Thursday, February 14, 2008

People are starting to listen to Obama's rhetoric.

Politics: and they are not happy about it which is what I have been saying for the longest time about Obama. A lot of yapping but an ill-informed dangerous bite is possible.. Via Instapundit.

DANIEL HENNINGER says that when you look past the presentation, Obama's speeches are downers.
Ann Althouse wonders if anyone is listening that closely.

Nick Gillespie, meanwhile, has started paying attention to Obama's pronouncements and isn't that happy: "I smell...intervention in the economy."

And still more Obama-parsing here: "I think that's the kind of uniter that Obama wants to be. He wants to be an outflanker, not a synthesizer or a moderate in the typical senses of those terms." I guess he'll be getting a lot more close attention now that the shield of Hillary's supposed inevitability has disintegrated.

Obama is a leftist with a populist bent who is smart enough to realize his cult of personality aka "Black Jesus" can get him the nomination without saying anything to specific that will give people pause. This has been helped by a smitten press who has fallen in love with Obama like they did Bill Clinton in 92. Even CJR blog realizes it and wonders if this is a danger to him. I am hoping more critical coverage of Obama is coming along because he has been given the kissfest for way too long.

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