Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama: American public too stupid to follow my policies.

Obama really is tone deaf.

The president said he made a mistake in assuming that if he focused on policy decisions, the American people would understand the reasoning behind them.

"That I do think is a mistake of mine," Obama said. "I think the assumption was if I just focus on policy, if I just focus on this provision or that law or if we're making a good rational decision here, then people will get it."

Instead, the president said the American people ended up with a "feeling of remoteness and detachment" from the policymakers in Washington who are making big decisions.

"I think, you know, what they ended up seeing is this feeling of remoteness and detachment where there's these technocrats up here making decisions. Maybe some of them are good, maybe some of them aren't, but do they really get us and what we're going through?" he said.

It takes a special kind of arrogance to tell the public who are against you policies you just don't understand. The public understands and rejected it. The people of Massy rejected it so much they sent a Republican in the "Kennedy Seat." But keep thinking its some sort of message disconnect. It will help conservatives in the November.

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