Friday, February 6, 2009

Victoria Lindsay attackers all take plea deals.

Crime: Some jail time would be nice.

The two remaining teenage girls accused in the videotaped beating of a former Mulberry High School cheerleader accepted plea deals Wednesday morning.

Kayla Hassall, 16, and April Cooper, 15, will be punished as juveniles.

Circuit Judge Keith Spoto must devise appropriate sentences at their March 11 sentencing hearings.

Hassall and Cooper were charged with participating in the March 30, 2008, attack of Victoria Lindsay, then 16, and threatening to post videos of the beating on YouTube and MySpace.

In the hallway outside the courtroom, photographers captured Hassall as she offered a tearful apology to Talisa Lindsay, the stepmother of Victoria Lindsay, who also came to the brief hearing Wednesday.

As part of her plea deal, Hassall pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery. Prosecutors dropped a felony count of kidnapping, which carried a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Cooper pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor battery.

The final plea deals assure that a trial won't take place in the infamous beating case, which has generated national media attention.

Along with their other three co-defendants, Hassall and Cooper are prohibited from giving interviews to the media for profit. They must also write letters of apology.

Brittany Mayes, 18, pleaded guilty Jan. 20 to misdemeanor battery.

She faces either juvenile or adult sanctions for the battery charge, which carries a maximum punishment of up to a year in jail, at her sentencing hearing March 5.

Prosecutors have described Brittini Hardcastle and Mercades Nichols as principal suspects in the beating.

Hardcastle was identified along with Cooper by Lindsay as striking her on the video footage, according to court records.

Hardcastle, 18, pleaded guilty Jan. 29 to false imprisonment and battery. Prosecutors agreed to drop a felony charge of tampering with a witness.

Hardcastle could receive up to five months in jail and three to five years' probation at her March 20 sentencing hearing.


  1. my whole perspective on this is that these girls should have never put the crazy idea in their minds to even plot sumthing so cruel and heartless. they deserve to be punished for it and thats all there is to it. they knew right from wrong and they chose to do wrong. its not about myspace, or youtube, or any of these teen websites. it was their choice and they messed up. and they will pay for it one way or another. Victoria did the right thing by choosing not to fight. i felt that was very brave and im happy she is alive and well. let her story be a message to all kids who are involved in the dangers of teen violence.

  2. thats least 5 years. those girls are fucken sick

  3. complete fucking bullshit. those girls are animals and should get more then just a couple months in jail???? this girl deserves justice for what she was put threw. and humulaited like that all over the internet. if it was up to me id put all those girls in jail and the two guys for atleast 2 years so they can see whats it like to be LOCKED IN SOMEWHERE. this whole thing disturbs me.

  4. These girl should have been charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. Forget getting off easy they are not even being punished. Write a letter of apology UNBELIEVABLE. I can't help but say it is due to their race. I really believe had these girls been of a certain race they would have thrown the book at them. Don't believe me, look at how they tried to do the Jena 6 guys in Jena, Louisianan. Their incident was NOTHING like this one but they were facing attempted murder charges and it wasn't until all of those black people went down and finally made a stand. THIS COUNTRY HASN'T CHANGED AND IS HELL BOUND IF WE DON'T.

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  6. Did anyone happen to catch the Lifetime Original movie that aired last night, depicting this incident, called Girl Fight?

    I learned something I never far as I know it was never put out in the media...the plea deals the accused took were based on the victim's choice...she didn't want her parents to persue the maximum adult penalty (kidnapping for life in prison)...

    IF that's the wasn't the state or justice system or the country's fault...that let the accused off so was because of the victim's choice what to go after them with charge-wise and end the ordeal. Victoria didn't want the retaliation to keep going back and forth and being just like the accused.

    In a way I can understand wanting it all to end, that takes aLLOT of maturity on the victim's part to look at things that way...I wasn't that mature at 16, still aren't at 38, to me...they ALL, even the one who "didn't touch her", yet watched in the same amount of amusement as the one's doing the beating, should've been locked up with the key thrown away...

    I guess the only good I can find to come out of it is the awareness her parents persued to have the public and social sites aware of this horrific behaviour and the fact that Victoria survived...she so easily could not have... :-(

    1. Movies aren't exact facts. This video was uploaded by the girls who beat het. Sick.

  7. the message sent by the outcome of this crime is the wrong message. People like this need to realize that their criminal acts will have consequences. Its one thing to want to forgive and forget for the victim, but forgetting an attack like this is not so easy.Permanent physical and emotional scars remain.Once out of court, the criminals easily revert back to who they are and the lack of remorse shows a deep-seated inability to see the victim as she really was, and to see themselves as they really are. aren't we talking about a sociopath lacking empathy,sympathy and humanity.

  8. Those girls has no remorse. They laughed and thought it was cool to be arrested. They should have let them go to jail and see how funny it would be to be a fellow inmates "bitch". I agree its very mature of her to agree to the plea bargain but she is a better person than me cuz I would've let them rot in jail if they did that to my kid.

  9. They will forever pay though, whenever someone googles them for a job application this will come up.

  10. Kayla Hassall moved to my high's all good she has to deal with a kid now. I feel bad for that kid.....goodluck with your life you scumbag.

  11. Col Q. pay closer attention to the movie. if you dont recall her parents watch it online. thats how she sees it. her friend shows her the whole video online. and it gets around the school like that. I just got done watching it and her parents SAID it got 500,000 views in one day online and people were thinking it was funny. watch it again. and read descriptions about the movie.

    but i feel like the girls should be in jail for life. what they did was brutal and was one of the most horrible things i have ever seen. they have sick minds to sit there and plan it out.

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  15. Krystina...

    I did pay close attention to the movie, and my post didn't say anything about the amount of video hits...

    It didn't say anything about her parents watching it online...

    It didn't say anything about whether people thought the video was funny or not....

    My post was simply explaining something I never knew before in the REAL life story, that I saw in the movie, and that stating that the girls received probation due to Victoria not wanting her parents to persue a more severe penalty charge for the kidnapping, in reply to some other posts that people may have thought it was just the justice system that let them off so easily.

    Pay closer attention to my post and you'll see *that* :-)

  16. LOL...omg...sorry for the repeats computer kept crapping out at work :-)~

  17. i am seriously sick to my stomache. i didnt even know this all happened until i saw GIRL FIGHT. i cried my eyes out. all those girls r fucking crazy and if i EVER see one of those low life pieces of shit i will beat the shit out of any of them my dam selves. fucking two faced back stabbing cun*s

  18. FUck this fuck that this is sooo wack! These fucking little dumb cunt bitches should have got life in prison if I saw any of them I would rip there heads off! there jealous little sluts and will all being going to hell! they should be on a death sentence or tortured in life in prison being raped! dumb fucking bitches! think there the shit when their fucking dumb losers trying to fight someone that isnt even fighting back! I would torture them worse then the chainsaw massacre if I saw them hahhahahha it would be hilarious!!! they would piss in their pants if they saw me! fuck them! I wishhhhh they went life in prison or one day they will all get karma i cant wait to know that they are each tortured worse than the serial killers do out there cant wait fuck that! jealous fucks!!!

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  20. Typical white trash! I hope they have miserable, rotten lives for their duration on earth! They are all literal wastes of human skin! Bring their lily-white butts to East Cleveland and let's see how tough they are! I agree with all above comments- they showed no remorse,and even laughed about it- this is the very definition of a sociopath, which means they need to be removed from society. Victoria- may God bless you honey. I wish they would have gotten life in prison, so they could be passed around like mashed potatoes! I am a Christian, and vengeance is God's, but I can't help but to have these emotions. The world is on your side Victoria. You did a brave and noble thing, but we all want to see them punished severely!

  21. These girls do deserve a harsher punishment but we are no better then them if we are sitting here saying they should be beaten, raped and so on. That's why we are angry because they did that, and got away with it. For those posting threats of beating them and torturing because your so outraged, maybe you understand their side more then you think. They were outraged so they beat someone. Your outraged so your threatening the same.

  22. i thank the girls should be really sorry for what they did that was really wrong for them to be so mean i think they should get life in prison

  23. Those girls are so lucky they didn't have me backing Victoria up ; This is fucking a coward move and complete bullshit . It does not matter if you go one at a time, you have got 7 other girls behind, yelling at this girl and then if she fights back, what would happen? This is not acceptable. Even if something was said, you don't fucking do shit like this, Rot in hell bitches.

  24. There is no excuse for incidents like this. Clicky fucking highschool bullshit. Life in prison would have done justice here, but as an alternative I say dig a big hole and bury people like those girls alive in smallish boxes like in some late night horror film. Want to instill fear in someone? Ok, here's yours....... Hint: the air runs out faster if you scream (you'd all know that if you weren't so busy being football sluts and general all-purpose pieces of shit). See the problem really is that nobody learned anything fromany of this. Kids still relentlessly pick on and beatup other kids all over the world, everyday. What the don't know is that after highschool, when you get dumped into the big ocean of life, you are fucking nothing. Nobody will ever care how cool you thought you were at 16, you won't keep many if any of the friends you had in school, you will end up in service to the people you once bullied and you'll likely regret all of the things you did until you are much older. Karma is a cold bitchslap.

    Kids who fucked with me in school now pump my gas and deliver pizzas to my house. Yeah, fuck you, you don't get a tip.

  25. Actually according to the movie, the girls didn't put it online, they never got around to it before the grandmother found it...the police released it to the media which is probably how it ended up online...& her parents didn't watch it online initially, remember one of the attackers grandma brought the parents the video

  26. I do know one thing. I've been in fights; plenty of them. The only thing you can do in a fight is to fight back. I have been up against some tough guys in a group who underestimated me, and I knocked out their teeth. Funny how you see everybody back the hell down when they see their buddy get his ass beat. Group or not, most don't want to get the shit kicked out them. That's the only thing that Tori did wrong. She should have picked up the biggest/ sharpest thing in the room and trashed just one of the girls. The rest would have shut their whitetrash mouths and ran out the door. Actually they probably would have called the cops and deleted the tape and shed' be in jail. Thank god there were tape recorders/ video back when I was a kid.

  27. It is amazing how this case still provokes extreme reactions four years later.

    Some facts: Tori said on national TV (GMA I think) that she did not wish the girls to go to prison and it was hardly a secret that she never pressed for serious criminal consequences. Her parents also made quite compassionate public statements.

    The movie Girl Fight is only "inspired" by the real events and often is nowhere close to what actually occurred. In fact much of what was said in the media about the events was false.

    For example, the Internet played a minimal role in the beating -- it was only the adults who magnified its significance by several orders of magnitude. And there never was any plan to lure the victim and jump her. And so on and on -- even minor details, like Cara being the camera girl, were just plain untrue.

    On another note: I wonder if all those posters who advocate injuring, torturing, or raping the girls -- as young as 14 at he time -- are sociopaths or if they represent a sizable subsection of society that really would like to find excuses to do such violence to teenage girls (or at least fantasize about it in a "justified" manner).

    I also wonder if people demanding life in prison have any idea what it is to be incarcerated for life from age 14 forever -- it seems the incarceration industry has managed to brainwash a sizable portion of the U.S. populace the way slavery did several centuries ago.

    As the previous poster indicated, the reasons why the girls were so cruel can be found directly in the hundreds of comments posted about the case -- the behavior of the girls simply reflected the fact that much of the U.S. society has been desensitized to cruelty.

  28. Absolutely spot on could not agree more.

  29. My heart bleeds for anyone who has ever been bullied I myself was bullied and so were 3 out of 4 of my siblings I'm thankful that in the high school my youngest brother attended any form of bullying is an automatic suspension from school this jerkoff wouldn't stop bullying this girl my youngest brother has been friends with since middle school now you have to understand my brother is 6'1 and 300pds it takes alot to push him around and get a rise out of him and my brother politely told this guy many times please stop calling her those names until finally this jerkoff challenged my brother to a fight and my brother said to him fine you have 3 shots and you better make them count so this guy hit my brother and my brother looked at him and said 'is that all you got?' My brother punched him once this guy went flying into the lockers after that this jerkoff left my brothers friend alone and whenever this jerkoff saw my brother in the halls in school he took a detour. Personally schools everywhere should enforce stricter rules and surveillance cameras because I've seen them in several jr high schools inside and out