Friday, July 17, 2009

House bill allows DC abortion funding and closing voucher program

So taxpayers are going to fund killing unborn babies and killing the born kids from getting a good education to escape the hellhole that is Washington DC public educational system. Good twofer.

The measure passed by a narrow 219-208 margin, with many anti-abortion Democrats voting against it because of the move by Democratic leaders to permit the D.C. government to use locally raised tax revenues to provide abortions—reversing a long-standing ban imposed by Congress.

The bill also paves the way for the D.C. government to legalize medical marijuana, establish a needle exchange program for intravenous drug users to prevent the spread of HIV, and begins to phase out a school voucher program for D.C. students that's popular with Republicans. Republicans were blocked from being able to vote on reversing the Democratic moves.

The measure provides $768 million in federal money for the D.C. government. During GOP control of Congress, Republicans routinely used Congress' authority over the District to impose conservative social policies on the overwhelmingly Democratic city.

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