Saturday, November 14, 2009

UK Justice! Baby killer is paid £4,500 'bribe' to quit Britain

Immigrant or not. You would think the idea is pay for your crimes in jail and then throw them out. In the UK they do things just a little more inane.

An immigrant convicted of the horrific killing of a 17-month-old baby has been given £4,500 by the Government as a 'bribe' to leave the country.

Malaysian Agnes Wong, 29, was jailed for five years in 2008 for the brutal manslaughter of a toddler she was supposed to be child-minding.

She was let out of prison in July this year, and two weeks ago was put on a plane at Heathrow and sent to Malaysia with a 'voucher' worth £4,500 to spend when she got there.

Wong was jailed after a court heard how she had swung the boy, Hugo Wang, by his ankles and smashed his head. He died of brain injuries.

Wong's payment has sparked disbelief and outrage, coming just days after the Prime Minister said he understood the public's mounting concerns over immigration.
Tory immigration spokesman Damian Green said: 'Only last week, Gordon Brown said he "gets it" on immigration but this is proof he doesn't get it. For an immigrant who killed a child to get taxpayers' money to help with her future life is nothing short of appalling.'

UK Justice! Murderer escapes on shopping trip.

Really UK? Really....

Detectives were today hunting a convicted murderer who escaped while out on an escorted shopping trip.

Patricia Gillette, 41, disappeared at around 3pm yesterday while visiting shops in West Wickham, south east London.

Gillette, of Streatham, south London, was being held at the nearby Bethlem Royal Hospital.

In 2007 she was convicted at the Old Bailey of murdering Mark Murphy, 38, at his home in Streatham in August 2006 and detained indefinitely under a hospital order.
Detective Sergeant Gary Gornell, of Bromley CID, said: 'This individual is dangerous and we need to apprehend her as soon as possible. If anyone sees her, please don't approach her, but call police immediately.'

(Video) Italian Feminist calls Mohammed a paedophile.

A minor skirmish breaks out in the studio.

One of Italy's largest Muslim organisations on Monday condemned the feminist and former rightwing MP Daniela Santanche for calling the Prophet Mohammed a paedophile and polygamist on television at the weekend. "If there is a basis to make a formal complaint, we will do so because we need to say enough is enough with this kind of vulgarity targeting Islam's prophet," said a spokesman for the Muslim group UCOII, Elzir Izidin.

"It is incitement to hatred and is unacceptable. We are looking into what we can do," Izidin added.

Santanche made the inflammatory remarks during a heated debate on Sunday with the president of Milan's Islamic centre, Ali Abu Schwaima, on the placing of the crucifix in Italian classrooms.

"Mohammed was a polygamist and a paedophile because he had nine wives, one of whom was only nine years old, that is a historical fact," said Santanche.

Santache was referring to Aisha, the Prophet Mohammed's third wife who was believed to be nine-years-old at the time of her marriage to Mohammed.

Her remarks made on the commercial channel Canale 5, incensed Schwaima and other Muslims in the audience.

The president of Italy's association of Muslim intellectuals, Ahmad Gianpiero, also deplored Santanche's comments.

"The accusations made yesterday against the Prophet Mohammed are unacceptable and will only stoke similar reactions and hostility from the Muslim community," he said.

"Now more than ever before, we need to isolate those who seek to provoke. Instead, we need to rebuild a climate of dialogue between different religions and cultures," said Gianpiero.

Obama pleads for Congress not to hold Hasan hearings

Why not? You can have a criminal investigation and hearings on how this radical Muslim with all the warning signs over the last couple of years was still allowed to be promoted in the service.

President Barack Obama on Saturday urged Congress to hold off on any investigation of the Fort Hood rampage until federal law enforcement and military authorities have completed their probes into the shootings at the Texas Army post, which left 13 people dead.

On an eight-day Asia trip, Obama turned his attention home and pleaded for lawmakers to "resist the temptation to turn this tragic event into the political theater." He said those who died on the nation's largest Army post deserve justice, not political stagecraft.

"The stakes are far too high," Obama said in a video and Internet address released by the White House while the president he was flying from Tokyo to Singapore, where Pacific Rim countries were meeting.

....Obama said he was not opposed to hearings — eventually. But he strongly pressed lawmakers to hold off until the probes now under way are completed.

"There is an ongoing investigation into this terrible tragedy," Obama said. "That investigation will look at the motives of the alleged gunman, including his views and contacts."

"We must compile every piece of information that was known about the gunman, and we must learn what was done with that information. Once we have those facts, we must act upon them."

This wasn't a tragedy, this was an act of terrorism that needs to be investigated from every angle. Why bother with this plea unless he thinks Congress might upset the Muslim world.

Army: Morale down in Afghanistan

Blame the Ditherer in Chief who can find time for golf and speeches but taking his sweet ass time in making a decision. He is doing this on purpose and wants the morale to keep dropping.

He can't put in a cut and run strat without burdening down the military.

Morale has fallen among soldiers in Afghanistan, where troops are seeing record violence in the 8-year-old war, while those in Iraq show much improved mental health amid much lower violence, the Army said Friday.
It was the first time since 2004 that soldier suicides in Iraq did not increase. Self-inflicted deaths in Afghanistan were on track to go up this year.

Though findings of two new battlefield surveys are similar in several ways to the last ones taken in 2007, they come at a time of intense scrutiny on Afghanistan as President Barack Obama struggles to craft a new war strategy and planned troop buildup. There is also new focus on the mental health of the force since a shooting rampage at Fort Hood last week in which an Army psychiatrist is charged.

Hollywood realizes A-List starts are not needed.

About time they realize that with a good concept and story you can make money without paying 20 million plus backend for an A-List Star.

Hollywood studios are now thinking twice about splurging on A-list movie stars and costly productions in reaction to the poor economy, but also because of the surprising success of recent films with unknown actors.

After buddy comedy "The Hangover," a movie with a little known cast, made $459 million at global box offices this past summer, several films have shown that a great concept or story can trump star appeal when it comes to luring fans.

"District 9," a low budget movie in which the biggest stars were space aliens treated like refugees and the lead actor was South African Sharlto Copley, made $200 million. Thriller "Paranormal Activity," starring Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat, has cash registers ringing to the tune of $100 million.

Next up, on November 20, comes Summit Entertainment's relatively low-budget ($50 million) franchise movie "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," a sequel to 2008 hit vampire romance "Twilight" which made global stars of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Online ticket sellers report "New Moon" is one of their highest pre-sale movies of all time, and box office watchers expect the film to have a smash opening.

"Nobody says that a big wonderful movie needs to be expensive, it's just that that's been the trend, and perhaps the trend is misguided," said University of Southern California cinema professor Jason E. Squire.

Napolitano signals push for amnesty for illegals.

Here is the prepush for amnesty for 12 million illegals.

I've been dealing hands-on with immigration issues since 1993, so trust me: I know a major shift when I see one, and what I have seen makes reform far more attainable this time around," Napolitano said.

Congress passed tough immigration enforcement legislation in 2006 that called for building 700 miles of border fences and barriers. Immigration critics have said the fence has not been built with double layers as the law required and is not all fencing.

"How can they claim that enforcement is 'done' when there are more than 400 open miles of border with Mexico, hundreds of thousands of criminal and fugitive aliens and millions of illegal immigrants taking American jobs?" said Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, which oversees immigration and border issues.

Napolitano said the immigration and border security improvements are not enough. "The laws themselves need to be reformed," she said.

Obama has repeatedly said immigration reform is a priority, although it has been pushed further down the list as he has taken on the economy and health care reform.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has said he would introduce legislation by early next year. New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, who heads the Senate Democrats' campaign arm, has said immigration reform must be done by March or it won't be taken up until after the 2010 elections.

Many in S. Florida could face `Cadillac' healthcare tax

One hand it is ridiculous but logical in the Dems world that you punish people who can afford good insurance policies. The other hand lot of these people voted for Obama down here so screw 'em.

A key provision in the main Senate healthcare reform bill could cause many South Floridians to pay taxes on their employer-based insurance on the theory that they're expensive ``Cadillac'' plans.

A family that has an insurance plan valued at $27,000, for example, would pay $2,400 in taxes under the present version of the Senate Finance Committee bill.

The bill creates a 40 percent tax on healthcare benefits valued at more than $8,000 annually for an individual, $21,000 for a family. That measure includes employer and employee contributions, plus the amounts in health and flexible savings accounts.

Santiago Leon, a Miami insurance broker, says that in South Florida ``we have on the market today a surprising number of plans that would hit the `Cadillac' ceiling.''

About a third of the 11,000 employees of Baptist Health South Florida have a plan valued at more than $17,000 a year. Considering that health costs are rising far faster than inflation, it's possible those figures could be above the threshold of $21,000 in 2013, when the provision would be scheduled to take effect.

Meanwhile, Milliman, a national consulting firm, released a study earlier this year that an average employer-based, preferred provider organization plan for a family of four in the Miami area cost $20,282 in 2008.

The ``Cadillac'' provision is not in the reform bill passed by the House, and there are details in the Senate bill that may help South Floridians avoid the tax, but the concept remains a hot topic.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Obama and Eric Holder's sham trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

This is political posturing at its worst for Obama and Eric Holder. what they want from these trials and its not showing how America is fair and just putting terrorists on trial.

Its about putting the last 8 years on trial while shoving red meat to a rabid leftist base who hate the military, intelligence services and the Bush Admin.

Read all about the news but don't forget two things from Eric Holder especially. This was from April of this year.

In his comments Wednesday, Holder also said it is possible the U.S. could cooperate with a foreign court's investigation of Bush administration officials.

Speaking before it had been announced that a Spanish magistrate had opened an investigation of Bush officials on harsh interrogation methods, Holder didn't rule out cooperating in such a probe.

''Obviously, we would look at any request that would come from a court in any country and see how and whether we should comply with it,'' Holder said.

''This is an administration that is determined to conduct itself by the rule of law and to the extent that we receive lawful requests from an appropriately created court, we would obviously respond to it,'' he said.

Pressed on whether that meant the United States would cooperate with a foreign court prosecuting Bush administration officials, Holder said he was talking about evidentiary requests, and would review any such request to see if the U.S. would comply.

Then this piece from Newsweek setting up Holder's eventual quest to go after the CIA. This was the failed attempt to gin up support by releasing torture notes that backfired.

As Holder flew back to Washington on the FBI's Cessna Citation, Obama reached his decision. The memos would be released in full.

Holder and his team celebrated quietly, and waited for national outrage to build. But they'd miscalculated. The memos had already received such public notoriety that the new details in them did not shock many people. (Even the revelation, a few days later, that 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and another detainee had been waterboarded hundreds of times did not drastically alter the contours of the story.) And the White House certainly did its part to head off further controversy. On the Sunday after the memos were revealed, Emanuel appeared on This Week With George Stephanopoulos and declared that there would be no prosecutions of CIA operatives who had acted in good faith with the guidance they were given. In his statement announcing the release of the memos, Obama said, "This is a time for reflection, not retribution." (Throughout, however, he has been careful to say that the final decision is the attorney general's to make.)

Andy McCarthy from NRO sums it up clearly.

This summer, I theorized that Attorney General Eric Holder — and his boss — had a hidden agenda in ordering a re-investigation of the CIA for six-year-old alleged interrogation excesses that had already been scrutinized by non-partisan DOJ prosecutors who had found no basis for prosecution.

The continuing investigations of Bush-era counterterrorism policies (i.e., the policies that kept us safe from more domestic terror attacks), coupled with the Holder Justice Department's obsession to disclose classified national-defense information from that period, enable Holder to give the hard Left the "reckoning" that he and Obama promised during the 2008 campaign.

It would be too politically explosive for Obama/Holder to do the dirty work of charging Bush administration officials; but as new revelations from investigations and declassifications are churned out, Leftist lawyers use them to urge European and international tribunals to bring "torture" and "war crimes" indictments. Thus, administration cooperation gives Obama's base the reckoning it demands but Obama gets to deny responsibility for any actual prosecutions.

Today's announcement that KSM and other top al-Qaeda terrorists will be transferred to Manhattan federal court for civilian trials neatly fits this hidden agenda. Nothing results in more disclosures of government intelligence than civilian trials. They are a banquet of information, not just at the discovery stage but in the trial process itself, where witnesses — intelligence sources — must expose themselves and their secrets.

That is what this is all about and Obama/Holder know that if KSM is found innocent they won't release him anyway. So they are ready to make a mockery of due process just for the sake of scoring political points.

Stimulus-jobs count in Colorado overinflated

Add another state to the list of the Obama administration lying about the amount of jobs they saved or created.

Click on the computerized map of the state of Colorado on the federal government's stimulus-spending Web page, and it displays 8,094 full-time jobs created or saved in the state.

It's a number that is inflated by at least 1,000 jobs, the result of confusing reporting requirements, inaccurate reporting and, perhaps, overreaching at some reporting agencies.

A Denver Post analysis of federal data found:

• Englewood-based TeleTech Government Solutions listed the equivalent of 635 full-time jobs credited to Colorado created by recovery funds used to set up call centers on the conversion to digital television. Only the equivalent of 34 of them were filled in Colorado. The rest are scattered across the country.

• The city of Westminster reported that its $150,438 contract for road work on Lowell Boulevard would create 117 jobs. That would equate to $1,286 per job. The city said the estimate is based on anyone who will work on the project, even if it was for only one day. No federal officials told the city to convert to the number of full-time-equivalent slots, an official said.

• Two child-development centers — one in Colorado Springs and the other in Saguache County — reported they had created or saved more than 292 jobs combined. However, the money — totaling about $650,000, or $2,226 a job — was used to give employees cost- of-living raises. Only three new jobs were created.

• Some subsidized-housing projects listed their entire staffs as jobs retained as a result of stimulus spending even if the money was the same rental assistance for their tenants they had received in previous years. Combined, they could total as many as 200 jobs.

Hot Air has the list so far of state where numbers are highly overstated.

Obama's bogus job summit announcement.

What do you do when you need to act like you are doing something but you are actually not doing anything? Call a summit.

President Obama plans to hold a White House forum on job creation next month, an attempt to signal his concern about the growing ranks of the unemployed and build consensus on future action to stoke the economy.

The summit will bring together small-business owners, corporate executives, economists, financial experts and union leaders to discuss ideas for accelerating job creation during the worst labor market conditions in a generation, Obama said Thursday.

"We all know there are limits to what government can and should do even during such difficult times," Obama said at the White House before leaving on a nine-day trip to Asia. "But we have an obligation to consider every additional, responsible step that we can to encourage and accelerate job creation in this country."

Obama's plan for a jobs summit was seen by some analysts as an effort to blunt the growing political threat posed by high unemployment rates. But it was greeted with enthusiasm by economists who have been agitating for the administration to take more aggressive action to stem job losses.

"I think there is an incredibly compelling economic, moral and political case for a major jobs initiative," said Lawrence Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal research center. "I am glad the administration is now visibly acknowledging that. I think it is very encouraging."

"Holding these summits is particularly tempting when there is relatively little of a substantive nature that a president can do about a particular problem," said Bruce Buchanan, a presidential scholar at the University of Texas. "One of the ways you take the pressure off is to have a high-profile demonstration of the president's concern."

Anything that is announced from this pow-pow will have the union taint all over it. He is not going to hear anyone or agree with anything that says lower the burden on businesses from taxes, regulation and unions. Its just a show for the stupid people.

German Killers Demanding Anonymity Sue Wikipedia

Pretty clear that German lawyers have zero understanding on how wikipedia, the internet and the fact their laws don't work outside of their border.

Wolfgang Werlé and Manfred Lauber became infamous for killing a German actor in 1990. Now they are suing to force Wikipedia to forget them.

The legal fight pits German privacy law against the American First Amendment. German courts allow the suppression of a criminal’s name in news accounts once he has paid his debt to society, noted Alexander H. Stopp, the lawyer for the two men, who are now out of prison.

“They should be able to go on and be resocialized, and lead a life without being publicly stigmatized” for their crime, Mr. Stopp said. “A criminal has a right to privacy, too, and a right to be left alone.”

Mr. Stopp has already successfully pressured German publications to remove the killers’ names from their online coverage. German editors of Wikipedia have scrubbed the names from the German-language version of the article about the victim, Walter Sedlmayr.

Now Mr. Stopp, in suits in German courts, is demanding that the Wikimedia Foundation, the American organization that runs Wikipedia, do the same with the English-language version of the article. That has free-speech advocates quoting George Orwell.

“He who controls the past, controls the future,” said a bulletin on the case issued Thursday by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an online civil liberties group. Jennifer Granick, a lawyer for the group, said the case “really is about editing history.”

Floyd Abrams, a prominent First Amendment lawyer who has represented The New York Times, said every justice on the United States Supreme Court would agree that the Wikipedia article “is easily, comfortably protected by the First Amendment.”

ACORN sues American Government For Funding.

Who knew that Congress can't defund a group unless they are guilty of a crime.

The scandal-hit liberal grass-roots group ACORN sued the U.S. government on Thursday, saying it did not have the right to cut off ACORN's federal funding because the group had not been convicted of a crime.

The U.S. Congress voted in September to cut off federal money to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), after conservative activists secretly filmed employees in several cities giving tax and housing advice to a couple posing as a pimp and a prostitute.

"It's not the job of Congress to be the judge, jury, and executioner," said Jules Lobel, an attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights, which brought the case in Brooklyn federal court.

"We have due process in this country, and our constitution forbids lawmakers from singling out a person or group for punishment without a fair investigation and trial," Lobel said.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hooking up: New Feminists or College Sluts?

When did November sweeps starting happening to websites? ABC News brings up what is now an old argument about women having sex like rabbits with multiple partners is liberating or just your average whore. You decide.

Just recently at Harvard University -- sometimes pegged as "godless and liberal" -- the hookup culture came under fire, mostly from a small but growing abstinence group called True Love Revolution.

They argue that women who invoke a new kind of feminism -- the right to have sex whenever and with whomever they choose -- is demeaning to women.

"A popular thing to say among this intellectual crowd, in the ivies and in feminism in general, is to say that sex is empowering and a real woman uses her sexuality in any way she pleases," said Rachel Wagley, a 20-year-old sociology student who is TLR's co-president. "It's blatantly false and a lie that this culture tells to girls for their own benefit." Silpa Kovvali, a 21-year-old computer science concentrator, argued in a Harvard Crimson editorial that there is nothing "inherently degrading" about engaging in casual sex -- in fact, she said, it can be "empowering."

But chastity groups seem to be on to something -- a growing unease that although hooking up can be liberating, it can also be annoying and sometimes destructive.

"It's a huge part of life here," said Maariya Bajwa, a senior at the University of Florida. "When I used to take the bus I'd hear random people having conversations about random hook ups they had. I was like, 'Uh guys, we're on a bus. I don't need to hear about your one-night stands.'"

By the end of senior year, the average college student has had 6.9 hookups, mostly after a "good bit of drinking," according to a survey of 4,000 students at five universities by Stanford University sociology professor Paula England.

......But Pepper Schwartz, who teaches sociology and sex at University of Washington and survived the antics of two college students, isn't too worried about the long-lasting effects of hooking up.

"Before, guys did this gross kind of sexual behavior, and we said, 'Boys will be boys,' but now it's boys and girls," she told "Let's hope they grow out of it.

"It's a period of flexing their muscles and they will look back and say, 'Oh, God, what was I thinking?' They have the permission I didn't have in my generation to act out, get drunk at frat parties and hook up with somebody."

As long as students are protected against disease and pregnancy, said Schwartz, "they can do these things without impact."

"And I hear," she said, "it's a lot less salacious than it sounds."

The logic behind the "empowering" hookup culture is goofy. If you have to justify your HO lifestyle under some feminist excuse is weak. Just say you like to sleep with people, embrace the whore within you and go for it. Degrading feminist ideals which started out about empowering women to be more than second class beings to this is ridiculous.

Now us guys.. I said it before but we are all for it. It makes it easier for us to separate the ones you have fun with it and the ones you actually want to spend substantive time with it.

As for keeping up with the guys. There is a double standard but realize that even among guys with the one friend who is the hookup guru. No way do we trust him around our women. It may look like we celebrate that guy in our circle of friends but get closer to your women and he is a piece of garbage. Just a little clarification.

Really stupid Canadian blackface controversy.

What is worse than white liberal politically correct guilt and over the top sensitive black college students groups?

Canadian white liberal politically correct guilt and over the top sensitive black college students groups.

Few things are more cringe-inducing than blackface. For a group of University of Toronto students, that's the most recent lesson learned.

At a Halloween party on Oct. 29, a Trinidadian student and four white friends decided to dress up as the Jamaican bobsled team from the 1993 kitsch film Cool Runnings.

They wore brightly coloured tracksuits, one dreadlocks wig and Jamaican flag T-shirts. Oh, and face paint: for the black student, posing as the coach played by John Candy, thick white clown makeup. For the white students, brown foundation slightly darker than George Hamilton's self-tanner.

The day after the party, posted a photo of the group, kicking off a heated comment section debate on satire and tribute. Criticism centred on the notion that the bobsled team had apparently won a costume prize.

Here is the pic.

The one of the far left took the costume idea way too far....oh wait...Damn it.

Now I am seeing blackface everywhere. So what is the end result, just want you expect from Canadians.

"If you ask 50 different people, they'll all see 50 different things," says Stephen Johnson, a professor at U of T who has studied blackface and minstrelsy for 20 years.

Johnson says that while actors and costume-wearers want to invoke specific characters, viewers who have had racist experiences could be legitimately hurt or offended.

The Black Students' Association and other student groups organized a Tuesday night town hall meeting on the uproar. Some 250 students turned up for a quick lesson on the history of blackface from U of T professors, followed by a discussion. The bobsled group was there and submitted an apology.

Robson wasn't bothered by the Cool Runnings getup, saying the fivesome are being "unfairly pegged as racist."

There is enough legit racism and racists in the world that we don't need this sort of douchebaggery from over sensitive people who in the end are cheapen the meaning of racism to soothe their easily hurt feelings.

Please stop making us black people look like thin skinned douchebags. Thanks!

Hoekstra: White House hiding info on Fort Hood

The charge of politically correctness keeps popping up.

The ranking Republican on the House intelligence committee on Tuesday night accused the White House of withholding information on the Fort Hood attack.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) said administration officials delayed briefing members of Congress about the alleged gunman, raising "red flags" about what the White House was hiding.

"When they withhold information, you always start asking questions," Hoekstra told Fox News. "That's what raises red flags. What do they know that they don't want us to know?"

Massachusetts Stimulus job boost a complete lie.

Yet another state where the numbers were a lie to make Obama look good.

While Massachusetts recipients of federal stimulus money collectively report 12,374 jobs saved or created, a Globe review shows that number is wildly exaggerated. Organizations that received stimulus money miscounted jobs, filed erroneous figures, or claimed jobs for work that has not yet started.

The Globe’s finding is based on the federal government’s just-released accounts of stimulus spending at the end of October. It lists the nearly $4 billion in stimulus awards made to an array of Massachusetts government agencies, universities, hospitals, private businesses, and nonprofit organizations, and notes how many jobs each created or saved.

But in interviews with recipients, the Globe found that several openly acknowledged creating far fewer jobs than they have been credited for.

One of the largest reported jobs figures comes from Bridgewater State College, which is listed as using $77,181 in stimulus money for 160 full-time work-study jobs for students. But Bridgewater State spokesman Bryan Baldwin said the college made a mistake and the actual number of new jobs was “almost nothing.’’ Bridgewater has submitted a correction, but it is not yet reflected in the report.

In other cases, federal money that recipients already receive annually - subsidies for affordable housing, for example - was reclassified this year as stimulus spending, and the existing jobs already supported by those programs were credited to stimulus spending. Some of these recipients said they did not even know the money they were getting was classified as stimulus funds until September, when federal officials told them they had to file reports.

“There were no jobs created. It was just shuffling around of the funds,’’ said Susan Kelly, director of property management for Boston Land Co., which reported retaining 26 jobs with $2.7 million in rental subsidies for its affordable housing developments in Waltham. “It’s hard to figure out if you did the paperwork right. We never asked for this.’’

Obama to make troop decision in days says UK's Gordon Brown.

Either the AP is wrong or Brown is going to have egg on his face.

The Prime Minister told MPs he has spoken to the US president and expects a statement from the White House soon.

Mr Obama is now in his third month of deliberations about a military request for another 40,000 US troops in Afghanistan.

The Daily Telegraph revealed last week that there is growing frustration in Whitehall at the US president’s prolonged deliberations over Afghanistan.

Britain has 9,000 troops in Afghanistan and Mr Brown has already authorised another 500.

He said he wants Nato allies to follow suit.

Mr Brown told MPs: "We're the first country to have agreed to send additional troops for the next stage of the mission in Afghanistan and we are seeking to persuade other countries to join us in this."

Argentina looks on as Brazil speeds past time

One hand you have President Lula who while a leftist is not a job killing business destroying leftist and on the other hand you have the beautiful idiot Cristina Kirchner who can't help but be a business killer and dragging Argentina down with her stupidity.

Brazil's growing clout in international affairs -- highlighted by its winning bid to host the Olympics -- is prompting neighboring Argentina to ponder its own, less exalted, place on the world stage.

In op-ed articles, blogs and research papers, Argentines are grudgingly coming to grips with the idea that their longtime rival is passing them by, as Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's pragmatic centrism trumps Argentine President Cristina Kirchner's nationalistic populism.

While Brazil earned the distinction of hosting both the 2016 Olympics and the 2014 World Cup, Argentina has been ensnarled in a series of diplomatic spats with its Southern Cone neighbors, as well as the U.S. While Brazil last year gained a coveted investment-grade rating on Wall Street, Argentina's investment rating is on par with Pakistan's. Mr. da Silva, who boasts an 81% approval rating, is an international statesman on good terms with President Obama. Mrs. Kirchner, who has a 23% approval rating, has relatively few foreign allies beyond Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez.

Horacio Pozzo, an economist at the financial site, recently wrote: "In a photo, Lula puts his hand on Cristina's back as though to say, 'Come this way, it's going very well for us.'" But Mr. Pozzo added, "Argentina continues doubting in which direction to advance . . . continuing to lose international markets, which are being captured by the Brazilian economy."

NBC Green Week is coming up.

If anyone watched NBC, I am sure this would make little to no impact anyway.

GM chairman says pay caps make hiring harder.

I don't think its the pay cap and its more the government owning GM who can come along later at any time to change the rules which is making hiring harder.

Columbia Prof punches woman over white privilege.

No respect should be given to this fool. The backstory is the college wanted this squashed and there was pressure on the victim not to take it to the police.

A prominent Columbia architecture professor punched a female university employee in the face at a Harlem bar during a heated argument about race relations, cops said yesterday.

Police busted Lionel McIntyre, 59, for assault yesterday after his bruised victim, Camille Davis, filed charges.

McIntyre and Davis, who works as a production manager in the school's theater department, are both regulars at Toast, a popular university bar on Broadway and 125th Street, sources said.

The professor, who is black, had been engaged in a fiery discussion about "white privilege" with Davis, who is white, and another male regular, who is also white, Friday night at 10:30 when fists started flying, patrons said.

NYTIMES has the same story but leaves out the racial angle which again leaves their readers clueless on the why of the story.

Hasan superiors questioned behavior but just let him go on.

Political correctness is a major contributing factor. Warning signs were all around and they choosed to ignore it.

A group of doctors overseeing Nidal Malik Hasan's medical training discussed concerns about his overly zealous religious views and strange behavior months before the Army major was accused of a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, that left 13 dead and 29 wounded.

Doctors and staff overseeing Hasan's training viewed him at times as belligerent, defensive and argumentative in his frequent discussions of his Muslim faith, a military official familiar with several group discussions about Hasan said. The official was not authorized to speak publicly about the meetings and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Hasan was characterized in meetings as a mediocre student and lazy worker, a matter of concern among the doctors and staff at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, a military medical school in Bethesda, Md., the official said.

The concerns about Hasan's performance and religious views were shared with other military officials considering his assignment after he finished his medical training, and the consensus was to send the 39-year-old psychiatrist to Fort Hood, the official said.

.....His behavior, while at times perceived as intense and combative, was not unlike the zeal of others with strong religious views. But some doctors and staff were concerned that their unfamiliarity with the Muslim faith would lead them to unfairly single out Hasan's behavior, the official said.

More from NPR.
Starting in the spring of 2008, key officials from Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences held a series of meetings and conversations, in part about Maj. Nidal Hasan, the man accused of killing 13 people and wounding dozens of others last week during a shooting spree at Fort Hood. One of the questions they pondered: Was Hasan psychotic?

"Put it this way," says one official familiar with the conversations that took place. "Everybody felt that if you were deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, you would not want Nidal Hasan in your foxhole."

In documents reviewed by NPR and conversations with medical officials at Walter Reed and USUHS, new details have emerged regarding serious concerns that officials raised about Hasan during his time at both institutions.

Obama to Cut Deficit With TARP Cash....REALLY??

If you needed any proof that Obama thinks the American people are stupid, this would be the only piece of evidence you needed.

The Obama administration, under pressure to show it is serious about tackling the budget deficit, is seizing on an unusual target to showcase fiscal responsibility: the $700 billion financial rescue.

The administration wants to keep some of the unspent funds available for emergencies, but is considering setting aside a chunk for debt reduction, according to people familiar with the matter. It is also expected to lower the projected long-term cost of the program -- the amount it expects to lose -- to as little as $200 billion from $341 billion estimated in August.

The idea is still a matter of debate within the administration and it is unclear how much impact it would have on the nation's mounting deficit levels. Still, the potential move illustrates how the Obama administration is trying to find any way it can to bring down the deficit, which is turning into a political as well as an economic liability.

How do you put out this trial balloon with a straight face? TARP money was already money given out America didn't have and since there is an unspent amount we should cheer a budget reduction accounting trick? This is getting ridiculous.

But I am going to get a PS3 on my credit card, then write a check from an account that has no money in it. It works for the American government then dang it all it will work for me.

Obama wants his war options changed..Really?

So now Obama wants to reject this reality and replace it with his own?

President Barack Obama does not plan to accept any of the Afghanistan war options presented by his national security team, pushing instead for revisions to clarify how and when U.S. troops would turn over responsibility to the Afghan government, a senior administration official said Wednesday.

That stance comes in the midst of forceful reservations about a possible troop buildup from the U.S. ambassador in Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry, according to a second top administration official.

In strongly worded classified cables to Washington, Eikenberry said he had misgivings about sending in new troops while there are still so many questions about the leadership of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Obama is still close to announcing his revamped war strategy — most likely shortly after he returns from a trip to Asia that ends on Nov. 19.

But the president raised questions at a war council meeting Wednesday that could alter the dynamic of both how many additional troops are sent to Afghanistan and what the timeline would be for their presence in the war zone, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss Obama's thinking.

Military officials said Obama has asked for a rewrite before and resisted what one official called a one-way highway toward war commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal's recommendations for more troops. The sense that he was being rushed and railroaded has stiffened Obama's resolve to seek information and options beyond military planning, officials said, though a substantial troop increase is still likely.

This still fits into the Obama doesn't give a damn about Afghanistan and trying to figure out how to leave without a political hit. Nothing he does is without thinking politically.

The problem is why wasn't this brought up at the beginning of what is turning into a indecisive fiasco? All of this should be on the table and considered but instead Obama has dragged this out and now changes the conditions to make a decision.

This is being done on purpose and someone needs to call him on it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Army allowing religious exceptions due to congress members.

The Army is being taken over by politically correct nonsense. There is zero reason why a rule that applies to everyone regardless of religion should get pushed aside so we can "celebrate diversity." It sets up a tier system where people are going to think one gets more privileges than others.

The Army will make an exception to a decades-old rule and allow a Sikh doctor to serve without removing his turban and cutting his hair, an advocacy group said Friday.

The doctor, Capt. Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi of Riverdale, N.J., is the first Sikh to be allowed to go on active duty with a turban, beard and unshorn hair in more than 20 years, the New York-based Sikh Coalition said.

The decision does not overturn an Army policy from the 1980s that regulates the wearing of religious items, the acting deputy chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Gina Farrisee, wrote in a letter to Captain Kalsi dated Thursday and posted online by the Sikh Coalition.

Instead, the Army’s decision follows a longstanding practice of deciding such requests on a case-by-case basis, the letter said. General Farrisee said the Army had weighed Captain Kalsi’s request against factors such as “unit cohesion, morale, discipline, safety and/or health.”

.....A number of members of Congress wrote to Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates in August asking him to allow the men to serve while wearing the turban, beard and unshorn hair required by their faith.

“We do not believe that any American should have to choose between his religion and service to our country,” the letter said.

The case by case basis does not work because you allow one then you will have to allow all. The congress critter letter is wrong because you choose to join the armed forces which means you should conform to the rules that apply to every single member. This cannot be a situation where some are more equal than others.

NFL and NBC to ever hammer Keith Olbermann for sex finger salute?

If the NFL and NBC has such high standards at what point will they fire Keith Olbermann for yet another sexist segment directed towards a woman, but this time on air using a sexual gesture?

Last night on Countdown, Keith Olbermann did another in a long series of segments castigating former Miss California Carrie Prejean, but he added a little something extra at the end.

He signs off the segment, in which he discusses the sex tape that features Prejean “by herself,” with a two, then three, fingered “Girl Scout” salute. Where to begin?

From Urban Dictionary.

3 Finger Rule : if you can finger a girl with 3 fingers, you should do her at your place that night.

Stay Classy

Fed officials see high unemployment and little spending.

Via Reuters.

- High unemployment and reluctant consumers will likely make an incipient U.S. economic recovery weak and erratic, top Federal Reserve officials said in a string of speeches across the country on Tuesday.

That means interest rates, currently at historic lows close to zero, should remain near that floor for the foreseeable future, the policymakers said.

"The strength and durability of the expansion is in question," said Janet Yellen president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, in Phoenix, Arizona. "High unemployment, weak job growth and paltry wage increases are a recipe for sluggish consumer spending growth and a tepid recovery."

Echoing her remarks, Richard Fisher, head of the Dallas Fed, flagged commercial real estate and a heavy reliance on government stimulus as other key risks.

"The more demand you steal from the future, the less future demand there is for you to steal," Fisher told the Austin Headliners' Club, a group of Texas business executives, lobbyists and politicians.

Venezuela: Home of Blackouts and water shortages.

Way to go Hugo Chavez, show them that socialism revolution. The fact so many people are puzzled by why its happening is so sad.

This country may be an energy colossus, with the largest conventional oil reserves outside the Middle East and one of the world’s mightiest hydroelectric systems, but that has not prevented it from enduring serious electricity and water shortages that seem only to be getting worse.

President Hugo Chávez has been facing a public outcry in recent weeks over power failures that, after six nationwide blackouts in the last two years, are cutting electricity for hours each day in rural areas and in industrial cities like Valencia and Ciudad Guayana. Now, water rationing has been introduced here in the capital.

The deterioration of services is perplexing to many here, especially because the country had grown used to cheap, plentiful electricity and water in recent decades. But even as the oil boom was enriching his government and Mr. Chávez asserted greater control over utilities and other industries in this decade, public services seemed only to decay, adding to residents’ frustrations.

With oil revenues declining and the economy slowing, the shortages may have no quick fixes in sight. The government announced some emergency measures this week, including limits on imports of air-conditioning systems, rate increases for consumers of large amounts of power and the building of new gas-fired power plants, which would not be completed until the middle of the next decade.

New York shakes down drivers with new license plates.

New York now taking lessons from the mob by shaking down its own people.

New York drivers will start paying for new license plates next year — whether they want to or not.

Beginning in April, car and tractor-trailer owners alike will have to shell out $25 for spruced-up license plates, by dictate of state leaders coming up with new ways to wring out revenue as an unprecedented budget shortfall looms.

The new plates, featuring a bold new gold hue and a highly reflective surface, will make the roads safer and “reflect New York’s force and its resilience,” according to the state’s commissioner of motor vehicles.

They will also generate $260 million in revenue and create more than 100 jobs — at the maximum security prison where inmates make the plates for up to 42 cents an hour.

Despite such benefits, some New Yorkers say the mandatory fee is an unfair tax on drivers already facing tough times. And, they wonder, what exactly is wrong with the plates right now?

“You really don’t need reflective material on your license plate with all the new cars — they’ve got plenty of reflectors and running lights on the side,” said George J. Williams, one of several upstate county clerks who are organizing petitions against the fee. “It’s really a burden. We need to take a stand for the people.”

Drivers in New York have been besieged this year by a potpourri of fees. A $50 surcharge has been tacked onto registration renewals, and a driver’s license renewal costs an additional $16. Car rentals now include a 5 percent tax as well.

The new $25 license plate fee, which will be phased in as drivers begin renewing their two-year vehicle registrations in April, is up from $5.50 in 2001, the last time the state went through a full plate replacement program. Other states, like California, have never charged a fee for mandatory plates.

James Clyburn: Abortion restriction gone and only 51 votes needed.

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn on the Tom Joyner Show( Direct Audio Link)

Official link here.

Same thing that you thought with the Stupak Amendment meaning nothing as that will be stripped out and parts of the health care bill could be passed in the Senate with only 51 votes.

Clinton: Look.... just pass any health bill.

Bill Clinton just pointing out the obvious, once they pass any bill to start up the government run health care, nothing will stop it from growing in later years. I know its horrific to think about it but the fact is there is sizeable amount of the population who think money grows from trees and free means free. That is the bulk of the Dem party.

Former President Bill Clinton told a room full of Democratic senators Tuesday that passing health care reform — which he failed to do 15 years ago — is not only a moral issue but also “an economic imperative.”

Clinton argued that even “the most cold-hearted person” ought to support health care reform simply from an economic standpoint. He reminded Democrats of the political momentum their failure to pass reform in 1993 delivered the House of Representatives to the Republicans the following year…

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said Clinton described the ongoing tea party protests against the Democratic agenda as a sign his party was making progress.
Whitehouse quoted Clinton arguing: “The reason the tea-baggers are so inflamed is because we are winning.”…

He stressed to Democrats that they can always go back and retool initiatives and amend whatever overhaul they pass, calling it, “a big complex organic thing.”

Obama not ruling out jail time for people with no health care.

Considering Obama is the smartest man alive and for him to trot out this stupid analogy means he thinks everyone else is stupid.

During an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Jake Tapper today, President Obama said that penalties are appropriate for people who try to “free ride” the health care system but stopped short of endorsing the threat of jail time for those who refuse to pay a fine for not having insurance.

“What I think is appropriate is that in the same way that everybody has to get auto insurance and if you don't, you're subject to some penalty, that in this situation, if you have the ability to buy insurance, it's affordable and you choose not to do so, forcing you and me and everybody else to subsidize you, you know, there's a thousand dollar hidden tax that families all across America are -- are burdened by because of the fact that people don't have health insurance, you know, there's nothing wrong with a penalty.”

Unless you choose to get a car, you are not forced to get insurance. Obama leftist character shows when he points out that if you can affordable it then you must buy it for the betterment of everyone. Also paying to subsidises those who we are told can't afford it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Warning signs about Nidal Hasan all over the place.

It seems more and more that law enforcement and the military dropped the ball on Hasan.

1) U.S. Army Told of Hasan's Contacts with al Qaeda

Investigators want to know if Hasan maintained contact with a radical mosque leader from Virginia, Anwar al Awlaki, who now lives in Yemen and runs a web site that promotes jihad around the world against the U.S.

In a blog posting early Monday titled "Nidal Hassan Did the Right Thing," Awlaki calls Hasan a "hero" and a "man of conscience who could not bear living the contradiction of being a Muslim and serving in an army that is fighting against his own people."

According to his site, Awlaki served as an imam in Denver, San Diego and Falls Church, Virginia.

The Associated Press reported Sunday that Major Hasan attended the Falls Church mosque when Awlaki was there.

The Telegraph of London reported that Awlaki had made contact with two of the 9/11 hijackers when he was in San Diego.

He denied any knowledge of the hijacking plot and was never charged with any crime. After an intensive investigation by the FBI , Awlaki moved to Yemen.

People who knew or worked with Hasan say he seemed to have gradually become more radical in his disapproval of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On Sunday, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) called for an investigation into whether the Army missed signs as to whether Hasan was an Islamic extremist.

"If Hasan was showing signs, saying to people that he had become an Islamist extremist, the U.S. Army has to have a zero tolerance," Lieberman told Fox News Sunday.

2) 2007: Fort Hood suspect warned of threats within the ranks

The Army psychiatrist believed to have killed 13 people at Fort Hood warned a roomful of senior Army physicians a year and a half ago that to avoid "adverse events," the military should allow Muslim soldiers to be released as conscientious objectors instead of fighting in wars against other Muslims.

As a senior-year psychiatric resident at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Maj. Nidal M. Hasan was supposed to make a presentation on a medical topic of his choosing as a culminating exercise of the residency program.

Instead, in late June 2007, he stood before his supervisors and about 25 other mental health staff members and lectured on Islam, suicide bombers and threats the military could encounter from Muslims conflicted about fighting in the Muslim countries of Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a copy of the presentation obtained by The Washington Post.

"It's getting harder and harder for Muslims in the service to morally justify being in a military that seems constantly engaged against fellow Muslims," he said in the presentation.

"It was really strange," said one staff member who attended the presentation and spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the investigation of Hasan. "The senior doctors looked really upset" at the end. These medical presentations occurred each Wednesday afternoon, and other students had lectured on new medications and treatment of specific mental illnesses.

3) U.S. Knew of Fort Hood Suspect’s Tie to Radical Cleric

Intelligence agencies intercepted communications last year and this year between the military psychiatrist accused of shooting to death 13 people at Fort Hood, Tex., and a radical cleric in Yemen known for his incendiary anti-American teachings.

But the federal authorities dropped an inquiry into the matter after deciding that the messages from the psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, did not suggest any threat of violence and concluding that no further action was warranted, government officials said Monday.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Poor Ian McKellen having to go on the View...

The ignorance of Whoopi fills the stage.

Another asked McKellen: "Do you think you're creepy?" and later gushed about his film performance as "Mag-Netto." Must be a big fan. And then (at the 4-minute mark) the million-dollar question from a croaky Whoopi Goldberg: "Now, are you coming back to 'Harry Potter'?" Uhhh...

Obama Berlin Wall Video All about Obama.

I swear Obama is quantum leaping himself into every major historic event. No mention of Reagan or Thatcher or even Russia.

In the message beamed into celebrations at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, once on the border between East and West Berlin, Obama told cheering crowds: "Even in the face of tyranny. People insisted that the world could change."

"Even as we celebrate these values, even as we mark this day, we know the work of freedom is never finished."

The video was played after German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who grew up in the state of Brandenburg in communist East Germany, led leaders including Russian President Dmitry Medvedev through the Gate.

"Few would have foreseen ... that a united Germany would be led by a woman from Brandenburg or that their American ally would be led by a man of African descent. But human destiny is what human beings make of it," Obama said.

I am not shocked by it but you know he didn't go not because he didn't have the time. But actually reliving the players and events leading up to the Berlin Wall fall would have him invoke people he has no interest in mentioning.

Obama wants Stupak Amendment gone,

Did you seriously think that the most pro-abortion President ever would allow this to stay? Come on.

Three teens to be charged with murder over burning Michael Brewer

It looks like this is the best anyone can hope for at this point.

Three of the five teenagers accused of setting fire to Michael Brewer last month were charged as adults with second-degree attempted murder, prosecutors said. The other two are going free, for now.

If convicted, the charged teenagers can be imprisoned for up to 15 years.

Brewer, 15, remains in critical condition at the Jackson Memorial Hospital Burn Center in Miami, recovering from second and third degree burns over two-thirds of his body. His parents, hospital officials said, have rarely left his side since the Oct. 12 incident at the Limetree Village Apartments in Deerfield Beach. They declined to comment on today's legal developments.

The State Attorney's Office filed formal adult charges Monday afternoon against Matthew Bent, 15, Denver Jarvis, 15, and Jesus Mendez, 16.

Prosecutors declined to file any charges against Jeremy Jarvis, 13, and Steven Shelton, 16, who were accused in their initial arrests of being "part of the group" that surrounded Brewer.

"This is a very active, ongoing investigation," said lead prosecutor Maria Schneider. "As additional information becomes available, then we have the option to revisit our filing decision."

Stephen Melnick, the attorney for Jeremy Jarvis, has said from the onset of the case that his client was minimally involved in the assault on Brewer. "The main thing right now is that we all wish Michael Brewer a speedy and full recovery," he said.

Jeremy Jarvis has been expelled from Broward County schools, Melnick said. He was reunited with his parents early Monday evening at Melnick's office, but will be staying with relatives out of town and will be home schooled, the attorney said.

John Cotrone, Shelton's lawyer, declined to comment, citing prosecutors' ability to reverse its decision within 90 days.

Video - Fedor knockout of Brett Rogers was vicious.

*Last time a Russian hit a brother that hard, Ivan Drago killed Apollo Creed.

*fav observation from Sherdog forums.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

China pledges 10 Billion to Africa

Since China is trading and giving money without the conditions from aid money, you are not going to see a change in better governance in most of Africa anytime soon. China is the ultimate c-block for improvement.

China offered African governments a multibillion-dollar package of financial and technical assistance on Sunday, stepping up a courtship that already has gained Beijing wide access to oil and minerals across perhaps the most resource-rich continent in the world.

Prime Minister Wen Jiabao pledged to grant African countries $10 billion in low-interest development loans over the next three years, to establish a $1 billion loan program for small and medium-size businesses, and to forgive the remaining debt on certain interest-free loans that China previously granted less-developed African nations.

.....The gestures are likely to further cement China’s good relations with many African nations, and may help address rising concern in some quarters that China is merely replacing Europe as a colonial power.

China’s focus on extracting oil and minerals from Africa has drawn some criticism from African scholars, and labor and safety conditions at some Chinese-run mines and smelters have set off outcries by African workers. Some critics say that the flood of low-cost Chinese goods into African cities has displaced products once made by local workers.

China has long offered low-interest loans to African nations, usually on the condition that governments spend the money on Chinese-made goods or on projects built by Chinese companies. African governments have eagerly accepted the loans, in part because they are free of conditions that international and Western lenders often attach to loans, like improvements in governance.

Bailout make bank bonuses bigger than before.

What happense when you have lawmakers thinking they could outwit Wall Streeters.

Banks cut bonuses last year and shifted more pay into stock and options from cash, a tactic that lawmakers supported for its emphasis on long-term performance. Within months, the financial system began to mend — partly with the help of billions of dollars in government aid — and that stock began surging in value. Some of it can be cashed in starting in just a few months.

And so the bonuses Wall Street received last year, billed as paltry at the time, are turning out to be among the most lucrative payouts ever.

Goldman Sachs, for instance, sharply cut nearly all bonuses it paid last year but gave some executives more options than usual.

The company gave its general counsel, for example, 104,868 stock options and 14,117 shares in December, when the bank’s stock was around $78.

Now the bank’s shares have more than doubled in value, making that stock and option award worth nearly $12 million, according to Equilar, an executive compensation research firm in Redwood Shores, Calif.

“People have to look at the sizable gains that have been made since stock and options were granted last year, and the fact is this was, in many ways, a windfall,” said Jesse M. Brill, the chairman of, a trade publication. “This had nothing to do with people’s performance. These were granted at market lows.”

Defect in economic data overstating America's growth?

Now they tell us about it.

A widening gap between data and reality is distorting the government’s picture of the country’s economic health, overstating growth and productivity in ways that could affect the political debate on issues like trade, wages and job creation.

The shortcomings of the data-gathering system came through loud and clear here Friday and Saturday at a first-of-its-kind gathering of economists from academia and government determined to come up with a more accurate statistical picture.

The fundamental shortcoming is in the way imports are accounted for. A carburetor bought for $50 in China as a component of an American-made car, for example, more often than not shows up in the statistics as if it were the American-made version valued at, say, $100. The failure to distinguish adequately between what is made in America and what is made abroad falsely inflates the gross domestic product, which sums up all value added within the country.

(WSJ) Small Business Crunches Numbers...not happy.

Remember the entire point of Obamacare is a move to the government running health care, that means putting a squeez on the engine that runs the economy and most workers, small business.

The House bill mandates that employers with payrolls above $500,000 must contribute -- for each full-time employee -- 72.5% of the premium cost for single coverage and 65% of the premium cost for family coverage. The penalty for failing to do so is a 2%-to-6% tax on employers with payrolls between $500,000 and $750,000 and an 8% tax for employers with payrolls above $750,000.

....Outside Washington, meanwhile, small-business owners are weighing their options and responses.

Sharon Evans, chief executive of CFJ Manufacturing Inc., a promotional-products company in Fort Worth, Texas, said she pays 65% of health-insurance premiums for her 100 employees. If she were mandated to pick up more of the cost, as the House bill requires, she said she would consider dropping insurance and paying a penalty. And various tax rebates, as envisioned by prominent other versions, don't necessarily pass muster with her.

A narrow win in the House of Representatives moves the fight to the Senate. Video courtesy of Reuters.
"If you're going to make me pay $100,000 to get everybody insured and you give me an $8,000 tax rebate, well, the answer to that is, pardon my French, 'Hell, no,' " she said. "That's not going to help me out."

Carolyn Morse, president of Powerlung Inc., a Houston medical-device manufacturer, said she hopes a tax credit would help alleviate the cost of paying 100% of health-care expenses for her six employees.

"I would be in a better position to maintain a status quo, rather than go to my employees and say, 'Guys, you're going to have to pay,' " Ms. Morse said.

This isn't about helping small business this is about pushing people to Obamacare and small business owners realize the terms at least in the house bill is ridiculous. Even those open to the idea have problems with it.

The price of health insurance is a big concern for Mike Draper, president of Smash, a print-screening and design firm in Des Moines, Iowa. Unlike some business owners, Mr. Draper, who pays 100% of the premiums for his 15 workers, supports a mandate requiring employers to provide health insurance -- as long as small companies get to offer better insurance plans at a more attractive price.

"If the government offers to pay for 50% of my insurance, I'll say 'sure,' " Mr. Draper said. "But from a macro level, I don't see how that will bring cost down -- that's just selling the same crap but subsidizing it."

Ft Hood mosque member defends shootings and Facebook supporters

Via the Jawa Report and BiasedBBC. It seems there are some more Islamic extremists around Ft.Hood that need to be watched.

Duane : They were, in the end, they were troops who were going to Afghanistan and Iraq to kill Muslims. I honestly have no pity for them. It's just like the majority of the people that will hear this, after five or six minutes they'll be shocked, after that they'll forget about them and go on their day.

Over at Biased BBC they wonder whether this is the same Duane Reasoner quoted today by the New York Times:

Duane Reasoner Jr., an 18-year-old substitute teacher whose parents worked at Fort Hood, said Major Hassan was told he would be sent to Afghanistan on Nov. 28, and he did not like it.

“He said he should quit the Army,” Mr. Reasoner said. “In the Koran, you’re not supposed to have alliances with Jews or Christian or others, and if you are killed in the military fighting against Muslims, you will go to hell.”

Reasoner was also interviewed by Stars & Stripes:

Just last week, Hasan expressed views that Muslims shouldn't serve in the military and fight other Muslims, according to Duane Reasoner Jr., a recent Muslim convert who had been having dinner regularly with Hasan.

Hasan had taken 18-year-old Reasoner under his wing, mentoring him in his new faith. After evening prayers he would often buy a fish dinner for Reasoner and sometimes the iman at the Golden Corral, a chain buffet restaurant.

Besides mentioning that he prayed for a wife, the conversation almost never strayed from religion, Reasoner said, describing Hasan as warm and caring.

Hasan also has Facebook supporters who say pray for him and give donations to various groups like CAIR.

Dems asking Cao about switching parties.

Surprising? Nah.

BTW: Dems have approach Cao (R-LA) about switching parties, don't know how Cao has responded.

This the high-water mark for ObamaCare?

Or how Captain Ed drags me back from the cliff.

Democrats have another problem, even in the House. The Senate is not considering the Pelosi plan, but one they wrote themselves. Unless Reid pulls his own bill out of consideration and substitutes Pelosi’s — which is a possibility — that sets up a conference committee and second vote in each chamber, assuming that the Senate passes anything at all.

If that happens, a conference committee will have to meet to produce another bill that would then go for a full floor vote in each chamber. If abortion funding makes its way back into the bill, or if mandates or taxes increase, or if conscience protections get stripped, then all of the hurdles that Pelosi barely cleared the first time return, and without the ability to amend the bill (conference reports get straight up-or-down votes without amendments in order to have both chambers pass identical legislation for the President to sign.)

That means another shot at a filibuster and a lengthy bill reading in the Senate, and at least a chance to hold Bart Stupak’s pro-life coalition in the House under the spotlight to find out whether they will vote their conscience or bow to Pelosi.
We always thought the fight was in the Senate, so the only real surprise yesterday was how weak Pelosi actually was on ObamaCare.

Our focus now has to shift to those red-state Senators who will have to explain to voters their potential support of a bill that imposes unconstitutional mandates and trillions of dollars in new costs on a government that can’t pay its bills now. And in this case, we’ll only need two of them to stop the runaway tyranny of the Democratic agenda.

As a commentator points out a view by Mark Steyn and all you have to do is read the post below about welfare Britain. The point is not to let this thing come to life because you can never get rid of it. There is a sizable amount of welfare parasites who see this as free care coming from black jesus. In the end this is all about the Dems trying grow their dependent base.

How Labour depends on the votes of Welfare Britain

This is just putting to print what is already known by the public. This holds true for all leftist parties that the welfare segment of the population depends on them to keep the welfare checks coming forever. This would be the bloodsucking social parasites of the society.

Labour has been accused of relying on the 'welfare vote' after the Conservatives published a provocative league table ranking Commons seats according to the number of benefit claimants.

A total of 189 constituencies in the first 200 are represented by Labour MPs, which the Tories claim explains why Ministers are failing to tackle the spiralling welfare bill.

Gordon Brown and 12 Cabinet colleagues represent seats in the top 200, while just four have a Tory MP.

But Labour fought back, saying the research highlighted a widening gulf between the Conservative Party and the most disadvantaged sections of society.

The row is the first salvo in what is set to be a bitter Election battle over benefits. David Cameron has set up a top-level policy group, headed by Shadow Chancellor George Osborne, to look at ways of cutting the number of claimants.

The annual £165billion welfare budget is predicted to balloon further over the next two years as the recession squeezes jobs - unemployment figures being released on Wednesday are expected to show the count passing the 2.5million mark.

The list, which covers seats in England, Wales and Scotland, ranks constituencies according to the proportion of working-age adults in receipt of incapacity, lone parent or jobseeker benefit. Other allowances, such as Housing Benefit, are excluded as they are also claimed by the retired.

The top constituency is Liverpool Walton, represented by Labour's Peter Kilfoyle, where 28.9 per cent of adults claim benefits. Mr Kilfoyle has been vocal on reform ideas, recently criticising plans to hire multinational companies to run back-to-work schemes.

Obama's pep talk to lawmakers.

Pretty much what you thought it would be from him. Anyone against his healthcare takeover is anti-government teabag extremists.

Mr. Obama, during his private pep talk to Democrats, recognized Mr. Owens election and then posed a question to the other lawmakers. According to Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, who supports the health care bill, the president asked, “Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.”

Another freshman Democrat from New Mexico, Representative Martin Heinrich, said the president’s comments overall were reassuring. “If you want to see a recipe for failure,” Mr. Heinrich said, “don’t do the things you talked about in your campaigns and turn your back on your base. All the independent voters in the world don’t matter if the Democrats don’t turn out.”

(AP) Hasan told 'There's something wrong with you'

Now there has to be an investigation how much did political correct allow this guy to stay in the army and even when events were brought up they were not looked into a lot closer.

There was the classroom presentation that justified suicide bombings. Comments to colleagues about a climate of persecution faced by Muslims in the military. Conversations with a mosque leader that became incoherent.

As a student, some who knew Nidal Malik Hasan said they saw clear signs the young Army psychiatrist — who authorities say went on a shooting spree at Fort Hood that left 13 dead and 29 others wounded — had no place in the military. After arriving at Fort Hood, he was conflicted about what to tell fellow Muslim soldiers about the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, alarming an Islamic community leader from whom he sought counsel.

"I told him, `There's something wrong with you,'" Osman Danquah, co-founder of the Islamic Community of Greater Killeen, told The Associated Press on Saturday. "I didn't get the feeling he was talking for himself, but something just didn't seem right."

"The system is not doing what it's supposed to do," said Dr. Val Finnell, who studied with Hasan from 2007-2008 in the master's program in public health at the military's Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. "He at least should have been confronted about these beliefs, told to cease and desist, and to shape up or ship out."

Finnell said he did just that during a year of study in which Hasan made a presentation "that justified suicide bombing" and spewed "anti-American propaganda" as he argued the war on terror was "a war against Islam." Finnell said he and at least one other student complained about Hasan, surprised that someone with "this type of vile ideology" would be allowed to wear an officer's uniform.

But Finnell said no one filed a formal, written complaint about Hasan's comments out of fear of appearing discriminatory.

The other question is how many people are in the military along the same wavelength that are not being reported due to political correctness?