Monday, March 9, 2009

'White male' kept out of police chief job

EU: The Dutch seem to want to commit cultural suicide.

Home affairs minister Guusje ter Horst has refused to name a new police chief in the Zuid-Holland Zuid region because officials want the job to go to a white male, various newspapers report on Monday.

Ter Horst has agreed with the mayors of the big cities (who are effectively the head of police in their area), that 25% of the police force's top jobs should be held by women within four years.

'If you don't resist the automatic reflext to name men, white men, you will never get a diverse police force,' Ter Horst told tv show Buitenhof on Sunday.

Since the target was set, 17 men and three women have been appointed to senior functions. 'If we carry on at that speed, we will never reach 25%,' the minister said.

But many MPs are unhappy with the minister's decision. 'It is all about the best man in the right place,' said Christian Democrat MP Coskun Çörüz in the AD. 'We are already finding it hard to get good people for police vacancies.'

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