Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dems can win on praising Obamacare for the midterms.

Anyone who thinks the Dems can't win on running with Obamacare as they plan to do in the midterms understand the reasoning.

“History will judge harshly those who have chosen the simple path of obstruction over the hard work of making change. It always does,” said Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), an architect on the senate financial reform bill.

“I think it’s a good argument for the Democrats. I just don’t think it will work,” said Stu Rothenberg of the non-partisan Rothenberg Political Report. “It is a good message if the fundamentals change. …The problem is, if the economy is not in good shape and people still don’t feel [a recovery], it’s going to be about Obama and about the Democrats. With Democrats controlling everything, and how active the administration has been on all these fronts, I just don’t think the Democrats are going to make it about the Republicans.”

The three factors are if the economy gets better people tend to overlook government spending because they are feeling better about themselves and the country. The Dems plus their MSM friends will be touting and praising Obama like hell to make sure he doesn't lose the house to the GOP. He will get all the credit and none of the blame.

The second fact is pretty simple, do you trust the GOP leadership and RNC not to screw up the message or attack their own likely voters to be seen as friendly to the middle and the media? I didn't think so.

The third and biggest factor are the Democrats biggest voting block I would call the parasites. They sit around waiting for "free" money and services from mommy and daddy government. The Dems can scream just like they do when trying to fix social security and medicare the Republicans are trying to take away what you are entitled too.

This health care reform is another entitlement that a lot of people in America will feel they are entitled to get and they don't know or care how it is paid for or how it is carried out. All they have to hear are the evil conservatives are trying to take it away and they will start to whine.

This unfortunately sizable segment of the American population votes exclusively Democrats because the Dems like any other leftist group understand the more people you get dependent on the government they more loyal they are to vote for you again and again.

This has become a battle of two Americas, not the haves and have-nots. But those who believe in self sufficiency with a can do attitude and those who believe in government being their caretakers for various aspects of their lives. Those are the people who cheer on class warfare and think its okay for those higher up the income ladder to pay for them.

That is why it is a good strategy for the Dems to run on Obamacare because it is yet another welfare entitlement program for people to suck up.

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