Sunday, May 31, 2009

Obama/Dems will use Tiller's death for political gain.

Politics: As Rahm Emanuel once said never let a crisis go to waste and they will use this to either shut up critics of abortion or use it to expand abortion services.

Anti-abortion leaders voiced concern Sunday that the Obama administration and other Democrats may try to capitalize on the murder of Dr. George Tiller to defuse the abortion issue in upcoming Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Many anti-abortion groups condemned the killing of Tiller, a prominent abortion provider who was shot dead at his church in Wichita, Kan. But they expressed concern that abortion-rights activists would use the occasion to brand the entire anti-abortion movement as extremist.

They also worried that there would now be an effort to stifle anti-abortion viewpoints during questioning of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Her exact views on abortion aren't known, but conservatives fear she supports abortion rights.

Said the Rev. Patrick Mahoney, an anti-abortion activist: "No one should use this tragedy for political gain."

Update: I don't even have to point out how liberal blogs will flog his death for political gain. MSNBC will be in full decrying anyone on the right mode or anyone against abortion for the rest of the week over this murder.

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