Friday, June 25, 2010

David Weigel writes on the Journolist? He is qualified to cover conservative issues.

That is the type of "conservative" a MSM paper like the Washington Post would want as an employee.

Why Comcast is a suck company aka their DTA scam on customers.

Comcast has made this big deal about changing their signal to digital.
For the Comcast Digital Migration, we are upgrading our network to provide channels in a digital format with digital-quality signals on all TVs connected to Comcast service. This migration will improve picture quality, allow us to offer over 3,000 HD choices and enable us to provide our customers with access to over 17,000 On Demand titles. In addition, our enhanced network will enable us to deliver faster Internet access speeds and enhanced home phone service.

The channels impacted by the network upgrade will vary by area. When the Digital Migration starts in your area, we will notify you with letters and postcards about the upgrade and impacted channels in your area. *Expanded Basic Cable package includes 30 to 50 channels, including many of the most popular cable channels like Disney, ESPN, MTV, and Fox News.

But to get all this "goodness" you need their new DTA converter boxes to access the channel(first two free of charge)

Here is the good part, if you have a HDTV with a qam tuner where you use to get all the Over the Air HD local channels, kiss it goodbye!

For the Comcast Digital Migration, will I need equipment if I have a digital TV with a QAM tuner?

If you currently have a Digital QAM tuner, you will be able to continue to receive Limited Basic Cable channels and do not need a digital device. All televisions, including those using QAM tuners, will not be able to view Expanded Basic channels without a digital device or CableCard.

....How will my broadcast high-definition (HD) channels be affected by using a Digital Adapter?

The Digital Adapter (DTA) does not support HD signals. Comcast offer HD set-top boxes for a monthly service fee, which provides access to over 1,000 HD choices. If you wish to keep access to broadcast HD channels, you can continue to receive the Limited Basic channels (including broadcast HD) without Comcast equipment; however, Expanded Basic channels or higher channel levels would not be accessible.

So for this upgrade I lose what I was already paying for and to get it back I need to pay an additional monthly lease fee.

If Congress wants to hammer Comcast and their merger with NBC, a good place to start is to stop them from screwing consumers over in this manner.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Congress reverses Medicare cuts, adds $6.4 billion over 10 years

I thought Obamacare was supposed to cut costs?
The House voted Thursday to reverse a 21% cut in government fees paid to doctors who treat Medicare patients.

The vote followed Senate passage last Friday of the same legislation, which retroactively rescinds the June 1 cut for six months and adds a 2.2% increase in doctors' rates.

The House vote passed 417-1. Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., voted against the measure.

The measure will cost the government $6.4 billion over 10 years. It will now be sent to President Obama to be signed into law.

The passage of the legislation brings an end to a two-month battle that has left many doctors uncertain about their ability to continue accepting Medicare patients. All told, 43 million people, mostly seniors, receive Medicare benefits.

Department of Education cancels Arizona convention to please Mexico's demands.

Two federal agencies of the USA cancel conventions in Arizone, DOE because they are bowing to Mexico's demands and the Border Patrol who wants to appear they don't have the job of securing our's nation's border.
Two federal agencies have joined the "boycott Arizona" trend and nixed conferences there out of concern over the state's immigration law, a Democratic Arizona congresswoman said, calling the development "very troubling."

....The Department of Education issued a statement to Fox News confirming that a program administrator, though not the Education Department itself, canceled a 2010 convention "at the request of one of our trilateral partners."

According to Giffords, the department's North American Mobility program convention set for October at a Tucson resort was nixed after the Mexican government said it would not send any representatives to the meeting. The department then moved the event to Minnesota.

Further, her office said the Border Patrol "verbally" canceled a conference set for May at a resort in Prescott after an official asked that it be moved out of concern over the immigration law debate. The Border Patrol -- which has more than 4,000 agents in Arizona, representing nearly a quarter of its force -- had booked 40 rooms for the event before canceling, though there was no contract signed for the event, according to Giffords' office.

Muslims stone Jewish dance group in Germany.

What happens when leftist idealism meets with reality? An asswhipping.
German police are investigating the stoning of a Jewish dance group trying to perform on the street in the city of Hanover.

Youths reportedly shouted "Juden Raus" (Jews Out) as they attacked the dancers of the Chaverim ("Friends" in Hebrew) dance troupe last weekend.

Police said several Muslim immigrant youths were among the attackers and two youths were being questioned.

A German Jewish leader said she feared growing anti-Israeli sentiment.

'So awful'

The group was trying to perform in Hanover's Sahlkamp district, which has a large immigrant community.

One of the dancers was injured in the leg and the troupe cancelled the performance after the attack.

Police said one German suspect aged 14 and a 19-year-old of North African origin were being questioned.

Alla Volodarska, of the Progressive Jewish community of Hanover, told Associated Press news agency she had spoken to the dancers involved.

"What happened is just so awful. The teenagers started throwing stones the moment our dance group was announced, even before they started dancing."

Steve Jobs to iPhone 4g users: You are holding it wrong.

It takes a massive set of balls or ego to put out a response like this to reports of bars dropping when you hold the new iPhone a certain way.
In essence, Apple cops to the fact there are reception issues with the new iPhone -- namely, that if you cover the bottom-left corner of the phone and bridge the gap between the notch there with your naked flesh, you could see some signal degradation. Yes, you read that right: it's not a software or production issue, simply a matter of the physical location of your hand in regards to the phone's antenna. The company's suggested fix? Move your hand position, or get a case which covers that part of the phone, thus breaking contact. As you can see in the email above which just arrived in our tip box, this is a sentiment which runs pretty high at the company. Here's the official statement:

Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If you ever experience this on your iPhone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases.


Foreign governments have infiltrated Canadian politics

In some Canadian circles this will be celebrated as a sign of Canadian tolerance.
The head of Canada’s spy agency says foreign governments have infiltrated Canadian politics, CBC News reported Tuesday night.

“We’re in fact a bit worried in a couple of provinces that we have an indication that there are political figures who have developed quite an attachment to foreign countries,” Richard Fadden, the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told CBC.

Mr. Fadden said Cabinet ministers in two provinces, which he did not name, are under control of foreign governments. He said the politicians haven’t hidden their ties to foreign governments, and recently they’ve been shifting their policy decisions to reflect those relationships.

Mr. Fadden told the CBC that he has discussed with Canada’s privy council how best to tell those provincial governments that there may be a problem.

Government seeks delay in moratorium ruling

Of course they do as Obama and Salazar seem set on destroy this part of the industry over a hysterical ban that cannot be justified even with the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Obama picks General David Petraeus to cover his ass.

The only choice really that he could pick to make chicken salad out of the chicken shit he helped create by his lack of leadership on the entire Afghan mission.
By selecting Gen. David H. Petraeus to take charge of the war in Afghanistan, President Obama has minimized the turmoil of a leadership change and built at least a temporary buffer against growing concern that his strategy is not demonstrating enough progress against the Taliban.

But in turning to the nation's most prominent general, Obama has embraced a commander who may become a formidable advocate for slowing, or arresting outright, the pace of troop reductions next summer.

In the short term, choosing Petraeus to replace Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal avoids many of the problems associated with removing the commander of a war effort involving 120,000 U.S. and NATO troops, billions of dollars in reconstruction projects and sensitive diplomatic negotiations.

As the head of the U.S. Central Command, Petraeus is more steeped in the Afghan war than any other four-star general in the military. He has played an active role in shaping the overall strategy as well as McChrystal's tactical plans, and he knows Afghan President Hamid Karzai and many other senior Afghan government officials. During a recent trip, he met with the Afghan leader's half brother, the chief power broker in the violence-plagued province of Kandahar.

"The decision to name Petraeus is the least disruptive way of removing McChrystal," said Bruce Riedel, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and the leader of an Afghanistan-strategy review team for Obama in early 2009. "Petraeus knows the strategy inside and out, he knows the plans -- he is as much of an architect of this as General McChrystal."

If confirmed by the Senate, Petraeus will bring new strengths to the war effort. He has developed deep relationships with leaders in neighboring Pakistan and beyond, including in Central Asian capitals that have become important transit hubs for supplies and in the Persian Gulf states that could play a key role in reconciliation talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

As others have pointed out via video about Obama who only two years ago as the anti-war Senator who derided and mocked Bush and Petraeus now has to double down with a General who has more credibility than him at the moment.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Amsterdam to use "decoy-Jews" to stop anti-Jew attacks by young Muslims.

A shame the Telegraph went the politically correct route instead of clearly pointing out that attacks on Jews and Gays in the city are on the rise because of young Moroccan who are doing the majority of attacks.

Lodewijk Asscher, Amsterdam's mayor, has ordered the new decoy strategy to cut the number of verbal and physical attacks on Jews, amid fears that anti-Semitic "hate crime" is on the rise.

"Jews in at least six Amsterdam neighbourhoods often cannot cross the street wearing a skullcap without being insulted, spat at or even attacked," according to local reports.

Amsterdam police already disguise officers as "decoy prostitutes, decoy gays and decoy grannies" in operations to deter street muggings and attacks on homosexuals or the city's red light district.

Police in the Dutch city of Gouda have claimed the use of officers disguised as apparently frail old age pensioners has helped cut street crime.

"If we receive several reports of street robbery in a certain location, we send out the granny. That soon quietens things down," said a spokesman.

Secret television recordings by the Jewish broadcasting company, Joodse Omroep, broadcast at the weekend, have shocked Amsterdam, a city which prides itself on liberalism and which is home to the Anne Frank museum.

The footage showed young men, often of immigrant origin, shouting and making Nazi salutes at a rabbi when he visited different areas of the Dutch capital.

UK Police attacked by gangs of "youths" after anti-racist march.

The return of the youths!
Gangs of youths attacked police officers after an anti-racist march in east London, Scotland Yard said.

Cordons were set up to stop people going up Whitechapel Road because officers feared random attacks on members of the public.

The scenes followed a march, organised by Unite Against Fascism (UAF), that attracted several thousand people.

It was in response to a rally planned by the English Defence League (EDL), but called off earlier this week.

A police spokesman said the UAF rally had been "well organised and well stewarded" but a group of young men gathered outside the nearby East London Mosque in response to rumours the EDL was planning a protest.

He said: "The group numbered up to 300, who were very volatile.

"Despite continued excellent attempts by stewards and representatives from the East London Mosque to control the crowds, even placing themselves in danger, there was the risk of serious disorder.

"Police officers were attacked by the crowd at points throughout the afternoon.

"One member of the public was attacked at random by members of the crowd as those gathered surged up and down the Whitechapel Road.

"In order to prevent injuries to the public and officers, and serious disorder, police withdrew from the immediate area and a series of filter cordons were put in place."

The feel good touchy policies of the UK law enforcement just make matters worse. People attack the police the police need to put the hammer down. Instead it shows the "youths" they have nothing to fear by randomly attacking law enforcement.


4 missionaries arrested at Dearborn Muslim festival

If reversed, the ACLU would be all over it but it seems even the police in Dearborn don't believe in first amendment rights.
Four Christian missionaries trying to convert Muslims were arrested and jailed Friday for disorderly conduct at the Arab festival in Dearborn, police said.
We did make four arrests for disorderly conduct," Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad said Saturday. "They did cause a stir."

The four, who were said to be at the Dearborn Arab International Festival with a Christian group called Acts 17 Apologetics, were later released on bail.

Haddad said that he's not taking sides in any dispute, but added that police have to keep the peace at a festival that draws 300,000 over three days.

"Everyone's space should be respected," Haddad said. "It's Father's Day weekend. ... People are here to have a good time, and it's our job to ensure security."

Mexico demands federal court reject Arizona immigration law

This is where the public should be going ballistic in having Mexico demand our own court make a ruling in their favor. Mexicans would be in an uproar if the reverse was happening and it wouldn't get past the talk stage. But in America under Obama, they didn't even hesitate.
Mexico on Tuesday asked a federal court in Arizona to declare the state's new immigration law unconstitutional, arguing that the country's own interests and its citizens' rights are at stake.

Lawyers for Mexico on Tuesday submitted a legal brief in support of one of five lawsuits challenging the law. The law will take effect July 29 unless implementation is blocked by a court.

The law generally requires police investigating another incident or crime to ask people about their immigration status if there's a "reasonable suspicion" they're in the country illegally. It also makes being in Arizona illegally a misdemeanor, and it prohibits seeking day-labor work along the state's streets.

Citing "grave concerns," Mexico said its interest in having predictable, consistent relations with the United States shouldn't be frustrated by one U.S. state.

Mexico also said it has a legitimate interest in defending its citizens' rights and that the law would lead to racial profiling, hinder trade and tourism, and strain the countries' work on combatting drug trafficking and related violence.

"Mexican citizens will be afraid to visit Arizona for work or pleasure out of concern that they will be subject to unlawful police scrutiny and detention," the brief said.

It will be to a U.S. District Court judge to decide whether to accept the brief along with similar ones submitted by various U.S. organizations.

Obama is going to lose going after McChrystal and the military. All his fault.

Being President of the United States means being a leader. Obama never gave a damn about the outcome of Iraq or Afghanistan, but he understands to just drop everything would be a political disaster. So he has his hand picked General in McChrystal who has come under fire for his counter insurgency tactics that have put the troops more in danger due among other things he has insisted upon.

But as Hot Air point outs.

As General Stanley McChrystal wings his way back to the US and face time with an angry Barack Obama, Washington Post columnist Jackson Diehl writes a convincing argument that Obama will be angry at the wrong man. McChrystal should never have allowed those disparaging remarks to be repeated in the presence of a Rolling Stone reporter, but McChrystal’s team is hardly the first to leak opposition to official White House policy on the war. Obama’s lack of action on earlier and obvious sniping through the media showed a lack of leadership that allowed the environment for such nonsense to continue taking place (via Rich Lowry at The Corner):

The other problem is there is a distinct lack of respect among military leadership towards Obama. As pointed out on MSNBC no less
CONTESSA BREWER: It's about the sort of disdain for authority. And that worries me.

JACK JACOBS: Well it sure worry you, and I think he's going to wind up getting fired because of that; at least partially because of that.

BREWER: But is his view not only about the President but about Joe Biden, about Jim Jones, the National Security advisor, about Karl Eikenberry [US ambassador to Afghanistan], on and on down the list: Richard Holbrooke --

JACOBS: Those views are very widely held, by the way, inside the military and outside the military, about those people. That they're ineffective, that Jim Jones, the National Security Advisor, does not have an impact on national security policy, that he has very little access. That Holbrooke hasn't done anything and so on. Those views are widely held. They're not just held by McChrystal's staff for example.
There is the other problem Obama has is his civilian team is a joke. They have no credibility and have hurt him with constant sniping or making outlandish statements in the press like Biden that they have to clean up.

If Obama wants to take control of this situation and not come out of it looking like a pussy or as some suspect his dislike of the military. He has to take ownership and crackdown on both the civilian and military side. Make a plan and carry it out. Do not take months like you did before which opened him up to calls of being indecisive or not caring.