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Peter Hitchens : Bye America, you were our last hope.

Politics: Ouch.

"....The swooning frenzy over the choice of Barack Obama as President of the United States must be one of the most absurd waves of self-deception and swirling fantasy ever to sweep through an advanced civilisation. At least Mandela-worship – its nearest equivalent – is focused on a man who actually did something.

I really don’t see how the Obama devotees can ever in future mock the Moonies, the Scientologists or people who claim to have been abducted in flying saucers. This is a cult like the one which grew up around Princess Diana, bereft of reason and hostile to facts. "

Just look at his sermon by the shores of Lake Michigan. He really did talk about a ‘new dawn’, and a ‘timeless creed’ (which was ‘yes, we can’). He proclaimed that ‘change has come’. He revealed that, despite having edited the Harvard Law Review, he doesn’t know what ‘enormity’ means. He reached depths of oratorical drivel never even plumbed by our own Mr Blair, burbling about putting our hands on the arc of history (or was it the ark of history?) and bending it once more toward the hope of a better day (Don’t try this at home).

I am not making this up. No wonder that awful old hack Jesse Jackson sobbed as he watched. How he must wish he, too, could get away with this sort of stuff.

Perhaps, being a Chicago crowd, they knew some of the things that 52.5 per cent of America prefers not to know. They know Obama is the obedient servant of one of the most squalid and unshakeable political machines in America. They know that one of his alarmingly close associates, a state-subsidised slum landlord called Tony Rezko, has been convicted on fraud and corruption charges.

They also know the US is just as segregated as it was before Martin Luther King – in schools, streets, neighbourhoods, holidays, even in its TV-watching habits and its choice of fast-food joint. The difference is that it is now done by unspoken agreement rather than by law.

If Mr Obama’s election had threatened any of that, his feel-good white supporters would have scuttled off and voted for John McCain, or practically anyone. But it doesn’t. Mr Obama, thanks mainly to the now-departed grandmother he alternately praised as a saint and denounced as a racial bigot, has the huge advantages of an expensive private education. He did not have to grow up in the badlands of useless schools, shattered families and gangs which are the lot of so many young black men of his generation.

If the nonsensical claims made for this election were true, then every positive discrimination programme aimed at helping black people into jobs they otherwise wouldn’t get should be abandoned forthwith. Nothing of the kind will happen. On the contrary, there will probably be more of them.

As I walked, I crossed another of Washington’s secret frontiers. There had been a few white people blowing car horns and shouting, as the result became clear. But among the Mexicans, Salvadorans and the other Third World nationalities, there was something like ecstasy.

They grasped the real significance of this moment. They knew it meant that America had finally switched sides in a global cultural war. Forget the Cold War, or even the Iraq War. The United States, having for the most part a deeply conservative people, had until now just about stood out against many of the mistakes which have ruined so much of the rest of the world.

Suspicious of welfare addiction, feeble justice and high taxes, totally committed to preserving its own national sovereignty, unabashedly Christian in a world part secular and part Muslim, suspicious of the Great Global Warming panic, it was unique.

These strengths had been fading for some time, mainly due to poorly controlled mass immigration and to the march of political correctness. They had also been weakened by the failure of America’s conservative party – the Republicans – to fight on the cultural and moral fronts.

They preferred to posture on the world stage. Scared of confronting Left-wing teachers and sexual revolutionaries at home, they could order soldiers to be brave on their behalf in far-off deserts. And now the US, like Britain before it, has begun the long slow descent into the Third World. How sad. Where now is our last best hope on Earth?

Jon Friedman should be fired for being dumb

Media: How can CBS keep this article up with a headline like this at the top?

How Obama Can Win Over The Media
MarketWatch Media Columnist Explains What Obama Must Do To Become America's "Communicator-In-Chief"

The only problem Obama has with the media is how to tell them politely to take their lips off his ass so he can shower in peace.

Now upside down American flags are wrong.

Nation: Oh look , everyone is now proud to be an American.

Flag sales soar after election
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA - Nov 6, 2008

Even in liberal haven Seattle, the flag that was once a symbol of evil nationalism and having too much pride in your country is hip.

While flag waving is normal in some parts of the country, the Stars and Stripes haven't been so ubiquitous in Seattle.

"People around here don't fly flags like they do on the East Coast," said Seattle flag maker Carol Anderson, who hails from Rhode Island but has lived in Seattle for seven years.

The Star-Spangled Banner should transcend political party, said Anderson, who supported Obama.

"I don't care whether it's the Fourth of July or whatever. This country's at war. You'd think that you'd see a few American flags flying. Were they not flying the flag because they don't like George Bush? I mean, give me a break. It should represent more than who's in office. The flag itself to me has always represented an honor."

A New England upbringing has led Briggs Hause, a cashier at Magnolia Ace Hardware, to frequently fly the flag. But she disliked President Bush's leadership so much that she couldn't.

"I haven't the last eight years because I was very depressed with it," said Hause, who gave her age as "in my 60s." "It wasn't my America. I didn't put out one (a flag). Refused to. But now I will."

Remember when upside Down Flags were symbol of patriotic dissent, now its wrong.

Complaints that the upside-down flag is a racist protest irritate Townsend. It isn’t about Obama’s color, he says.

“People can’t separate out race from other issues,” he says. “His color has nothing to do with it.” It’s about issues: abortion and economic principles.

A lot of people might disagree with him, Townsend said, but they haven’t bothered to call. They know what his beliefs are. One can understand why some might be reluctant to call. Townsend is not a timid man about these issues.

But the mayor of Decatur, John Schultz, did call. He’d been out of town and returned Friday afternoon to a pile of angry messages from residents.

“We had a pretty one-sided conversation. I did all the talking,” Schultz said. He said he told Townsend he was not happy at all, that he was offended by the protest and concerned that it portrays the community in the wrong way. Obama and Biden were elected by the American public, and by a large margin, and he just has to accept it.

Originally, Townsend said, he planned to keep the flag in the upside-down position as long as Obama is in office, but that was overkill, he decided.

“I’ve said my peace,” he said. Out of respect for his employees, who have caught some flak, and out of his respect for friends and veterans who may disagree with him, he decided to take the flag down.

Veteran turns flag upside down
Alamogordo Daily News, NM - 9 hours ago

Lot more stories on Google News.

I expect the ACLU to step in to protect the rights of Americans to protest as they legally see fit.

Will GOP put some long term time bombs in place?

Politics: Via Instapundit.

ADVICE TO THE REPUBLICANS: Do what Rahm Emanuel would do in your position! "Put as many long-range torpedoes into the water aimed at Senator Obama's ship of state before Republicans lose control of the Executive Branch as possible." Some examples:

*Appoint U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois Patrick Fitzpatrick as a special prosecutor so he can pursue his investigation of Tony Rezko and his corrupt dealings with Illinois's governor and other creatures and spoilsmen of the Daley Machine. This will make it politically difficult for a President Obama to pardon Mr. Rezko and impossible for him to terminate Mr. Fitzpatrick as a federal officer come January 21 as a way of de-railing this investigation.

* Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate ACORN's voter registration methods and its dealings with the Obama campaign.

* Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Obama campaign's on-line fundraising operation, including its disabling of the credit card security software on its on-line donations system. File a complaint with the Federal Election Commission regarding same.

* Appoint a bipartisan (love that word!) presidential commission to review the candidates' fundraising in this election cycle and to recommend changes in federal election laws.

File ethics complaints against Sen. Chris Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank for their relationship with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Countrywide Mortgage.

Be it noted that, in his day, this is probably what Newt Gingrich would have done, too. It was then-Congressman Gingrich's persistent filing of ethics complaints against then-House Speaker Jim Wright, D Texas, which eventually brought Speaker Wright down and made possible the Republicans' re-taking of Congress in 1994 on the platform of the Contract with America.

Who needs a honeymoon anyway? Not Rahm Emanuel.

The GOP doesn't have the stomach to do it and they want to be honorable in defeat.

You really can't win a fight if your opponent is willing to slit your throat. The GOP has yet to learn this to date.

Now they tell us part 4: Wash Post in the tank for Obama.

Media: The MSM job is done, they helped to get Obama in the White House and now they oh yeah, you were right coverage comes out.

The Post provided a lot of good campaign coverage, but readers have been consistently critical of the lack of probing issues coverage and what they saw as a tilt toward Democrat Barack Obama. My surveys, which ended on Election Day, show that they are right on both counts.

My assistant, Jean Hwang, and I have been examining Post coverage since Nov. 11 last year on issues, voters, fundraising, the candidates' backgrounds and horse-race stories on tactics, strategy and consultants. We also have looked at photos and Page 1 stories since Obama captured the nomination June 4. Numbers don't tell you everything, but they give you a sense of The Post's priorities.

The count was lopsided, with 1,295 horse-race stories and 594 issues stories. The Post was deficient in stories that reported more than the two candidates trading jabs; readers needed articles, going back to the primaries, comparing their positions with outside experts' views. There were no broad stories on energy or science policy, and there were few on religion issues.

Bill Hamilton, assistant managing editor for politics, said, "There are a lot of things I wish we'd been able to do in covering this campaign, but we had to make choices about what we felt we were uniquely able to provide our audiences both in Washington and on the Web. I don't at all discount the importance of issues, but we had a larger purpose, to convey and explain a campaign that our own David Broder described as the most exciting he has ever covered, a narrative that unfolded until the very end. I think our staff rose to the occasion."

The op-ed page ran far more laudatory opinion pieces on Obama, 32, than on Sen. John McCain, 13. There were far more negative pieces (58) about McCain than there were about Obama (32), and Obama got the editorial board's endorsement. The Post has several conservative columnists, but not all were gung-ho about McCain.

Stories and photos about Obama in the news pages outnumbered those devoted to McCain. Post reporters, photographers and editors -- like most of the national news media -- found the candidacy of Obama, the first African American major-party nominee, more newsworthy and historic. Journalists love the new; McCain, 25 years older than Obama, was already well known and had more scars from his longer career in politics.

As I said before and will continue, the MSM must die. I hope from editors to copyboys lose their jobs as more papers go out of business in 2009. I will be cheering with much glee.

Hispanics demanding Cabinet posts.

Politics: Identity politics has expanded.

On Election Day, Obama won all four states over Republican John McCain largely because of the Latino vote.

Florida Hispanics voted 57 percent-42 percent for Obama, 1 percentage point more than they gave President Bush in 2004. In Colorado, Obama’s Latino margin was 73-27, in Nevada it was 76-22 and in New Mexico, 69 percent of Hispanics backed Obama versus 30 percent for McCain, according to news media exit polls.

Latinos in Virginia, another key state, also picked Obama by a 2-1 margin. Nationally, only 30 percent of Hispanics backed McCain, 10 points lower than for Bush in the last election.

Hispanics delivered. Now the question is, how much can Latinos expect from Obama?

The president-elect has not made any firm commitments. During a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in September, he asked for their policy ideas and their votes and added, “When I’m president, I’ll be asking many of you to serve at every level of government.”

Cecilia Munoz, vice president of National Council of La Raza, said, “It’s a foregone conclusion that we should be at the table for policy debates and in a position of authority,” because Hispanics are affected by major issues facing all voters. Latinos will be prominent in an Obama administration “just as we would be in any administration moving forward,” she added.

But as the first African-American elected to the presidency, Obama is expected to face enormous pressures from various interests — women, Asian-Americans, Latinos and especially African-Americans — for top positions in his administration.

The Latino pop-bomb explodes, immigration enforcement to be dashed.

Immigration: Anyway you cut it, the immigration debate is going to be lost by the immigrantion enforcers completely at this rate.

Each election cycle during the past few decades, political analysts have predicted the awakening of the so-called sleeping giant of the American electorate — the Latino vote.

And in the days after each election, pundits have reported that the rapidly growing demographic did not, in fact, prove to be a decisive factor in picking a new president. But no longer.

A record 10 million Latino voters helped carry President-elect Barack Obama to victory on Tuesday, supporting the Democrat by a 2-1 margin over Republican Sen. John McCain, according to a Pew Hispanic Center analysis of national exit poll data from Edison Media Research.

The overall percentage of Latino voters was in line with 2004, roughly 8 percent of all voters, the exit polls showed. But this time around, the vote was "more potent" because it swung Republican states to the Democrats, said Andy Hernandez, an Austin-based pollster who specializes in Latino politics.

"Latinos are flipping red states to blue," Hernandez said. "In this election, Latinos contributed to Virginia flipping. They were responsible for Nevada flipping. They contributed to Colorado flipping. And New Mexico went overwhelmingly Democratic, and Latinos were responsible for that."

Obama even had a strong performance in Florida, where Cuban-Americans have historically supported Republicans by large measures, taking 57 percent of the total Latino vote Tuesday, the exit polls showed.

Central Florida cannot be a red area anymore due to an influx of puerto ricans who vote Dem.

The Republican challenge lies in winning over more new Latino voters, even while the party's brand fades among the population.

That task is crucial in Florida, where newcomers of Puerto Rican descent in central Florida are counter-balancing traditionally Republican Cuban-American voters in Miami, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., said in an e-mailed statement.

"The Republican Party needs to do a much more aggressive outreach effort to win over Puerto Rican, Colombian and Venezuelan communities, as they are the fastest rising Latino groups in Florida," Ros-Lehtinen wrote. "We can and must do this."

What this means is that the immigration debate and not having an amnesty for millions of illegals are going to be lost if the GOP does not get its act together. Right now any Dem candidate can safely ignore a lot of states while playing identity politics out west and northeast and upper midwest.

Melissa Etheridge refuses to pay taxes.

Politics: This is what is known as throwing a temper tantrum.

Okay. So Prop 8 passed. Alright, I get it. 51% of you think that I am a second class citizen. Alright then. So my wife, uh I mean, roommate? Girlfriend? Special lady friend? You are gonna have to help me here because I am not sure what to call her now. Anyways, she and I are not allowed the same right under the state constitution as any other citizen. Okay, so I am taking that to mean I do not have to pay my state taxes because I am not a full citizen. I mean that would just be wrong, to make someone pay taxes and not give them the same rights, sounds sort of like that taxation without representation thing from the history books.

Okay, cool I don't mean to get too personal here but there is a lot I can do with the extra half a million dollars that I will be keeping instead of handing it over to the state of California. Oh, and I am sure Ellen will be a little excited to keep her bazillion bucks that she pays in taxes too. Wow, come to think of it, there are quite a few of us fortunate gay folks that will be having some extra cash this year. What recession? We're gay! I am sure there will be a little box on the tax forms now single, married, divorced, gay, check here if you are gay, yeah, that's not so bad. Of course all of the waiters and hairdressers and UPS workers and gym teachers and such, they won't have to pay their taxes either.

There is one entity you cannot win against in America, IRS. So cut the crap and spread the wealth.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio wins: Illegal supporters unhappy.

Immigration: Given the reasonable assumption that Obama and Congress will pass an amnesty for over 15 Million illegals in this country, it is nice to see that illegal enforcement Sheriff Joe Arpaio win easily much to the frustration of his opponents.

The re-election of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas keeps the issue of illegal immigration at the forefront of Arizona politics, even though it has fallen off the national radar.

"Thank goodness we still have great men in power. . . . At least they will help keep Phoenix safe," said Bill Chenausky, 41, of Phoenix.

Chenausky said he voted for Arpaio and Thomas because he is frustrated with illegal immigration and they seem to be the only ones doing anything about it

Both Arpaio and Thomas vowed to continue to combat illegal immigration, and they suggested they may even step up their efforts in light of their victories.

But the prospect of a new level of immigration enforcement disturbs civil-rights advocates.

"These (Arpaio and Thomas) are folks who have terrorized our community," said Raul Yzaguirre, the former president of the National Council of La Raza, a Latino civil-rights organization, and now a professor at Arizona State University.

Yzaguirre said Tuesday's election results show that voters in Arizona remain deeply frustrated over illegal immigration.

"I thought the pendulum was swinging the other way," he said.

In addition to the incumbents' victories, voters in Arizona also rejected Proposition 202, a measure backed by business groups that would have weakened aspects of the state's tough employer sanctions law.

Prop 8 win emboldens religious groups

Culture: I don't see this coalition being as successful in the northeast states.

Energized by a comeback win, conservative activists want to apply the same formula they used to outlaw same-sex marriage in California to prevent other states from recognizing gay unions and President-elect Barack Obama from expanding the rights of gays and lesbians.

Leaders of the successful Proposition 8 campaign say an unusual coalition of evangelical Christians, Mormons and Roman Catholics built a majority at the polls Tuesday by harnessing the organizational muscle of churches to a mainstream message about what school children might be taught about gay relationships if the ban failed.

Same-sex marriage bans also won in Arizona and Florida. But in putting together the California victory, the coalition overcame opposition from the state's political establishment and assumptions about how voters in the famously tolerant state would respond to taking away the rights the state's highest court granted this spring.

"Everyone told me it could not be done, people do not care about this enough, you will be overwhelmed and you will lose," said Maggie Gallagher, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage, a New Jersey group that provided seed money early this year to qualify the measure for the ballot.

"This is an issue people care about when they understand what is at stake and we mount a vigorous and visible defense of marriage," Gallagher said.

Gay activists blame the "niggers" and Mormons.

Culture: Prop 8 opponents not dealing well with the reality of the vote.

A number of Rod 2.0 and Jasmyne Cannick readers report being subjected to taunts, threats and racist abuse at last night's marriage equality rally in Los Angeles.

Geoffrey, a student at UCLA and regular Rod 2.0 reader, joined the massive protest outside the Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Westwood. Geoffrey was called the n-word at least twice.

It was like being at a klan rally except the klansmen were wearing Abercrombie polos and Birkenstocks. YOU NIGGER, one man shouted at men. If your people want to call me a FAGGOT, I will call you a nigger. Someone else said same thing to me on the next block near the and my friend were walking, he is also gay but Korean, and a young WeHo clone said after last night the niggers better not come to West Hollywood if they knew what was BEST for them.

Los Angeles resident and Rod 2.0 reader A. Ronald says he and his boyfriend, who are both black, were carrying NO ON PROP 8 signs and still subjected to racial abuse.

Three older men accosted my friend and shouted, "Black people did this, I hope you people are happy!" A young lesbian couple with mohawks and Obama buttons joined the shouting and said there were "very disappointed with black people" and "how could we" after the Obama victory.
This was stupid for them to single us out because we were carrying those blue NO ON PROP 8 signs! I pointed that out and the one of the older men said it didn't matter because "most black people hated gays" and he was "wrong" to think we had compassion. That was the most insulting thing I had ever heard. I guess he never thought we were gay.

Even in liberal Broward County because of the black vote the Florida Gay ban amendment got 52% Yes vote.

Black voters in Broward County provided some of the strongest support for Amendment 2, which added a ban on same-sex marriage to the Florida Constitution.

The amendment passed statewide this week, winning 61.9 percent of the vote. Adding an amendment to the Constitution requires a 60 percent "yes" vote.

Support in liberal Broward County, which has a large gay and lesbian population was 10 percentage points less than the statewide vote.

Amendment 2 got 52 percent "yes" in Broward.

A Sun Sentinel analysis of precinct-by-precinct results in Broward found that in precincts where at least half the registered voters are black, the amendment got a 64 percent yes vote.

That translates to 49,868 "yes" votes and 29,459 "no" votes.

Countywide, as of votes counted Friday afternoon, Amendment 2 had 336,536 "yes" and 309,801 "no" votes.

Political scientists and proponents of adding the same-sex marriage ban to the Constitution predicted before Election Day that black voters drawn to the polls in large numbers by Barack Obama’s historic presidential candidacy would be socially conservative and vote for Amendment 2.

Of the 55 precincts where at least 70 percent of the registered voters are black, the proposed amendment got at least 60 percent of the vote in all but eight.

Of the 688 precincts where black voters are less than 50 percent of the registered voters, 588 of them gave the amendment less than 60 percent support.

Blacks have resented the gay rights movement doing a hijack of the civil rights movement for the cause of getting married.

I have always seen it as a problem because you can make a strong argument that Gays should have the legal rights of other married couples even though I strongly disagree with the term marriage being expanded to cover anything more than man and woman.

When you invoke imagery of the civil rights movement which is a struggle based on not even being seen as an equal on every measure in a society to wanting to get married as a major reason, it causes resentment. Gays wanting equal marriage rights can stand on its own and it is time for gay activists to stop blaming everyone else by making those points without invoking other movements.

Dick Armey: 'Compassionate' Conservatism Was a Mistake

Politics: Excellent op-ed by Armey on why the GOP finds itself out on its ass because of the way it handled itself when it got into power and what they must do to get back from the wilderness. The time spent on the outs can be short if the GOP leadership actually listens to its party members or just be the party that stands against something.

The modern Republican Party has risen above its insecurities to achieve political success. Ronald Reagan, for example, held an unshakably positive vision of American capitalism. He didn't feel a need to qualify the meaning of his conservatism. He understood that big government was cruel and uncaring of individual aspirations. Small government conservatism was, by definition, compassionate -- offering every American a way up to self-determination and economic prosperity.

Republicans lost control of Congress in 2006 because voters no longer saw Republicans as the party of limited government. They have since rejected virtually every opportunity to recapture this identity. But their failure to do so must not be misconstrued as a rejection of principles of individual liberty by the American people. The evidence suggests we are still a nation of pocketbook conservatives most happy when government has enough respect to leave us alone and to mind its own business. The worrisome question is whether either political party understands this.

Say no to Auto Makers $50 billion bailout request.

Business: The Detroit auto industry is a 70's economic model not equipped to sustain itself in 2008. It cannot be propped up by more taxpayer funded loans and tax credits. The entire model has to be overhauled and retooled not just on the assembly line but as a business to be competitive in a global economy.

Struggling U.S. automakers are requesting an additional $50 billion in new loans from Congress to help them survive tough economic conditions and pay for health care obligations for retirees, officials said Friday.

A day after the leaders of Detroit's auto companies and the president of the UAW huddled with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., participants in the meeting said the figure discussed was double the $25 billion they want to cover future health care payments for about 780,000 retirees and their dependents.

Automakers want the new loans included in an economic stimulus package that is now more likely to come together early next year rather than in a post-election lame-duck session of Congress later this month. The $50 billion would be in addition to the $25 billion in loans that Congress passed in September to help retool auto plants to build more fuel-efficient vehicles.

The requests come as auto companies are bleeding cash and jobs. General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. reported Friday that they spent down their cash reserves by a combined $14.6 billion the past three months. Ford said it would slash more than 2,000 white collar jobs.

New Zealand Conservatives win election.

World: Conservatives in New Zealand speak anyway, but the nice part is the defeat of Helen Clark.

Obama : President of the Stupidly Arrogant.

Politics: Nancy Reagan quip notwithstanding and the site when did the Office of the President-Elect become an actual office? Its going to be 4 years of MTV imagery.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Will Smith to remake Oldboy?

Entertainment: and with Steven Spielberg..Really?

Via Slashfilm.

Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are in talks to collaborate on a remake of Chan Wook-Park’s Oldboy. Spielberg has been looking for an opportunity to work with Smith for a few years now, and this just might be the project. DreamWorks is in the process of securing the remake rights, and Spielberg is on the search for a screenwriter to develop the project. The project was originally set up with Fast and Furious director Justin Lin.

Central American immigrants adopt Mexican ways!

Culture: In America. Assimilation, you are doing it wrong.

Obama's choice of Emanuel predictable.

Politics: This story starts out from some alternate universe.

Barack Obama is signaling a shift in tactics and temperament as he moves from candidate to president-elect, picking sharp-elbowed Washington insiders for top posts. His choice Thursday for White House chief of staff—Rahm Emanuel, a fiery partisan who doesn't mind breaking glass and hurting feelings—is a significant departure from the soft-spoken, low-key aides that "No-Drama Obama" surrounded himself with during his campaign. And transition chief John Podesta, like Emanuel, is a former top aide to Bill Clinton and a tough partisan infighter, though less bombastic than the new chief of staff.

The selections are telling for Obama, who campaigned as a nontraditional, almost "post-partisan" newcomer. People close to him say the selections show that Obama is aware of his weaknesses as well as his strengths and knows what he needs to be successful as he shifts from campaigning to governing.

What soft spoken low key aides? He was surrounded by rabid dogs during his campaign where he could play the "I'm above it card" and he is using the same tactics here with Rahm. There is no difference other than he is making sure he can stand above any fray.

Obama Plans for Federal Workforce

Nation: He will aggressively cut ineffective federal programs and streamline departments. My tuckus.

If President-elect Barack Obama makes good on his campaign promises, the federal government may be headed for a major shakeup, including the reassignment of many middle-managers, a sharp reduction in the number of outside contracts, and new performance standards for workers.

Obama's governing document, "Blueprint for Change," contains dozens of proposals that, if put into effect, would ripple through the 1.8 million federal workforce and every department and agency. He has also vowed to order a line-by-line review of the federal budget to weed out ineffective programs.

"I am not a Democrat who believes that we can or should defend every government program just because it's there," Obama declared during the campaign.

At the same time, however, the incoming president has promised a much broader domestic agenda of new and expanded federal programs, estimated to cost in excess of a half trillion dollars. Those programs include a costly economic stimulus package, universal health care coverage, and various "green" initiatives.

Your basic shell game.

Precisely how Obama and his advisers intend to impose these and other reforms is far from clear. Other presidents have attempted to make dramatic changes in the federal workforce, only to encounter resistance from legislators, government employee unions and special interest groups.

There you go, he can't do anything but make the Federal Government grow.

Here comes the Obama babies!

Nation: In 9 months America will have its first Obama generation! Unless the young Dems don't abort the babies first.

The phrase "Obama Baby" has already been indentified and defined by Urban Dictionary, the online archive of American slang.

"A child conceived after Obama was proclaimed President by way of celebratory sex, or any baby born under Barack Obama's term(s)," is the entry.

It helpfully adds an example of its use: "I was born July 2009. I'm an Obama baby!"

The impact of world events on libidos has been charted before. Anecdotal evidence suggested that many New Yorkers sought solace in love-making after the Sept 11 attacks, a trend that became known as "terror sex".

But seven years on, Democratic Americans are taking to their beds for very different reasons.

A contributor to Yahoo Answers was a litte more direct: "I had good sex while simultaneously watching Obama's victory on CNN. Now THAT'S a great way to spend an evening, let me tell you."

But not everyone is enamoured by the idea of marking Mr Obama's election victory with a new addition to the family.

"That's it. My fiancee and I will have to wait until 2012 before we start to have kids," wrote a commenter, presumably Republican, on one blog.

Another wrote: "I'm getting an Obama vasectomy. I can't afford his tax hikes and another kid."

Several new mothers in Kenya, Mr Obama's ancestral homeland, have already named their babies Barack Obama.

Already have a Baby Obama in South Florida.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A black Dr Who?

Entertainment: I could see the BBC doing this on the merit of wanting a black man playing the Doctor instead of actually being right for the role. That would be extremely bad because following David Tennant whoever is the new Doctor has to be add to the role or the quick he sucks compared to Tennant will come quickly.

BBC bosses are in talks to sign actor Colin Salmon to be the first black Doctor Who.

They want the James Bond star to take over when David Tennant, 37, leaves in 2009.

Colin, 45, appeared as character Dr Moon this year — but is best known as M’s assistant in three 007 films. He was tipped to land the Bond role before it went to Daniel Craig.

A BBC source said: “He made a good impression when he appeared and bosses think the time is right to have the first black Doctor.”

Unions/Automakers to meet Pelosi

Nation: Incoming welfare bailout for the unions and automakers.

The chief executives of Detroit's automakers and the head of the United Auto Workers plan to meet with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday to discuss the financial status of the struggling industry.

Two people familiar with the plans for the meeting said Wednesday that the top executives of General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC, along with the union's president, will meet with Pelosi in Washington to talk about the credit crisis and access to government funding for the auto industry.

The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because the meeting is private.

Pelosi has called for Congress to enact a stimulus program to shore up the sinking economy during its lame-duck session.

News of the meeting came as Detroit automakers and their allies in Congress said Barack Obama's victory could help U.S. automakers line up federal funding needed for them to survive a terrible economic slump.

Obama made it clear during his campaign that he understood the automakers' problems and would work to preserve the industry, U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said Wednesday.

"I'm very optimistic that we're going to have a fighter in the White House for manufacturers, and that's what we need," Levin said.

Levin said he was told Wednesday by Jason Furman, Obama's senior economic adviser, that government aid is atop Obama's agenda. Levin said Furman did not commit to a specific funding path for the industry but was supportive.

Black TV Presenter rips "all these Moroccan m*therf*ckers"

EU: It is a joy to see Multicultists have their worldview slapped around and having a hard time dealing with it.

THE HAGUE, 07/11/08 - TV presenter Prem Radhakishun, himself black and a strong advocate of multiculturalism, now feels safer in the proximity of white racists than among Moroccan teenagers. In an interview on Radio 1 yesterday, he expressed his frustration in a tirade.

On his TV programme Premtime, produced by public broadcaster NPS, Radhakishun has tried for some years to give a realistic picture of the problems of the multicultural society. He regularly visits old city districts for street interviews. Radhakishun, a Hindu originally from Surinam, has always defended the position of Moroccan youngsters and sees it as his task to get rid of stigmatisation and prejudice.

But in a tirade on Radio 1, Radhakishun said yesterday he has become "sick to death" of "all these Moroccan m*therf*ckers" that he says push him around. "Today I feel a lot safer among white Lonsdale racists" than among Moroccan teenagers. "I may snap soon (...) but if I bash that scum back I will be tried as a racist in a show trial," he fumed.

Radhakishun was explaining that this week, he was threatened by Moroccan teenagers for the umpteenth time, after shooting for Premtime in The Hague. "I was forced to run away" from a group of 'opportunity youngsters', as they are often called in policy papers, "to avoid being completely beaten up. Even though I have stood up for them for years."

Earlier, a young kid injured Radhakishun by throwing a full can of cola at him but Radhakishun continued the broadcast with a bleeding head. "Why is the government not doing anything? Damn it, I am simply becoming rightwing from this! And politicians just ask themselves where that 'feeling of uneasiness' comes from. This is much more important than the election of President Obama," according to the avowed Obama devotee.

PPM create ratings shocker in DC radio market.

Media: The Portable People Meter radio ratings have come out for the DC radio market and it turned everything upside down.

No Post Story On "Revolutionary" PPM Ratings For DC - 11/6 - DCRTV reported yesterday the first preliminary round of those new electronic Portable People Meter radio ratings for DC (see our 11/5 newsblurb). Which show stunning rises for news stations like WTOP and WAMU, and big declines for urban outlets like WMMJ, WPGC-FM, and WHUR, and DC's Spanish language WLZL.

So, why no Washington Post article this morning? Sources tell DCRTV that Post media reporter Paul Farhi had called around on Wednesday, asking questions about the PPM results. But no story on Thursday. "This was revolutionary," a local radio guru tells DCRTV.

The new rating system "overturns the old order when urban stations dominated the market. Pubic radio stations (are) now included in the main numbers. New top dogs. Stations like WJFK now have to question high salaries they pay to talent now that ratings cannot justify the cost." Live and local guy talker WJFK plunged in the new PPMs, to 20th place or below in some dayparts. Oh, not to toot our own horn, but one local radio guy actually praised DCRTV's coverage: "Congrats to you for being the only game in town"..... What the hell people..

Politics: As the Captain points out.

However, this site has a .gov top-level domain ( That is reserved for “qualified government organizations and programs”. The incoming administration technically has no status as a government organization or program until January 20, 2009. The “Office of the President-Elect” doesn’t exist within the government. Furthermore, the use seen at the site is clearly promotional for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and should have been kept at their own campaign domain rather than set up as an official US government site.

And why are they using a .gov site to compile mailing lists?

If this was a Republican, the sounds of unethical, scandalous would ring thru the nuttersphere.

Now they tell us series. A continuing saga!

Politics: The media did its job in helping to elect Obama and now they tell us....

Now They Tell Us, Part III [Mark Hemingway]
Emily Bazelon writing in Slate:

Witness the harsh and sometimes hostile partisanship of the sweet liberal children I know ... And so I fear the election is teaching them not only about the joy of supporting an appealing candidate but also about the more vicious pleasures of despising the other side—with a zeal that's usually off-limits to them. Also during the soccer carpool, the kids discussed a pumpkin with Obama carvings that had gotten smashed, and one of them said, "It must have been those McCain-loving teenagers." Which led to a gleeful discussion about fighting back with bombs and guns. I winced. As did one of my colleagues over drawings her 3-year-old son did at synagogue this weekend. At first, he drew a stick figure with its arms raised. "That's Obama," he said to nobody. Then the stick figure reappeared, lying prone. "Dead McCain," he muttered.

Now They Tell Us, Part II [Mark Hemingway]
From the AP:
Even after nearly two years in the spotlight, little is understood about the 47-year-old first-term senator's approach to leadership. His resume: community organizer, eight years as state legislator, and less than four as U.S. senator.As a lawmaker, he has displayed a knack for working with Republicans on a handful of favorite issues. But he has devoted most of his time in the Senate to running for president. Unlike the past seven presidents, he was never a governor or vice president. And unlike John F. Kennedy, the last senator to move directly to the presidency, Obama has not commanded troops in wartime.Personally, he's a bit of an enigma, too.

Now They Tell Us [Ramesh Ponnuru]
David Greenberg in Slate: McCain's campaign wasn't really so dishonorable. Next he'll be telling us that Obama's connection to Wright was a legitimate issue. (It should be noted that Clintonite axe-grinding can be heard in the background of Greenberg's piece.)

NOW THEY TELL US (CONT'D): The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace.

Amazing how this is all coming out now. Yeah right.

Teacher bullies student who choosed McCain.

Education: This is why you home school your kids and why I said in a post down below that conservatives need to not just talk about the public system and the leftists that populate it. We need to break up the monopoly and start changing the culture or you get idiots like Diantha Harris who should be fired for this crap.

Story is up from the Asheville Times.

A former city schools teacher filmed in a Swedish documentary talking about politics in the classroom is drawing fire from bloggers for “belittling” a student who supported Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

.....Harris on Thursday said she wasn’t advocating for one candidate over the other and that the footage of her lesson is heavily edited.

She said the film’s producers asked her to talk about politics that day and that she not only discussed the presidential race but all the races in North Carolina.

She said her comments of “Oh lord” and “Oh Jesus” were her way of engaging her students to spur discussion. She said the camera does not show her sticking her tongue out and throwing up her hands when one student said he supports Obama.

“I wasn’t necessarily pulling for one person or the other,” she said in a telephone interview from her home in Fayetteville. “If I was pulling for just one person then I would have never said the other person’s name.”

She said her comment to the child whose father was in the military was not meant to change the child’s mind about supporting McCain.

At the end of the segment, Harris can be seen in her home wearing a Barack Obama button. She was also filmed at a May “informance” at the school, which is a cross between a performance and an information presentation, wearing an Obama button while talking to kids about voting.

“Now I can support whomever I want to support, as long as I don't browbeat another person for the candidate that they supported,” she said in the film. “Like I have some students that support John McCain, and when they told me that, I said ‘that's good' and I just moved on.”

McCain leakers be careful of Palin bashing.

Politics: Considering the stories are already out with Dems looking eager to make McCain be the mediator of the GOP Senate, all these leaks trying to pass the blame on Gov.Palin will backfire badly on you. It is confirmation of the rumors and observation on how badly the McCain campaign was really ran in this election.

Conservatives are already pissed off and ripping on a couple of people will be a nice cathartic exercise.

Conservatives failed to counter liberal Black Radio.

Politics: Shows like Tom Joyner and Michael Basiden show. They pushed registration and early voting, every day talked about the Republicans will steal the vote, they slammed McCain/Palin with the type of talk that reversed would have conservative hosts thrown off the air mocking Obama. They worked Black voters into a frenzy.

(AUDIO) Tom Joyner show crew mocks McCain.

Michael Baisden fantasying about white Republican women are only for abortion if their daughters are raped by Latino or Black men.

Gwen Ifill not caring for Gov.Palin.

Now out of fear I didn't expect anyone to protest but it didn't seem anyone was aware of the impact they would have on the election.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Unknown "Structures" Tugging at Universe

Science: Uh oh. We are being pulled over the cosmic cliff!

On the outskirts of creation, unknown, unseen "structures" are tugging on our universe like cosmic magnets, a controversial new study says.

Everything in the known universe is said to be racing toward the massive clumps of matter at more than 2 million miles (3.2 million kilometers) an hour—a movement the researchers have dubbed dark flow.

The presence of the extra-universal matter suggests that our universe is part of something bigger—a multiverse—and that whatever is out there is very different from the universe we know, according to study leader Alexander Kashlinsky, an astrophysicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

The theory could rewrite the laws of physics. Current models say the known, or visible, universe—which extends as far as light could have traveled since the big bang—is essentially the same as the rest of space-time (the three dimensions of space plus time).

Obama helping to tank the market.

Politics: Bloomberg and the AP weigh in with this point.

Analysts agree that Obama's most immediate priority will be dealing with the nation's financial crisis and deciding how to further implement the $700 billion rescue package passed by Congress last month.

Goldman said trading could remain turbulent as investors begin assessing the shape and direction of Obama's forthcoming economic policies.

"The market has to go through a period of figuring out if they are going to gain confidence in Obama and the Congress or lose it," he said.

Obama's victory means that industries such as oil and gas producers, utilities and pharmaceuticals may face greater regulation and even taxes, while labor unions and automakers are expected to benefit.

In addition, banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and the rest of the financial sector will almost certainly face attempts at a regulatory overhaul by the Democratic Congress next year.

Obama is Tony Blair/New Labour.

Politics: Given Pelosi definition of center I am scared right now. But I am thinking more than ever that Obama is going to pull a Blair/Clinton third way where he sits at the center and shifts left/right when he feels its necessary.

Pelosi, D-California, said she hoped Obama would "bring people together to reach consensus" on issues that concern Americans. "A new president must govern from the middle," she said.

Topping her agenda, she said, would be "growing the economy, expanding health care, ending dependence on foreign oil and ending the war in Iraq."

Democrats say McCain can help mediate

Politics: As the media comes back around to playing up the maverick now the election is over while the Dems play "honorable."

Before resting from the grueling presidential race, John McCain began discussing with senior aides what role he will play in the Senate now that he has promised to work with the man who defeated him for president.

Democrats, who padded their majorities in the House and Senate, have a suggestion: McCain can mediate solutions to partisan standoffs on key legislation as he did to help avert a constitutional meltdown over judicial confirmations in 2005.

"There's a need for the old John McCain, a leader who worked in a bipartisan way," Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Wednesday.

GOP leaders, never fond McCain's independent streak or blunt style, nonetheless are reaching out to keep him in the fold and keep Republican ranks as robust as possible during the next Congress, two knowledgeable GOP officials said on condition they not be named because the conversations were private.

UK Socialists vote to ban overtime work for British workers.

UK: Socialists and Unions know better than you if you want to work overtime or not.

Hundreds of thousands of workers could lose their right to earn extra money working overtime after Brussels voted to scrap Britain's opt-out from the 48-hour working week.

Labour Euro MPs defied Gordon Brown and backed the move to end our special deal on the issue.

The vote horrified business leaders, who say scrapping the right to work more than 48 hours a week would deal a devastating blow to Britain's economy just as it enters a recession.

An estimated 1.7million regularly work more than 48 hours - with the tourism and catering industries, farmers, medical researchers and offshore workers likely to be worst affected if a cap is imposed by Brussels.

Most EU countries are opposed to the opt-out, negotiated by the last Tory government, which they believe gives Britain an unfair competitive advantage.

Today the employment and social affairs committee of the European Parliament voted by a large majority to scrap the deal in three years' time.

Labour MEP Stephen Hughes, employment spokesman of the Parliament's socialist group, was among those who voted in favour. He said: 'It has always been the position of the socialist group to be against the optout on working time because of concerns about health and safety.'

"...Union leaders, however, celebrated what they hailed as a major blow against Britain's long-hours culture.

Paul Kenny of the GMB union, said: 'This is a very significant day for UK workers. Dignity and decency has won over ignorance and greed.'

Lord Mandelson said the Government would continue to fight for the opt-out, adding: 'To lose the ability to opt-out will mean workers cannot boost their earning potential when some are already struggling with high food and energy prices.'

Another tenat of Socialism, everyone must suck equally.

Radical youth vote the difference.

Politics: Via NRO Corner.

Tenured Radicals Coming Home to Roost? [Andy McCarthy]

Preliminary indications are that the youth vote (ages 18-29) was way up: an increase of somewhere over 2.2 million (maybe way over) from 2004 (a year in which it was very high), and as much as 13% over 2000. The Left's dominance of the academy is now having a material impact on electoral politics. As we think about the future of conservatism, we ignore that at our peril.

11/05 03:21 PM

How could anyone not see this coming, its great conservatives point out the leftist slant in college education but it goes further back now to kindergarten and should be actively rooted out at all levels of the system.

Election is over, time for better things

Gaming: Oh yes, I got at least two months before I have to go batspit insane over living in the Obama Nation. I might as well have some fun before he changes America.

Florida passes gay marriage ban and other issues

Politics: The fact these three won in this type of political environment is impressive.

Miami's trio of Cuban-American Republicans survived their toughest challenge yet on Tuesday night.

Voters returned hardline anti-Castro Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Mario Diaz-Balart to Congress.

It was a major coup for the trio.

With Barack Obama heading the Democratic ticket and a newer, more moderate generation of non-Cuban Hispanic voters emerging throughout Miami-Dade, the Democrats targeted the Diaz-Balart brothers for defeat.

Mario Diaz-Balart survived the closest race, narrowly outpolling Joe Garcia, the former chief of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, to win his fourth term.

With 88 percent of the precincts reporting in Miami-Dade, and nearly all of the votes counted in Collier, Mario Diaz-Balart was clinging to a 9,000 vote lead when Garcia finally conceded around 11:10 p.m.

Florida's gay marriage ban wins passing the 60% approval mark. The win was helped by the increase in black voters coming out for Obama though they are more social conservative than most white voters.

Florida voters approved a constitutional ban on gay marriage Tuesday, handing a victory to social conservatives who pumped millions into the ballot drive aimed at ensuring the courts cannot legalize same-sex unions in the Sunshine State

After a fierce battle waged on TV airwaves, Amendment 2 was poised to comfortably clear the 60 percent threshold to become law, according to unofficial election results with most precincts reporting late Tuesday night. It defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Voters "don't want what happened in Massachusetts, California, Connecticut to happen here in Florida," said John Stemberger, who ran the Yes 2 Marriage campaign.

A well-funded opposition to Amendment 2 sought to portray the ban as overreaching, arguing the amendment's broad, vague wording could cast legal doubt on domestic partner benefits for unmarried, heterosexual couples.

"We always knew it was going to be a late call, and very, very close," said Michael Kenny, deputy campaign manager for the SayNo2 effort.

Opponents of Amendment 2 had focused resources on South Florida, trying to win over voters to offset culturally conservative North Florida. But that strategy didn't work: South Florida slightly favored Amendment 2, according to election returns.

Of course this is pretty damn odd.

Voters also rejected Amendment 8, an anti-discrimination measure to repeal a 1926 law that allowed the Legislature to ban Asian immigrants from owning land

Alcee Hastings aka Marion Barry without the problems won again, he will retire from this district considering how gerrymandered it is just for him.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hail to President Obama. Oy.

Politics: He won Ohio and McCain is severely underperforming in Florida which looks to go to Obama. September 15th was the day things went south for McCain.

Once the economic hurricane came with banks failing and the economy going to pieces, Obama's and the Dems message of Robin Hood politics just sounded sweeter.

Never underestimate the promise of "free money" especially at lower economic classes in this country.

Now we have to worry about a 60 seat Dem senate and we will have America changed to a socialist country where more and more people look to the government to be their mommy. The Gen Y crowd (under 30) is perfectly happy being looked after by a nanny state which really makes the future of America as a superpower seem bleak.

Looking forward to protesting a 15 million illegal alien amnesty.

Social Security being used as a welfare system which I would have to pay in with payroll tax just to see it given to someone else as a welfare check.

Unions will be back stronger than ever making America weaker in business globally.

Climate change policies, I will be happy when Ohio and Pennsy coal country realizes they are screwed. You voted for the man now deal with it.

I am getting emails saying can't you recognize the historic event that is taking place. Yes I can, I am proud of America being able to overcome the color factor but that would have happened eventually so I am not awed by it. Unlike most I am not in this mode of showing the world how awesome America is because we elected the first Black President. Europe now applauds us, big deal.

Europe is that home alone friend that lives vicariously thru us on certain matters. The Euro elite applauds us but where are their up and coming black leaders? Impressing people is not something that is on your presidential choice checklist.

How the Republicans need to regroup.

Politics: I am pissed off at how the GOP over the last 4 years have squandered their power away. I know people are going to say the perfect storm happened with the economy collapsing but still losing this badly was avoidable. This post over at NRO by David Kahane pretty much mirrors what has irritated me about the GOP right now.

1) We got this the old-fashioned way: we earned it. The other side took the fight to us, and we never took the fight to the other side, except coyly and obliquely. That's not a mistake we should make the next time. "Honorable campaigns" are for losers. Next time, call 'em as they really are, not as you wish to see 'em.

2) Where was Bush? Once again, and right to the bitter end, he let his passion for "loyalty" supersede what was stragetically right for the party, not to mention what was best for the country. I think his reputation has nowhere to go but down; yes, he got one big thing right,
but he got everything else wrong. Enough of this family in our
country's politics!

3) Good riddance to Liddy Dole, the woman who gave us the national
drinking age of 21 and a host of sozzled underage college students.
She won't be missed.

4) Hillary comes out smelling like a rose, plus unbloodied. She and Bill are already scoping out 2112.

5) Time to clean house. McCain should have been president in 2000, not in 2008. No more "it's my turn" for the last loser. We need to be looking for our candidates in the ranks of returning war vets — think Eisenhower in '52 as the model — and let the Dem's shifty lawyers run the country for a couple of years. Then hit them across the board with
people who know how to lead. Gen. Petraeus might be a good place to
start. Lots of junior officers, too.

6) You know what? McCain never did sell himself as a leader. He sold himself as a maverick.

7) One upside: McCain/Feingold is now dead, as is public financing.
Talk about being hoist with your own petard!

8) That Gang of 14 thing really worked out well, didn't it? Say good-bye to the courts. And we were so close...

9) Joe Lieberman was worse than useless. When he could have made a difference, he didn't cross the aisle to caucus with the Republicans.

Now, it doesn't matter. Thanks, Joe.

10) Age matters. McCain ran an "honorable campaign" because he never really understood in his heart that the other guy had no intention of doing so; he didn't "get" Obama's generation, or Axelrod's.. Obama would lie about public financing, "oppose" gay marriage but also oppose Prop. 8 and never see it as morally contradictory. The world that McCain understood and operated in is vanishing, and tonight is visible evidence.

11) Unlike the Democrats, let's show some class in defeat. That doesn't mean lie down and roll over: it means fighting for what we believe in, doubly so now. But their sneering childishness is not for us; and now that they've won, they won't be able to control it even in victory. This is an unlovely party filled with unlovely people, as America's about to find out once the Obama pixie dust wears off.

12) Understand, once and for all, that the old media is part of the Democratic Party now. Ignore it. Never send Michele Bachmann onto Hardball again. Never send Sarah to play nice with Katie. We need to develop and create our own work-arounds — Fox, talk radio, NRO, etc. — and use them. Don't play by their rules: make our own.

There also needs to be a 50 state Strategy by the GOP starting by rebuilding from the ground up and listening to the grassroots.

Judge rules against Latinos in voting case

Politics: Looks like someone wants to carve up Farmers Branch and get a natural power base.

DALLAS — A federal judge ruled Tuesday against three Latino voters who wanted to change the way council members are elected in Farmers Branch, a Dallas suburb that has been trying to oust illegal immigrants from the city.

The federal suit on behalf of the three Farmers Branch residents alleged the votes of minorities were diluted by the at-large City Council system used in the suburb. It sought the creation of single-member districts, in which a City Council member is elected to represent a specific section of the city.

U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor issued an opinion and order that found the claims didn't meet the burden required by the Voting Rights Act or 14th Amendment.

Attorney Rolando Rios, who represents the three, said they were considering whether to appeal the ruling.

"We think that if Farmers Branch has single-member districts, a minority would immediately get elected, which I think would be important, especially for the local discussion on immigration," he said.

Farmers Branch has been mired in a legal fight for nearly two years over whether officials can ban illegal immigrants from renting houses and apartments.

Opponents have challenged each version of a Farmers Branch housing rule seeking to drive out illegal immigrants.

Farmers Branch can't enforce its housing ordinance. A federal judge halted the rule from taking effect. The city later agreed to an injunction preventing it from enforcing the rule while it is challenged in court.

In the voter lawsuit, activists contended that if the method had been in place, at least one Latino candidate would have previously been elected to the council and could represent the ethnic group.

Currently, the mayor and five council members are all white men.

If you get one section, then you sue for another and pretty soon multicult diversity instead of one vote, one person is the norm. Undeserving large amount of power for any group.

"Media Bias" saved America..ooookay.

Politics: Ultra-leftist Will Bunch proudly proclaims the media a winner for winning the election for Obama.

"In the weeks immediately following the Republican National Convention, the McCain campaign made a conscious decision to declare war on the media and to use that “media war” as an excuse to run several ads that were misleading or egregiously false. It was a do-or-die moment, and there were enough reporters in 2008 who were willing to shed the cloak of contrived objectivity – to acknowledge the once unprintable fact that one side was lying more than other.

And it may well have been a turning point in the election. In the days that followed, the McCain team toned down some of its commercials, and many rank-and-file voters seemed to see through the sleaziest tactics. The Lee Atwater/Karl Rove strategies that decided our elections in 1988 and were adapted to 2000 and 2004, with disastrous consequences all the way from Sadr City to the Lower 9th Ward to Wall Street, were finally pushed back – maybe too late for America, but maybe just in time.

It was living proof of my personal belief that the greatest role for journalists is not to make sure that every story has 50 percent of one side and 50 percent of the other side – but that the vital function for reporters is to preserve democracy and the freedom of the press, because without those freedoms a valid media would cease to exist. Yes, they’re voicing outrage today inside the sacred sanctuary of the Temple of Objective Journalism , where the celebrants nervously fingered their rosaries rather than confront the Constitutional bonfire that was building outside.

But for eight years now, there’s been an out-of-control fire raging outside of that temple – a fire that was built upon the USA Patriot Act and Guantanamo and rendition and torture and signing statements and 16 words in a State of the Union Address. Ultimately, saving the last fabric of democracy is more important than worrying about what contrived commandments of journalism were stepped on while the blaze was finally extinguished."

Translation: "Thankfully the media dropped any pretense of being an objective news media and defended Black Jesus throwing away whatever was left of their credibility to secure his win by any means necessary."

Media Implosion continues in Seattle

Media: A good way to get a good night sleep. Via Romenesko.

Seattle Times, Rodale to cut workforce by 10%
Seattle Times Morning Call Press DemocratThe news that the Times is cutting 130 to 150 staff positions through a combination of buyouts and layoffs comes seven months after a similar round of cutbacks. At Rodale... About 111 employees, or 10% of the company, will be laid off. ALSO: Cuts at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Obama vs the John Galt Army?

Politics: Via Instapundit, even more people vowing to slow work so they won't be caught in Obama's tax plan to spread the wealth.

I’m sure you are getting boatloads of emails on this subject, but here is one more data point:

I am a physician in a highly paid and understaffed specialty. Many of my colleagues are openly discussing going part-time to lower our tax exposure, should Obama get his socialist wish-list through Congress. I did my medical training in the military, and had frugality instilled in my make-up by parents and grandparents who lived through the (real) Depression. My family and I already live well below our means, and we can live just as well on less. Much, much less.

Obama believes healthcare is a right. Well, good luck fulfilling that promise when those of us who provide it decide it’s not worth it anymore…

I think we should compare notes with the Hodo-Hodo Zoku Nation. I will gladly join up and I am not even close to being near the latest income mark where Obama wants to tax to high heaven.

There needs to be a second movement that is plugged into the Obama system to drain it for all its legally worth. Whatever program pops up join it and get your money back.

Europe's economy has crashed into recession.


Britain will be hardest hit by economic slump, warns European Commission.

Britain will be hit harder by recession than any other major EU economy, the European Commission has warned.

It predicts the UK economy will shrink by 1 per cent next year and will grow by a mere 0.4 per cent in 2010.

Unemployment will grow by 25 per cent to more than 2.2 million next year. Meanwhile, incomes will stagnate and house prices continue to tumble.

2) Overseas, More Nations Assemble Stimulus Plans

3)Euro economy is likely in a recession

The European Commission forecast Monday that the economy in the 15 countries that use the euro may already be in a recession and will barely grow next year, expanding just 0.1 percent as the financial crisis hits hard.

The currency zone’s largest economies will come to a standstill or shrink next year, it said in its latest economic outlook, with Germany, France and Italy not growing at all at 0.0 percent.

Ireland and Spain will see output fall and jobless lines and government deficits swell, the EU executive said.

Monday, November 3, 2008

UK Justice: illegal stays cause of his human rights.

UK: Disregard the killing and illegal immigration status, he has an baby.

An illegal immigrant who killed a brilliant young writer by driving into her at 60mph cannot be deported because it would breach his human rights.
Ahsan Sabri, 28, was unlicensed and not properly insured when he roared through a red light and ploughed into Oxford University graduate Sophie Warne.

The 30-year-old died instantly from a broken neck. She had published five books, was writing her first novel and was about to announce her engagement.

But the High Court overturned an immigration tribunal decision that Sabri - who had overstayed his visa - should be sent home to Pakistan.

The judge ruled that deporting him would breach his right to 'respect for family life' as he had married a British woman in 2003 and had a daughter, born last May, with her.
Lord Justice Sir Martin Moore-Bick said that if he left Britain, Sabri's wife, Laura Gleeson, 25, a graphic designer, from Essex, and their baby would probably follow and that would 'interfere with their private and family life'.

He accepted Sabri's claim that his wife may have trouble finding a job in Pakistan and could suffer ' broadly based threats and difficulties' as a result of being a Christian.
This section of human rights law also prevents Britain from deporting Learco Chindamo, the Italian-born killer of London headmaster Philip Lawrence.

Chindamo has lived in Britain since he was five and claims to have his strongest family ties here, but Sabri moved here when he was 18.

Obama: "I would take a bullet for him."

Politics: People mocked me but we may be electing a God who people will take bullets for him! Black Jesus walks among us!

Barack Obama: 'He's been sent by God'

On the pavement a group of young people – college students, they said, first-time voters, the kind of people that Obama has targeted – were gathering, armed with flyers to hand to the crowd. What, I wondered, did they see in Barack Obama? "He's passionate. Inspiring. Liberating," one girl said, then paused. "I would take a bullet for him.''

Two figures held up signs saying "Abortion kills children", while a black man brandishing an Obama placard marched back and forth in a state of feverish excitement, shouting: "He's been sent by God. I'm not saying he's Jesus, but he could fill Moses' shoes."

Networks can't wait to crown Obama.

Politics: Fever pitch!

No matter who wins Tuesday's presidential election, you can be sure of one thing: The networks aren't going to hold back calling the election for Barack Obama or John McCain if either gathers the magic number of 270 electoral votes.

That means it's possible, if not altogether likely, that the presidential election could be called before polls close in the West. That happened once before, in 1980, when the election was famously called -- and conceded -- by 9 p.m. ET. But it'll be the Internet, cable and the speed of news that will be the driving factor this time.

The networks all promise to take the time to project the race accurately, and and say they won't make any predictions before their time. But executives say it would be foolish for them to sit on a projection if they're sure, and it wouldn't be fair to viewers.

"There's no way to get around it," CBS News senior vp Paul Friedman said. "If one man gets 270 electoral votes before the West Coast polls are closed, we're not going to pretend (he doesn't)."

Phil Alongi, who runs special events programing at NBC News, agrees.

"If you project a state and (the candidate) reaches the electoral vote, what are you going to do? Lie?" Alongi said. "We will project a state when we're comfortable with the projection. If one of them hits the required 270, you have to report that, and you can't hold back."

The networks all have agreed not to call an individual state before the voting stops there. But an overall projection could come before folks in California, Nevada and Washington finish voting. Executives know it's a fine line that they'll be walking, and it goes beyond a strict up-and-down counting to 270.

"Suppose that one guy has 260 (electoral votes) and we have exit polls and other information indicating that he's going to pick up the votes he needs," Friedman said. "It becomes the delicate matter of telling the audience of what we think is going to happen without discouraging them to vote."

Jeremy Clarkson in new BBC standards row

UK: I am all for going after that drug addled twit Russell Brand and the other guy, but hands off Jeremy Clarkson.

His comments were aired on Sunday night, in the midst of the public outcry over obscene phone calls made by Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand to Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs.

The pre-recorded remarks made by Clarkson were cleared for broadcast by senior BBC executives.

But they have prompted nearly 200 viewer complaints and a furious response from victim support groups and road hauliers. Ofcom, the media regulator, has also received complaints and is considering an investigation.

Clarkson and his co-presenters, James May and Richard Hammond, were taking part in a stunt for the BBC2 show which involved driving lorries around an obstacle course.

Climbing behind the wheel, Clarkson mused: "What matters to lorry drivers? Murdering prostitutes? Fuel economy?"

He went on: "This is a hard job, and I'm not just saying this to win favour with lorry drivers. It's a hard job - change gear, change gear, change gear, check your mirrors, murder a prostitute, change gear, change gear, murder. That's a lot of effort in a day."

Sexy tv shows turn teens to sluts and man-whores.

Culture: This is a needless study. It makes sense that if you throw sex at teens they are going to absorbed what they see on television and execute on it more than those that do not watch sexy tv.

Teenagers who watch Sex in the City, Friends and other TV shows featuring sex scenes and discussions of sex are far more likely to get pregnant or get someone else pregnant than their peers, a new study has found.

The study, which tracked more than 700 sexually active teenagers aged between 12 and 17 for three years, discovered that those who viewed the most sexual content were almost twice as likely to get pregnant or get their girlfriend pregnant as those who saw the least explicit TV.

The study was lead by Anita Chandra, a behavioural scientist at RAND, an independent research organisation. It is published in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Dr Chandra said that sexual content on TV had doubled in recent years, coinciding with teenage pregnancy rates edging up after decades of decline.

“We were surprised to find this link. But teens spend a good amount of their time watching television — an average of three hours a day — and we don’t know a lot about its impact on their health decisions,” she said.

“Watching this kind of sexual content on television is a powerful factor in increasing the likelihood of a teen pregnancy. We found a strong association.”

Studies have found a link between watching television shows with sexual content and becoming sexually active earlier, and between sexually explicit music videos and an increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

But this is the first research to show an association between TV watching and teenage pregnancy.

Spain to aid with welfare mortgage payments.

Spain: How to get an economy that is already screwed even more screwed. Scary part is this could be an Obama plan.

Spain's government, grappling with soaring unemployment and an economy buffeted by the global credit crunch, announced a plan Monday to help families make mortgage payments and reward businesses that hire.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said that as Spain's once-buoyant economy braves hard times, his government will pay special attention to lower-income families and the jobless.

"I am in favor of government intervention when the economy is in serious trouble, especially families," Zapatero told a news conference.

Under the measures announced Monday, the latest in a series of steps to deal with an economy suffering from a collapsed real estate market, unemployed workers will be able to defer half of their monthly mortgage payment, with a limit of 500 euros ($640), for up to two years.

Zapatero said the government will serve as a guarantor of those delayed payments. The plan applies to people with mortgages of 170,000 euros ($217,000) or less, which is just above the national average, and the government thinks up to 500,000 people will qualify, the premier said.

Many Spaniards are suffocating in debt because the vast majority of homeowners here have adjustable-rate mortgages and rates have gone up at least two points in as many years. Many Spaniards have seen their monthly house payments nearly double.

The government will also try to put more money each month in homeowners' hands. Those who, because of the interest they pay on their mortgage, are owed money after filing their income tax returns will see that money factored in to reduce their monthly withholding tax, Zapatero said.

Zapatero also said the government will pay 1,500 euros (S$1,900) a year to companies that hire unemployed people with families to support.

"Without a doubt these measures are going to have a positive impact," Zapatero said.

What about unemployed people with no families? What about those with mortgages over $170,000 euros who are having problems? What sort of idiot employer would hire someone to get a 1,500 euro subsidy when they are laying people off because people are not spending enough to consume their product? It would be cheaper just to hand over a welfare check.

But the upside is I take special delight in Spain under Zappo collapsing under its own hubris.

(Audio) Union thugs in Pennsylvania make sure you vote for Obama.

Politics: According to Roland Martin, CNN's Obama cheerleader on the Tom Joyner morning show, McCain is trying to push the racist vote and union members are going to make damn sure you vote for Black Jesus.

The meat of the segment starts around a minute in. The worst part is how indifferent the Joyner crew is to having union members call your house and if they don't like your ass will then come to your ass in an act of voter intimidation.


This is also a preview of how unions will carry on a vote for a union if that card check process passes.

Congressman for Obama: "Let Russia Invade Georgia."

Politics: Another of our "great" congresscritter in South Florida who shows the worldly knowledge of roadkill.

Eastern Europe, you are pretty much on your own under an Obama reign. Oh he will send a stern UN approved letter or something if Russia invades.

Not that Nadler isn't right on certain things about Obama like Rev. Wright.

Says Nadler: “I have no personal knowledge of what I'm about to say. What I'm about to say is my guess...”

Hoo boy.

“My guess,” Nadler said, “knowing how politics works, what I'm about to say is not particularly...”

He searches for the word. Rejects a couple suggestions.

“...not particularly complimentary towards Sen. Obama,” he says.

“Think of the history here,” says the six-term New York congressman. “You have a guy who's half-white, half-black. He goes to an Ivy League school, comes to Chicago ... to start a political career. Doesn't know anybody.

“Gets involved with community organizing -- why? Because that's how your form a base. OK. Joins the largest church in the neighborhood. About 8,000 members. ... Why did he join the church? ... Because that's how you get to know people.

“Now maybe it takes a couple years,” Nadler says, suggesting that soon Obama starts to think of Wright, “'Jesus, the guy's a nut, the guy's a lunatic.' But you don’t walk out of a church with 8,000 members in your district.”

Suggests a woman: “You don’t walk in though.”

“He didn't know it when he walked in, presumably,” said Nadler.

And then, the line that may haunt Nadler for four years or longer: “He didn't have the political courage to make the statement of walking out.

“Now, what does it tell me?” Nadler asked. “It tells me that he wasn't terribly political courageous. Does it tell me that he agreed with the reverend in any way? No. It tells me he didn't want to walk out of a church in his district.”

Condé Nast cuts its meterosexual magazines.

Media: Alright fine, not all were mags giving false hope to hipster men thinking they could be the next Brad Pitt or Don Draper. But given they were part of the liberal establishment, I am filled with glee.

THINGS are getting so bad in the magazine industry these days that they no longer wait until Friday to sneak out the bad news.

The ax fell yesterday at Condé Nast, the home of the glitziest magazines in the business. When the counting is done, it is expected that more than 100 people will be out of work in a one-day bloodbath that is unprecedented in the history of the company.

Men's Vogue is cutting back to two issues a year from 10 and will now be a standalone supplement to Vogue magazine. Portfolio magazine, headed by Joanne Lipman, is being downsized by 20 percent, and the Web team at, headed by Dan Colarusso, is being stripped down to a five-person operation from 35.

Cutbacks at were far deeper, as the company abandoned any pretense that it could build a financial Web site that could compete with CNN Money or

The site is going to be "bare bones, maybe a couple of bloggers, and a place to sell magazine subscriptions," said one source.

Land of the rising hodo-hodo zoku workforce

Japan: At first I thought typical under 30 slackers not worth a damn but as you read on you realize they have a valid point.

In a country once proud of its success-driven "salarymen," managers are grappling with a new phenomenon: Many young workers are shunning choice promotions -- even forgoing raises -- in favor of humdrum jobs with minimal responsibilities.

Employment experts have begun to call these workers hodo-hodo zoku, or the "so-so folks." They say these workers, mostly in their 20s and early 30s, are sapping Japan's international competitiveness at a time when the aging country must raise its productivity to keep the economy growing.

...Chiaki Arai, who has written about the hodo-hodo phenomenon in newspapers, blames Japan's economic woes during the long slump in the 1990s and early 2000s. He says young workers saw older generations throw themselves into their work, only to face job and pay cuts as companies restructured. Now, young employees are cautious about giving too much of themselves -- even if it means less money or prestige, Dr. Arai says.

Moreover, getting a promotion no longer means getting such a big pay raise. The wage difference between managerial and rank-and-file positions has shrunk over the past decade as companies cut compensation amid restructuring. In 2005, division managers were paid about 2.2 times the rank-and-file worker, down from about 2.7 times in 1985.

If you get a promotion but the pay is not that greater than what you are doing now why bother taking it? Its not worth the hassle or given the demands on Japanese workers your health. Until there is a financial and even a work difference the problem is going to get worse.

But this is not the solution.
Law firms say the trend has companies scrambling to seek legal counsel on whether they can fire employees who refuse promotions. CyberAgent Inc., a Tokyo-based Internet advertising agency, is offering the unambitious a different way out. The company puts these workers on a "specialist" track where they can remain rank-and-file employees but have similar salaries as managers.

This ensures the company "doesn't lose qualified employees by pressuring them to accept promotions," says Tetsuhito Soyama, general manager for personnel at the company.

Hell, I would take that till retirement if I could get the higher salary without the responsibility.