Friday, February 29, 2008

'Asian hate' writer suspended, whiny college kids gets hugs.

Culture: Max Karson writes a column titled "If it's war the Asians want ... It's war they'll get," It comes off like a written Ted Rall cartoon regarding US military. Students gets mad, complain and Karson gets suspended.

"Max Karson's duties with the Campus Press have been suspended pending a restructuring of the opinions section," according to a statement posted on the student paper's Web site Wednesday.

Karson ignited a firestorm last week when his piece titled "If it's war the Asians want ... It's war they'll get," infuriated some students and past members of the Campus Press staff who said the piece was inflammatory and a failed attempt at satire.

Fine, here is where I get even more irritated at the whiner college students.

Darin McGregor / The Rocky
CU students hold hands while singing We Shall Overcome during Wednesday's protest rally.

Yes, A song that has been used in protests by people who have had no or little civil rights from Blacks in America to South Africans to Irish protests is now hijacked by a bunch of thin-skinned emotionally crippled students who have the conflict resolution skills of two year olds. It gets worse as the university just bends over to give hugs and kisses to these idiots.

The statement goes on to say that the publication's editors are in the process of organizing an "open, public forum to address diversity sensitivity in our news coverage" and are rewriting their ethics policy.

The announcement came the same day university officials said they're close to announcing major changes in the way the paper is operated and overseen.

The Campus Press already has agreed to establish a Student Diversity Advisory Board, invite student organizations to meet face-to-face with the editors, adopt an "opinions policy," schedule a series of diversity-awareness workshops for the entire staff and host a series of workshops for opinion writing and editing.

....A diverse audience of nearly 200 people attended a rally outside University Memorial Center before meeting with CU-Boulder Chancellor Bud Peterson

Chris Choe, a 21-year-old senior and member of the Korean American Students at Boulder group who led the rally, said he hopes the university's administration fundamentally changes how content is reviewed before it's published by the class.

"I want to see responsibility," Choe said. "I want to see that this isn't being marginalized."

Student leaders at the University of Colorado on Wednesday demanded the resignations of the online student newspaper editor and a faculty adviser for publishing a column that has created a furor among Asian Americans and other minority students.

The students also were upset about a column published a day earlier titled "No hablo Ingles," or "I don't speak English."

"The editors at the Campus Press should rename that opinion section as 'racist viewpoints,' said David Chiu, a CU senior. "Once again, the reputation at CU has been tarnished. The publication of these articles embodies institutional racism."

...Both Hewlings and Herdy apologized directly to the audience after they were prompted by the student government's diversity director

...Charles Gilford III, one of the three leaders of the CU student government, said he respects freedom of speech but that it was no excuse for publishing the column.

"You have no right to isolate and marginalize certain people," he said. "You have no right to attack a member of our family, and that's what's happened."

Gilford suggested that campus officials evaluate the column in light of federal anti-discrimination laws.

....Peterson listened and took notes during the meeting.

At the end of the 90-minute session, he said he would direct students and staff to examine if anyone's civil rights had been violated. He noted that he has directed the journalism department's chairman to re-evaluate the structure and supervision of the Campus Press.

This is insane, this is the future of America and it scares the hell out of me. There is no maturity in any of these quotes just I am so hurt so kiss my ass. How can anyones civil rights been violated by a college student column. Imagine these fools in the real world handling a problem. They would crack in 5 mins.

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