Saturday, September 13, 2008

Non-Muslim workers allege threatening fliers

Nation: Previous posts on the Somali Muslims and Swift plant in Greeley here and here. Someone brought out the old standby sign from the Mohammed cartoon protests a couple of years ago in the UK to allegedly threaten the non-Muslim workers.

About 100 Muslim workers fired Wednesday by JBS Swift & Co. in Greeley stayed "low-profile" Thursday in recognition of the victims of the 9-11 massacre seven years ago, according to one of the workers' leaders.
The day was not without controversy, however, as some non-Muslim Swift workers alleged threatening fliers were left in the company's cafeteria Wednesday night.

Kaise Egal, a leader of the local Muslim workers, said the fired workers were staying low-key "in respect to the 9-11 victims."

"We told the people to be low-profile and not to demonstrate," Egal said in a phone interview.

The weeklong dispute between the Muslim workers at JBS Swift flared Wednesday with about 100 workers receiving termination notices when they reported to the plant in mid-afternoon for the late shift. The dispute took another nasty turn on Thursday as someone left threatening pictures on the tables in the Swift cafeteria. The pictures appeared to be from a protest and feature people holding signs that say things like "Behead those who insult Islam."

Tamara Smid, a JBS Swift spokeswoman, told Tribune media partner FOX 31 that inappropriate materials were found at the plant and Swift was investigating to see where they came from. The official would not say exactly what the inappropriate materials were.

La Salle resident George Pruner, 23, has worked at Swift for 11 months. He said a coworker gave him the fliers. According to Pruner, a second-shift worker, there were about five fliers on each of the 50 tables in the cafeteria breakroom. Pruner He didn't personally find the fliers, a co-worker gave them to him, he said.

"This is the stuff that really bugs me," he told the Tribune. He said he plans to quit his job because of the situation at Swift.

Graen Isse, a spokesman for the Muslim workers, said he did not think the Muslim workers were behind the fliers. The fliers come a day after about 100 Muslim workers were fired. Isse the workers who lost their jobs could not have been behind the fliers.

"The people that got fired, they can not get in the building," he said.

There are still some Muslim workers at the swift plant who were not fired. "

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