Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Black ABC engineer sues Disney over noose display

Nation: Yeah, mark me down as suspicious of the claim given the political correctness of ABC/Disney.

A black engineer sued Disney's American Broadcasting Co on Monday, saying his supervisors refused to remove a black doll that dangled from a hangman's noose near his work station for more than a year.

Oswald Wilson, who worked in ABC's Broadcast and Engineering Division in Manhattan, said the doll was displayed beginning in March 2004 in response to a newspaper clip celebrating Black History Month that he put up, according to the lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court.

But an ABC spokeswoman said that there was "absolutely no tolerance for discrimination" at the company and that the doll was actually a Mardi Gras voodoo doll displayed by some employees, including Wilson, to "put a hex on a supervisor."

"What Mr. Wilson appears to be describing are Mardi Gras beads and a Mardi Gras doll that he participated in placing," ABC spokeswoman Julie Hoover said.

The lawsuit accuses American Broadcasting Co, its parent company Walt Disney Co., and six of Wilson's superiors of discrimination and allowing a hostile work environment.

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