hosts did not direct any anger at the Sudanese government, but rather blamed the woman for not adapting to their culture.

Co-host Sherri Shepherd opined "you would think that with her being in Sudan, she would know the rules and customs." Whoopi Goldberg said Europeans and Americans are "not as anxious to learn the customs before we go places." And of course that’s why we’re called "ugly Americans."

The show was recorded before news of the woman’s 15 day sentence. The entire transcript is below.

Canadian Muslim group files complaint against Mark Steyn.

Islam: Another misuse of a stupid law in Canada where a Muslim group has filed two human rights complaint because of the crime of "implication" and Islamophobia!

The Canadian Islamic Congress—Canada's largest non-profit Islamic body—has launched two human rights complaints against Maclean's and its editor-in-chief, Kenneth Whyte. The complaints' subject is "The Future Belongs to Islam," an excerpt from Mark Steyn's book "America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It," which appeared in the magazine's Oct. 23, 2006, issue.

Complaints were submitted to Human Rights Commissions in B.C. and Ontario on the grounds that "the article subjects Canadian Muslims to hatred and contempt," according to a CIC press release. In the release, the CIC labels Steyn's article as "flagrantly Islamophobic."

Faisal Joseph is the CIC's legal counsel on the matter. "In Canada, we have 750,000 law-abiding Muslims," he says. "When you read that article, it sounds to some people [like] there’s an attack from the 'Muslim' world against the 'non-Muslim' world. We take real issue with that type of characterization and the implications of it."

Friday, November 30, 2007

Canadian Beer Drinkers killing the planet!

Canada: I knew it! It's always the quiet ones who do the most damage. Now comes this report where one scientist thinks it is a good idea to make Canadians get rid of their beer fridge. All I know is that Beer is to Canada what Guns are to America. You will get either one from our cold dead hands.

Scientists have found a new threat to the planet: Canadian beer drinkers.

The government-commissioned study says the old, inefficient "beer fridges" that one in three Canadian households use to store their Molson and Labatt's contribute significantly to global warming by guzzling gas- and coal-fired electricity.

"People need to understand the impact of their lifestyles," British environmental consultant Joanna Yarrow tells New Scientist magazine. "Clearly the environmental implications of having a frivolous luxury like a beer fridge are not hitting home. This research helps inform people — let's hope it has an effect."

The problem is that the beer fridges are mostly decades-old machines that began their second careers as beverage dispensers when Canadians upgraded to more energy-efficient models to store whatever Canadians eat besides doughnuts and poutine.

University of Alberta researcher Denise Young, who led the study, suggests that provincial authorities hold beer-fridge buy-backs or round-ups to eliminate the threat — methods that Americans use to get guns off the streets.

A beer fridge is not a "frivolous luxury."

I shall not tolerate such rubbish. Good day, sir.


NBC to push reality shows. joy joy

Entertainment: This is the sort of news that makes people bang their heads against a wall. People are trying to save quality shows like Journeyman and seeing NBC do a total screwup on the new Bionic Woman show now have to deal with a heavy dose of crap like this.

NBC will go heavy on reality immediately after the New Year.

Net revealed more of its midseason plans Thursday, announcing time slots for newcomer "American Gladiators" and returnees "The Biggest Loser" and "1 vs. 100."

"Gladiators" bows on Sunday, Jan. 6, at 9 p.m. with a two-hour premiere; show then moves to its regular Monday 8 p.m. slot -- replacing growing hit "Chuck" -- the following night. ("Chuck" has been given a full-season order but will have depleted its supply of pre-writers strike episodes at that point).

The fifth cycle of "The Biggest Loser" ushers in the new year on Jan. 1 (in its normal Tuesday 8 p.m. slot) with a two-hour episode. Gamer "1 vs. 100" returns to take over the Friday 8 p.m. spot (currently home to "Deal or No Deal") starting Jan. 4.

NBC had previously announced that another new entry, "The Celebrity Apprentice," would run Thursdays at 9 p.m. starting Jan. 3 (in "The Apprentice's" former slot).

Updating the early 1990s franchise, the new "American Gladiators" (from Reveille and MGM) pits eight larger-than-life warriors against everyday folk. The fifth edition of "Loser" (from Reveille and 3Ball) will feature teams of two competing against each other for the first time. And the new season of "1 vs. 100" (from Endemol USA) has added a new prize ladder.

Still on the docket for later in midseason: alternative entries "Amnesia," "The Baby Borrowers" and "My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad."

Sarkozy Says Riots Were 'Thugocracy,

France: Now this is a response I can applaud. Sarkozy 2008!

PARIS, Nov. 29 -- President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday blamed this week's rioting in the Paris suburbs on "thugocracy" and said the violence would not be rewarded by dumping taxpayers' money into the troubled neighborhoods.

"I reject the kind of naive, wishful thinking that makes every delinquent a victim of society and every riot a social problem," Sarkozy said. "What happened in Villiers-le-Bel has nothing to do with a social crisis and everything to do with thugocracy.

"The correct answer to riots is not more taxpayers' money," he said in a speech to hundreds of police officers at a conference. "The correct response is to arrest the rioters."

Police unions and members of Sarkozy's ruling Union for a Popular Movement party praised his tough words about youths and young men in immigrant-heavy suburban neighborhoods who torched automobiles and several public buildings in response to the deaths Sunday night of two teenagers whose motorcycle collided with a police cruiser in the northern suburb of Villiers-le-Bel.

But suburban residents, opposition party officials and social activists accused the president of inflaming an already volatile situation and ignoring the plight of millions of immigrants and their families who confront discrimination, poor housing and education, and high unemployment.

"He's right when he says we should condemn all forms of violence," said Ahmed el-Keiy, news director of FM radio station BEUR, which aims music and talk shows at North African youths in the Paris suburbs. "The fact that he seemed not to consider the fact that there's a crisis in the suburbs was quite astonishing."

There are two different situations going on here. The government cannot kiss the suburbs ass because they brought violence to the street and the police by shoving tax dollars towards it. That will only encourage more violence down the line. You arrest the rioters plus a show of force and you try to create opportunities for those in the burbs to take advantage of for a better future.

Most U.S.-Born Latinos Speak Fluent English

Culture: Duh? Most anyone who is born in a country learns whatever the majority are speaking, this is not new. The concern is people who come here are not doing enough to speak/learn English. The first paragraph paints a rosy picture for something that people had little concern about at this time.

Almost all Hispanic adults born in the United States to immigrant parents speak fluent English, even though most of their parents do not, according to a report released yesterday.

The study by the nonpartisan Pew Hispanic Center is among the broadest national analyses to date of Hispanic immigrants' language skills and comes amid widespread concern that the recent, massive influx of mostly Latin American immigrants is not assimilating fast enough.

In a recent Washington Post poll of Virginia residents, for instance, 70 percent of respondents said they believe recent immigrants are not doing enough to learn English and fit in with American culture and values.

Hispanic immigrants appear to be feeling the heat, according to the Pew study. Forty-six percent said lack of language skills was the biggest cause of discrimination against Latinos, as opposed to skin color, immigration status or income and education level.

..Nonetheless, 67 percent of Latino immigrants report that they use at least some English at work; 28 percent said they speak only Spanish on the job. Most significantly, 88 percent of their U.S.-born adult children say they speak English very well, and the figure rises to 94 percent for later generations.

Use of English also increases across generations: Only 7 percent of foreign-born Latinos report speaking more English than Spanish at home, compared with about half of the second generation and three-quarters of the third.

Gays get 10% off at Alaska Airlines.

Bidness: Sexual discrimination against straights by Alaska Airlines. If everyone wants equal treatment, what is up with this? How do you verify the buyer is gay or not?

Liberal blogs whining about Obama-Muslim article.

Politics: An empty case of outrage. Surprisingly, The Baltimore Sun's liberal political site calls them out on it. Feel the snark.

The piece by Perry Bacon Jr. is straightforward journalism. It reports the reality—that Obama is the subject of false charges regarding his religion—and that Obama himself hasn't been shy on the campaign trail about bringing up the fact that he lived in an Islamic country, Indonesia, for a while as a youth or his grandfather's religion.

Nevertheless, the Post and Bacon are being excoriated on liberal blogs like Digby's Hullabaloo and the Carpetbagger Report today for essentially reporting the truth.

The heart of the beef with the Post's Bacon appears to be that the article didn't call the false charges that Obama is Muslim outright lies but referred to them as "rumors."

By not unequivocally calling the charges lies, Bacon's article furthers the scurrilous allegations that Obama is a Muslim, say his critics. You see, calling the allegations rumors may allow some easily confused people to believe they are actually true.

To the partisan bloggers angry that Bacon and the Post didn't use the words "lie" or "liars", please know that MSM types don't typically go around calling people liars. We leave that to well, partisan bloggers.

LSU decides to keep name “Christmas tree”

Culture: The war on Christmas is turning into a rout!

WBRZ Channel 2 has learned that LSU has decided to change the name of its annual holiday centerpiece back to "Christmas Tree."

The university had chosen to change the name to "Holiday Tree" to be as "inclusive as possible of all cultures and religions, as the LSU community is very diverse," according to a statement issued by Kristine Calongne, director of media relations at the LSU Office of Public Affairs.

"However, it is true that the tree is, in fact, a Christmas tree, and we are happy to call it such," the statement said.

Arizona gov refuses to call it a Christmas tree.

Culture: Holiday tree for everyone!

What do you call the big green thing decked with colored lights, balls and doves in the lobby of state Capitol tower?

Well, if you're the governor, you don't call it a Christmas tree. Instead, Janet Napolitano proclaimed it the "Holiday Tree."

The governor formally lit the decoration this week in a ceremony. She also used the opportunity to promote "Hope for the Holidays," a special program to provide gifts to the children of parents who are incarcerated.

So what "holiday" does Napolitano believe the tree symbolizes?

"I think we're celebrating a number of holidays," the governor responded Wednesday, while acknowledging that only one religion — Christianity — has a holiday associated with a tree.

"You can call it whatever you want," she responded.

The "holiday tree" name met with amusement from Secretary of State Jan Brewer who, like Napolitano, has her office in the Capitol tower.

"It's a Christmas tree," she said while passing by the display. "Who are you trying to kid?"

And Brewer said if she eventually becomes governor and has the annual ceremonial duty of lighting the tree, that's exactly what she will call it.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Missouri State backtracks on Christmas tree.

Culture: This is what happens when you let those wretched diversity idiots run around you campus. Here is what happened a couple of days ago.

The artificial tree was taken down Monday after Lorene Stone, dean of the College of Humanities and Public Affairs, was told about the faculty member's complaint by the co-chair of the president's diversity commission.

Courts have ruled that Christmas trees are secular symbols if they do not bear religious decorations, such as a cross, said Jana Estergard, head of the school's Office of Equity and Diversity.

Stone, who put the tree up the day before Thanksgiving, said she didn't use any religious symbols on it.

"I tried to make it as secular as possible. It had ribbons, bows and fake icicles on it," she said, adding that she's very frustrated over the issue.

So the blogs, paper and wire service got the news and the tree is now back up.

Missouri State University has reversed a decision to take down a 20-foot Christmas tree and will instead reinstall it along with symbols from other religions, the university said today.

The tree had been removed from Strong Hall on the university’s campus on Monday, after a Jewish faculty member complained that it showed a “lack of sensitivity” to other religions.

But the tree will be reinstalled along with symbols from other religions. University spokesman Don Hendricks said decisions about which symbols from other religions will be displayed were still being discussed today.

A meeting to discuss the situation, which had been scheduled for Friday, was canceled.

“We decided this is the right thing to do, and I am glad there was widespread agreement about it,” Missouri State President Michael Nietzel said in a statement.

He said the university has many different religions and tries to be sensitive to everyone’s views.

“After having a chance to air this out a bit more and consider the various perspectives of our campus community, I am happy that the Christmas tree will be back up along with the many others that were already on campus,” Nietzel said.

Why is it every time someone calls for diversity and inclusiveness, it first ends up with taking it away then adding it back after an outcry with other symbols? Just do that in the first place and fiascos like this won't happen.

WGA Strike: Studios are still in the driver's seat.

Entertainment: It is unreal to watch the backslapping and cheerleading by the writers because they are walking, making cutesy videos, haning out with the stars and hanging on Nikki Finke's every post(she is doing a great job BTW) But they are in some sort of delusional state if they think the studios are not trying to stall until they can break contracts and revamp the entire studio structure. They are going to bring proposals and act like they are in good faith. In the end they will win one way or the other.

With the writers strike in its fourth week, the companies on Thursday put forth what they consider to be a "groundbreaking" proposal -- and the writers have blasted it.
On the fourth day of closed-door negotiations both sides lifted the news blackout as the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers unveiled its proposal that would deliver more than $130 million in additional compensation to scribes over three years.

The WGA rejected the math and dubbed the proposal both a "massive rollback" and a "bad deal."

Both sides have agreed to continue negotiations on Tuesday. They agreed that a four-day moratorium was needed for the WGA to mull the offer, but the guild issued its terse, point-by-point deconstruction of the deal points only hours after adjourning.

The guild's reaction will undoubtedly add to the town's pessimism that time's running out for the WGA to make a deal and that the AMPTP may turn soon to negotiations with the DGA instead. AMPTP insiders were irked that the WGA initially showed scant interest in the sweetened package of new-media proposals with one noting, "The WGA is not budging."

Teddy Bear teacher gets 15 days.

Africa: And Islam/Muslims once again look like complete idiots. Thankfully even Sudan realized whipping a teacher would be a disaster for them.

The British primary school teacher accused of insulting Islam by allowing her seven-year-old pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad was last night sentenced to 15 days in prison by a judge in Sudan.

Gillian Gibbons, 54, of Liverpool, was found guilty of "insulting religion" after an eight-hour hearing in Khartoum north court. The maximum penalty she had faced was 40 lashes and six months in prison.

Ali Ageb, a member of Gibbons' defence team, said he was "very unhappy" with the verdict and would appeal. "She did this as part of her profession as the teacher," he told reporters outside the court. "She did not intend to insult anybody."

Ian Smith Was Better Than Mugabe

Africa: You know its bad when the white racist is being remembered better than the current black rule.

".....And yet the average Zimbabwean in the street will insist Ian Smith was better than Robert Mugabe. This twisted, sarcastic irony has a nauseating, yet amusing tone to it. During Smith's time, bread, milk, public transport and housing were abundant and affordable. Nowadays, 'Giffen goods' are not only scarce, but if available, either imported by cross-border traders from South Africa and Botswana, or sold at black market prices well beyond reach of 'poor people'.

Smith was smart enough not to tinker around with market forces, while Mugabe's command and control policies have driven most basic foodstuffs from the shelves. Citizens argue that during Smith's reign, hospitals, though segregated, had superior facilities and medicines. Today, take a walk around the wards of one of Harare's largest public hospitals and you are confronted with empty beds, not because there are no sick people in the city, but they have stayed out due to drug shortages and high fees.

Journeyman's 12th episode to air.

Entertainment: There was some concern that NBC would screw over the show by not airing the 12th episode but they are and according to Kevin Falls, NBC may be listening to the fans for once.

Journeyman Fans--

NBC has decided to air the 12th episode ("Perfidia") on Wednesday, December 19th at ten o'clock. That means our 10th episode will air on Monday the 10th ("Home by Another Way"), the 11th will air on 17th ("The Hanged Man").

The decision to air the 12th episode had a lot to do with the passion of our fans through, the online petition and letters and emails to NBC executives.

And is it true you can vote once a day for the People's Choice Awards?

There's still no news on our long term future, but we can promise you this: three terrific episodes inside of ten days. Oh, yeah, and you'll get some answers, too.

Your comments and pro-active attempts to save the show are very much appreciated by me and my fellow Executive Producer Alex Graves, Kevin McKidd and the cast, writers and crew. But more importantly, it's working.

But don't rest. We need you. We want a back nine--and beyond.

Thanks again,

Kevin Falls

I break this whole thing down for NBC, do you have anything in the bullpen or farm system that can replace this show and do better? So far I haven't seen it.

Morrissey refuses to live in the UK. Too many immigrants.

Immigration: Do not think his sentiment is some oddball nativist type deal. This is an extreme reaction to what people are complaining about immigration out of control. The conflicts happen when a nation's identity is even thought of being under threat.

The pop singer Morrissey claims he can no longer live in a Britain he believes lost to an "immigration explosion".

The former frontman of the Smiths, who is now based in Rome, claimed England was just 'a memory now'.

The 48-year-old added: "Other countries have held on to their basic identity yet it seems to me that England was thrown away.
"The change in England is so rapid compared to the change in any other country.

"If you walk through Knightsbridge on any bland day of the week you won't hear an English accent.

"You'll hear every accent under the sun apart from the British accent.

"The British identity is very attractive, I grew up into it and I find it quaint and very amusing."

Morrissey, who has sung of his love for English culture and can count Tory leader David Cameron as a fan, is the son of an Irish immigrant family which settled in Manchester.

Muhammad teddy bear teacher heading for court.

Africa: Another stain on Islam by the foolish and barbaric Sudanese government.

A British teacher charged in Sudan with insulting religion, inciting hatred and showing contempt for religious beliefs is due to appear in court later.
Gillian Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool, will appear at a court in Khartoum and, if convicted, could face a prison sentence, a fine or 40 lashes.

She was arrested in Khartoum after allowing her class of primary school pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad.

The UK is seeking an urgent meeting with the Sudanese ambassador in London.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband has said he will summon the Sudanese ambassador "as a matter of urgency".

In a statement, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he was "surprised and disappointed" that the teacher had been charged following blasphemy claims.

A spokesman said the first step was to "understand the rationale behind the charge", something which would be discussed by Mr Miliband and the ambassador as soon as possible.

"We will consider our response in the light of that," he added.

Geert Wilders to make Quran movie.

Politics: Yeah, this has potential to be a huge blowup, but even worse is the mealy mouth Dutch government whining about him making it.

A Dutch far-right politician whose anti-Islam comments have led to death threats says he is making a film for television about the Koran, despite warnings from the Dutch government about making such a film.

Geert Wilders, who lives under constant guard, told Dutch television he wanted his film to open people's eyes.

"It is not my intention to offend people. I just want to illustrate my opinions, which I have expressed as a member of parliament," he told broadcaster NOS. "If people do feel offended that is a shame, but it is not my problem," he added.

A justice ministry spokesman said the Justice and Foreign Ministers met with Geert Wilders to discuss with him the risks of making such a film to himself and Dutch interests abroad while also outlining his right to free speech.

Muslim leaders already putting out the threats of the "youths"

A big commotion has arisen in government circles about Geert Wilders' film plans. The Party for Freedom (PVV) leader is working on a provocative TV film about the Koran, intended to appear on Dutch TV in January, De Telegraaf reported yesterday.

"The film is an attack on the Koran. Texts from the holy book for Muslims will be pictured for the camera," wrote the newspaper yesterday. "The politician is refusing to say whether he, for example, tears up or burns the Koran", according to De Telegraaf, which quoted Wilders as saying: "I do not want to disclose anything about it. People should just wait and see."

Wilders' film plans have reportedly caused great unrest in cabinet circles. "Behind the scenes, Wilders is being worked on by three departments involved: foreign affairs, justice and home affairs," De Telegraaf wrote. The national anti-terrorism coordinator Tjibbe Joustra is also said to be involved in the talks.

....Netherlands Muslim Council chairman Abdelmajid Khairoun warned Wilders. "We fear the worst if this actually happens. Then the youngsters on the street will at a certain moment have the last word. And we would then be unable to restrain them any more. Just look at France." He also believes that "many Dutch products will be boycotted."

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Obama: Get health care for kids or I will punish you.

Politics: Obama letting the veil down a bit to show off his Stalinist side.

The issue of mandates for health care has driven the debate between Clinton and Obama for the past few weeks. Obama says he would enforce his mandate for health care for all children by fining parents if they refused to allow health care coverage for their children.

“I am happy to be very clear how we enforce mandates for children, and the reason is because children don’t have an option.”

and you will show your papers...oh yes.

Edwards is on the march as well.

Regarding Clinton Edwards noted, "She has a mandate which I think is the right thing to do," adding, "but she has no way to enforse the mandate."

"I'm mandating healthcare for every man woman and child in America and that's the only way to have real universal healthcare."

"Evertime you go into contact with the helathcare system or the govenment you will be signed up."

During a press avail following the event Edwards reiterated his mandate:

"Basically every time they come into contact with either the healthcare system or the government, whether it's payment of taxes, school, going to the library, whatever it is they will be signed up."

When asked by a reporter if an individual decided they didn't want healthcare Edwards quickly responded, "You don't get that choice."

This Romney/Muslim hit piece is mighty stupid.

Politics: Via TPMelectioncentral comes this bit of news about another event where Romney said no Muslims in his cabinet. Unfortunately either the people who claimed he said it heard wrong or just not smart enough to understand him.

The alleged comment has put Romney on the defensive. Today at a press availability he denied the op-ed account. He suggested that in response to a question he hadn't opposed having a Muslim in the cabinet outright, but merely had said he didn't think you need a Muslim in the cabinet to effectively fight Jihadism. Romney also said he would make cabinet appointments without regard to quotas or ethnicity:

I don't have boxes that I check off as to their ethnicity. It's not that I have to have a certain number of each different ethnic group; instead I would choose people based upon their merits and their capabilities.

But Aguirre's account, confirmed by the second witness, suggests that Romney has told others he would not appoint a Muslim to a cabinet post suggests that Romney has addressed this question before and given a similar answer to the one he reportedly gave to the Monitor op-ed writer.

Aguirre says Romney made the comments three months ago at Lawry's restaurant in Las Vegas, at a different event from the one chronicled in the Monitor op-ed. Aguirre says that she was at the event with local Republican George Harris, who asked Romney the relevant question. She described the exchange this way:

"His question was something to the effect of, `Considering the problems that we have with the Jihadist movement and the problems we have with the Middle East, would you consider having a Muslim as an adviser that can guide you as to what kind of decisions to make with regards to the Middle East?'"

"He said, `Probably not.'"

Aguirre added that what Romney said next surprised her. "He said something to the effect of, `They're radicals. There's no talking to them. There's no negotiating with them.' I can't remember the exact words he used, but that was the explanation. We left thinking, `Wow, what a racist comment. He automatically assumed that all Muslims are radical.'"

Harris, a self-described registered Republican who's also the state GOP finance chair and who asked Romney the question, confirmed this account in a telephone interview with TPM Election Central.

"My question was, `Look, with the amount of Muslims that don't trust the United States, would you consider it prudent to put a Muslim in your cabinet?' He said, `Most likely not.' And he went on to say what Irma said he said. I was more angry than she was. I said, `I'm not gonna support this guy.' If he's gonna be President of the United States, don't you think you need to be a little more open minded?"

First because this irritates me to no end. Muslim is not a race, it is the name of someone who follows the religion Islam. Second, look at the question allegedly asked of him. How does rejecting a Muslim from a cabinet post go from one person to "them."

Romney is clearly saying to the question of jihadists is there is no talking to them which means it is a waste of time putting a Muslim in a cabinet spot for that reason. Aguirre and Harris given this version of the account do not understand what he was trying to say. If they think he is anti-Muslim based on this, they are the ones with problems.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

N.C Community Colleges must admit illegals.

Edumacation: This will go over well with folks.

North Carolina's community college system has ordered its 58 schools to admit illegal immigrants, overturning policies established at more than one-third of the heavily enrolled colleges.

David Sullivan, the system's top lawyer, dispatched a memo November 7 telling the community colleges that state regulations require the schools to admit undocumented applicants who meet the basic requirements of either graduating from high school or being 18 years of age.

Among the colleges, 22 had either written or unwritten policies barring admission to illegal immigrants. Central Piedmont Community College did not maintain such a policy. The state's community colleges focus on training and retraining the workforce, usually through skills and trade education.

The ruling came after an unverified complaint that an illegal immigrant was dismissed from one of the colleges and after a Duke University class's study questioned the system's policy on illegal immigrants.

Sullivan said the schools had been abiding by guidance the system's administration issued in 2004. Administrators, though, reviewed that guidance this year and discovered that a 1997 opinion by then-Attorney General and now Gov. Mike Easley said that the community colleges cannot impose nonacademic criteria for admission.

"We thought through the policy again," Sullivan said, "and concluded our earlier guidance was in error."

Paris Riots 2007: Third night of violence.

France: Officials say calmer than the previous two nights but so far 82 officers have been hurt, some seriously as the rioters have taken up guns and looking for blood.

Officials in Paris last night warned that rioters in the suburb of Villiers-le-Bel were armed with hunting rifles and air rifles as clashes with police continued to escalate.

More than 70 police officers were injured on Monday night, three of them seriously, in clashes with rioters armed with molotov cocktails and firecrackers. One officer was shot in the shoulder with an air rifle.

"We're dealing with an urban guerrilla tactic, with the use of conventional arms and hunting rifles," said Bruno Beschizza, of the Synergie police union.

....Police say the riots are more violent than those of late 2005, which also started in a Paris suburb after the death of two youths, both accidentally electrocuted while fleeing police.

"It's different, there's much more violence," said Christophe, a 30-year-old police officer on duty at Villers-le-Bel and during the 2005 riots. "Back then, it was more of a revolt. This time, they're after us and they're armed."

The prime minister, François Fillon, who visited the scene yesterday morning, announced increased security for tonight. "I'd like to pay tribute to the police, who had an extremely difficult night," he said. "Those who shoot at police are criminals and they will be treated as such."

He told firefighters in the town: "We will not let go. We will fight with all the force the nation is capable of."

Golden Compass is about killing God. Cut the crap.

Entertainment: Well, the first book of the Dark Materials series starts the journey. Now we have this full blown fight between the stars, Phillip Pullman in a soft suckup piece in Newsweek and the director saying the movie and books are not about killing God as well as spitting all over Christianity with gusto.

The other side are various church boards and William Donohue who are saying they are all lying. The other side is 100% correct. I pointed out a couple of weeks ago that Pullman is backpedaling from what he said in print a couple of years ago about the book and his goals.

In the February 19, 2001 Washington Post, Pullman stated clearly, in contrasting himself with C.S. Lewis, author of the Christian Narnia books for children:

"I'm trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief," says Pullman. "Mr. Lewis would think I was doing the Devil's work."

In the December 13, 2003 Sydney Morning Herald, Pullman was also clear:

"I've been surprised by how little criticism I've got. Harry Potter's been taking all the flak. I'm a great fan of J.K. Rowling, but the people -- mainly from America's Bible Belt -- who complain that Harry Potter promotes Satanism or witchcraft obviously haven't got enough in their lives. Meanwhile, I've been flying under the radar, saying things that are far more subversive than anything poor old Harry has said. My books are about killing God."

This isn't the god of Star Trek 5 he is talking about but the God. Even the Nytimes blog can't believe Pullman's bullshit.

God is Dead, Unless It’s Time to Sell a Movie

Vulture at New York magazine points out that efforts to soft-peddle the darker implications of “The Golden Compass” are bumping up against the author of the book, who refuses to shut up long enough for New Line to tamp down the debate about whether or not God is killed in the movie. Among other golden bits of spin, Phillip Pullman has suggested, “I’m trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief,” and “My books are about killing God.”

If the movie is a big success and they go for the next two books “The Subtle Knife” and “The Amber Spyglass,” they can't water it down enough to escape the God killing.

But what is galling to me about this whole thing is the absolute spin job Pullman and everyone connected to this series is trying to pull over people. Man up and state what the series is truly about and stop trying to downplay it. I am not a fan of the series but to try and deny the plot is just stupid.

Teddy Bear teacher being released soon?

Sudan: I wouldn't be suprised as this as turned into a fiasco for Sudan making them look ridiculous in the process. If she is released I expect a full grovelling apology plus extra to make Sudan save face from its public.

A British teacher arrested for allowing her students to name a teddy bear Muhammad will probably be cleared and released soon, a spokesman for the Sudanese embassy in London said Tuesday.

Gillian Gibbons was arrested Sunday and faced possible charges of insulting religion — a crime punishable by up to 40 lashes. She was questioned by Sudanese authorities on Tuesday.

"The police is bound to investigate," embassy spokesman Khalid al Mubarak told British Broadcasting Corp. radio. "I am pretty certain that this minute incident will be clarified very quickly and this teacher who has been helping us with the teaching of children will be safe and will be cleared."

Asked about the potential punishments — six months imprisonment or 40 lashes — he said: "My impression is that the whole thing could probably be settled amicably long before we reach stages like these ... Our relationship with Britain is so good that we wouldn't like such a minute event to be overblown."

This has brought out some apologists like Inayat Bunglawala of the Muslim Council of Britain who tries a quick trick in making UK Muslims victims of the press reports. Also the predictable white liberal running interference with a don't be so quick to judge defense.

Ads featuring women when men were men..damn it!

Culture: I would buy the product of a company that went this route today because it would be ballsy. Probably kill the company, but take one for the team.

In A politically correct age, they seem like outrageous anachronisms. And there is no doubt these adverts - many taken from the first half of the last century - reveal just how much women used to be caricatured as downtrodden housewives or hair-brained office girls.

Now, a new book - You Mean A Woman Can Open It?: The Woman's Place In The Classic Age Of Advertising - brings together images which would surely cause a howl of protest if they were released today.

Violence mars Oxford debate, Trevor Phillips an ass.

UK: Well you could see this coming with David Irving and Nick Griffin attending for a debate. But it shows once again the irrational stupidity of some college students who cannot debate two people who ideas are best defeated by airing them out and taking it apart.

Protesters attempted to disrupt appearances by a Holocaust-denying historian and a far-right politician Monday at Oxford University's prestigious student debating club.

A group of demonstrators managed to break through a security cordon outside the Oxford Union and staged a sit-in protest on stage, ahead of speeches by David Irving, who was jailed in Austria over his views on the Holocaust, and British National Party head Nick Griffin.

Around 500 protesters, much greater than the number of students actually attending the debate, surrounded the club's building Monday evening chanting anti-fascist slogans and waving placards as Irving and Griffin arrived.

Organisers of the free speech debate have resisted pressure to withdraw the invitations to the two, arguing that students would be given the opportunity to publicly challenge their views.

As for Trevor Phillips his view on free speech is basically if he likes it, fine. If he doesn't it is outrageous and shouldn't go on.

But Trevor Phillips, head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, condemned the decision to go ahead with the evening debate.

"As a former president of the National Union of Students, I'm ashamed that this has happened. This is not a question of freedom of speech, this is a juvenile provocation," he told the BBC Sunday.

"What I would say to students at Oxford is: you're supposed to be brilliant. Put your brains back in your head."

This is why the concept of free speech in the UK seems to fluid. It is dependent on the circumstances.

Teen survives 4ft pole rammed through his head

India: I got kinda sick when it got to the "had to slide his head up the pole " to get rescued.

Liberal Christian leaders bow down for Muslim forgiveness.

Religion: I am not a religious person, lord knows but two things I refuse to give praise too is interfaith groups which is just a bunch of liberal religionists getting together to grovel to each other. The other is nonsense like this apologist tone given by liberal leaders to the letter by 138 Muslim scholars that the Vatican and other senior leaders just said we will get back to you. People like Rick Warren and Robert Schuller can't wait to suck up and act like Kevin Bacon in Animal House asking for another.

Responding to an open letter in October signed by 138 leading Muslim scholars, clerics, and intellectuals from around the world, the Christian leaders also asked the Muslim world for forgiveness “We want to begin by acknowledging that in the past (e.g. in the Crusades) and in the present (e.g. in excesses of the “war on terror”) many Christians have been guilty of sinning against our Muslim neighbours. Before we “shake your hand” in responding to your letter, we ask forgiveness of the All-Merciful One and of the Muslim community around the world”, they said in the letter which was made available to the press here yesterday.

Via Hot Air.

The Common Word document is in fact a call to the Christians of the world to become Muslims. It reads like a text meant to proselytize. Not that the liberal Christian leaders had any idea what they were reading in the Common Word letter.

The Christian leaders who signed the letter apologizing to the Muslim world include Bill Hybels, Founder and Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church; Robert Schuller, Founder, Crystal Cathedral and Hour of Power; and Rick Warren, Founder and Senior Pastor, Saddleback Church, and author of The Purpose Driven Life. To Christians who have been paying attention, this will come as no surprise. Where you find the liberals Hybels and Schuller, you nearly always find Warren tagging along. To my relief, no other well known evangelical leaders signed the letter, and Franklin Graham’s name does not appear in it.

Border search of Muslims was lawful.

Terrorism: CAIR was hot for this case.

U.S. customs officers did not violate the constitutional rights of five Muslim U.S. citizens returning from Canada who were detained and subjected to searches usually reserved for suspected terrorists, a court ruled on Monday.

The U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals panel upheld a lower court's decision that said the searches did not invade privacy rights and were in the government's interest in preventing potential terrorists from entering the United States.

"We agree with the District Court that the government has a compelling interest in protecting against terrorism," the panel said in its decision.

The five Muslims, who had no criminal records and were not individually suspected of terrorism, said their privacy and religious rights were violated when they were questioned, patted-down, fingerprinted and held for hours in Buffalo in December 2004

They were among 13,000 people from North America who had attended the three-day Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference in Toronto that included communal prayer, musical performance and speeches, the decision said.

At the time of the searches, U.S. Customs and Border Control received intelligence that said the conference would serve as a possible meeting point for terrorists and ordered special searches for those returning to the United States, the decision said.

Monday, November 26, 2007

More rioting in Paris.

France: Via the BBC.

French youths have been battling police for a second night in a suburb of Paris where two teenagers died after their motorcycle collided with a police car.

Up to 30 police officers are said to have been injured in the clashes.

Earlier in the day, a state prosecutor ordered a manslaughter inquiry into the deaths of the two teenagers in Villiers-le-Bel.

Local youths blame police for the deaths but police say the two teenagers were speeding and not wearing helmets.

The clashes come despite numerous appeals for calm, including one by President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is visiting China.

I sense a railroading coming.

NBC gives Chuck, Life full season, Journeyman...

Entertainment: I like all three shows, but Life is getting a full season due to the failure of NBC screwing up Bionic Woman and owning the show to sell for syndication. Journeyman is getting screwed with this whole 2 weeks to improve nonsense. Its not like even Chuck is doing great numbers but it got the "buzz"

NBC gave full-season orders to rookies Chuck and Life, while fellow freshman Journeyman faces a big test Monday night.

Despite being asked to lead off Mondays at 8 p.m. -- a tough task for a new show -- Chuck has done enough to warrant a back-nine order for NBC, averaging a 3.4 rating/9 share in the adult 18-49 demo.

While positive word of mouth has been increasing for the show, it also held steady from what Deal or No Deal was doing in the slot last November sweep.

Life is averaging a 3.0/9 in the demo Wednesdays at 10 p.m. NBC wants to give the show a chance to grow partly because in success, close-ended police dramas have historically done well in syndication. NBC Universal owns Life through its Universal Media Studios.

While it gave out good news to two of its rookies Monday, NBC will be keeping close tabs on Monday’s number for fellow first-year drama Journeyman, which airs at 10 p.m.

The network gave the show a strong promotional push during Sunday night’s heavily viewed Philadelphia Eagles-New England Patriots National Football League game, and it probably will not be doling out a pickup for the drama should it not see some improvement Monday night.

Maybe you should have been promoting all season you bunch of worthless hacks.

Edit: Just a note on Heroes, the dialogue and storylines on last night episode made my teeth hurt it was so bad. Claire and West have gone beyond Young Anakin and Amidala levels of suck.

Tom Swift to be made into an eco-friendly franchise.

Entertainment: Great, yet another childhood joy with a chance of being destroyed.

Worldwide Biggies, a digital studio recently opened by longtime Nickelodeon and Spike exec Albie Hecht, has acquired all rights to Simon & Schuster's long-running Tom Swift book series.
The company plans to introduce the franchise with a feature film and vidgame and follow with episodes for TV and the Web. Hecht used a similar pattern for "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius," which opened as a film while he was head of Nick Movies and soon segued into an estimable run as a TV skein.

Worldwide Biggies is in talks with potential partners -- directors, producers and/or studios -- so some of the decisions about how the Swift series will be put onscreen will be made after that partnership is set.

Swift, a teenage genius born into a family of inventors, has had a wide following for decades, spanning some 100-plus installments in numerous genres. At its core has always been young Tom's knack for problem solving and fantastical inventions.

Ninth wonder of the world: Gemma's chest.

World: Via Instapundit who linked to the Daily Mail on a great story about a man who built a temple from a childhood vision.


Few have been granted permission to see these marvels.

Indeed, the Italian government was not even aware of their existence until a few years ago.

But the 'Temples of Damanhur' are not the great legacy of some long-lost civilisation, they are the work of a 57-year-old former insurance broker from northern Italy who, inspired by a childhood vision, began digging into the rock.

which lead me to what could be the new ninth wonder of the world.

"Jungle Gemma has the hots for older men" with spectacular pics proving once again the added bonus of an Insta link.

Dutch woman joins FARC and comes to regret it.

Terrorism: The typical nutjob white leftist idealist who felt so guilty about her good life joins terrorist unit to fight social injustice blah blah blah. Then finds out its a bunch of crap because her and her fellow peace activists live in a damn fantasy world.

The first known person from outside Latin America to join the region's largest rebel army wasn't just disillusioned. Like most FARC foot soldiers, Tanja Nijmeijer apparently wasn't permitted to leave.

"This would be worth it if I knew I was fighting for something. But I don't really believe that anymore," she wrote on Nov. 24, 2006, according to the excerpts released by the government.

What exactly impelled Nijmeijer, a child of Europe's bourgeoisie, to take a journey from peace activist to guerrilla fighter with the nom-de-guerre "Eillen" remains largely a mystery — even to people who knew her well before she joined the FARC in early 2003.

More than a dozen friends, former colleagues and fellow peace activists interviewed by The Associated Press described a young woman deeply disturbed by social inequalities and guilt-ridden over her privileged life. Nijmeijer's family refused to discuss her plight, saying doing so could endanger her life.

Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos, meanwhile, was happy to use the case to counter "guerrilla chic" in Europe, where the FARC — classified a terrorist group by both the United States and the European Union — has a small but determined group of supporters who run pro-rebel Web sites.

In the diary, Nijmeijer abhors the strict discipline imposed by FARC's male commanders — no smoking, no phone calls, no romantic relationships without their consent. She says the rank and file are hungry and bored, and describes FARC leaders as both materialistic and corrupt.

"How will it be when we take power? The wives of the commanders in Ferrari Testa Rossas with breast implants eating caviar?" she writes.

Santos told AP that the Nijmeijer case should help dispel foreign leftists of the notion that the FARC is heroic.

"In certain circles in Europe, there still exists the romantic image of the guerrillas as Robin Hood, or Che Guevara, fighting the bad guys for the benefit of the poor," he said. "Nijmeijer fell into this trap."

No it won't, this will only encourage more idiots like her who want to find groups who do it the correct way of fighting the power.

Minorities hit hardest by U.S. housing crisis.

Nation: Unfortunately, Reuters uses a bad first example to get sympathy from the reader.

In May, Alvin Clavon received a foreclosure notice on the simple, Spanish-style house in South Los Angeles that he shares with his wife and three boys.

Clavon bought the place in 2003 with a fixed-rate loan. They painted the walls, fixed the yard and made friends with the neighbors, who let the Clavon boys pick their basil.

In 2005, Clavon worked with a mortgage broker to refinance his home with another fixed-rate loan. But on the night before signing, the family was offered an interest-only, adjustable-rate mortgage.

Clavon, a 35-year-old executive assistant at a bank, said he felt stuck. The ball was rolling, he trusted his broker and so the next day, he signed the loan.

"Turned out to be the worst thing I could have done," said Clavon, who like so many others in danger of losing their home to the U.S. housing crisis, is African American.

Also one of the dumbest thing you could have done. If you agree on something and they change it around the next day, walk out. Sorry the guy lost his house but he was stupid. Nothing to do with color, just being stupid.

As for the rest of the story, it may have merit if everything is equal across the board(income, credit history.etc..etc) But considering the income disparity between minorities and whites in other cases it could be just "good business." There has to be emails and notes stating they are pushing the loans based on race.

In September, the Federal Reserve released a study that found 52.8 percent of African-Americans got a high-cost home loan when they refinanced in 2006, compared to 37.7 percent of Latinos and just 25.7 percent of whites in the same year.

A similar study by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, known by its acronym ACORN, in September found the same pattern even when income was equal.

According to ACORN, upper-income blacks were 3.3 times, and Latinos 3 times, more likely than upper-income whites to have a high-cost loan when purchasing a home in 2006.

"I keep hoping one day I'll do a study where race doesn't play a part," said Liz Wolff, author of the ACORN study.

"But clearly, there is a racial bias," she added.

Jay Brinkmann, vice president of research and economics at the Mortgage Bankers Association, disagrees.

He believes that if researchers could account for all the factors that go into pricing a mortgage, they would find race doesn't matter.

"The pricing is based on risk, not race," said Brinkmann.

Old white women going for Kenya's black men.

Africa: This article has many angles to discuss and so little time. On a serious note, I don't think the horrific child sex abuses that go on from pedo tourists in Kenya naturally brought this sort of sex tourism. But which companies came up with the idea and how do they market it? Then you have the health issues, the social question there and at home. Why Kenya and is it just an exotic party trip for the women or something deeper?

MOMBASA, Kenya (Reuters) - Bethan, 56, lives in southern England on the same street as best friend Allie, 64.

They are on their first holiday to Kenya, a country they say is "just full of big young boys who like us older girls".

Hard figures are difficult to come by, but local people on the coast estimate that as many as one in five single women visiting from rich countries are in search of sex.

Allie and Bethan -- who both declined to give their full names -- said they planned to spend a whole month touring Kenya's palm-fringed beaches. They would do well to avoid the country's tourism officials.

"It's not evil," said Jake Grieves-Cook, chairman of the Kenya Tourist Board, when asked about the practice of older rich women traveling for sex with young Kenyan men.

"But it's certainly something we frown upon."

Locals really don't like it.

Emerging alongside this black market trade -- and obvious in the bars and on the sand once the sun goes down -- are thousands of elderly white women hoping for romantic, and legal, encounters with much younger Kenyan men.

They go dining at fine restaurants, then dancing, and back to expensive hotel rooms overlooking the coast.

"One type of sex tourist attracted the other," said one manager at a shorefront bar on Mombasa's Bamburi beach.

"Old white guys have always come for the younger girls and boys, preying on their poverty ... But these old women followed ... they never push the legal age limits, they seem happy just doing what is sneered at in their countries."

Experts say some thrive on the social status and financial power that comes from taking much poorer, younger lovers.

"This is what is sold to tourists by tourism companies -- a kind of return to a colonial past, where white women are served, serviced, and pampered by black minions," said Nottinghan University's Davidson.

On the funny side of it. Let the Mandingo and black women saying "Damn, now they are going to the source for our men" jokes fly at will.

Florida Seminole leaders misspent tribal money.

Florida: Via Sun-Sentinel. Always been rumors and accusations that the leaders have built themselves up while leaving those without the connections within the tribe out on their ass. Sun Sentinel uncovers some of the expenses.

The Seminoles have long guarded their privacy and financial information and, as a sovereign nation, are under no obligation to open their records. The Sun-Sentinel obtained thousands of pages of tribal documents, including audits, budgets and council resolutions, and interviewed Seminole leaders and tribal members.

The investigation provides a rare window into the inner workings of a tribal government awash in new wealth.

Among the findings:

— A majority on the Tribal Council, which controls the tribe's money, has maintained power in part by handing out cash and granting financial requests from tribal members. Since 2000, council members have spent more than $280 million as they chose from funds they control. The spending included luxury vehicles, televisions and stereo systems, and paid for cosmetic surgery for tribal members.

— Council member David Cypress alone has spent in excess of $160 million since 1999, more than the other council members combined. In 2006, he exceeded his original budget by $22 million. Cypress used some tribal money to buy and remodel his own boxing gym and spent millions on himself, his family and friends.

— A 2005 tribal audit found numerous checks requested by council members in round amounts under $10,000 and warned of an increased risk of fraud. The check-writing continued into 2007. In one eight-month period, more than $1 million in checks went to Cypress and his children.

— While many tribal members on the Big Cypress Reservation live in modest housing, Cypress and his brother, Tribal Chairman Mitchell Cypress, used tribal funds to help build lavish, gated compounds there for themselves and for David's ex-wife and adult children. In the past three years, the tribe's money also paid for improvements, including extensive landscaping, security cameras, and on Mitchell Cypress' lot, a basketball court.

Phil Hogen, chairman of the National Indian Gaming Commission and a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, said in an October interview that the recent spending practices uncovered by the Sun-Sentinel "cry out for some inquiry, and they will receive that.

Black Friday sales up, but where were the sales?

Bidness: From my point of view, this was the worst Black Friday sales I can remember. Nothing stood out as being a real bargain and I wondered if stores are hyping up BF hoping the customers wouldn't notice it. It worked.

As for "Cyber Monday" judging by the reaction of people at shopping sites like Fatwallet and Slick Deals, its even worse.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Paris Riots 2007 version!

France: According to Reuters the bike was stolen.
BBC with more.

Riots have broken out in a Paris suburb, after a police car crashed into a motorbike, killing two teenagers.

Dozens of youths clashed with police and set fire to buildings, injuring a number of police officers and firefighters.

The unrest is taking place in the suburb of Villiers-le-Bel, and neighbouring Arnouville.

In 2005, the deaths of two youths in nearby Clichy-sous-Bois led to France's worst civil unrest in over 40 years.

The two teenagers - aged 15 and 16 - were killed when the stolen motorcycle they were driving collided with a police car.

The teenagers were not being chased by police at the time of the accident, a police source told the Reuters news agency.

Life savers run swim event for Muslim girls

Australia: The question begging to be asked.

A swimming carnival for young Muslim girls is taking place today at an aquatic centre in Sydney's south-west.

The Royal Life Saving Association and New South Wales Sport and Recreation are running the event, which is aimed at educating Muslim girls about the importance of knowing how to swim.

The ladies-only competition will also require Islamic dress to be worn.

Muhamed Abu Maryam from the Global Islamic Youth Centre says the carnival will give the girls more freedom to learn valuable swimming skills.

"You look at the culture of Australia and we're very much focused and we've got a strong emphasis on participating in water activities and water sports," he said.

"You have a look at our beaches - we love our beaches and therefore it's important that all girls and girls within our community as well are able to participate in something like this."

Why does participating in an event that everyone in Oz takes part of require separation?