Monday, June 28, 2010

Mayor Nutter makes Philadelphia a sanctuary city for illegals and illegal criminals.

No problem with me, if the Dems who run that city want to sink it by not cooperating to get rid of illegals who do a crime and turn it into a safe zone, go for it.

I give it a year before a heinous crime is done by an illegal and everyone will just point to the mayor and chief of police who advocated not to allow ICE to to do their job.

Philadelphia is expected to end the arrangement that permits federal immigration agents to scrutinize the city's computerized list of arrests, including country of origin and other data, Everett Gillison, the deputy mayor for public safety, said Sunday.

Immigrant advocates say the year-old agreement between the city and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service, known as ICE, has resulted in deportation proceedings against immigrants arrested on even minor charges. Under the agreement, ICE agents can routinely access the city's Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System (PARS). That agreement is up for renewal on Thursday.

"It is the mayor's view that the PARS agreement should not be extended," Gillison said, speaking at a South Philadelphia church meeting attended by more than 300 immigrants and their supporters.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Suck it Wisconsin: Obama costs state at least 1000 jobs.

Evil Coal has been defeated, enjoy your stay on the unemployment line.

Europe/Rest of the world tells Obama go screw: Dumping stimulus to cutting deficits.

Anyone ever think they would see the day when Europe is cutting spending while an American President demands more of it?
President Obama lost the argument. His G-20 colleagues decided here in Toronto to turn their economic attention from spending on stimulus to cutting deficits.

That is exactly what Obama warned against, arguing that turning off the stimulus spigot could stop the fragile global economic recovery in its tracks.

Despite all the president's cajoling and arm-twisting, the host of summit of the world's industrialized and developing economies delivered the message that it is time to stop spending.

"Advanced countries must send a clear message, that as our stimulus plans expire we will focus on getting our fiscal houses in order," Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said.

"Specifically we should agree that deficits will be halved by 2013," he said.

Obama loves mediocrity: Recovery means no 'undue' edge for nations

I invite countries to take the lead and make themselves better than other countries that refuse to better themselves. This isn't just about the Chinese yuan, this is Obama world citizen thinking at the expense of American exceptionalism.

Obama calling the bluff about the debt he has run up on America

Since he has punted it to next year, here is exactly what a liberal like Obama will call on as a bluff. He will want higher taxes, cuts on government programs that do not involved social entitlements, obamacare and welfare. Nothing that will stop people from looking to the government for help. He will try to turn the argument from the debt he and the rest of the democrats have piled on America to cutting the deficits on more tax and spend policies. .

All members of the Journolist group must be outed for the sake of journalism itself.

It would be interesting to see the threads in there about news items and if they help to coordinate how they would cover it together. That alone would show what a sham the journalists and news reporting has become in America.

Fort Lauderdale police fires cop for putting paper bag over spitting, yelling suspect.

The reasons?

A Fort Lauderdale cop is out of a job after he put a paper bag over the head of a spitting mad perp.

Part-time reserve Officer John Wezkiewicz had been with the force 20 years before he was sent home last month, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The incident that got him fired happened Nov. 1, when a man, Gerald Feldhaus, was arrested outside Yolo Restaurant on Las Olas for trespassing and resisting arrest.

"He was spitting and screaming as he would look and yell at other people," Wezkiewicz told investigators.

Rather than use a department-issued hood designed specifically for prisoner control, Wezkiewicz used a brown paper bag.

"Poor judgment prevailed concerning his decision to utilize a brown paper bag," Capt. Rick Maglione wrote in a report on the incident.

Claiming Wezkiewicz "shed a negative light" on the department, the report said using the hood instead would not "be falsely perceived as an attempt to humiliate an individual."

yelling and spitting guy who was resisting arrest is humiliated by paper bag.

Welcome to freaking South Florida. Another case of political correctness gone mad by law enforcement.