Tuesday, December 1, 2009

University of Minnesota teacher indoctrination teachings.

Via PowerlineBlog where they point out that the University of Minn future teacher training pretty much something out of a stereotypical multiculturalist thinking.

To say the least, the program contemplated by the initiative's Race, Culture, Class and Gender Task Group's report reveals an authoritarian mindset. Not only are future teachers required to subscribe to the prescribed ideology, so are the teachers who supervise their practice teaching in the public schools. (These teachers must endure "required training/worshop"[s] "around issues of race, class, culture, and gender.)

This is to be a comprehensive program, including the College of Education faculty -- mandatory "professional development" sessions are planned for them. According to the report: "Every faculty member at our university that [sic] trains our teachers must comprehend and commit to the centrality of race, class, culture, and gender issues in teaching and learning, and consequently, frame their teaching and course foci accordingly."

In addition, the College of Education plans to change criteria for admission in order to ensure that future teachers show the proper "attitudes" and "dispositions." A proposal seeking funding from the Bush Foundation states that, in January, the College of Education will be making "recommendations for assessing initial licensure candidates' professional commitments/dispositions as a criteria [sic] for admission."

Jean Quam is dean of the College of Education. On Friday the Star Tribune published Quam's vacuous if revealing nonresponse to Kersten's column. Quam avoids the points Kersten made. She neither attempts to refute them nor to address Kersten's evidence.

Among the straw men set up by Quam is her assertion that Kersten's "position is that discussion of [issues of race, class, culture and gender] equates to indoctrination." Those who read Kersten's column will easily see the falsity of this assertion, but we are grateful for Dean Quam's demonstration of the ethics she brings to the public discussion of the issues Kersten disputes, and for Quam's inadvertent corroboration of Kersten's indictment.

You can read the report here and it is amazing how much self loathing patronizing crap they can fit in one report especially when the patronizing attitude is directed toward minority students. But indoctrination of students towards a leftist attitude is considered a must.

One assessment activity reads as follows:

"Autoethnography should reflect appreciation for how dominant pedagogical styles, school curricula, behavioral expectations, personal prejudices of school personnel...often convey overt and covert messages that devalue the culture, heritage, and identity of minority students."

5. Students must not only demonstrate changed thinking -- they must become activists. They must learn that schools are "critical sites for social and cultural transformation." One outcome reads: "Future teachers create & fight for social justice even if it's just in their classroom"

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