Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Remember, Christine Brennan hates good looking female journalists.

Brennan tried to clarify this tweet which sounds like Erin Andrews was asking to be filmed by some pervert.

The controversy over the videotaping of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews in her hotel room, has ricocheted around the internet in every form.

USA TODAY columnist Christine Brennan has gotten a strong reaction to her postings on her Twitter account with the tweets linked to Facebook.

Tweeted Brennan:

Women sports journalists need to be smart and not play to the frat house. There are tons of nuts out there.

Erin Andrews incident is bad, but to add perspective: there are 100s of women sports journalists who have never had this happen to them.

The Big Lead picked up Brennan's postings and the response has questioned Brennan's opinion.

keithsmooth: USA Today's Christine Brennan insinuated that Erin Andrews deserved what she got because she was "too friendly with the frat boys!" HATER!!

rfburton: I can't believe that Christine Brennan of all people essentially suggested that Erin Andrews was asking for it.

bbryan: Never thought I would see a women go with the “she was asking for it” take. Thought that was only for chauvinist male pigs.

tyduffy: Wearing a sundress on television is not a tacit invitation to videotape her naked in her hotel room. It’s not among the things one would or should ever expect to happen. There’s no logical or environmental explanation for this. Stop grasping for one!

She has gone on to say she meant playing away from the icky frat sports guys and the little girl sitting in her room dreaming one day to be Christine Brennan.

But don't forget that Brennan is the queen mean of good looking women hating going back a few years she ripped into Jill Arrington for being in the running of a Playboy hottest list.

"....In a better world, there would be a great outcry over this injustice. Unfortunately, these gals have a major problem. They are babes, and the anti-babe activists are howling like sprinters with a blown Achilles tendon. The noise became unbearable when Playboy took a poll to establish the sexiest of the bunch (Jill won, though she is far from everyone's favorite). Clearly threatened by these women, their critics hope to do unto them as they did unto their parachuting SBT forebears.

As always, the hysteria switch on their bullhorns has been set at maximum. Keith Olbermann hissed that "all of television sports, not just the women who work in it, has been set back several years." He found a brother in Leo Shapiro, who asked his readers "Wouldn't it be nice if Playboy dropped the demeaning sexiest woman sportscasters poll now on its Web site?" The most ruffled skirt probably belongs to Christine Brennan, who aired her grievances in a USA Today column.
Ms. Brennan -- clearly no relation of fun-loving Walter "Real McCoy" Brennan -- returned to her central complaint several times. "Have you seen some of the women who occasionally pop up in the studio or on the sideline? Tell me, have you been impressed by their grasp of the Counter Trey? Oh, and by the way, have you happened to notice that they look pretty darn good?"

And this: "A few weeks ago, we had CBS's Jill Arrington showing up in a tank top for her Virginia Tech-Miami sideline assignment. (Excuse me, but what ever happened to elegance and sophistication? What ever happened to Armani suits? What ever happened to trying to look, dare I say it, professional?) All season long, we've endured preposterous Fox weather woman/sweater gal Jillian Berberie. This woman makes Phyllis George look like Madeleine Albright."

so just chalk up her boneheaded post to the mask falling just a bit before being called on it.

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