Wednesday, November 18, 2009

(Green Zone) Matt Damon in an Anti- American movie?

John Nolte on BigHollywood seems to think so and judging the trailer, it seems yet another Americans are bad guys while the one good American fights them all meme. COnsidering the movie is based on Imperial Life in the Emerald City starring Damon and directed by Paul Greengrass, I would say get ready for shakycam action with a dose of anti-war mixed with America intelligence services and military playing the main bad guys.

Nobody liked this movie when it was called “Body of Lies.”

This is the most revealing trailer yet and thankfully we’re given a heads up as to what the story might really be about. Hollywood will look for cover with the excuse that “Green Zone” is based on a true story, but we all know which “true stories” Leftist Hollywood cherry picks in order to fulfill the demands of an anti-American narrative. For example, the true story of 100,000-plus Americans risking their lives to liberate and protect from terrorists people they’ve never met is one “true story” we’ll see in hell first.

Everything you’d expect from director Paul Greengrass and Damon is here, including that goddamn shaky-cam (it’s not saying the Lord’s name in vain if you mean it). Damon’s character is the protagonist and he’s there to do good but it’s not the terrorists who are the antagonists getting in his way … no, it’s The United States of America personified by the Greg Kinnear character.

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