Saturday, March 29, 2008

Darth Vader strikes back in Jedi's back garden

UK: The Empire strikes back.

A Star Wars fan got closer to his idols than he would perhaps have liked when he was attacked in his garden by Darth Vader.

Jedi Master Jonba Hehol - known to family and friends as Barney Jones, 36, of Holyhead - was giving a TV interview in his back garden for a documentary when a man, dressed in a black bin-bag and wearing Darth Vader's trademark shiny black helmet, leapt over his garden fence.

Wielding a metal crutch - his lightsaber presumably being in for repairs - the Sith Lord proceeded to lay about his opponent, whose Jedi powers proved inadequate for the task of defending himself.

After besting Master Hehol in single combat, Vader, who The Sun reports was under the influence of alcohol, went on to assault the camera crew and a hairdresser.

Master Hehol, a hairdresser, who founded the first-ever British Jedi Church in loving homage to the world-famous science fiction franchise with his brother Daniel, was unimpressed by the revenge of the Sith.

"This wasn't a joke. This was serious," he said.

Police are investigating a claim of assault.

The Jedi "religion" was born as a joke in the 2001 census, when almost 400,000 people claimed to believe in the Jedi faith.

advertisementBased on the teachings of Yoda, the crinkly green dwarf of the films, the "church" has a branch in Florida and plans to open another in the Philippines.

Georgia’s Mr. Basketball arrested.

Sports: Yet another fool who should have his nose clean and get ready for a college career caught up in nonsense that could mess up his life if found guilty.

A star basketball player from Norcross High School was released on bond early Saturday after being arrested a day earlier on charges of aggravated assault and trespassing, police said.

Al-Farouq Aminu, a 6-foot-8 high school All-American who has signed to play basketball for Wake Forest, was arrested by Gwinnett County sheriff's deputies, police spokesman David Schiralli said.

posting a $3,500 signature bond, according to the jail's Web site. The aggravated assault charge is a felony; trespassing is a misdemeanor.

Wake Forest coach Dino Gaudio said the school would not comment on the charges, saying in a prepared statement Saturday to the Journal-Constitution, "We are in the process of gathering all of the information on this incident and it would not be fair to make any statement or judgment until we collect all of the facts."

Aminu, a 17-year-old senior, turned himself in Friday after authorities obtained warrants for his arrest and was booked into the jail shortly before 6 p.m., sheriff's spokeswoman Stacey Bourbonnais said.

Aminu is accused of shooting a female with a BB gun from a vehicle on March 14, Bourbonnais said.

Bourbonnais said she did not know the extent of the victim's injuries and had no other details about the incident.

SbB has the mug shot and this idiot is actually smiling like he doesn't have a care in the world. I doubt he has anyone around him who will at least yell at him WTF were you thinking and hope to get him off on probation.

Obama/Hillary wants taxpayer bailout of home owners.

Nation: Something the majority of the public doesn't want on any level.

Fifty-three percent (53%) of Americans say that the federal government should not help out homeowners who borrowed more than they could afford. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 29% disagreed and believed that federal action is appropriate. Seventeen percent (17%) are not sure.
There is even stronger opposition to federal help for banks that made bad loans. By a 4-to-1 margin (61% to 15%) Americans reject that approach to resolving the current mortgage crisis.

Whether it’s bailing out the banks or helping homeowners, Democrats are more supportive of federal action. Still, most Democrats (53%) oppose federal help for banks that made bad loans. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of Republicans are opposed along with 64% of those not affiliated with either major party.

When it comes to helping homeowners who borrowed more than they could afford, Democrats are evenly divided. Republicans oppose federal assistance by a 67% to 19% margin. Fifty-five percent (55%) of those not affiliated with either party also oppose federal support for those troubled homeowners. Just 24% of the unaffiliated believe federal help is a good idea.

Friday, March 28, 2008

No I will not take part in Earth Hour.

Enviro: Do I look like a Luddite. Nothing more than a empty gesture by people who have the craving to feel good about themselves. Even the Australian military has turned idiotic and Rudd has been in office only a couple of months.

But it has confirmed the obvious.

NZ leads the way into darkness

NAACP Says “Low Pants Bill” Is Discriminatory

Culture: Now we have to take in consideration skin color while passing a law to address a growing problem caused by a certain age segment of the population who have a lack of values, morals and common sense to dress decently in public.

Just pull your damn pants up and act like a human being. To claim this is racist is stupid.

The Florida branch of the NAACP says a bill that would ban students from wearing their pants too low could lead to more legal trouble for black males.

Orlando Senator Gary Siplin’s bill was approved 28-11 last week by the Florida Senate.

The bill calls for no criminal sanctions, but it would prohibit students from wearing pants low so that they expose undergarments.

Violators would receive a warning for a first offense, and suspensions from school would be issued for each subsequent infraction.

NAACP President Adora Obi Nweze called it a “clearly discriminatory bill.’’

Other groups such as the Advancement Project, a Washington social advocacy organization, say the proposal is directed primarily at black males and could lead to arrests.

Chicago's water bottle tax failing due to stupidity.

Nation: Once again Chi-town politicians show their ignorance about what taxes will do to people's behavior.

Are Chicagoans trekking to the suburbs to buy cases of bottled water -- and avoid a new nickel-a-container tax that adds $1.20 to the price of a 24-pack? Or are they making the switch to tap water to save money?

One or the other is happening. Maybe both.

Revenues from Chicago's new bottled water tax are trickling in -- at a rate nearly 40 percent below projections -- exacerbating a budget crunch that has already prompted Mayor Daley to order $20 million in spending cuts.

January collections were $554,000. That's far short of the $875,000-a-month needed to meet the city's $10.5 million-a-year projection.

Wendy Abrams, a spokeswoman for the city's Budget and Management Office, said it's too early to sound the alarm.

"Since January is generally one of the coldest months of the winter, we don't think January collections are a strong indicator of potential revenue for the remainder of the year," she said.

David Vite, president of the Illinois Retail Merchant's Association, acknowledged that bottled water consumption rises with the temperature.

But that doesn't explain away what Vite calls "enormous increases" in suburban bottled water sales, particularly in stores near the Chicago border.

You tax something higher to make it more expensive, less people will buy which means your revenues fall. If people have a choice where to buy the product to avoid the tax, they will do so everytime. Very simple but outside the realm of thinking of the morons who voted this tax in.

Second Islam Film: Mohammed as Peadophile

World: Okay, now this will most likely cause problems. Huge problems.

While the cabinet is losing sleep over MP Geert Wilders' unpublished Koran film, a second film is due out on 20 April. Ehsan Jami plans to launch a cartoon film featuring the Prophet Mohammed as a paedophile.

Jami, born in Iran, announced that his film, The Life of Mohammed, is due for release on 20 April. On TV programme Netwerk, the young politician (22) showed a screen-shot in which the Prophet, with a visible erection, takes a child to a mosque to have sex. On the mosque is a swastika.

The fragment is a reference to the relationship between the prophet and the 9 year old Aisha as described in the Koran, according to Jami. His cartoon portrays all kinds of other perverse and violent verses, he added.

Jami set up a committee last September that aims to encourage leaving Islam and protect apostate Muslims. Shortly before the launch, he was attacked by Muslims in his home town of Leidschendam, where he was a local councillor for the Labour (PvdA) party. In October, PvdA terminated his party membership because his opinions were too radical for it.

The Muslims and Government Contact Body (CMO) has immediately announced it wants to bar the cartoon film via the courts. CMO is the government's official consultation partner on integration policy. CMO board member Ayhan Tonca, said on Netwerk that Jami's film will undoubtedly spark furious reactions in the Muslim world.

Tonca is a member of the Christian democratic (CDA) party. He was nominated to be a CDA MP in 2006 but resigned as a candidate because he refused to recognise the 1915-1917 genocide of Armenians by Turkey.

UK Asians pissed about all black political list.

UK: Another one of these stupid multicult liberal ideas that wasn't thought out at all.

Labour plans for all-black shortlists to boost the number of ethnic minority MPs would deepen racial }divides, the party's existing Asian MPs warned yesterday.

In a blow to Equalities Minister Harriet Harman, the architect of the proposal, they said the idea would lead to "political apartheid".

Miss Harman, who helped to draw up all-women shortlists when local parties choose parliamentary candidates, wants to boost the number of ethnic minority MPs.

They number 15 out of the 646 MPs from all parties.

She pledged to increase the number fourfold during her successful campaign to win Labour's deputy leadership last year.

But several black and Asian MPs warned that the idea could lead to segregation and "colour coding".

Khalid Mahmood, Labour MP for Perry Barr, said: "This smacks of a colonial attitude that divides our population into different blocks and allocates representatives accordingly."

Black-only lists would be "a form of political apartheid which will encourage division and segregation", he said.

Sadiq Khan, the Tooting MP and a Labour whip, said: "The danger of all-black shortlists is that only people of a certain race or ethnicitycan represent constituents of the same race or ethnicity."

Other MPs with doubts are said to include Parmjit Dhanda, a junior minister at the Department of Communities and Local Government and MP for Gloucester.

Another is Ashok Kumar, whose Middlesbrough constituency is 98.6 per cent white.

Sunder Katwala, general secretary of the Labour-affiliated Fabian Society, warned that "allminority shortlists risk ghettoising Britain's next generation of non-white politicians".

Black and Asian politicians who support Miss Harman's initiative include David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, and Keith Vaz, chairman of the all-party Commons home affairs committee.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fitna has been released and the world has not ended!

World: For all the yapping and cowardly behavior done by the Dutch government and others. Fitna came out and the reaction so far has been either whoa or a shrug. Wilders was smart, he already proved his point before he release it and now that he put out something that even a dutch muslim leader admits is within the law. Any sort of violence will be seen as horrendous in these circumstances.

A Dutch lawmaker's film critical of Islam has been posted on a London-based Web site, though other Web sites and hosts have refused to air the film and the U.S. government has warned that it could spark protests and riots.

Geert Wilders' 15-minute film, "Fitna," Thursday was the top film posted on in both English and Dutch.

In Arabic, its title means "strife" or "conflict" of the type that occurs within families or any other homogenous group.

Wilders, a member of the Dutch parliament from the conservative Party for Freedom, has been outspoken in his criticism of Islam and his support of immigration restrictions.

He says Islam and the Quran are a long-term threat to the Netherlands and the world, and that his film is a "last warning."

"It's not a provocation, but the harsh reality and a political conclusion," Wilders told reporters on Thursday.

Obama, Clinton offer plans to nurse economy

Nation: Same old stuff, more taxes, regulation and big nanny government to bail out the irresponsible and in some cases just coddle the rest.

UN OKs Islamic text against defamation

World: Lopsided to only one religion which makes it yet another empty gesture from the U.N. Human Rights Council.

GENEVA - The top U.N. rights body on Thursday passed a resolution proposed by Islamic countries saying it is deeply concerned about the defamation of religions and urging governments to prohibit it.

The European Union said the text was one-sided because it primarily focused on Islam.

The U.N. Human Rights Council, which is dominated by Arab and other Muslim countries, adopted the resolution on a 21-10 vote over the opposition of Europe and Canada.

EU countries, including France, Germany and Britain, voted against. Previously EU diplomats had said they wanted to stop the growing worldwide trend of using religious anti-defamation laws to limit free speech.

The document, which was put forward by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, "expresses deep concern at attempts to identify Islam with terrorism, violence and human rights violations."

Although the text refers frequently to protecting all religions, the only religion specified as being attacked is Islam, to which eight paragraphs refer.

Idiotic: If Wright Stayed, Obama Would Have Left.

Politics: Ohhh, what a courageous stand there Obama. Only now would you have left the church if these conditions were not met. Just think of this as how he would deal with North Korea or Iran.

White House hopeful Barack Obama suggests he would have left his Chicago church had his longtime pastor, whose fiery anti-American comments about U.S. foreign policy and race relations threatened Obama's campaign, not stepped down.

"Had the reverend not retired, and had he not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended people and were inappropriate and mischaracterized what I believe is the greatness of this country, for all its flaws, then I wouldn't have felt comfortable staying at the church," Obama said Thursday during a taping of the ABC talk show, "The View." The interview will be broadcast Friday.

In his sermons over the years, Wright has railed against the United States and accused it of bringing on the Sept. 11 attacks by spreading terrorism. He also has said the government invented AIDS to destroy "people of color" and has shouted "God damn America" for its treatment of minorities

In N.Va., a Latino Community Unravels

Immigration: Tranlating the headline, " Here is another story about evil Prince Williams County crackdown on illegals that we at the Wash Post will keep pushing despite our falling circulation."

Too wordy?

AT&T CEO says U.S. workers kinda well.. just suck.

Business: School system is failing the kiddies and turning out half of them as nothing more than warm bodies.

The head of the top U.S. phone company AT&T Inc (T.N) said on Wednesday it was having trouble finding enough skilled workers to fill all the 5,000 customer service jobs it promised to return to the United States from India.

"We're having trouble finding the numbers that we need with the skills that are required to do these jobs," AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson told a business group in San Antonio, where the company's headquarters is located.

So far, only around 1,400 jobs have been returned to the United States of 5,000, a target it set in 2006, the company said, adding that it maintains the target.

Stephenson said he is especially distressed that in some U.S. communities and among certain groups, the high school dropout rate is as high as 50 percent.

"If I had a business that half the product we turned out was defective or you couldn't put into the marketplace, I would shut that business down," he said.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dutch: Mass Immigration...Biggest Mistake Ever!!!

EU: So much for social cohension.

The majority of the Dutch are negative on Islam and immigration. Additionally, their knowledge of Dutch history is meagre, according to a survey by three history professors.

According to 56 percent of the Dutch, Islam is a threat to the Dutch identity. As well, 57 percent named admitting large groups of immigrants as "the biggest mistake in Dutch history".

The results come from the History Monitor. This survey was carried out among a representative group of 1,069 people by De Volkskrant newspaper, Historisch Nieuwsblad history journal and TV programme Andere Tijden in consultation with history professors James Kennedy, Niek van Sas and Hans Blom.

The History Monitor presented 20 multiple-choice questions on Dutch history and identity. Only for six questions did over 60 percent know the right answer. The worst answered was the question 'Since which century has the Netherlands been a kingdom'; only 17 percent knew the Netherlands was a republic before the 19th century.

Also remarkable is the self-criticism on the Netherlands' slavery past. Only 21 percent correctly gave the Netherlands a 5 percent share in the world slave trade; the rest estimated a higher share. The researchers attribute the overestimating to a feeling of shame, born of structural and years-long media attention for the dark sides of the dominant role the Netherlands played in the world in the 17th century.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wash Post doesn't understand why Iraq movies bomb.

Iraq: Its the same whiny "oh the public sees it 24/7, thats why they failed" excuse

A spate of Iraq-themed movies and TV shows haven't just failed at the box office. They've usually failed spectacularly, despite big stars, big budgets and serious intentions.

The underwhelming reception from the public raises a question: Are audiences turned off by the war, or are they simply voting against the way filmmakers have depicted it?

...Steven Bochco, the celebrated TV writer-producer who created "Over There," says it's difficult to create a drama about a war when viewers are witnessing the real thing in real time. "In hindsight," Bochco says, "my general feeling is that people were seeing horrific images [from the war] on TV every day on the news, and it was depressing, and it was very realistic." With that as backdrop, he says, a series about the war "was more than people wanted to take in."

Bochco suggests that Americans feel "a certain sense of powerlessness" about the war's direction that may fuel their indifference to dramatic portrayals of it.

....Film historian Jonathan Kuntz of UCLA points out that most memorable war films appear many years after a conflict ends, when the nation has had time to reflect on the experience and a historical consensus emerges about the war's successes and failures.

The classic films about Vietnam -- starting with "The Deer Hunter," "Coming Home" and "Apocalypse Now" in 1978 and 1979 and ending with "Born on the Fourth of July" in 1989 -- came out years after the last U.S. serviceman had left the battlefield. "M*A*S*H," which was essentially an anti-Vietnam film but set in the Korean War, was released nearly 20 years after the Korean armistice.

But the outcome in Iraq remains an open question, with America's military commitment to the country under constant debate.

For now, Kuntz agrees with Bochco: "We're bombarded by information about [Iraq] 24 hours a day," he says. "We already know plenty about it. We don't need to learn more about it from the movies. Right now, it's something people want to forget and escape from. I speak for the American public when I say, 'What a bummer.' "

Same old tired excuses. What it comes down to are liberal filmmakers making a product that spits all over America, its military being anti-war while being preachy. No one wants to sit thru that sort of "genius" film making. The fact Kuntz and Bocho actually believes the nonsense they are spewing is why these types of movies are failing and will continue to fail.

If a movies comes out about the Iraq war that questions all aspects fairly and making the audience the decide how they feel, then you have a movie people would be interesting in seeing without insulting their intelligence.

Drunk rude man on a plane plus three rugby players.

World: It ended the way you would expect.

JOHANNESBURG - Stormers player Wicus Blaauw slapped a rowdy passenger on a flight between Sydney and Perth at the weekend, Die Burger reported on Tuesday.

Frikkie Erasmus, commercial manager of the Stormers, said the passenger was drunk and on the verge of getting out of hand.

“Brendan Venter (consultant) tried to get the person to behave himself, but he would not calm down and the crew requested some of the players to help,” Die Burger quoted Erasmus as saying.

Erasmus said the passenger cursed Blaauw and other passengers around him.

“Wicus put him in place by slapping him. There was no trouble afterwards. It was quite funny.”

“The passenger was very aggressive and was behaving badly. The crew was very satisfied with Wicus’s behaviour.”

Perth police came to take the passenger after the aircraft had landed.

Statements were taken from passengers.

“They thanked us for helping out,” said Erasmus.

Man gets out of jail and carjacks in the police lot.

Crime: Another game of PDBB(Please don't be black) where black people read a really stupid or horrific crime story and pray the criminal is not black out of sheer disgust and pride... ah crud.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office called him stupid Tuesday. But Frank Singleton could almost write the book on how to turn a misdemeanor into a felony without ever leaving the jail's parking lot.

"This is one of the stupid criminals," Sheriff's Office spokesman Paul Miller said.

Singleton, 21, of West Palm Beach, got released from the county lockup Tuesday after being arrested on a misdemeanor trespassing charge.

He immediately ran out into the visitor's parking lot and, in an apparent effort to get away as quickly as possible, tried to carjack a 2006 Nissan 350Z, Miller said.

The woman who was driving it, Justine Lapierre, was just getting out of her car when Singleton ran at her saying, "I want your car," Miller said.

He pushed Lapierre out of the way, grabbed the keys and jumped into the Nissan. But it was a manual transmission and Singleton couldn't operate it, Miller said.

Hearing the commotion, Sheriff's Office Pastor Leo Krug walked up and, holding his handgun by his side, ordered the barely free Singleton to the ground so a deputy could handcuff him.

Singleton was booked on a carjacking charge.

"I don't think he wanted to go back to jail," Miller said. "I think he really wanted to get away and was looking for a car." When the detective was making the arrest, he asked Singleton why he did this.

"I didn't feel like walking," Singleton said.

He is either that stupid or figures he is safer in jail for some reason. If its the former, he can't be allowed to walk the streets for the safety of the public.

'Leave Taleban to Afghans' call

Terrorism: Sometimes nothing works finer than local justice.

An influential Afghan minister has called on the West to allow local communities in Afghanistan to take over the fight against the Taleban.
Education Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar said the answer lay in what he called the "Afghanisation" of security.

Mr Atmar, who is a close ally of President Hamid Karzai, said Afghan forces needed more training.

In the latest violence, officials say the Taleban killed six people in the western province of Herat.

Traditional system

While Nato leaders have been calling for member countries to commit more troops to Afghanistan, Mr Atmar told the BBC that this was not the answer.

He says a traditional Afghan system, with local communities being allowed to practice self-defence, would be more effective.

He believes that Afghan forces could defeat the Taleban in five years, instead of the 15 he believes Nato would need.

And with at least 10 times as much money being spent on foreign troops as on Afghan forces, he believes that money could be better spent in training and providing resources.

The BBC's Elettra Neysmith says "Afghanisation" is a popular concept at the moment within Nato.

She says it has been cynically described as a "get out of jail free" card for Western countries mired in the deepening Taleban insurgency.

But Mr Atmar says the "Afghanisation" of security has worked successfully in provinces like Khost and Paktia in the south-east, where the Taleban are active.

Muslim leader says police PC over Asian gangs pimping white girls.

UK: This pops up every now and then in the UK though nothing is being done about it. Its not the racial aspect that gets me but any gang pimping out teenager girls should be brought to justice. You just don't get the feeling this is a priority for the police.

A muslim leader has accused the police of failing to tackle Asian gangs suspected of prostituting young white girls.

Officers are accused of being "over cautious" when investigating Muslim criminals because they fear being branded racist.

Last night Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Ramadhan Foundation, said the police were differentiating between criminals on the basis of race.

He claimed, driven by fear of race riots in places like Blackburn and Oldham, officers were "overtly sensitive" and not clamping down on the sordid practice.

His controversial comments in this week's Panorama reignite a massively controversial issue which exploded over a Channel 4 documentary in 2004.

That programme which claimed Asian men in Bradford were grooming under age white girls for prostitution was pulled from C4's schedules.

This was because police claimed at the time that it could provoke racial violence during the local election campaign.

Now the BBC is to risk the wrath of police officials and campaigners by airing a programme which will look at the same issue.

Speaking as part of the Panorama investigation, which airs tomorrow (Thursday), Shafiq said: "I think the police are overcautious on dealing with this issue openly because they fear being branded racist and I think that is wrong."

"These are criminals they should be treated as criminals. They are not Asian criminals, they are not Muslim criminals, they are not white criminals. They are criminals and they should be treated as criminals."

He said that some of the criminals were Asian gangs looking to supplement their income, after the cost of drugs has fallen over the last few years.

Shafiq said "I am the only Muslim leader in the UK that speaks up against this sort of thing and I do it because these teenage girls are somebody's sisters and they are somebody's daughters. I have got two daughters and I wouldn't want that to happen to my daughters.

"If there is a drug dealer grooming a white teenager into prostitution then I don't want the police service or local authority not to be open about it."

Supreme Court says whatever about ICJ rulings.

World: Nice smackdown by the Supreme Court to assert state power and not have international rulings try to dictate the American law system.

US state courts need not comply with International Court of Justice (ICJ) decisions, even if the US president orders them to, the US Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in the case of a Mexican sentenced to death.
The Hague-based ICJ on March 2004 ordered trial revisions in the United States of 51 Mexicans sentenced to death, because they had not been timely informed of their right to consular assistance.

One of them, 33-year-old Jose Medellin -- convicted of raping and murdering two teenagers in Texas in 1993 -- demanded Texas courts acknowledge that the omission pointed out by the ICJ warranted a retrial.

The Supreme Court ruled six to three in favor of Texas' magistrates.

"We conclude that neither (the ICJ) nor the president's memorandum constitutes directly enforceable federal law that pre-empts state limitations," Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said in the court's opinion.

Bush "has an array of political and diplomatic means available to enforce international obligations, but unilaterally converting a non-self-executing treaty into a self-executing one is not among them," he added.

"We're disappointed with the decision," said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino.

She stressed however that US arguments in the case "in no way condoned or defended the heinous crimes of which Jose Medellin was convicted."

The Bush administration had from the start criticized the International Court of Justice trial revision ruling, and later it withdrew from the ICJ treaty it had supported to avoid similar appeals.

"The Supreme Court recognized that there was an international obligation to comply with a legally ratified treaty of the United States. But their point was that the president of the United States does not have the authority, under current law, to compel a state to act," Perino said.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry called for compliance with the ICJ ruling.

"The government of Mexico considers that the rulings of the International Court of Justice should be respected by states that have accepted (the court's) jurisdiction," it said in a statement.

Wilders Sticks to Film Release before April

EU: As we go round and round on this, wilders has proven his point in spades already.

MP Geert Wilders says he is continuing to try to release his anti-Koran film before 1 April. How he will do so is unclear, as the Internet provider that was to have broadcast the film has pulled out.

Wilders is refusing to say what possibilities he still has up his sleeve now that his website has been taken off the air by the large American provider Network Solutions. It is not possible to broadcast the film via a small provider because the site would then immediately crash as a result of the large number of visitors expected at the moment of its release.

Nonetheless, Wilders said yesterday he was continuing to try to broadcast the film before March ends. He repeated for the umpteenth time that the film entitled Fitna is not an April Fool's Day joke.

Network Solutions has announced on the website Wilders reserved for broadcasting his film ( that "this site has been suspended while Network Solutions is investigating whether the site's content is in violation of the Network Solutions Acceptable Use Policy. Network Solutions has received a number of complaints regarding this site that are under investigation."

The Netherlands Islamic Federation (NIF) is applying this Friday for a preventative ban on the film. NIF is asking the district court in The Hague to have an independent expert see the film and to judge whether it is blasphemous. In that case, it cannot be shown, according to the Muslim group. No preventative ban on any product whatsoever has ever been imposed in the Netherlands.

Australia: Put Africans out of city, say police

Immigration: Last year, PM John Howard and his government were racists because of wanting to cut back on African refugees because they had trouble fitting in Australia while joining gangs and pushing up the crime rate. The race activists and police chief cried foul. WEll look at what they are admitting to now.

POLICE are advising the Immigration Department for the first time about how and where to settle troubled African refugees.

Senior Victorian police have urged the department to settle Sudanese families in country towns such as Mildura and Sale, away from suburban Melbourne where young African men are being caught up in street crime.

The Australian understands that police first appealed to immigration officials last year following a spike in criminal activity among young Sudanese men, while Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon was attempting to play down the problem.

Sudanese gang violence escalated last September, with the fatal bashing of 19-year-old Liep Gony near Noble Park railway station, in Melbourne's east.

Police advised against settling Sudanese in "dysfunctional areas" such as housing commission flats in Melbourne's north and east, and a growing number of the 15,000-member state community are now living in Mildura, Sale and Wonthaggi.

African Think Tank chairman Berhan Ahmed yesterday praised the rural settlement, saying it would help the Sudanese integrate, find work and avoid drugs, alcohol and street crime.

"The influence of drugs and alcohol will not be there, and it will be much easier for kids and refugee families to adjust in rural areas," he said.

Dr Ahmed - a Melbourne University senior research fellow studying refugees living in rural Victoria and their city counterparts - said young Africans living in the country were more likely to perform better at school and get work.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Neighbors Oppose Effort to House homeless.

Nation: Typical story that asks you to think with your heart only and not your head. The "evil" rich folks don't want a 14 member homeless family moving in a mansion located on land for an expanding park. The "good" council members who started the proposal and support it rail against the "evil" rich folk who oppose it.

As the Montgomery County Council put the finishing touches on a $2.5 million plan to buy more land for a Bethesda park, council member Nancy Floreen lobbed what has turned out to be the equivalent of a neighborhood cluster bomb:

Why not house a needy family in the 1930s-era home on the property in the Hillmead neighborhood and expand the park at the same time?

The planning board chairman wasn't eager. His agency has 77 park houses, the majority rented to county employees or the public, and only a few were group homes. But Floreen (D-At Large), joined by other council members, persisted. Now the county's housing agency is trying to decide whether the house is suitable for a 14-member homeless family living in a local motel.

.....At a recent meeting at the Greentree shelter, a neighborhood facility for abused women and their children on a secluded site, Adriane Jons said Hillmead is a caring community.

"We are doing everything we can to get out the word that we are a compassionate neighborhood," she said. Residents say they regularly donate funds, volunteer their time and generously support an array of programs to help the county's needy. And they note that the Greentree facility is part of their community.

Their County Council member, Roger Berliner (D-Potomac-Bethesda), a lawyer, sounds a similar theme. Their objection doesn't mean they don't want to help the homeless, he said.

"There has not been a process established," Berliner told more than 150 Hillmead residents who came to a recent community meeting, an extraordinary turnout in the neighborhood of almost 300 homes. And in a sharply worded letter to Nelson, Berliner said the county had been "counterproductive and disrespectful of the community's understandable desire to be a partner in the process."

Council member George L. Leventhal (D-At large) isn't buying it.

"Every neighborhood will voice objections. There is not one single neighborhood that will say, 'Yes, please house these families here.' I would hope that progressive, Democratic-elected officials would see the rhetoric about process and the obstacles being thrown in the path of doing the right thing," Leventhal said.

"I acknowledge it was not a perfect process. I take my share of the blame for that, and I am trying to reach out to the neighborhood," he said.

Here is the question that should be asked in this situation. What is the end game? How is this family going to support income for themselves and the house, will taxpayers still pay for the upkeep. Can this family afford to live in this rich area. So far all I have seen is put them up in the house and thats it. That is not a plan, that is a knee-jerk reaction.

The other area of concern is affordable housing that is lacking in the area. Unless people are making half a million a year, you can't have the popular definition of affordable housing in this area. Its a rich area, you can't stick a middle class of four in there, subsidize their purchase and expect them to keep up. Helping the homeless in one thing, being stupid about helping the homeless disregarding the reality of the situation is wrong.

Kwame Kilpatrick finally charged and facing jail.

Politics: This is all on him. Nothing much you can say that he screwed up royally.

Mr. Kilpatrick, 37, was charged with eight felony counts, including perjury, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to obstruct justice and misconduct in office. He turned himself in to the authorities just after 5 p.m., and was released on his own recognizance. He has vowed not to resign.

The prosecutor, Kym L. Worthy, painted a portrait of a mayor who had lied under oath, fired a police official and agreed to pay $8.4 million in taxpayer money to settle lawsuits — all to prevent the public from learning of his personal entanglements, including a romantic relationship with his former chief of staff, Christine Beatty.

Emphasizing that her investigation of Mr. Kilpatrick, who is married and has three sons, was not a private question of “lying about sex,” Ms. Worthy said: “Public dollars were used, people’s lives were ruined, the justice system was severely mocked, and the public trust trampled on. This case is about as far from being a private matter as one can get.”

During a news conference at his 11th-floor office at City Hall, Mr. Kilpatrick, a dynamic speaker who once drew note from Democratic Party leaders as a young politician to watch, was quieter and more reserved than usual. He told reporters he intended to “remain focused on moving this city forward” and looked “forward to complete exoneration.”

....In and around Detroit, people — even those who said they had been expecting charges against the mayor — seemed shaken.

“I’m just sick to my stomach,” said Karen Monroe, who watched the announcement broadcast live on television from the Checker Bar and Grill downtown, which she owns along with her sister.

Rachel Lutz, who was also at the Checker Bar and Grill for the broadcast, said: “I voted for Kilpatrick because I though it would be less cronyism. He was charismatic and enthusiastic. I feel betrayed that he squandered that.”

The scandal was particularly troubling to some here who recently had new hopes for their city: For years, Detroit has struggled with a reputation for vacant lots and an emptying downtown, and some said they believed Mr. Kilpatrick had begun to turn that around. They pointed to his ability as a young black mayor (who some called the hip-hop mayor in part for his diamond stud earring and stylish suits) to persuade older, white businessmen to invest in the city.

“This is a Detroit political tragedy,” said Charles K. Hyde, a historian at Wayne State University. “He had the potential of being a very effective mayor over many, many years, and he has wrecked any future political career over a sexual dalliance.”

NASA cut means no roving for Mars rover

Science: How about grounding some shuttle missions and keeping the money to keep the rover running. There has to be something else going on in Nasa that isn't a priority to keep the rovers going till they stop on their own.

LOS ANGELES - Scientists plan to put one of the twin Mars rovers to sleep and limit the activities of the other robot to fulfill a NASA order to cut $4 million from the program's budget, mission team members said Monday.

The news comes amid belt-tightening at NASA headquarters, which is under pressure to cover cost overruns of a flagship Mars mission to land a Hummer-sized rover on the Red Planet next year.

The solar-powered rovers Spirit and Opportunity have dazzled scientists and the public with findings of geologic evidence that water once flowed at or near the surface of Mars long ago.

Both rovers were originally planned for three-month missions at a cost of $820 million, but are now in their fourth year of exploration. It costs NASA about $20 million annually to keep the rovers running.

The latest directive from NASA to cut $4 million means Spirit will be forced into hibernation in the coming weeks, said principal investigator Steve Squyres of Cornell University.

"It's very demoralizing for the team," Squyres said.

Hitchens on Obama selling out his grandma for a political buck.

Politics: Ouch ouch. You don't trample family.

You often hear it said, of some political or other opportunist, that he would sell his own grandmother if it would suit his interests. But you seldom, if ever, see this notorious transaction actually being performed, which is why I am slightly surprised that Obama got away with it so easily. (Yet why do I say I am surprised? He still gets away with absolutely everything.)

Looking for a moral equivalent to a professional demagogue who thinks that AIDS and drugs are the result of a conspiracy by the white man, Obama settled on an 85-year-old lady named Madelyn Dunham, who spent a good deal of her youth helping to raise him and who now lives alone and unwell in a condo in Honolulu. It would be interesting to know whether her charismatic grandson made her aware that he was about to touch her with his grace and make her famous in this way. By sheer good fortune, she, too, could be a part of it all and serve her turn in the great enhancement.

NYTIMES article on boy being bullied.. whats the story?

Nation: Seriously, Billy Wolfe is getting targeted with the worse case of organized bullying I have ever read but reading the story its like much of the backstory is being left out on both sides.

"...It remains unclear why Billy became a target at age 12; schoolyard anthropology can be so nuanced. Maybe because he was so tall, or wore glasses then, or has a learning disability that affects his reading comprehension. Or maybe some kids were just bored. Or angry.

Whatever the reason, addressing the bullying of Billy has become a second job for his parents: Curt, a senior data analyst, and Penney, the owner of an office-supply company. They have binders of school records and police reports, along with photos documenting the bruises and black eyes. They are well known to school officials, perhaps even too well known, but they make no apologies for being vigilant. They also reject any suggestion that they should move out of the district because of this.

The many incidents seem to blur together into one protracted assault. When Billy attaches a bully’s name to one beating, his mother corrects him. “That was Benny, sweetie,” she says. “That was in the eighth grade.”

It began years ago when a boy called the house and asked Billy if he wanted to buy a certain sex toy, heh-heh. Billy told his mother, who informed the boy’s mother. The next day the boy showed Billy a list with the names of 20 boys who wanted to beat Billy up. "

It goes on with some idiot school official putting the blame on Billy but considering its case after case this is something worse that the Fayetteville school district needs to take care of now.

Founder of Popeyes dies.

Nation: Salute this man for bringing the best fast food chicken around.

NEW ORLEANS - Al Copeland, who became rich selling spicy fried chicken and notorious for his flamboyant lifestyle, died Sunday at a clinic near Munich, Germany. He was 64.

The founder of the Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken chain had been diagnosed shortly before Thanksgiving with a malignant salivary gland tumor. His death was announced by his spokeswoman, Kit Wohl.

After growing up in New Orleans, Copeland sold his car at age 18 for enough money to open his own one-man doughnut shop. He went on to spend 10 modestly successful years in the doughnut business.

The opening of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in New Orleans in 1966, however, caught Copeland's eye. Inspired by KFC's success, Copeland in 1971 used his doughnut profits to open a restaurant, Chicken on the Run. ("So fast you get your chicken before you get your change.")

After six months, Chicken on the Run was still losing money. In a last-ditch effort, Copeland chose a spicier Louisiana Cajun-style recipe and reopened the restaurant under the name Popeyes Mighty Good Fried Chicken, after Popeye Doyle, Gene Hackman's character in the film "The French Connection." The chain that grew from the one restaurant became Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken.

In its third week of operation, Copeland's revived chicken restaurant broke the profit barrier.

Franchising began in 1976, growing the chain to more than 800 stores in the United States and several foreign countries by 1989.

Newspaper regrets Lieberman? Big Deal.

Media: Not only that but The Day editorial goes into big time revisionist history.

He seems to be taking delight in poking the leadership of the Democratic Party in the eye....

Last August when some Democrats in Congress criticized the slow progress of the Iraq government on issues of reform and military readiness, Sen. Lieberman criticized them for “retreating from the real enemies who threaten our vital national interests.” Like the attack advertisements aimed at the congressmen, the criticism unfairly labeled legitimate policy questions raised by Democrats as evidence of weakness on national security.

Meanwhile, the junior Connecticut senator is not only backing the Republican nominee for the presidency, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, but appears to be making a contest of trying to get into every photo and TV news video with him. Perhaps Sen. Lieberman is taking delight in needling the chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, his 2004 opponent for the presidency, whose leadership he once dismissed as a “ticket to nowhere.”

Rather than building the bridges The Day expected when it endorsed Sen. Lieberman, he appears busy burning bridges with the party of which he is allegedly still a member. Perhaps the senator is positioning himself for a top cabinet post in a McCain presidency. But if the Democrats prevail, and enlarge their control of the Senate, it is hard to imagine this Connecticut senator being welcomed back with open arms.

Lieberman was not the one who burned bridges, it was the Democratic Party. When he lost his primary, instead of treating him with respect, most of the party turned on him like he stole something while the "grassroots" spat all over him. Lieberman didn't leave the Dem party, the party threw him off a cliff not expecting him to know how to fly back up. The Day editorial board would be wise to revisit that whole episode to see why he would be not only bitter but strengthen by what has happened to him.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Head of Nestle says Biofuels endangering food supplies.

World: Biofuel producers disagree. There needs to be some serious planning if we are rushing headstrong into this and subsidies won't help in the long run.

Growing use of such crops wheat and corn to make biofuels is putting world food supplies in peril, the head of Nestle, the world's biggest food and beverage company, warned Sunday.

"If as predicted we look to use biofuels to satisfy 20 percent of the growing demand for oil products, there will be nothing left to eat," chairman and chief executive Peter Brabeck-Letmathe said.

"To grant enormous subsidies for biofuel production is morally unacceptable and irresponsible," he told the Swiss newspaper NZZ am Sonntag.

While the competition is driving up the price of maize, soya and wheat, land for cultivation is becoming rare and water sources are also under threat, Brabeck said.

His remarks echoed concerns raised by the United Nations' independent expert on the right to food, Jean Ziegler.

Speaking at the UN General Assembly last year, Ziegler called for a five-year moratorium on all initiatives to develop biofuels in order to avert what he said might be "horrible" food shortages.

Diplomats from countries pursuing such fuels, such as Brazil and Colombia, disagreed with his forecast.

Praise to Compusa. Yes Compusa.

All about me: I had ordered a GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L with G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) and Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 from Newegg.

Did the minimum posting to see if it would post(turning it on) and nothing. Did the whole move the memory around, check the connectors, see if there is any short...etc. Still nothing. Power supply was good and two other boards I had worked perfectly. The board is dead, wonderful.

I had to get this working by Sunday, I went to Compusa and grab the
Intel BOXDG33FBC LGA 775.

Came home, did the min posting.... works
10 mins later I have everything hooked up and it works like a charm right out of the box.

Now I have to RMA the giga and make sure I remember never to get that brand again.

So far, WoW looks tremendous and no lag in Shatt City so I consider this a success for now.

The intel board is surprisingly well laid out and marked as easy as you can get for a motherboard to know where everything has to go.

As for Compusa, the makeover is actually makes the place look a lot cleaner and the prices on the computer parts which used to be out of whack seems more in line even with prices online. Newegg is still great and you sometimes get a crap part especially with motherboards. But next time I am sticking with Asus.