Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Toronto approves black themed school.

Canada: The logical ending of the religion of Multiculturalism where dividing up the students based on race/behavior is considered a good thing. Most of the public was against this and now we get to see which other ethnic/religious groups demand public funded schools for them.

Toronto school trustees voted Tuesday night to approve a controversial proposal to create Canada's first-ever black-focused public school.

The vote came after the trustees heard from members of the community, including the mother of a 15-year-old boy fatally shot at a Toronto school last May.

Loreen Small, mother of Jordan Manners, told the trustees she opposed the plan, calling a black school "segregation."

Small said students of all races should be taught together and that the emphasis should be on helping teachers engage the students.

"This black school thing ... it ain't right," she said.

Among the four recommendations is the creation of an alternative school which would have a curriculum and teaching environment focused on black history and culture.

The school – which would be open to all ethnicities – would open in time for the start of the September 2009 school year.

Other recommendations approved Tuesday include a three-year pilot which would integrate black history and culture into the lessons and teaching environment of existing Toronto schools.

Lets cut the crap about the school being opened to all ethnicities. Maybe on paper it will be but in reality its a publicly funded black only school.

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