Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Obama CAMP takes Ayers to task over flag stomping pic

Politics: Hey, the Obama CAMP is now aware some of the people Obama has hung out with are not a positive for him.

A seven-year-old photograph of Barack Obama associate and onetime radical bombmaker William Ayers stomping on an American flag is all over the Internet, earning criticism from Obama’s presidential campaign.

The senator’s campaign spokesman said Obama is “appalled by the disrespect” to Old Glory, but decried efforts to associate Obama to the action just because the men know each other.

“Senator Obama is appalled by this disrespect of a flag we love and that so many have fought and died for. There is no excuse for anyone to treat that which we hold so dear with so little regard. But the politics of association required to link Obama to this picture in any way is ridiculous and a silly distraction from the important challenges facing the American people,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton.

Okay..maybe not 100% aware but still a good move in the right direction.

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