Saturday, October 17, 2009

Warren Ballantine racist remark against Juan Williams.

Warren Ballantine who the NYTIMES touted as a one of black radio newest stars along with Michael Baisden and long time hosts like Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey let loose with this racist remark towards Juan Williams. If Ballantine is part of "real black people" Call me albino whitey.

BILL O'REILLY: The reason that Limbaugh is not going to be able to buy into the NFL is because a bunch of made-up stuff became legend, and he got hammered.

WARREN BALLANTINE: OK, we won't look at the made-up stuff. Let's look at him playing "Barack The Magic Negro", and we're going to say that's just funny, that's just a joke, that's not racial either. It is racial to real black people.

JUAN WILLIAMS: Hey Warren, you were saying my argument was a red herring. Maybe you should do some research, go back and find out that it was an article written by a black person, headlined "Barack The Magic Negro."

BALLANTINE: He made it a song and played it on his show.

WILLIAMS: So what? He was making fun of it.

BALLANTINE: You can go back to the porch, Juan. You can go back. It's OK.

This is par for the course among black radio these days where racist remarks are thrown down with ease against black people who don't tout the liberal line. Michael Baisden let loose in 2008 with this white women would be for abortion if a latino or black man raped their daughter or Roland Martin and Tom Joyner ranting against tea party members are crazy white people against Obama.

The amount of hate rhetoric that you find on liberal black radio shows if it were being reported on would astonish people.

Michael Wilbon massive fail at Rush Limbaugh vs NFL .

I have little hope for sport writers when they try to argue and write about subjects outside of their wheel house of sports especially when it comes to politics and social issues. But in some writers you can see they can think or reason outside the cliched hacks of their collegues. I thought Michael Wilbon was one of them until I read his column on Rush which shows the same hack skills dressed up as intellectual discourse.

Its extremely disappointing because within the smaller circle of black sportwriters I considered Wilbon and to a certain extent Jason Whitlock to be the best who didn't use the same support the brother crutch stereotyping like a Scoop Jackson. Wilbon's column failed within the first 4 paragraphs with this admission.

I don't listen to his show because his comments about people of color anger and offend me, and I'm not easily offended.

Which leads later to this piece.

But Limbaugh has long history of the same insults and race baiting, to the point of declaring he hoped the president of the United States, a black man, fails. I never understood why someone with Limbaugh's gift for communication was so nasty and, in my opinion, gave cover to bigots everywhere under the guise of conservatism. Clearly, I'm not alone.

You admit you don't listen but you trot out the same nonsense that could come from Media Matters or Huffy Post this same lie. I am a black man who wants Obama to fail because of the policies he is pushing not because he is a black man. The same goes for Rush. Here is a simple test, does Rush want Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas to fail because he is black? Since Wilbon's premise is that Rush wants Obama to fail because he is black, the same applies to Justice Thomas. Everything else in his piece fails because Wilbon built it on a lie or being generous a false premise made up from bits and pieces he has heard and read except from the source.

Its a shame because I did consider Wilbon to be a cut above the rest of all sportswriters but with this he has shown he is either a weak willed easily led drone or a lying piece of garbage willing to jump on the MSM bandwagon.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Geert Wilders arrives in UK after ban lifted.

and some goofy twitters are not happy.

The far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders arrived in the UK today after winning an appeal earlier this week against a decision to deny him access to the country.

The Freedom party leader, who landed at Heathrow at 10.45am, had been due to screen his film Fitna at the House of Lords but had since changed his mind.

Earlier today two Twitter users were disappointed to find themselves travelling to London on the same plane as the Dutchman.

"OMG my arch enemy Geert Wilders is on our plane," tweeted philosophybites, while xirdef went one letter further with his acronym: "Omfg I am aboard a plane with Geert Wilders, life can be cruel."

Wilders is in the UK to thank his lawyers and to meet Lord Pearson, the Ukip member of the House of Lords who originally invited him to screen the 17-minute Fitna earlier this year. He is due to hold a press conference on College Green, outside the Houses of Parliament, at midday. His press officer said yesterday that Wilders did not plan to show the film during his visit.

Accused of Islamophobia, Wilders was refused entry to the UK through Heathrow in February after a letter, sent on behalf of the then home secretary, Jacqui Smith, said his presence could lead to "inter-faith violence".

On Tuesday the asylum and immigration tribunal, an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice, overturned the ruling, a decision said to have "disappointed" the Home Office.

Muslim student group at Temple wants Geert Wilders banned

Via the Jawa Report. Remember when college was supposed to be able to debate ideas and positions, now as it seems a common occurance, the default position is to want those who certain groups do not like to be banned. The argument here is ridiculously self serving as the group tries to take that banning backpacks is somehow proof that they are the ones in danger. Its bizarro logic.

The Temple University Muslim Students Association (MSA), one of the largest, most active and socially conscious student organizations on Temple's campus, is issuing this public statement of protest concerning the invitation of Geert Wilders to address the Temple community on October 20, 2009. Geert Wilders is a far-right Dutch MP who is infamous for his anti-Islamic rhetoric and extreme hatred towards Muslims. A person who has been tried in the Netherlands Supreme Court for his hate speech concerning Islam, banned from the United Kingdom due to the threat he poses to community harmony, and is concurrently being charged for violating anti-hate laws in the European Union, should not be allowed to address the Temple community. Temple MSA speaks for the many Muslims and socially conscious students and faculty on campus when we say that the presence of Geert Wilders on our campus is a breech of Temple University's pledge to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all students and faculty on campus. The Muslim population at Temple feels attacked, threatened, and ultimately unsafe that Mr. Wilders has been invited to voice his hate-driven opinions. The fact alone that backpacks are prohibited for entry to this event reinforces our argument that this creates an unsafe atmosphere where prejudiced, racist and vehemently hateful words will be disguised under the veil of academia.
Temple MSA deplores the decision made by Temple College Republicans, The David Horowitz Freedom Center, Temple University Purpose, Temple Student Activities, and Temple University as an institution of higher learning, for welcoming Geert Wilders when so many have found his speech to be repugnant to society as a whole.

We condemn Temple University for being the first university in the United States to allow Mr. Wilders to address their population and hope that the administration realizes the reputation and ideologies they are fostering not only to the Temple community, but to the world. The decision to allow Mr. Wilders to share his viewpoints is a danger not only for the public safety of Muslims and the honor of the core principles of Islam, but also for academic integrity and objectivity on campus.

We strongly urge that his invitation be rescinded immediately in order to foster appreciation of free speech that is not based on hatred and discrimination.
Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.

Monira Gamal-Eldin
President of the Temple Muslim Students Association

Obama wishes he could write blank check to New Orleans.

Well hell, whats to stop him from doing that right now considering what he has already done to the budget.

Obama wanted to use his first visit as president to the Gulf Coast to listen to residents' concerns about the recovery effort. And although most questions were on unrelated subjects, one man gave him an earful.

"I expected as much from the Bush administration, but why are we still being nickeled and dimed in our recovery?" asked Gabriel Bordenave, 29, of New Orleans.

"I wish I could write a blank check," Obama replied, promoting Bordenave to shout back, "Why not?"

Giving a blank check to New Orleans is the same as sending crack whore a truckload of crack and saying don't use it. You know its impossible but you still have tiny bit of hope in your heats that it will be different this time around.

Jobs saved/created by $787 billion stimulus? 30,000

Money well spent eh?. Nice extrapolation fellas.

The first direct stimulus reports showed that stimulus contracts saved or created just 30,083 jobs, prompting more Republican criticism of the $787 billion package.

The data posted Thursday was the result of the government's initial attempt at counting actual stimulus jobs. Obama administration officials stressed that data was partial -- it represented just $16 billion out of the $339 billion awarded -- but they said it exceeded their projections.

"All signs -- from private estimates to this fragmentary data -- point to the conclusion that the Recovery Act did indeed create or save about 1 million jobs in its first seven months, a much needed lift in a very difficult period for our economy," said Jared Bernstein, the chief economist for Vice President Joe Biden.

According to the White House recovery office's rough calculations, the 30,083 jobs number projects out to a total of 1.2 million jobs saved or created by the stimulus through September.

Tampa Bay Bucs drop hip-hop music from practice.

Raheem Morris may be way over his head and having this nonsense in place at the beginning shows horrible judgement.

Jay-Z, Diddy, T.I., T-Pain and Plies are no longer welcome at Tampa Bay Buccaneers practices.

Coach Raheem Morris had played hip-hop and R&B music during the warm-up portion of practice, but he released every artist before Wednesday's practice.

"We canned the music today. We've got to get back into it," Morris said. "We can't use music to motivate us. We can't go out and stretch and need music to help us. What's going to motivate you? How are you going to be motivated? We motivated ourselves today by reliving that sick feeling from Sunday that we've been having.

"That's what we did today, we relived that feeling. That's how we practiced today. You can tell. You could see the anger in practice. You could see the different demeanor. It was a good thing."

Morris voiced his displeasure this week with mistakes made by key players during Sunday's loss to Philadelphia. He called out players by name in the media and in meeting rooms.

Now Morris is determined to shake players out of their comfort zone.

"We can't wait until Sunday to feel bad about (a loss)," Morris said. "You've got to feel bad about it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and that's when you get ready to deal with it. When you deal with it all those couple of days of the week, you're ready to deal on Sunday so you can come back in here feeling pretty good."

Election poll finds New Jersey is full of idiots.

Corzine looks to be re-elected even though the public dislikes him and think he sucks.

In New Jersey, one of only two states with governor’s races this year, voters are gloomy about the future, upset about their own circumstances and deeply unsettled by the economy.

Still, they remain broadly supportive of President Obama, even as they are skeptical of some of his programs and have yet to feel the impact of the federal stimulus.

These findings, in the latest New York Times poll, could bolster the Democratic incumbent, Jon S. Corzine, who has latched onto Mr. Obama and persuaded many voters that his Republican opponent, Christopher J. Christie, favors policies that would help the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class.

Despite efforts by Mr. Christie, a former federal prosecutor, to make inroads with minority voters on issues like crime and school choice and to win over centrists unhappy with the governor’s record, Mr. Corzine also retains the support of many traditionally Democratic groups, including urban residents, women and liberals.

But the decision facing New Jersey voters is startlingly bleak, the poll found. They do not like Mr. Corzine, think he has done a poor job and have little faith that he will revive the state’s ailing economy or gain control of soaring property taxes, the two issues they say they care about the most.

But the electorate is just as skeptical of Mr. Christie, who has been hit with a blizzard of Mr. Corzine’s attack ads but has failed to get across a positive message. Most voters think he has not explained his positions, and among those who offer an opinion of him, twice as many dislike him as like him. That suggests that Mr. Corzine’s TV ad campaign is working; he has spent more than $10 million, much of it on ads attacking Mr. Christie.

With the two campaigns slinging mud but inspiring scant hope, and an independent candidate, Christopher J. Daggett, seen as having little chance of victory, New Jerseyans are more supportive of the devil they know than the devil they don’t, according to the poll, taken Friday through Wednesday.

If you want to know why NJ is NJ, this is a big reason. Too many people dependent on the government and too many stupid people who are willing to repeat the same mistake over and over again. I hope for more higher taxes on this state.

Walmart and Amazon book price war has people scared.

But consumers very happy, now if they both did this with college textbooks, they would be gods among men.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. launched a brash price war against Inc. on Thursday, saying it would sell 10 hotly anticipated new books for just $10 apiece through its online site,

That was just the beginning.

Hours later, Amazon matched the $10 price, squaring off in a battle for low-price and e-commerce leadership heading into the crucial holiday shopping season. Wal-Mart soon fired back with a promise to drop its prices to $9 by Friday morning -- and made good on that vow by early evening Thursday.

Wal-Mart said the splashy move to discount pre-orders of popular books such as Stephen King's "Under the Dome" and Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue" was part of a larger strategy to establish as the biggest and cheapest online retailer.

"If there is going to be a 'Wal-Mart of the Web', it is going to be," said CEO Raul Vazquez in an interview. "Our goal is to be the biggest and most visited retail Web site."

Wal-Mart's $10 promotion applies to the top 10 books coming out in November but the company is also selling 200 best-sellers for 50% of their list price.

The price war sent shivers through the publishing world. Wal-Mart's move, and similarly low prices for electronic books, may ultimately condition consumers to expect new titles to cost $10, a price that would force the publishing industry to re-scale its entire business, including the advances paid to writers.

"The endgame is rather scary for authors," said one book executive.

Obama credited for breaking interracial relationship taboo.

Silly me, I would have thought multiple number of interracial couples over the decades would be the reason for breaking down that silly taboo including Obama parents. But who knew it would be Obama to actually break it down.

There’s nothing more traditional in American politics than the wholesome family portrait: a beaming candidate, beaming spouse, reluctantly beaming teenagers.

But when Bill de Blasio, a candidate for public office in New York City this fall, put his family in his campaign mailings and TV ads, there was nothing routine about it. De Blasio’s wife of 15 years, Chirlane McCray, is black, his children are of mixed race and, even in one of America’s most liberal cities, no one could remember anything like it.

De Blasio, 48, won the crucial Democratic primary in a runoff Sept. 29 and is in line to be the city’s next public advocate, a sort of high-profile ombudsman’s job that’s second in the line of succession to the mayor. The city councilman from liberal Park Slope, Brooklyn, had other things going for him — institutional support, newspaper endorsements — but in the view of his campaign, and of many of the city’s political observers, his interracial relationship was an almost unmitigated positive in a hotly contested election.

With Barack Obama having rewritten the history of race relations in this country, de Blasio may be demolishing one of its last taboos, “For so long in American history, interracial couples went out of their way to keep their relationships out of the public eye that it’s remarkable to see them used in a campaign like this,” said Peggy Pascoe, a historian of interracial marriage at the University of Oregon, who referred to the campaign as “a post-Obama phenomenon.”

That’s a perception McCray said she shared. Obama, she said, “opened a door” and “made it easier for us to go there.”

Guess who had problems with it in this most liberal of cities?

His efforts to make his family a kind of symbolic coalition drew some resistance. A black nationalist city councilman, Charles Barron, called his mailing “disgraceful” and “an insult to the black community.”

Rival campaigns, meanwhile, were unsure of what to make of it. A senior aide to one rival said they tested de Blasio’s mailings in a focus group and left hoping that voters would find the appeal “crass.” On the campaign trail, though, the reception was overwhelmingly positive, McCray said in an interview. “People loved the literature. Some people have it hanging in their living rooms,” she said.

De Blasio’s primary victory hardly marked the end of racial politics in New York, long split by tribes and their alliances, if shifting ones. The same day, a Dinkins-style minority coalition carried a Chinese-American, John Liu, to victory in a campaign marked by appeals to racial and ethnic solidarity —such as those from one black Brooklyn council woman, who said: “We stand with this minority because we, as members of a minority, recognize that when we stand together, we represent a majority.”

Hostility to interracial couples and mixed kids are just as bad in minority groups as they are in white power groups. But to credit this to Obama is just as ridiculous as him winning the Nobel Prize for good intentions.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rick Sanchez and Huff Post pull bogus Limbaugh quote.

The damage has been done so put some half assed apology on your twitter like Rick Sanchez and you are golden.

These are the times I wish British libel laws could be applied over here.

The high tech lynching of Rush Limbaugh by the media.

When the media starts to just blurt out quotes with no evidence but then do some CYAing by putting the onus on Rush to deny it, we have stepped into bizarro world. Some idiot blogger on CBS Sports and of all people who should know better Jason Whitlock gave that excuse to slander Limbaugh because of his interest in being part owner of the St Louis Rams.
TVNEWSER has some of the reactions via Anderson Cooper(got the post title from here) and O'Reilly.

What was shocking was how brazen the slandering was and there is a lesson for conservatives to take from it. I said it before that liberals have zero standards and will sink to depths you thought they would not dare to "win" and in this case derail Limbaugh's bid.

You have seen the Alinsky methods and now you saw what they will do their big lie method. You can get pissed off and fight back or just sit there doing nothing.

Obama agrees to treaty to regulate arms sales with conditions.

The consensus condition is hot air since I can't see what ground Obama would object to arms control given his worldview. You know nations will put in rules to cut off their enemies while putting in loopholes for themselves or allies.

The United States reversed policy on Wednesday and said it would back launching talks on a treaty to regulate arms sales as long as the talks operated by consensus, a stance critics said gave every nation a veto.

The decision, announced in a statement released by the U.S. State Department, overturns the position of former President George W. Bush's administration, which had opposed such a treaty on the grounds that national controls were better.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States would support the talks as long as the negotiating forum, the so-called Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, "operates under the rules of consensus decision-making."

"Consensus is needed to ensure the widest possible support for the Treaty and to avoid loopholes in the Treaty that can be exploited by those wishing to export arms irresponsibly," Clinton said in a written statement.

The proposed legally binding treaty would tighten regulation of, and set international standards for, the import, export and transfer of conventional weapons.

Supporters say it would give worldwide coverage to close gaps in existing regional and national arms export control systems that allow weapons to pass onto the illicit market.

Nations would remain in charge of their arms export control arrangements but would be legally obliged to assess each export against criteria agreed under the treaty. Governments would have to authorize transfers in writing and in advance.

The proposed treaty is opposed by conservative U.S. think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, which said last month that it would not restrict the access of "dictators and terrorists" to arms but would be used to reduce the ability of democracies such as Israel to defend their people.

The U.S. lobbying group the National Rifle Association has also opposed the treaty.

EU peace support work 'failing'

But it was made with good intentions.

The European Union's peace support efforts around the world have been heavily criticised in a new report.

Despite drawing on what is collectively the world's largest development budget, many countries, it says, fail to live up to the commitments they make.

The study is published by the European Council on Foreign Relations.

The findings are given added importance by the fact that the EU - if its Lisbon Treaty comes into force - could embark on major foreign policy reform.

But, as the report from the European Council on Foreign Relations makes clear, the EU's track-record is mixed.

"This supposed civilian power," it says, "is largely illusory".

The EU struggles to find civilians to staff its missions and the results of its interventions, the report says, are often paltry.

Part of the problem is a failure to make good on commitments.

But the EU's initial experience in the Balkans - what the study calls "the Bosnia Template" - has weighed heavily on subsequent operations.

The report argues that the EU should rethink its whole approach to foreign interventions with a focus on speed, security and self-sufficiency.

UCI's Muslim student group sends money to Hamas?

The Muslim Student group is lying thru its teeth.

UC Irvine is investigating whether a Muslim Student Union-sponsored speech by controversial British politician George Galloway was improperly used as a fund-raiser, and have forwarded to the Justice Department allegations that money raised at the event went to a terrorist organization.

The university is looking into whether money was collected at the May 21 event for Galloway's Viva Palestina organization, despite the Muslim Student Union at UCI filling out a form promising that it wouldn't be a fund-raiser. More serious allegations that Viva Palestina gave the money to Hamas during a trip to Gaza have been forwarded to the Department of Justice, UCI spokeswoman Cathy Lawhon said.

Muslim Student Union leaders acknowledged in a written statement that they might have mistakenly and unknowingly breached university policy, but contended that the complaint filed by the Zionist Organization of America was part of a larger effort to intimidate UCI's Muslim community and challenge their freedom of speech

Viva Palestina has an earlier aid trip this year which culminated into this tidbit by Galloway. I have no doubt the student group raised money for Hamas via Galloway.

(AFP) – Mar 10, 2009

GAZA CITY (AFP) — Firebrand British MP George Galloway on Tuesday donated thousands of dollars and dozens of vehicles to the Hamas-run government in the Gaza Strip after arriving in an aid convoy.

"We are giving you now 100 vehicles and all of their contents, and we make no apology for what I am about to say. We are giving them to the elected government of Palestine," Galloway said at a press conference in Gaza City.

Galloway said he personally would be donating three cars and 25,000 pounds (35,000 dollars) to Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniya as he dared the West to try to prosecute him for aiding what it considers a terror group.

UC Irvine has long been a hotspot for radical groups and it has gotten worse over the years if you are a supporter of Israel.

This isn't the first time the Zionist Organization of America has forced a review at UC Irvine. Several years ago, a federal civil rights investigation into the group's allegations found insufficient evidence that the university had failed to respond properly to complaints of harassment of Jewish students.

Tensions between Jewish and Muslim students – particularly over Israeli-Palestinian issues – have spilled over to the blogosphere. Jewish student leaders last year issued a news release saying that no one is in danger from anti-Semitism on campus.

Muslim Student Union leaders wrote in their letter to UC Irvine staff that attacks by the Zionist Organization of America were a smear on their reputation, and were creating a hostile environment for Muslim students.

Former Japan PM stars as Ultraman King.

I always like Koizumi especially with his Elvis obsession, he seemed like a nice guy. Plus, you can't stop the awesome hair, you can only hope to contain it.

As a politician he took on party conservatives and became one of Japan's most popular postwar prime ministers. In retirement Junichiro Koizumi, the silver-haired reformer with an Elvis Presley obsession, is about to confront a very different foe: space monsters.

Koizumi, who retired from politics before August's general election, has swapped the soapbox for the studio to lend his voice to Ultraman King, an extraterrestrial TV superhero revered by three generations of Japanese.

Ironically for a politician who once threatened to reform his party or else destroy it, the 67-year-old was apparently chosen for his skills as a unifier.

"We considered many people who might be able to play this crucial role," said a producer at Tsuburaya Productions. "But we though that the only person who could really have the presence of Ultraman King, who brings the [Ultraman] clan together, would be Mr Koizumi, who once led the country."

Telegraph: Up to 45,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan

This would mean the military brass won over the innane Biden section of the debate. But since there is an up to quantifier in this report, we are talking a wide range.

President Barack Obama's administration is understood to have told the British government that it could announce, as early as next week, the substantial increase to its 65,000 troops already serving there.

The decision from Mr Obama comes after he considered a request from General Stanley McChrystal, the US commander in Afghanistan, to send tens of thousands of extra American troops to the country.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, the Chief of the Defence Staff, said: "I don't want to put words in the mouths of the Americans but I am fairly confident of the way it is going to come out."

An announcement next week could coincide with a meeting of NATO defence ministers in Bratislava, Slovakia, due next Thursday and Friday.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs dismissed the claims, after President Obama met with his war council for the fifth time to map out a new strategy in Afghanistan.

"I would not put any weight behind the fact that a decision has been made, when the President has yet to make a decision," he told reporters in Washington.

"I've seen the report. It's not true, either generally or specifically. The president has not made a decision."

But Ministry of Defence sources indicated that the British Government had been told to expect a substantial increase in the number of of American troops.

Lets hope Obama does not wimp out.

Obama Allowing Russia to Visit U.S. Nuclear Sites

How enlightened.

Russia and the United States have tentatively agreed to a weapons inspection program that would allow Russians to visit nuclear sites in America to count missiles and warheads.

The plan, which Fox News has learned was agreed to in principle during negotiations, would constitute the most intrusive weapons inspection program the U.S. has ever accepted.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said publicly Tuesday that the two nations have made "considerable" progress toward reaching agreement on a new strategic arms treaty.

The 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, expires in December and negotiators have been racing to reach agreement on a successor.

Clinton said the U.S. would be as transparent as possible.

"We want to ensure that every question that the Russian military or Russian government asks is answered," she said, calling missile defense "another area for deep cooperation between our countries."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Somehow, Obama wants $13 Billion to spend on Seniors.

How exactly are we going to pay for this?

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama called on Congress Wednesday to approve $250 payments to more than 50 million seniors to make up for no increase in Social Security next year. The Social Security Administration is scheduled to announce Thursday that there will be no cost of living increase next year. By law, increases are pegged to inflation, which has been negative this year.

Obama's proposal is similar to several bills in Congress. The $250 payments would also go to those receiving veterans benefits, disability benefits, railroad retirees and retired public employees who don't receive Social Security. Recipients would be limited to one payment, even if they qualified for more.

The White House put the cost at $13 billion. Obama said he would not allow the payments to come out of the Social Security trust funds, further eroding the finances of the retirement program. Social Security already is projected to pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes in each of the next two years.

However, Obama did not offer any alternatives to finance the payments. A senior administration official said Obama was open to borrowing the money, increasing the federal budget deficit. The official, who requested anonymity, was not authorized to speak on the record.

Seriously, it must be nice just to say borrow it when pulling programs out your backside like it doesn't have serious consequences down the road for everyone.

Roger Goodell must get rid of Keith Olbermann from Sunday Night Football

If Roger Goodell is concerned about the NFL having people who make divisive comments associated with the league when will he demanded NBC get rid of Olbermann off Sunday Night Football. He has a history of sexist, misogynistic comments towards women alond with his far left political views that spew hate towards anyone who doesn't agree with him. The latest towards Michelle Malkin if done the other way would have womens group demanding someone's head.

NFL cannot tolerate this sort of nonsense from people who are being paid to promote their product.

Dolphins fans unhappy about penalty called in Spanish

Dolphins fans unhappy about penalty called in Spanish. I know the video is out there somewhere but the audio here.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Oakland Raiders looking to trade almost everyone.

Raiders to revolutionize the mid season trade giveaway and its not even mid season.

There are issues in Oakland. That’s not news. Coach Tom Cable acknowledged many of them Monday while meeting with reporters, saying “The problem is not who we’re playing, the problem is us.” As the trade deadline approaches on Oct. 20, Lombardi notes that the Raiders have called “a lot of teams” and everyone is available with the exception of about five or six players, a group that includes CB Nnamdi Asomugah and QB JaMarcus Russell. “The Raiders want to shake it up, and certainly, they should,” Lombardi said. “They’re 1-4, they’re pathetic offensively. They need to do something to kind of stimulate and change the culture of the football team.”

Chris Matthews wants to see Rush Limbaugh die.

Liberals need to help me out here because is it now cool to wish death on someone? I got a list.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Russia won't back sanctions against Iran.

Man, that Obama ass kissing is working wonders overseas. First as the post below points out, Obama will not say anything about Russia's human rights record and now Russia in a shock move tells Obama screw your sanctions. Who did not see that coming eh?

Denting President Obama’s hopes for a powerful ally in his campaign to press Iran on its nuclear program, Russia’s foreign minister said Tuesday that threatening Tehran now with harsh new sanctions would be “counterproductive.”

The minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, said after meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton here that diplomacy should be given a chance to work, particularly after a meeting in Geneva this month in which the Iranian government said it would allow United Nations inspectors to visit its clandestine nuclear enrichment site near the holy city of Qum.

“At the current stage, all forces should be thrown at supporting the negotiating process,” he said. “Threats, sanctions and threats of pressure in the current situation, we are convinced, would be counterproductive.”

Mr. Lavrov’s resistance was striking given that, just three weeks before, President Dmitri A. Medvedev said that “in some cases, sanctions are inevitable.” American officials had hailed that statement as a sign that Russia was finally coming around to the Obama administration’s view that Iran is best handled with diplomacy backed by a credible threat of sanctions.

It also came after the Obama administration announced that it would retool a European missile defense system fiercely opposed by Russia. That move was thought to have paid dividends for the White House when Mr. Medvedev appeared to throw his support behind Mr. Obama on Iran, though American officials say the Russian president was also likely to have been reacting to the disclosure of the secret nuclear site near Qum.

NYTIMES is trying so hard to downplay this slap to the face it reads ridiculous. Russia will not sanction Iran ever. I can't tell if the Obama admin is just this stupid or they think no one else will realize they turned on Eastern Europe for nothing.

Obama to stop criticism of Russian human rights record

Well, Obama already shut down the rights group that was looking at Iran, so why not tone down on Russia. There is always room for more ass kissing and debasing America in this government.

It is the latest in a number of concessions the US has made to Moscow in order to improve relations and encourage co-operation on international issues.

The plan emerged as Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, visited Russia to discuss a range of issues including Iran's rogue nuclear programme.

Mrs Clinton's trip was part of what Washington is calling a "reset" with Moscow, a new more constructive relationship with the Kremlin that President Barack Obama wants to be based on pragmatism rather than the confrontation of the past.

But it is a policy that has stoked anxiety among Mr Obama's critics who fear Russia will accept concessions, including his decision to scrap a missile shield in Eastern Europe, without giving anything back. Critics also contend that it is a serious mistake to be anything but robust with Vladimir Putin, the prime minister, and believe that the Obama administration is showing alarming signs of going soft on Moscow.

Michael McFaul, Mrs Clinton's top Russia adviser, told Kommersant, an influential daily Russian newspaper, Washington was ready to dilute its criticism of Kremlin rights abuses.

"We have decided that we need a reset in this sphere and to scrap our previous approach," he said, adding that the US had decided it would no longer preach to Russia about democracy so as not to irritate Moscow.

First non-black Miss Hampton University divides HBCU

Small narrowminded racists are not just for white folks. Poor girl wins and some not so well spoken racists come out.

Miss Hampton University has apologized for sending a letter to President Obama after her historic win divided the historically black university's campus.

Nikole Churchill is the first queen that is not black.

Today the executive director of the pageant Dr. Shelia Maye held a mandatory meeting asking contestants not to speak with the media

But that didn't stop NewsChannel 3 from talking to students about their new queen.

Mariah Brown lives in the same dorm as one of the black contestants.

"They were just like how can somebody not black win at an all black school."

"A lot of people are mad or upset because they feel like it is not someone that can represent us i mean it is not someone you can look at and say we are not the same skin color how can we relate," says Chelsey Trammell.

Students were also upset that Churchill wrote President Obama asking him to come to campus and speak on diversity.

"Unless she is talking about healthcare she don't need to be sending him no letters," says Lauren King.

Another issue is Nikole attends Hampton University's satellite campus in Virginia Beach. Students at the main campus feel she's disconnected.

"It is not a big problem with me, not a race problem with me. At the same time you represent the school and I wish she was around the campus more and people will be engaged with her," says Patrick Neal.

Lauren King has made Hampton proud.

Quick, spot the sore loser

Hampton University nursing senior Nikole Churchill, center, was crowned Miss Hampton University last Friday. She was the first non-black to win the title. (Joi Louviere, Special to the Daily Press / October 9, 2009)

Cuba tearing down socialism to survive

When Raul Castro is making better economic decisions than the American government we have problems.

Cuba's workplace cafeterias are closing, President Raúl Castro keeps saying the well-off shouldn't get the same subsidies as the poor, and now there are rumblings that one of the stalwart vestiges of the revolution -- the ration booklet -- has outlived its usefulness.

As the Cuban government struggles through a deep recession, its leaders have begun picking away at socialism in order to save it. But experts say the latest buzz by the Cuban government is simply another desperate fix to stem the slide of a failed economy that buckled long ago.

Even one of Havana's leading economists recently said Cuba's economy needed to be turned upside down -- ``feet up.'' So taxi drivers got private licenses, farmers now have their own plots of land and government workers have to pack their own lunches.

``I think what they are trying to do is prepare the people for a hard landing,'' said Cuba expert Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado of the University of Nebraska. ``The government is really saying in so many words: We've got limited resources and can only do so much. I think they are stuck.''

Since he took office early last year, Raúl Castro has been saying that the country's severely battered economy needs fixing. In a widely quoted August speech, Castro said Cuba was spending more than it made.

``Nobody, no individual nor country, can indefinitely spend more than she or he earns. Two plus two always adds up to four, never five,'' Castro said. ``Within the conditions of our imperfect socialism, due to our own shortcomings, two plus two often adds up to three.''

In the 18 months since he took office, Castro restructured the nation's agricultural system to give idle land to farmers in the hopes that they'll produce when the state couldn't. He also allowed taxi drivers to have private licenses; many of them were working illegally, anyway.

Castro suggested it was time to rethink fundamentals such as deep subsidies for everyone. He started by saving $350 million by closing workplace cafeterias at four government ministries. Workers got a slight boost in pay as a result.

On Friday, the Cuban state newspaper Granma published a signed editorial from its top editor criticizing the so-called ``supply card,'' which provides Cubans with about a week and a half of deeply subsided groceries. In an article titled ``He's paternalistic, you're paternalistic, I'm paternalistic,'' Granma editor Lázaro Barredo Medina blasted the Cuban ``gimme'' mentality.
``You don't go to the store to buy, you go so they can give you what's yours,'' he wrote.

Its sounds more like Detroit. But for the changes happening in Cuba, the American government should be "matching" the moves in response. A take while they give opening up their markets and more freedoms to the people in Cuba.

(Updates) Teen doused with flammable liquid, set on fire

What sort of monsters are we growing up in society that can think of something this horrible. Send them away for a long time. I don't want to hear about mercy, they lost that privilege when they pulled this act.

A 15-year-old boy was badly burned Monday afternoon when he was doused with a flammable liquid and intentionally set on fire, officials said.

Broward Sheriff's Office spokesman Jim Leljedal said the boy, identified by family members as Michael Brewer, was sitting by a swimming pool at about 3:15 p.m. when the bizarre attack occurred.

The seventh-grader suffered burns over 75 percent of his body, especially on his torso and arms, Leljedal said. Family members said most of his hair, including his eyelashes, had been burned off.

Late Monday night, the Sheriff's Office said three juveniles were arrested in the case. Their names and ages were not released.

Brewer's sister, Malissa Durkee, 22, said her brother screamed for help, getting the attention of a neighbor who put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. The boy then ripped off his shirt and jumped in the pool, she said.

Detectives were investigating whether the attack at the Lime Tree Apartments in the 400 block of Southeast 13th Court was tied to an incident the day before, when Brewer stopped someone from stealing his father's bicycle. Leljedal confirmed that a juvenile had been arrested Sunday, but could not say whether the incidents were linked.

Danny Martinez, Malissa Durkee's brother in law, said Brewer, a student at Deerfield Beach Middle School, had refused to go to school Monday because of Sunday's incident. Sheriff's officials said he had gone to the apartment complex to visit a friend.


Three teenagers were charged with aggravated assault today for allegedly holding a 15-year-old Deerfield Beach boy down, dousing him with rubbing alcohol and setting him on fire.

The victim, identified by family members as Michael Brewer, suffered burns over 75 percent of his body, especially on his torso and arms, sheriff's spokesman Jim Leljedal said. A news conference on the case is scheduled for 3 p.m.

The suspects, Matthew Bent, 15; Denver Colorado Jarvis, 15; and his brother Jeremy Jarvis, 13, appeared before Circuit Judge Elijah Williams, who said the victim was sitting by a swimming pool at about 3:15 p.m. when the three teens allegedly approached him and confronted him "over money they said he owed them."

Then, he said, the victim was held down while the alcohol was poured on him, and someone lit the blaze. Brewer, a seventh-grader, jumped into the pool to put out the fire, the judge said. Family members said most of his hair, including his eyelashes, had been burned off.

Looking at this pic, the 15 year old needs to be kept off the streets.

Jeremy Jarvis, 13, left, and his brother Denver Colorado Jarvis, 15, appear in juvenile court, Tuesday. The brothers, along with a third boy were charged with burning the Deerfield boy. (Joe Cavaretta, Sun Sentinel )

Third update# More arrests.

Jeremy Jarvis, age 13, left, and his brother Denver Colorado Jarvis, age 15, center, and Matthew Bent, age 15, right, are seen in juvenile court on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009, in Fort Lauderdale at the Broward County Courthouse. The boys were charged in the burning of a 15-year-old Deerfield Beach boy. (Joe Cavaretta, Sun Sentinel / October 13, 2009)

A teen out for revenge rallied his friends to douse a 15-year-old with rubbing alcohol, then told them to set the boy on fire Monday afternoon, the Broward Sheriff's Office said Tuesday.

Moments before Michael Brewer was engulfed in flames, Matthew Bent, 15, the teen accused of organizing the attack, yelled "Snitch, snitch!" and "Pour it on him!," said Sgt. Steve Feeley, the deputy who investigated the case.

However, officials on Tuesday called the attack an unplanned incident: The teens had found a jug of rubbing alcohol by chance and did not know Brewer was going to be near the Deerfield Beach apartment complex's pool where they set him on fire.

Bent and four others have been arrested and charged with aggravated assault: brothers Denver Jarvis, 15, and Jeremy Jarvis, 13; Steven Shelton, 15; and Jesus Mendez, 15.

Mendez, who authorities say is the one who flicked a lighter at Brewer, was also charged with attempted second-degree murder.

Brewer suffered second-degree burns to 80 percent of his body, especially on his torso and arms, according to the Sheriff's Office

Update again with details by the Sheriff's Office, it makes for a horrific read.

According to Broward Sheriff's Sgt. Steve Feeley, the feud started when Brewer borrowed $40 from Bent to buy a video game. He never paid him back. In return Bent tried to steal a custom, $500 bike belonging to Brewer's father Sunday night. Brewer called police, and Bent was arrested as he tried to run off with the bike.

Bent, released from the juvenile center Monday morning, didn't go to school that day. He and Brewer attend Deerfield Beach Middle School. Brewer also stayed home, fearing an encounter with Bent. Brewer, a seventh-grader, has been kept back at least two grades, family members said.

About 3 p.m., Bent met up with four friends: brothers Denver and Jeremy Jarvis, 15 and 13 respectively; Steven Shelton, 15; and Jesus Mendez, 15. All are from Pompano Beach but Shelton, who lives in Deerfield Beach. The neighborhood shared by the teens straddles the two cities.

Near a wall by the Lime Tree Apartments in the 400 block of Southeast 13th Court, the boys found a bottle of rubbing alcohol, police said. They entered the complex's pool area and by chance came upon Brewer, who was waiting for a friend.

Brewer tried to walk away. Deputies said the group surrounded him.

"Snitch, snitch!" taunted Bent, who ordered Denver Jarvis to pour the alcohol on Brewer, according to investigators.

Mendez took a lighter from his pocket and flicked it at the drenched teen. Brewer and a bush nearby caught fire instantly. Covered in flames, Brewer ran 150 yards to the pool and jumped in. When a rescue team arrived he was sitting in a pool chair.

"This is one of the most heinous crimes I've ever seen," Lamberti said.

Nearby teens who witnessed the attack reported it to police.

"The kids from the neighborhood, they were scared of this kid Bent," Lamberti said.

Bent and the Jarvis brothers were arrested Monday night. Bent and Denver Jarvis laughed under questioning, Feeley said. Only Mendez, arrested along with Shelton on Tuesday, showed remorse, the deputy said.

Detroit's plight decades in the making

Laura Berman is horrified that people are making fun of Detroit after a call to get taxpayer funded help and a woman who had no clue where or why this money came to be.

Nobody laughs at Indonesians buried under rubble. They don't sneer at hurricane victims whose houses float away. But to the media conservatives who feed on the despair of the poor, Detroit's economic Katrina is an opportunity to stir up the rabble. In this week's case, it created a rush to Google and YouTube and provided fodder for fringe hate groups.

"Detroit's Model Citizens Line Up for Money from Obama's 'Stash' " is the way Rush Limbaugh's Web site headlined a story about the stampede for grant applications at Cobo. Two breathless days of commentary were devoted to the appalling greed of broke Detroiters. He also nationally aired WJR-AM's (760) onsite interview with a Detroit woman who explained she'd come to Cobo for "Obama money."

"Where did he get it?" asks WJR reporter Ken Rogulski.

"I don't know, his stash," the woman responds. "I don't know where he got it from, but he's giving it to us, to help us."

She added: "We love him. That's why we voted for him."

How did this woman's anticipation and excitement become a trigger for ridicule? For contempt and loathing?

From that brief exchange, Limbaugh extracted a wealth of knowledge about this anonymous woman. He went on to describe her as "dumb, uninformed, shockingly, saddeningly stupid, the model citizen for Barack Obama."

The truth is that her answer wasn't stupid: She believed she had a chance to qualify for assistance from the federal government. She received an application.

But she said, "Obama money," a phrase that he uses to then disparage the entire mass of people in attendance, people he assumes lack all good qualities, from work ethic to intelligence to education. Those are qualities he and his audience apparently share automatically, by virtue of their enjoying of his program and their shared ability to sneer at desperation.

Wrong, the reason Detroit has become a national joke because everyone sees the slow death march of an major city due to politics(mainly liberal) that has killed it. The same goes for the state. It has become an example of entitlement and people looking to be given the good life. The issue is not color but character and this one woman embodies everything that conservatives have pointed liberal policies contributed too.

The making of an entitlement society where government gives out "Obama" money and the Dem party that encourages it because it keeps them in power. That is what people are mocking and sad about this time around.

People like her and others who want government to be their mommy are major obstacles in making a strong community/society for people to live in and a country to remain strong. You can't have those who can keep providing for those who refuse to do without major problems in the future. Detroit serves as that warning.

Obama team declaring war on Fox News is insane.

They pulled this against Rush Limbaugh earlier this year and just made him more popular, now with Anita Dunn leading the charge against Fox News, its just going to make them more popular.

TVNEWSER has the reaction from various people. The sad part is I have the feeling they put more thought and planning into this than they have with Afghanistan.

Sharpton Urges Limbaugh be banned from NFL team.

Now its a party! I am surprised Rev Jesse didn't jump on this first.

Al Sharpton urged the N.F.L. in a letter released Monday to reject the conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s potential bid to buy the St. Louis Rams. He also asked for a meeting with N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell.

It was the latest indication of the controversy Limbaugh’s involvement in the bid has caused, months before N.F.L. owners are expected to consider a new ownership group for the Rams.

In his letter, Sharpton, the president of the National Action Network, a civil rights organization, said that the N.F.L. should reject the bid by Limbaugh because he would be bad for the league. Goodell is in Boston, attending owners meetings through Wednesday, and will respond to the letter when he returns, the league spokesman Greg Aiello said.

Limbaugh taped an interview for the “Today” show, to be broadcast Tuesday and Wednesday, in which he said the attention generated by his attempt to buy the Rams showed that his detractors wanted to pigeonhole him.

“They’re just gonna go nuts,” Limbaugh was quoted saying of his detractors in an account of the interview on “This is the kind of stuff they’ve been trying to make sure doesn’t happen with me. All this stuff is the mainstreaming of Rush Limbaugh from off this far-right fringe they’ve tried to put me. I just keep tiptoeing into the mainstream. And it just irritates them.”

If you want to stop Limbaugh, then it would be best that you have the best bid win the team, if you push that you are stopping his group from owning because you hate conservative views, you are going to open up something that will not be pretty for the NFL union and those opposed.

Nooo! Mad Men's Christina Hendricks Gets Married

I am depressed and I am not hating on Geoffrey Arend but damn him.

Mad Men co-star Christina Hendricks has tied the knot with Geoffrey Arend, People reports.

Hendricks, 34, who plays the voluptuous and fiery Joan on the AMC drama, and Arend, said "I do" Sunday at Il Buco restaurant in New York City. They exchanged platinum wedding bands — each with two rows of pave-set diamonds — by Tacori.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dems angry over health insurers study.

Dems get pissed because the health insurers point out the obvious.

Democrats and their allies scrambled on Monday to knock down a new industry-funded study forecasting that Senate legislation, over time, will add thousands of dollars to the cost of a typical policy. "Distorted and flawed," said White House spokeswoman Linda Douglass. "Fundamentally dishonest," said AARP's senior policy strategist, John Rother. "A hatchet job," said a spokesman for Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont.

But the health insurance industry's top lobbyist in Washington stood her ground. In a call with reporters, Karen Ignagni, president of America's Health Insurance Plans, pointedly refused to rule out attack ads on TV featuring the study, though she said she believed the industry's concerns could be amicably addressed.

At the heart of the industry's complaint is a decision by lawmakers to weaken the requirement that millions more Americans get coverage. Since the legislation would ban insurance companies from denying coverage on account of poor health, many people will wait to sign up until they get sick, the industry says. And that will drive up costs for everybody else.

Insurers are now raising possibilities such as higher premiums for people who postpone getting coverage, or waiting periods for those who ignore a proposed government requirement to get insurance and later have a change of heart.

You can't add the uninsured, subsidize people, force companies to take everyone, tax those who can afford good health care(except the unions who have an exempt) and have a taxpayer funded "public option" and think prices will stay down. If you think that you get the screwed up Massachusetts health system which is falling apart.

Russell Simmons: Follow Obama or God will smite us.

Way too many yoga positions.

If we allow leaders of our country who claim that they represent us, when they really represent big business and corporate greed, to create policy in our name, we will be found guilty of charge three. If we allow leaders of a political party that only know one word, and that is "no," to work against the best interests of our country, we will not only be found guilty of charge four, we will be sentenced by God to self-destruction.

However. We can turn this around real fast. Our president is trying to do all of the things that he promised. He is trying to change the damaged image of America and Americans around the world. He is trying to create change, not just for change's sake, but to make our country better. He needs our support and he needs it now.

Benefits 'wrecked the British work ethic,'

I don't object to benefits but when its large enough that you can see yourself living off of it for life, then it becomes a problem for society in general. All it does is make a segment of the population parasites.

The stigma that once went with claiming benefits rather than working for a living has been lost, a study has claimed.

The work ethic that inspired successive generations has ebbed away in the face of the welfare state.

Over the past decades each generation has seen more and more people milking the benefit system, which has sapped their will to work, the research from the Centre for Economic Performance said.

The findings come at a time when both major parties have committed themselves to cutting numbers who live on incapacity benefit

There are 2.6million adults who claim the handout meant for the sick and incapable, with around 20 per cent thought to be fully able - but unwilling - to work.
The report said: 'It has long been recognised that generous unemployment benefits create moral hazard - workers are partly protected against the consequences of being unemployed, so they are less likely to search for jobs with the same intensity.'

Tom Joyner describes the Dem party and black people.

He was trying to clown on conservatives and Obama critics but stumbled on the truth.

One of Luther's songs' lyrics always bothered me, but right now, I can sort of apply them to the foolishness I'm seeing from alot of the ABO (anybody but Obama) people out there. It goes, "I'd rather have hard time with you than good times with someone else." Huh? You'd rather be with someone who doesn't treat you right because you're loyal to them than a good person who has your best interests at heart? This kind of dysfunctional thinking is alot more common than we want to believe. And there's no sense in wasting your time and breath trying to change their minds. So don't.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

NFL union head comes out against Limbaugh's bid.

First a little bit of background on DeMaurice Smith

Smith is an NFL outsider who has no labor law experience, but has ties to President Barack Obama and worked with new U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. He's a trial lawyer and partner at the influential Washington-based Patton Boggs, and chair of the firm's government investigations and white-collar practice group. He has represented Fortune 500 companies in numerous cases. A native Washingtonian, Smith earned his law degree at Virginia in 1989, and has been a frequent guest commentator on many cable television news programs.

Interesting his stated opposition.

NFL Players executive director DeMaurice Smith on Saturday made a move to solidify the union against a bid by conservative talk show radio host Rush Limbaugh as part of a group that aims to purchase the St. Louis Rams.

I've spoken to the Commissioner [Roger Goodell] and I understand that this ownership consideration is in the early stages. But sport in America is at its best when it unifies, gives all of us reason to cheer, and when it transcends. Our sport does exactly that when it overcomes division and rejects discrimination and hatred.

” -- DeMaurice Smith, in e-mail to union's executive committee

In an e-mail to the union's executive committee on Saturday specifically addressing Limbaugh's bid, Smith said, "I've spoken to the Commissioner [Roger Goodell] and I understand that this ownership consideration is in the early stages. But sport in America is at its best when it unifies, gives all of us reason to cheer, and when it transcends. Our sport does exactly that when it overcomes division and rejects discrimination and hatred."

So to overcome alleged "division and rejects discrimination and hatred" Smith is happy to discriminate against Limbaugh's group because he doesn't care for his political views. Nice.

Obama advisers lying about Afghanistan dangers

Obama wants out and he is trying everything not to be widely known as the cut and run President.

As the Obama administration reconsiders its Afghanistan policy, White House officials are minimizing warnings from the intelligence community, the military and the State Department about the risks of adopting a limited strategy focused on al Qaida, U.S. intelligence, diplomatic and military officials told McClatchy.

Recent U.S. intelligence assessments have found that the Taliban and other Pakistan-based groups that are fighting U.S.-led forces have much closer ties to al Qaida now than they did before 9/11, would allow the terrorist network to re-establish bases in Afghanistan and would help Osama bin Laden export his radical brand of Islam to Afghanistan's neighbors and beyond, the officials said.

McClatchy interviewed more than 15 senior and mid-level U.S. intelligence, military and diplomatic officials, all of whom said they concurred with the assessments. All of them requested anonymity because the assessments are classified and the officials weren't authorized to speak publicly.

The officials said the White House is searching for an alternative to the broader counterinsurgency strategy favored by Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, and Gen. David Petraeus, the head of the U.S. Central Command.