Friday, May 28, 2010

Rand Paul joins UK, India, Australia and Ireland to end birthright citizenship position.

I found the one topic I agree with Rand Paul 100%

Via TPM, skip ahead to 9:00 for the key bit from this otherwise wide-ranging interview with the Kremlin’s TV house organ. (Really!) I’m as shocked as you are — shocked, that is, that this is considered some sort of fringe position given that there’s already a bill floating around the House that would redefine “natural-born citizen” to limit it to children of citizens or legal permanent residents.

Birth tourism is on the rise from various countries including the newest to join the bandwagon is Turkey.
Birth tourism to the U.S. is not just popular in Turkey but also in Asian countries such as South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. According to a Los Angeles Times report, many South Korean parents-to-be have chosen to give birth in the U.S. for many reasons, ranging from a desire to enroll their children in American schools to enabling them to avoid South Korean military service.

The birthright citizenship formerly applied to other countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia but both countries modified their law in the mid-1980s.

India maintained such birthright law until 2004, but ended the right to prevent continued illegal immigration from neighbors Pakistan and Bangladesh

Ireland had the most vocal backlash against it in 2004.
Irish voters have overwhelmingly backed the tightening of their citizenship laws, final referendum results show.

With tallying completed in all 34 counting centres, 79.17% of voters wanted to end the automatic citizenship right for all babies born in Ireland.

The government said change was needed because foreign women were travelling to Ireland to give birth in order to get an EU passport for their babies.

Ireland has been the only EU country to grant such a right.

I would like to see the Dems run more vocally on the position that illegals have the right to their children having automatic citizenship.

Even in more liberal countries  automatic citizenship is not a right. The right here in the states is based on a gross misrepresentation of an amendment meant for  children of slaves.


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  3. Australia and other countries prevent birth tourism by changing birth laws. It's not even a widespread practice in U.S.