Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Kos " Conservatives like to shoot cops" debacle.

Politics: There is outrage over it from Hot Air and other conservative sites but I am not shocked by it because this is the sort of thing I expect from the left. This is going to be the dominate theme one way or the other in the MSM, MSNBC/CBS/NBC/ABC for as long as they can milk it starting tomorrow morning on the network morning shows.

Not withstanding the facts coming out that Richard Poplawski held views that would have made him welcomed on many leftist and conspiracy theory sites.

But going by Kos logic, the guy who killed four cops in Oakland must have been a conservative afraid of an Obama gun ban as well. Not that both killers were crazed nutjobs.

Update: The journolist set talking points are making the leftist rounds as Oliver Willis whines.

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