Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obama and Dems declaring war on those who oppose them.

Obama poll numbers have dropped and he has dropped the pretence of post-racial Black jesus character and back to the community organzier thuggery. Consider these three items via Hot Air.

White House to Democrats: 'Punch back twice as hard'

He has activated his Organizing for America groups

Obama does his own bit of Astroturfing that goes a bit off course.

Then you have the all out press of the Dems like Pelosi and Reid lashing out at the protestors as waving swastikas and being led by talk radio hosts or ditzy Barbara Boxer saying the protestors are too well dressed.

Obama expected a celebration for his health care reform and is having a hissy fit that people will not only dare oppose him but actually get off their butts and go to these town hall meetings. The sense of panic and the determination to paint all protestors as fringe only serves to make voters angry that Obama and the Dems are being so arrogant to dismiss them.

There is a general sense of disillusionment and realization that Obama is really not Black jesus sent to earth to save everyone. He is just a Chicago politician willing to lie to get what he wants done in spite of even video evidence.

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