Thursday, January 31, 2008

Usage of "Tsunami Tuesday" insensitive says Asian journalists group.

Media: Another day and another politically correct twit whining that using the term Tsunami is mean and hurtful.

While posting an item late last night about South Asian support for Clinton and Obama, I wrote an aside about the use of the term "Tsunami Tuesday," for next week's election extravaganza.

Some folks in the press are calling it "Tsunami Tuesday" in reference to the huge wave of major results about to come. Something in the back of my head makes me uneasy about that term, which has gained popularity only this presidential cycle, the first since the Asian/South Asian tsunami of 2004. It seems to be a term that's in bad taste, at the very least, considering almost 300,000 people perished in that tsunami. Am I being too PC?

Having had a chance to, literally, sleep on it, I think I am not being too PC about this (a little PC, yes, but not too PC). I awoke to several e-mail messages, all in support of my questioning this wording. I'll let my friend Paul Knox sum up those messages:

No, you aren't being too PC. The usage is incredibly insensitive. It has been upsetting me for a couple of weeks now, everytime I hear it. Would we call Giuliani's drop in the polls his "Ground Zero Plummet?" I could go on, but I won't.

[A friend at lunch pointed out we'd never say, "Rudy's campaign fell like the twin towers."]

Showing how politically correct and insensitive to Americans these idiots really are they have mixed a natural occurring event with a terrorist act as being on the same level. You would use Ground Zero Plummet or fell like the twin towers because it makes no sense and deliberately confrontational. The usage of the term Tsunami fits Super Tuesday as an ideal description of voting on that day. Should the Miami Hurricanes or Tampa Bay Lighting change their names because people get killed in those natural events all the time.

This is just another whine fest by a group of journalists who should have better things to do.

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