Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama campaign faking "Grassroots" Smear Campaigns?

Politics: Via Jawa Report, details on professionally made fake videos to try and make virals with connections to the Obama campaign and David Axelrod. Ace sums up what is going on here.

The basics? Axelrod's astroturfing. An attempt to get a blatantly dishonest anti-Palin ad to go "viral" on YouTube. Gross deception in pumping out fake "amateur grassroots" ads which are really cooked up by a big PR firm strongly connected to David Axelrod and Obama's officially-acknowledged ads. And likely bright-line violations of electioneering laws, which require those putting out "electioneering communications" to disclose the true creator and sponsor of such ads.

This is not suprising and I am surprised there is not more out there. There is also the angle of it being pushed on liberal blogs. Ever since it was known that the top liberal blogs regularly coordinate their messages via an email listIt is not a stretch to see this sort of politics being used and pushed on those same liberal blogs who are regularly read by the news reporters which then makes it to the MSM. I said it earlier, but all these people are on one side of the Venn Diagram of politics.

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