Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Aussie whiners whine about Australian soldiers putting Taliban in "dog pens"

Australia: Which as Tim Blair and commentators pointed out not exactly dog pens.

Australian soldiers in Afghanistan held four captured members of the Taliban overnight inside pens formerly occupied by bomb squad dogs. Certain groups are trying to work this up into an Abu Ghraib-style outrage.

UPDATE. A reader who has served in Iraq comments: “Those are HESCO barriers—prefab wire frames with canvas liners. Put them in place and fill them with rocks or dirt and you have a ready-made wall that won’t be easily breached. As you might imagine they are very useful militarily—although this is the first time I have ever heard of them being used to hold prisoners (or dogs).”

UPDATE II. The same type of structures are used to build emergency housing following natural disasters.

UPDATE III. The SMH has removed its dog image.

While various Islamic groups and lefties want to whine, the Aussie troops are doing what they do best, kill the enemy as their own lives are in great danger.

SYDNEY, Australia - Australian troops clashed with Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan late Tuesday in fighting that left several insurgents dead and nine Australian soldiers wounded, the military said.

The fighting reflected rising violence in southern Uruzgan province, where attacks on foreign forces by the resurgent Taliban have increased in recent months.

Australian Defense spokesman Brig. Brian Dawson said the battle occurred as commandoes took part in an ongoing Australian operation to disrupt Taliban networks. It was not immediately clear if the Australian troops attacked the Taliban, or vice versa.

One Australian soldier suffered life-threatening injuries, five had serious wounds and the wounds to three others were reported to be slight, Dawson said. A more precise number of Taliban casualties wasn't immediately available.

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