Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How about paying taxes on health benefits for the uninsured?

Consumerist asks: "

Would you be willing to pay more in taxes in order to fund a more equitable health care program for the nation's uninsured? From MSNBC:

While details of such an approach are still sketchy, it would likely involve employees paying tax on a percentage of their employer-provided health benefits. So if Congress decided that all such premiums in excess of $11,000 for family plans would be taxable income, and your company paid premiums worth $16,000 for your coverage, you'd have to pay taxes on $5,000.

My answer is no, no and Hell No. We are overtaxed as is and they need to fix the Welfare State as it is out of control that people who make even a little money is now faced with paying more taxes to subsidize others. The bumper sticker was right.

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