Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Obama health care summit is a complete trap for the GOP.

The Dems are near a deal so at least they bring something to the summit to show America and Obama has already pointed out that he won't start from scratch and anything from the GOP would have to conform to his world view. So a summit that was already a sham from the beginning somehow gets even worse.

In other words, instead of bargaining with the GOP from scratch — as Boehner and Cantor initially insisted and as 57 percent of the public wants, per yesterday’s Zogby poll — The One’s going to do the opposite by walking in, pushing a fake deal in front of the GOP, and declaring before the cameras that America’s health-care problems can now be solved unless the “party of no” insists on further obstructionism. And if they do, of course, he’ll have no choice but to save America by ramming the bill through in reconciliation.

It’s not a negotiation, in other words, it’s an opportunity to frame a blame-placing narrative in which evil conservatives unite to block some sort of phony legislative deus ex machina. Which makes me wonder: Were Ed and I wrong that the GOP should attend no matter what? I think showing up and calling Obama out on this charade is more effective than a boycott, but I’m open to persuasion. Dazzle me.

The GOP should show up but long before that make it clear to the public what a sham this meeting is and then come with two attack plans that covers no Dem deal at the table and one with a deal present.

They better be prepared for the fact that Obama and the Dems then the media afterwards will lie out of their collective behinds in every way possible to make the GOP and critics look bad. They are close to having the government take over the American healthcare system and they won't be stopped so easily.

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