Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Senate GOP Blocks Additions to Fiscal Stimulus Bill

Politics: Additions my tuckus, it was getting ladden with pork. At least the GOP did something right but again proves the Senate is a bunch of earmarking prima donnas.

The political brinkmanship in the Senate stood in marked contrast to the House, where Republicans and Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi took just a week to reach a deal on an economic stimulus package with President Bush, and just four more days to pass the bill.

But eight days after that House vote, the Senate remained bitterly divided along party lines with just a few Republicans, some in tough battles for re-election, willing to cross over and support the Democrats.

The measure was opposed by Republican leaders who said the Democrats added too many costly provisions, including an extension of unemployment benefits, tax credits for the coal industry and increased subsidies for home energy costs.

The total cost of the Senate plan came to about $204 billion over two years, or about $40 billion more than the House version.

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