Friday, December 12, 2008

Reuters/AP: Blagojevich scandal a distraction for Obama

Politics: A couple of days ago by the AP.

Obama works to distance himself from Ill. governor

....Still, at the very least, the episode amounts to a distraction for Obama at an inopportune time just six weeks before he's sworn into office. It also raises the specter of notorious Chicago politics, an image Obama has tried to distance himself from during his career.

McClatchy Newspapers: "Blagojevich scandal creates distraction for Obama transition"

Reuters tonight: Illinois scandal unwelcome distraction for Obama

Not only is the media sucking up to Black jesus, they are now using his speech patterns.

Obama's useless speech in Muslim city.

Politics: All show and no substance.

As president though, one of Obama's missions will be to repair America's image in the world, and to assuage anger over the US invasion of Iraq and US support for Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians.

The Obama camp appears to be looking at ways to put relations back on track. Campaign aides said last week that Obama would make a trip to the Middle East to deliver that speech within his first 100 days in the White House.

This is the typical liberal attitude about America, its always our fault and our move to say sorry. Who got attacked on 9/11? Which faith has been hijacked in the name of terrorism with plots and attacks on almost every continent? What the speech will sound like is the same he did in Germany.

"America sucks, I am sorry and I will suck up more to you and cater to your interest."

Its tiresome and all this magnamious gestures will do zero to tackle the problems at hand especially when it comes to Islamic terrorism.

Auto bailout fails to pass, rapture baby rapture

Nation: Good, UAW still thinking they are living in the 60s and 70s when they wielded power to try and get bailout money for a failed business model. I do not doubt when Obama takes the office, the money will be pouring in to save a big Dem voter block. So for now enjoy the wailing.

Mugabe: 'There is no cholera in Zimbabwe'

Africa: As he finally morphs into Zimbabwe Bob.

The cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe which has killed hundreds is over, President Robert Mugabe has announced.

But his claims were rubbished by the international community as it emerged the death toll had risen to 783 and that 16,403 more were believed to be infected.

Britain’s Africa minister Mark Malloch-Brown insisted: ‘I don’t know what world he is living in.

There is a raging humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe as well as an economic crisis and still there is no representative government able to lead the country out of this disaster.’
Lord Malloch-Brown also called on South Africa to put more pressure on Mugabe to end the crisis.

Meanwhile, South African officials declared a stretch of the border a disaster zone due to an increase in cholera cases caused by Zimbabweans fleeing in search of treatment.

In a televised speech, Mugabe claimed: ‘I am happy we are being assisted by others and we have arrested cholera.’

He also attacked what he described as Western plans to invade Zimbabwe and topple his government.

‘Now that there is no cholera there is no case for war,’ he said.

According to the World Health Organisation up to 60,000 people could become infected if the epidemic spirals out of control.

Its time for more of that South Africa "soft power" to get this crisis solved since it has worked so well before right? never mind.

Despite downturn, Calif. adopts tough climate plan

Nation: Do not ask for a bailout, made your grave now fill it.

California on Thursday adopted the nation's most sweeping plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions, issuing rules that could transform everything from the way factories operate to the appliances people buy and the fuel they put in their cars.

The Air Resources Board unanimously approved the plan despite warnings it will put costly new burdens on businesses at a time when the economy is in extreme crisis, with California forecasting a staggering budget gap of $41.8 billion through mid-2010.

Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he believes the regulations will spur the state's economy and serve as a model for the rest of the country.

"When you look at today's depressed economy, green tech is one of the few bright spots out there, which is yet another reason we should move forward on our environmental goals," Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

The strategy relies on 31 new rules affecting all facets of life, including where people may build their homes and what materials they use to do it.

Rahm Emanuel refuses to take questions.

Politics: He was part of the Tim Mahoney debacle and now this with Blago.

President-elect Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, refused to take questions from reporters this morning about whether he was the Obama “advisor” named in the criminal complaint against Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

The complaint states Blagojevich wanted a promise of a high-level appointment or some other reward for Blagojevich in exchange for Blagojevich naming Obama’s friend Valerie Jarrett to replace him in the U.S. Senate.

Update# "Rahm Emanuel Reportedly Spoke with Blagojevich About Senate Seat "

Chicago -- The firestorm surrounding Governor Blagojevich is putting some heat on Barack Obama’s transition team. Fox Chicago News has learned about possible conversations between a top Obama aide and the governor regarding the open senate seat. Craig Wall has the exclusive.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gays protest Jerry Lewis's Oscar award.

Entertainment: Decades of charity work to raise hundreds of millions for Muscular Dystrophy research and you say fag a couple of times will get you nothing.

Comedian Jerry Lewis will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the Academy Awards ceremony on 22 February.

The 82-year-old Nutty Professor star has raised over $2 billion (£1.3bn) for the Muscular Dystrophy Association through his annual Labor Day telethon.

The Hersholt Award, which recognises humanitarian efforts that bring credit to the film industry, was last given to producer Sherry Lansing in 2007.

Other notable recipients include Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn and Bob Hope.

Sid Ganis, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, described Lewis as "a legendary comedian who has... brought laughter to millions around the world.

In addition, he said, the actor - famous for his on-screen partnership with singer Dean Martin - has "helped thousands upon thousands by raising funds and awareness for those suffering from muscular dystrophy".

That ain't good enough for the gay mafia( I think we can revive that stupid moniker) of Hollywood.

I also have learned that protests are coming into the Academy about its Board of Governors' choice of Jerry Lewis to receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. The controversy is over his recent repeated and public anti-gay slurs. The Hollywood gay community, joined by much of the showbiz straight community, is already on edge because of Proposition 8 passed last month outlawing same-sex unions in California.

So the vote by the AMPAS board selecting Lewis seems like "salt poured into an open wound", according to one of my sources. Already several prominent entertainment biz gays have questioned the Academy about the selection of Lewis, especially for a humanitarian award. I'm told the AMPAS response has been, "he's apologized". My insiders say Tom Sherak, the former 20th Century Fox and Revolution Studios exec, was primarily responsible for lobbying the board to choose Lewis.

BTW, Milk with Sean Penn will win best picture and best actor awards not because its really worth but as much as it can be used as protest vote over prop 8 passing.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chinese to tour US on house-buying trip

Nation: China has become 80's Japan.

Cash-rich Chinese to tour US on house-buying trip: organiser

Dec 10 12:56 AM US/Eastern
Three hundred cashed-up Chinese will visit the United States next month to seek bargains in the plunging American real estate market, a tour organiser said Wednesday.
The itinerary will include major US cities such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, said Liu Jian, chief operating officer of, a popular Chinese real estate portal that has arranged the trip.

"We think there's a need for people in China to buy houses in the United States," he told AFP.

"Some people believe there's an opportunity for them because of the economic decline in the United States, which has made real estate prices drop."

The state-run China Daily newspaper said 40 percent of those who had registered for the 10-day, 15,000 yuan (2,200 dollar) trip were investors seeking opportunities in the US market.

"(They) have been following the increase in mortgage foreclosures in the US, and the decline in the real estate market," Liu told the paper.

The other 60 percent are looking for homes for their children, who plan to go to the United States to study, according to the report.

Spain not so immigrant/illegal friendly now

EU: NYTIMES catching up months behind the new tough on immigration Spain which happened to start right around the time their economy imploded.

Spain created more jobs and drew more immigrants than any other country in Europe in the past decade, largely because of a construction boom. As the economy shrinks, employers are disgorging workers at an alarming rate — unemployment soared to more than 11 percent in the third quarter — and immigrants in low-skilled jobs have been hit hardest.

The once permissive Spanish government is rolling up the welcome mat, even encouraging immigrants to return home in exchange for lump-sum welfare payments. During its economic boom, Spain epitomized Europe’s hunger for low-cost labor. But now, it could become a laboratory for the strains that emerge when those workers are unemployed, yet stay put.

Spain has not yet suffered the outbursts of xenophobia heard in places like Italy, and Spaniards say their own years as a nation of émigrés help them sympathize.

...But hospitality may wear thin. Spain’s unemployment rate is now the highest in the European Union, up from 8 percent at the end of 2007. Among immigrants, unemployment is estimated at 17 percent. About five million immigrants are registered as living in Spain, a country of 46 million, with Moroccans, Romanians and Ecuadoreans topping the list.

The authorities have cracked down on businesses that employ undocumented workers, and immigrants say plainclothes police officers prowl commuter trains, arresting those without papers. Prime Minister José Rodríguez Zapatero has said he supports the European Union’s tough Return Directive, which would allow illegal migrants to be held for as long as 18 months.

In November, the government began a return program that allows immigrants to take unemployment benefits in a lump sum if they go home and give up the right to return to Spain for three years.

Early next year, the government will curb the number of relatives permitted to join employed migrants after one year. Spouses and children under 18 will still be able to come, but not parents and parents-in-law.

“Spain saw really strong growth over the past five years, and we could not have done this with our own citizens,” the labor minister, Celestino Corbacho, said in an interview. “But now we’re in a very different situation.”

Newsweek Mulls Dramatic Drop in Circulation

Media: In the days of doom and gloom its bright spots like this that fill me with righteous glee.

Facing increased costs of postage and maintaining its circulation, Newsweek has been quietly considering a drop its circulation guarantee by a million copies or more, FOLIO: has learned.

Executives at Newsweek began discussing a rate base rollback as early as this summer, according to a pair of sources familiar with these discussions.

Both sources say that the magazine is considering slashing up to 1.6 million copies from Newsweek’s current rate base of 2.6 million, which would put the magazine’s rate base at 1 million.

Newsweek declined to comment.

“A million [rate base] was the extreme,” said the source. But, as the year wore on, and the economic crisis worsened, “[they] didn’t see a recovery.”

‘Thought Leader’

Aside from the cost of maintaining such a high circulation, Newsweek would like to transition from newsmagazine to “thought leader,” something more akin to the Economist. “[Editor Jon] Meacham and [Time editorial director Richard] Stengel are both infatuated with the Economist,” the source said. “To get that ‘thought leader’ position, a million is the sweet spot.” The Economist’s rate base in North America is 714,000.

This is akin to NBC cutting back on its programming to cut costs and somehow that will make them more robust in its offerings to the viewers, which means it makes no sense. Newsweek and Time do not have the leadership or talent to be a thought leader.

A day without gays eh?

Nation: A day without Mexicans/Latinos were a colossal flop and that had about 1000 times more potential economic impact that this idiotic "protest."

So how many hair salons are closed jokes going to be bantered about today on your local radio shows?

Questions to ask over Hot Rod Blagojevich scandal.


1) What did the SEIU Union and its officials know about Blago pay scheme and how deep have they been with him over the years.

2) Obama is flat out lying about not talking to Blago about who should replace him in the Senate. No way in hell would Obama not talk to him about it. Tapper pointed out that David Axelrod was pretty damn certain that Obama did talk to him.

But on November 23, 2008, his senior adviser David Axelrod appeared on Fox News Chicago and said something quite different.

While insisting that the President-elect had not expressed a favorite to replace him, and his inclination was to avoid being a "kingmaker," Axelrod said, "I know he's talked to the governor and there are a whole range of names many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them."

(UPDATE: An Obama Transition Team aide says that Axelrod misspoke on Fox News Chicago.)

(UPDATE #2: Axelrod this evening issued a statement saying. "I was mistaken when I told an interviewer last month that the President-elect has spoken directly to Governor Blagojevich about the Senate vacancy. They did not then or at any time discuss the subject.")

They backpedaled fast.

3) The potential senate candidates especially candidate #5 who looked to raise money or favors for Blago need to be outed.

"Later on December 4, 2008, ROD BLAGOJEVICH spoke to Fundraiser A. ROD BLAGOJEVICH stated he was "elevating" Senate Candidate 5 on the list of candidates for the open Senate seat. ROD BLAGOJEVICH stated he might be able to cut a deal with
Senate Candidate 5 that provided ROD BLAGOJEVICH with something
"tangible up front." ROD BLAGOJEVICH noted he was going to meet with
Senate Candidate 5 in the next few days."

The good money it was Jesse Jackson Jr and really that looks like a Jackson move doesn't it?

This is just the beginning as Blago shows the nation what Chicago politics is all about, the problem was he went so overboard you couldn't help but nail him for it.

Hillary must slap down Susan Rice now.

Politics: I am not a fan of either of them but this is huge trouble for America because of Obama's stupid move to elevate Rice's position to cabinet level.

ABC News' Kirit Radia reports: President-elect Barack Obama's intention to elevate the US Ambassador to the United Nations to a cabinet-level position pits Susan Rice, his pick for that job, squarely against Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton for influence over US foreign policy.

The possibility harkens back to the time of former President Bill Clinton, when then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright sparred with then-US Ambassador to the UN Richard Holbrooke, who also held a spot in the cabinet.

UN ambassador usually falls under the Secretary of State's jurisdiction, but Rice, like Holbrook in the 90's, may not see it that way … and there are signs she may take the unusual step of maintaining an office Foggy Bottom although her job is in New York.

The Obama transition team has been allotted 5,300 sq ft of office space in the State Department, but last week Rice opened her own separate office space in the building, taking over a largely empty office belonging to the department's Bureau of International Organizations, which oversees US relations with the United Nations, according to a State Department official speaking on background.

No word yet on if her staff is playing nice with the rest of the State Department transition team, but there are reports that Clinton will look to replace the transition team with her own staff.

No way on earth should a UN cheerleader like Susan Rice have any influence on American foreign policy because she will argue for America to fall under the United Nations in terms of policy. America's interest must always come first and Rice does not see it that way. Hillary better assert herself fast before Rice gets any bright ideas.

Auto Bailout deal reached. Unions win and taxpayers lose.

Business: Even the deal is as odious as the cheerleaders to prop up the failing Big 3.

ABC News' Jon Karl and Z. Byron Wolf Report: The exact language in the bill is still being tweaked, but an agreement between Congressional Democrats and the White House on a bailout for the big three Detroit automakers has been reached, sources tell ABC News.

"There is agreement in concept and language is being exchanged back and forth to capture that agreement," a senior Bush administration official tells ABC News.

The most important part of the agreement, sources say, is the idea that after the U.S. automakers receive financial rescue they must prove to the government that they are viable. If after a certain time period the U.S. automakers are not found to be viable then "the loan shall be called back to the government."

Sources say the agreement that has been reached would call for the creation of a car czar, someone who would be empowered to force the companies into Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization if they do not agree to a plan for long-term viability by March 31. The car czar would negotiate with auto companies, unions, creditors and suppliers a plan for long-term viability.

On March 31 or after an optional 30-day grace period, the automakers would have to show that they have a "positive net value," and prove an ability to pay back the government loan.

I said it before, but you think a Dem controlled congress will let the Big 3 fail or cut of their funds because they don't have a long term plan? Of course not, we will be propping up these companies forever as yet another welfare program making subpar products no one wants just because they are too big to fail. This pic from neogaf says it all.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Obama lies about gun rights with gun sales soaring.

Nation: Via Instapundit. How do I know he is lying? The mouth is moving.


Obama: Don’t bother stocking up on guns. “As gun sales shoot up around the country, President-elect Barack Obama said Sunday that gun-owning Americans do not need to rush out and stock up before he is sworn in next month.”

""I believe in common-sense gun safety laws, and I believe in the second amendment," Obama said at a news conference. "Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear. I said that throughout the campaign. I haven't indicated anything different during the transition. I think people can take me at my word." "

I believe more in your record and talking about gun rights from your state career to you backing the Washington D.C. ban until it was politically stupid to do so. Someone ask him what kind of common sense gun safety laws does he want on the books.

Bill Gates asks the question about auto bailout.

Nation: Pretty straight forward.

Microsoft billionaire founder Bill Gates has questioned why the US government was considering a bailout for the Big Three US automakers when no private investor was willing to foot the bill.

"After all, they have to say 'if no one else is willing to invest, why is that?' Gates told CNN on the eve of congressional hearings on restructuring plans and requests by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors for a combined 34 billion dollars in government bridge loans to avert a collapse of the sector.

"What is it that investors are seeing about this business model or cost structure that makes them unwilling, and why, in that case, is the government alone stepping forward in this way?" Gates asked in the Wednesday evening broadcast.

"When you don't have any private investors you really have to say, is taxpayer money going to have the desired effect?"

Gates suggested the government look closely at the Detroit automakers' restructuring plans.

"There are very few industries that aren't going to suffer this (economic) downturn.... How does government take its finite resources and decide how much restructuring or change is expected there?"

Cao Mania! GOP Finds an Unlikely New Hero in Louisiana

Politics: Wonderful!

Republicans view Cao's win as a road map back to their roots. "The Cao victory is a symbol of what can be achieved when we think big, present a positive alternative, and work aggressively to earn the trust of the American people," Boehner wrote in his memo. "The Cao victory is a symbol of our future."

Now grassroots make sure the Washington idiots like Boehner and the rest of the insiders just stay the hell away from the guy before they screw him up as well.

The hovering Multiple Kill Vehicle

Military: Oh I love the military porn of might from this video with the simultaneous reaction of multiple skynet jokes in my head.

Caribbean leaders urge Obama to lift embargo

Caribbean: Two of the most unfortunate traits of the Caribbean is the unique fetish of sucking up to Cuba and the UN as without seeing that both places are deserve the scorn put on them.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Chicago factory workers sit in gets stupid.

Business: You have to be a complete moron to fall for the seedy tactics of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich saying the state won't do business anymore with Bank of America unless it restores credit to the factory that got shut down.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich said the state will suspend business with Bank of America Corp. until the lender restores credit to the shuttered Republic Windows & Doors company in Chicago where workers are staging a sit-in.

Blagojevich, a Democrat, spoke at a news conference today after meeting with employees who remained at the factory since Dec. 5, when it closed following the bank’s cancellation of its credit line. Illinois does “hundreds of millions of dollars” in business with the bank, he said. The Illinois Department of Labor will sue the manufacturer if Republic doesn’t respond to employee requests for vacation and severance pay, the governor said in a press release.

So the Governor wants the bank which is again taxpayer filled from the bailout and regular customers who do business with them to give welfare to these out of jobs people.

This is an argument between the workers and the factory. BoA is well within its rights and common sense to cut out credit to a business that is a liability, Gov Rod, to them.

If something is a liability to them, then it becomes to a liability to its customers and again the taxpayer money it got in its bailout package.

Blagojevich on Monday ordered all state agencies to stop doing business with Bank of America to pressure the bank into using federal bailout money it received to help the laid-off workers.

"We hope that this kind of leverage and pressure will encourage Bank of America to do the right thing for this business," Blagojevich said outside the plant. "Take some of that federal tax money that they've received and invest it by providing the necessary credit to this company so these workers can keep their jobs."

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois said he wanted to ask his fellow senators to remind banks that the bailout wasn't to be used for dividends and executive salaries.

"They're for loans and credit to businesses just like Republic," he said.

But the Republic company is a failed business, so we are going to force banks to throw money at failed businesses to prop them up? What is in it for the rest of America that we are running around building up a welfare nation and politicians like Gov. Rod who are either too stupid to think beyond just saving is below ground approval rating?

I feel sorry for the workers but hell if I am going to agree to pass out welfare checks to prop up a suck business.

Congress ready to bail out Auto Makers/ Union workers.

Nation: If you thought the bailout of the Big 3, Detroit and union workers was a bad idea, it got a whole lot worse.

Congressional Democrats and the White House worked to resolve their last disputes Monday over terms of a $15 billion bailout for U.S. auto makers - complete with a "car czar" to oversee the industry's reinvention of itself - that's expected to come to a vote as early as Wednesday.

Top Democrats gave the White House their proposal for rushing short-term loans to Detroit's Big Three through a plan that requires that the industry remake itself in order to survive. The Bush administration gave a cool initial response, saying the measure didn't do enough to ensure that only viable companies would get longer-term federal help. Negotiators worked into the night Monday to resolve differences.

...There are lingering differences between the administration and Congress on details of the czar's role and responsibilities, essentially a proxy fight between the White House and Democrats over whether Bush or President-elect Barack Obama should have the final say on who runs the auto industry restructuring.

Democrats are pressing to allow the president to choose other people beside the czar to help oversee the bailout, while the White House wants just one person tapped by Bush to have control.

Congress Republicans and the White House also are balking at a requirement Democrats included in their proposal that the carmakers drop their opposition to efforts by California and several other states to impose stricter emissions rules than the federal standard.

Pelosi is seeking that bar at the behest of environmentalists who are angry that money to bail out the auto industry will be drawn from an existing loan program that was meant to help the Big Three build greener vehicles that burn less gasoline.

That's just one of several restrictions the bill places on the automakers while they're receiving the loans.

Among the requirements included in Democrats' draft proposal is one that the carmakers getting federal help get rid of their corporate jets - which became a potent symbol of the industry's ineptitude when the Big Three CEOs used them for their initial trips to Washington to plead before Congress for government aid.

The automakers also would be subject to some of the same restrictions imposed on banks as part of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, including limits on executive compensation, a prohibition on paying dividends, and requirements that the government share in future profits and taxpayers be repaid before any other shareholders.

The special inspector general overseeing the Wall Street rescue also would keep tabs on the carmaker bailout. The Senate on Monday confirmed Neil M. Barofsky, a federal prosecutor in New York, for that post.

The proposed automakers' bailout also gives the car czar say-so over any major business decisions by the companies while they're taking advantage of federal aid. The companies would have to open their books to the government, including informing the overseer of any transaction of $25 million or more.

Under the plan, the carmakers' could get emergency loans right away. Then the overseer would write guidelines, due on the first of the year, for restructuring the Big Three.


One danger for auto makers is exposing the industry to congressional meddling as it attempts to build a new business model. The legislation, among other things, would bar the companies from participating in legal challenges to state laws designed to impose limits on greenhouse-gas emissions. The White House opposes that provision, congressional aides said.

The big three would have to analyze whether excess production capacity could be used to make trains and buses for public transit authorities.

Lets understand what the hell is going on here. The American Taxpayer is going to have an ownership stake in a failing business model used by the Detroit Big 3. We will be paying to keep this business model basically intact because any real change will involve massive cutting of expenses and employees.

UAW workers are strong Dem backers, Obama and the Dems will not allow the Big 3 to actually cut workers who are their type of voters. So the taxpayer is cutting a welfare check to keep these companies and workers on the dole.

The Dems are passing a bill that does everything in its power to not fix the auto makers. So congrats America, we got ourselves a nationalized auto industry.

Archbishop Sentamu calls for Mugabe to be ousted

UK: Mugabe is getting hit from all sides as the cholera epidemic seems to have finally been the event for people to say enough.

The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, has called on African leaders to topple Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe.

The unprecedented call for such a senior churchman came as Mugabe accused 'mad' Gordon Brown of using a cholera epidemic sweeping the country to rally support for an invasion.

Ugandan-born Dr Sentamu called for African leaders to show 'courage', saying Mugabe must face trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

He said: 'In Uganda, we were beaten, tortured, abused and hundreds were murdered, but never did we starve to death or see the level of suffering found in today's Zimbabwe.

'Mugabe and his henchmen must take their rightful place in The Hague and answer for their actions.
'The time to remove them from power has come.'

Cold Cash Jefferson loses, NYTIMES blames angry white people.

Politics: I don't think the writer meant for this to sound how it came out.

Representative William J. Jefferson was defeated by a little-known Republican lawyer here Saturday in a late-running Congressional election, underscoring the sharp demographic shifts in this city since Hurricane Katrina and handing Republicans an unexpected victory in a district that had been solidly Democratic.

The upset victory by the lawyer, Anh Cao, was thought by analysts to be the result of a strong turnout by white voters angered over federal corruption charges against Mr. Jefferson, a black Democrat who was counting on a loyal base to return him to Congress for a 10th term.

A majority of the district’s voters are African-American, and analysts said lower turnout in the majority black precincts on Saturday meant victory for the Republican.

Understand the district via the NOLA.

With his win, Cao, the first Vietnamese-American elected to the U.S. House, is poised to take the helm of a district whose demographics don't favor candidates like him. Drawn to give African-Americans an electoral advantage, 62 percent of the voters in the 2nd District are black, and two-thirds are registered Democrats -- although those percentages may shift as voters who have moved away since Hurricane Katrina are removed from the rolls.

So white voters are pissed off about the corruption but black people were expected yet again to vote cold cash into office which thankfully did not happen again. If it did I had a whole rant on certain segments of the black population not reaching political maturity.

The big surprise of the day, though, was in New Orleans, as Mr. Jefferson, long a political powerhouse in the city’s neighborhoods, saw his Congressional career ended by a lawyer new to politics.

Mr. Jefferson, shunned by national Democratic Party figures and low on money because of his pending trial, was counting on — and appeared to be getting — strong support from local leaders. In 2006, he was handily re-elected though the bribery scandal had already been aired.

This year, a number of the city’s top black pastors announced their support for him just days before the election.

Black pastors down there need to actually read the bible once in a while because I am sure Cold Cash violated certain sections because endorsing him at this point is flat out stupid.

But congrats to Cao and for the love of all that is good protect him from the nimrods that are in the congressional house leadership.

Kenya PM calls for overthrowing Mugabe.

Africa: Oh yeah, He went there. This on the heels of Desmond Tutu saying Mugabe must go the easy way or the hard way.

The prime minister of Kenya Sunday called for troops to "dislodge" Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe as the country's humanitarian crisis worsens.

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga said the international community must "respond to the call of the African people, and must help end the murderous reign of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe."

The United Nations has said more than half of Zimbabwe's population is in dire need of food and clean water.

The country is suffering from a cholera outbreak that has killed close to 600 people since August.

"The crisis in Zimbabwe has now reached a point where further lack of action by the African Union and the international community will constitute nothing less than a crime against humanity," said Odinga, a long-time critic of Mugabe.

The African Union "must formulate a resolution to send African Union troops into Zimbabwe," he said. "If no troops are available, then the AU must allow the U.N. to send its forces into Zimbabwe with immediate effect, to take over control of the country and ensure urgent humanitarian assistance to the people dying of cholera and starvation."

Obama's stupid carrot and stick talk with Iran

World: Black Jesus setting himself up to getting steamrolled.

US president-elect Barack Obama vowed "tough but direct diplomacy" with Iran, offering incentives along with the threat of tougher sanctions to disarm the Islamic republic's nuclear drive.
"We need to ratchet up tough but direct diplomacy with Iran," he said in an interview aired Sunday on NBC program "Meet the Press."

As president from January 20, Obama said he would make clear to Tehran that the nuclear program was "unacceptable," along with its support of militant groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and its "threats against Israel."

Obama, whose offer of direct talks with Iran represents a break with three decades of US foreign policy, promised a "set of carrots and sticks in changing their calculus about how they want to operate."

Carrots would include economic incentives to the cash-strapped oil producer and greater access to the international trading system, he said.

Sticks comprised enlisting Iran's trading partners such as China, India and Russia "to agree that in order for us to change Iran's behavior, we may have to tighten up those (UN) sanctions."

"But we are willing to talk to them directly and give them a clear choice. And ultimately let them make a determination whether they want to do this the hard way or the easy way," Obama said.

So the easy way is to bribe them with incentives and give them easy access to the world markets for bad behavior and the hard way is tough talk and sanctions from the UN.

Iran is shaking in its boots.

Iran has survived this long with tougher sanctions that Obama would never agree to in the first place for decades. This is Time of the Wimps talk only with America and Iran instead of Europe and Russia. Both instances you are setting yourself up for failure. Unless you make Russia and China self-interested in punishing Iran, none of these carrots and sticks will do anything.

Say you give Iran more access because they promised to be good, then when you approve it they reverse themselves. The question is will Obama be man enough to take away what was given to them? The answer is no. Iran has played Europe like a fool for years and now Obama as euro-lite is coming in as a second tier patsy.

Detroit Bailout May Bring On U.S. Oversight

Bidness: If the Big 3 don't run themselves into the ground having the government being their oversight masters will shortly after they get a bailout.

Congressional Democrats on Sunday were weighing options for tight government control of the crippled American auto industry, including the possible creation of an oversight board made up of five cabinet secretaries and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, and led by an independent chairman or “car czar” to be named by President Bush.

While the form of oversight was still being negotiated by Congressional Democrats and the White House late Sunday, the talks made clear the extent to which the auto companies would have to submit to substantial government supervision in order to receive a taxpayer-financed bailout.

Under one proposal, the board would direct the drastic reorganization plans that the auto companies have said they were willing to undertake in exchange for billions of dollars in short-term government loans to keep them in business, according to a senior Congressional aide.

The discussions of how strong a hand the government should take with the auto industry came as Congressional and White House negotiators sought to put the final touches on emergency bridge loans of about $15 billion to keep General Motors, Chrysler and Ford afloat. The final legislation is also expected to impose stringent taxpayer protections, including stock warrants that would give the government an equity stake in the three firms, new limits on executive pay and a ban on stock dividends while the loans are outstanding.

Once a bill offering aid to the industry is finalized by Congressional Democrats and the White House, it must still win the approval of Senate Republicans.

Too many chefs for one small pot of crap.

Miami Herald for sale, Tribune to declare bankruptcy?

Media: The implosion of the MSM reaching historic and for some conservatives like me anyway giddy heights.

Miami Herald is up for sale but no takers considering the only thing worth a damn is the nice property on the waterfront where they are located.

The McClatchy Co. has approached potential buyers to sell The Miami Herald, one of its most prestigious properties, The New York Times reported Saturday.

McClatchy, the third-largest U.S. newspaper chain, is courting potential buyers to unload one of its largest assets as it struggles with debt and advertising losses, the Times said in a report published on its Web site, citing anonymous people briefed on McClatchy's plans.

The people cited, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to report on any talks, were not aware of any major offers, however, the newspaper said. The people said the Herald generates a slim operating margin at a time when few investors are interested in buying newspapers.

McClatchy, headquartered in Sacramento, acquired the Herald in 2006 as part of a $4.5 billion purchase of Knight Ridder. Much of its cash flow is used to pay off that debt, the Times said.

Tribune is looking for some bankruptcy protection.

Tribune Co., owner of the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, other newspapers and the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field, has hired financial advisers ahead of a possible filing for bankruptcy-court protection, according to reports on Sunday.

The Chicago Tribune reported its parent hired investment bank Lazard Ltd. and law firm Sidley Austin as it considers its financial options.

"It's an uncertain and difficult environment," Tribune Co. spokesman Gary Weitman said in a Chicago Tribune story published on the newspaper's Web site Sunday night. "We haven't made any decision. We're looking at all of our options."

Weitman did not immediately respond to requests from The Associated Press for comment. Lazard spokeswoman Judi Mackey said the firm declined to comment on the reports.

The Wall Street Journal, quoting people familiar with the matter, said a bankruptcy filing could come as early as this week. It said Tribune Co.'s cash flow may not be enough to cover nearly $1 billion in interest payments that are due this year.

Update: Okay, this week is getting good as the NYTIMES now has to borrow against its own building. My cup of glee runneth over.

The New York Times Co plans to borrow up to $225 million against its mid-Manhattan headquarters building, to ease a potential cash flow squeeze as the company grapples with tighter credit and shrinking profits, the New York Times reported on its website Monday.

The company has retained Cushman & Wakefield, the real estate firm, to act as its agent to secure financing, either in the form of a mortgage or a sale-leaseback arrangement, the paper said, quoting chief financial officer James Follo.

The Times is looking for ways to save money so it can pay off more than $1 billion in debt. The company, which also owns The Boston Globe and other papers around the United States, is also grappling with a severe decline in advertising revenue.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

So.. Obama's Old New Deal welfare plan.

Nation: It is just the plan to make people feel great in a bad economy, Black Jesus will create jobs and repair out national infrastructure.

President-elect Barack Obama added sweep and meat to his economic agenda on Saturday, pledging the largest new investment in roads and bridges since President Dwight D. Eisenhower built the Interstate system in the late 1950s, and tying his key initiatives – education, energy, health care –back to jobs in a package that has the makings of a smaller and modern version of FDR’s New Deal marriage of job creation with infrastructure upgrades.

The president-elect also said for the first time that he will “launch the most sweeping effort to modernize and upgrade school buildings that this country has ever seen.”
“We will repair broken schools, make them energy-efficient, and put new computers in our classrooms,” he said in the address.

The president-elect is bringing new elements of his domestic agenda into his economic recovery plan, committing to a path toward giving every American access to an electronic medical record as part of an “economic recovery plan … that won’t just save jobs, it will save lives.”

This is just a front for his spread the wealth mentality that he talked about on Meet the Press this morning. He also says that self-interest in one's personal wealth is not a good thing which is amazing considering that the individual drive to succeed in the America is what helps to make many find common cause in moving up the economic ladder.

But all that said, if we are going to go on a boondoggle of a tax/spend welfare building program which will result into yet another bloated entitlement program where most of the building goals of roads, medical and school building will fail. Too many self-interested groups who are truly looking out for themselves like auto maker unions and race groups looking for diversity will bog it down.

What about illegals? How will Black Jesus make sure that US citizens and legal immigrants get these millions of jobs? What would the reaction be if these building jobs go to illegals? bans and apologizing for Christmas?

Culture: Pointed out by instapundit and Mark Steyn.

Further to my post below about Amazon's "Twelve Days Of Holiday" promotion, a reader complained to them about their decision not to use the word "Christmas" and received by way of response a canned e-mail apologizing instead for their use of the word "Christmas":

Please accept our sincere apologies if you were offended by the use of the word "Christmas" on our website. Our intention in referring to Christmas is to give specific ordering guidance for a specific holiday, not to exclude other faiths.

I wonder if it might be time for Amazon to crank up a computer-generated apology sincerely apologizing if you were offended by receiving the incorrect sincere apology.

Instapundit :AT AMAZON, THE Twelve Days of Christmas Holiday. “12 Days of Holiday?” What does that even mean? Besides someone not wanting to say “Christmas,” that is. (Via Mark Steyn). “Holiday” is not, in fact, a synonym for “Christmas.”

There is also Top "Holiday" Deals at and not the word Christmas anywhere on the front page.