Thursday, June 10, 2010

Turkish Catholic leader beheaded by his Muslim driver.

Just another small point to add to the "Turkey is going in the wrong direction" trend.
The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Turkey, killed last week by his driver, was decapitated in a "ritual Muslim sacrifice," the head of a missionary news agency said on Tuesday.

After the murder of Luigi Padovese, the driver reportedly shouted from the roof of the victim's house that he had killed the "great Satan," adding Allah akbar ("God Is Great"), a Turkish journalist told AsiaNews.

The news agency for overseas missionaries said Padovese "was stabbed in his home, and managed to leave his home to ask for help," AsiaNews director Bernardo Cervellera told Italy's Sky TG24 all-news television channel.

Sprint screwing up the EVO 4G launch?

Hey, I love the phone but so far Sprint has screwed up twice by not having enough product on hand to sell and too messing up simple PR by overstating numbers. It would be a travesty if this phone does poor because of Sprint not used to being successful

Pac 10 keeps out Baylor university due to religious bigotry.

What does this say about the Pac 10 in general?
Some PAC 10 schools are reportedly against Baylor joining the conference because of Baylor's religious ties.

Big 12 to go bye by as teams leaves for Big 10 and Pac 10?

What seemed impossible a few months ago now seems like a jailbreak for the money train.

An executive at a Big 12 school relayed to The World-Herald on Tuesday that he expects Nebraska to become a member of the Big Ten as early as Friday.

NU Chancellor Harvey Perlman has declined all interviews about conference realignment and expansion. He is expected to address the topic with the Board of Regents at its Friday meeting in Lincoln.

Direct confirmation from Nebraska of a conference change for the Huskers wasn’t immediately available. Sources at two other Big 12 schools told The World-Herald that their athletic directors have instructed them to be ready by week’s end for a briefing on probable Big 12 changes

Six other teams are leaving for the Pac 10.
A legislative source with knowledge of Texas A&M said officials from A&M and Texas will meet on Thursday to discuss all the goings on and to make sure they are on the same page if the Big 12 falls apart.

According to sources, A&M and Oklahoma both have had conversations with the SEC. A&M’s conversations with the SEC may have been to appease A&M regent Gene Stallings, who won a national title as coach at Alabama and would love to see the Aggies in the SEC.

But has learned Gov. Rick Perry, a diehard Aggie, will work to make sure Texas and Texas A&M stay together.

Other sources have said that Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will do whatever Texas and A&M are doing.

A source said Texas and Texas A&M remained steadfast in lobbying for the Big 12 to stay together.

Sources said the six Big 12 schools would begin participating in the expanded Pac-10 beginning in 2012. That should make for an incredibly uncomfortable next two football and basketball seasons with the schools who could be left behind.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Engadget Apple love overwhelms somewhat objective reporting with the EVO 4G.

Come on Engadget. I know they are Apple lovers/slaves but putting a comparison shot with the iPhone at full bright and the Evo at about 10% is fanboyish even for you guys.

So Stupid: Obama vowing to find out whose ass to kick is laughable.

You have to be one seriously slow Obama fanboy or a Tom Joyner listener or reader to believe this lame crap coming out of the President of the United States of America's mouth. This is embarrassing on so many levels. Obama is better than this and this will only bring on more ridicule.

Question: If a Republican or conservative said what Helen Thomas said, the reaction

..would be how off the scale? The fact you have press people like Ann Compton trying to defend says volumes about them. If this was a Repub, there would be special breaking news on CNN and MSNBC while it would be leading the Monday morning shows with references to the tea party and Rush Limbaugh.

(WSJ) HTC Gives Apple Run for Money and I love mah EVO 4G!

Got my EVO 4g on Friday and it is tremendous. What is missing here is that HTC and Google have figured out a way to give Apple some competition by putting out phones that tech wise catch and in the EVO 4G case surpasses it. Google is putting out Android on a fast schedule while demanding better tech for it. In the end the customer is the main beneficiary of all of this competition.

HTC's growing influence follows the company's shift from making phones primarily running on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows software to emphasizing devices that use Google Inc.'s Android operating system. HTC made the Nexus One, the Google-branded phone that the Internet search giant rolled out to highlight the capabilities of Android. HTC has also invested more heavily in its own software, building a new user interface to work with Google's system.

HTC took a page from Apple's playbook: Pay as much attention to a phone's design as its innards. Its "secret sauce" is One & Co., a 20-person San Francisco design studio HTC acquired in 2008. One & Co. designers still work on other products like snowboards to keep their ideas fresh. But today, two-thirds of their time goes to adding design flair to HTC phones.

"HTC has really stepped up its software and device capabilities," said John Harrobin, a senior vice president at Verizon Wireless, the largest U.S. mobile phone company, which is a joint venture of Verizon Communications Inc. and Vodafone Group PLC. "This bodes well for working more closely with them."

Spain labor reform means less union interference in jobs?

What does it say when Spain is trying to curtail the devastating effect of unions on companies while in America we have a President actively encouraging it?
Spain may make it easier for companies to bypass unions to lower workers' pay and conditions if they can prove they are in financial difficulty, El Mundo newspaper reported on Sunday, citing government sources.

Companies in financial difficulty can currently only negotiate down wages and conditions to below those established by the collective bargaining procedure if they have the approval of unions, which is rarely given.

But El Mundo said one of the Socialist government's drafts of labor reform due to be handed to unions on Wednesday says independent government commissions would be created to negotiate salary cuts between workers and employers in such cases.

A government spokesman declined to comment on the report.

Israeli patrol kills 4 militants in diving gear

I am sure they were just peace activists or something.

An Israeli naval patrol killed at least four Palestinian militants in diving gear off the Gaza coast on Monday, Hamas security officials and the Israeli army said.


"An Israeli naval patrol spotted a boat with four men in diving suits on their way to carry out a terror attack and fired at them identifying hitting them," an Israeli army spokesman said.

Hamas security sources confirmed finding four bodies and said a fifth man was missing, presumed dead.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

(Video) "MAAAAAAH NIGGA" at the NBA Finals.. Nate Robinson the culprit?

I give it 12 hours before "My Nigga" becomes a big cultural debate with Rev. Al weighing in at the end.

So far only bad video capture on youtube.