Sunday, January 3, 2010

Obama's Official White House Pictures Not Helping.

Via Instapundit and Big Government. Keeping up the image of the President is something that must be done at all times especially when you are black jesus who popularity is built upon being Joe Cool. Problem is when the official White House pic site includes these photos

or the now infamous cleaning lady vacuums the Oval Office it does look bad for Obama. You have an image to protect and you are screwing it up not with big mistakes but little ones that add up over time.

Here he is golfing getting caught in poses that if this were Bush would be great fodder for the media but now pointing out these photos are somehow..wait for it... RACIST!

Andrew Sullivan: And then I realized why this photo immediately strikes some people are damning. Obama is a black man who looks as if he is condescending to a white man. That's political gold

The white liberal(yeah yeah I know) projecting once again what he thinks is the real reason for the "outrage." Not the fact Obama just looks like an arrogant prick and the photo should not have been published if they wanted to take care of his image. But in defense of Obama I would be sharing the same look if I had to put up with Joe Biden every day.

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