Friday, January 8, 2010

Miami Dolphins unveil stadium of mind numbing ugly.

As a taxpayer, I'm against using public money to improve the stadium but considering this is a tourist mecca and the Superbowl is a huge help I would be more prone to help upgrade the stadium to get more games. I don't like the blackmail tactics of the NFL over this and that has to be addressed by someone in the near future.

The Miami Dolphins on Thursday unveiled a plan for a partial roof to shelter fans, the centerpiece of an extensive stadium renovation that the public will be invited to fund.

Team CEO Mike Dee said the structure -- a translucent square roof with an opening over most of the field -- will retain the feel of an open-air stadium while keeping out the rain that drenched spectators at the 2007 Super Bowl.

While Dee said the team doesn't need the renovations, the National Football League sees the stadium as too dated to remain a prime Super Bowl destination.

``From the Dolphins' perspective, the stadium's condition is more than adequate,'' Dee said. ``This is about making sure we have a facility that is better than that, that competes with 21st century facilities [while] going after the largest event on the planet.''

But it is ugly as sin.


  1. I agree is it a bit shocking to the eye, but it is different without being too outrageous. I also like the flat roof.

    I like it. Not every stadium can look like Camden Yards.

  2. I just want to know when did the parking lot get so green?

  3. a roof bigger then the stadium? That is ugly.....