Sunday, October 19, 2008

So...Colin Powell still a house negro?

Politics: Before the endorsement of Obama the black intelligentsia of America and liberals were not happy with him or Condi.

This video was shot by WKRN Video Journalist Beau Fleenor at Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Question: "Rev. Al Sharpton, Do you believe that political leaders such as Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell are viewed as "house negroes" by other African Americans, by going along with the President against their beliefs?"

Black Commentator:

Harry Belafonte is an icon in Black America, especially among those who remember his deep involvement in our struggles over the decades. When he called Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell "house Negroes," only a minority of Black people were upset. And George Bush's name is anathema to the vast bulk of African Americans, especially after Katrina. Belafonte can say anything he wants about Bush, and most of us will applaud.

Just asking the question I need to have an updated list of who has the "Ghetto Pass" or not.

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